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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Automatic Loading Stretcher, Basket Stretcher with Bridle, Cervical Collar, Double Fold Folding Stretcher and Head Immobilizer.

Automatic Loading Stretcher

Automatic loading stretcher can be operated by one person from an emergency vehicle. It’s a necessity for emergency rooms of hospitals and medical centers. The stretcher legs can fold under cot automatically when loading into the vehicle. When unloading from the vehicle, the legs can unfold and lock into an operating cot position. The safety left and right-hand control levers also unlock front and back legs respectively when unloading from the vehicle, and the polyethylene-covered strips and shock proof legs at the same time prevent sliding and allowing the stretcher rolling smoothly in and out of the vehicle.

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Basket Stretcher with Bridle

Cat No  :  LMEP 1503   "High Density polyethylene shell stretcher. 2 shells can be separated for compact storage and easy carrying. Adjustable feet securing mechanism with 4 quick close buckle straps. With non absorbent foam mattress. Non toxic non polluting fire proof wear resistant and anti corrosion."

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Cervical Collar

Cat No  :  LMEP 1506   "High Density polyethylene shell stretcher. 2 shells can be separated for compact storage and easy carrying. Adjustable feet securing mechanism with 4 quick close buckle straps. With non absorbent foam mattress. Non toxic non polluting fire proof wear resistant and anti corrosion."

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Double Fold Folding Stretcher

"High-strength aluminium poles and vinyl coated nylon/waterproof materials Folds lengthwise and crosswise for compact storage Non-slip handgrips for firm control while handing Rugged spreader bars/legs for support and comfort Used with carrying case, two polypropylene restraints Light-weighted, small-sized, easy-carried, use-safety"

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Head Immobilizer

Cat No  :  EMEP 1514   "PE foam covered with vinyl. Two Head blocks with 2 head straps provide firm and comfortable support. Be on fixed back board stretcher, Spine Board etc minimal interference with X ray, MRI or CT procedures. Will not absorb blood or bodily fluids.

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Spine Board

Cat No  :  LMEP 1519   "High density PE plate for light weight strong and economic. Board Float, Radiolucent. MRI and CT scan compatible. Easy slide allows patients for efficient and smooth movement. Excellent for water rescues."

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Gel & Clot Activator Tube

ADVANTAGES Accurate & fine spray technology of additives Soft Safety cap for decapping & recapping and minimized force for manual decapping Gel tube without influence on hormone and TDM Optimized tube dimension for all types of instruments Minimized eccentricity to keeping vacuum at optimal condition until expiry date Compatible raw material and size to NCCLS instructions and advices Optimal hardness and functionality of rubber stopper for blood collection Compact package for delivery and storage All of production steps controlled by automated sensor to eliminate any problem Complete product range made of virtually unbreakable plastic

  • Item Additive Stopper Size Unit
    Gel Tube Gel & Clot Activator Yellow 5ml 100
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Coverall/Working Gown

  • LMPC 2308,      LMPC 2309,      LMPC 2310 SMS(3 layers materials) 40g/m2
  • With hood elastic at hood, cuffs, back and ankles zip front" white
  •   1 Pc in poly bag, 50/case S, M, L

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Coat Gown CPE

  • LMPC 2305, LMPC 2306, LMPC 2307 CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) 45micron thickness(0.045mm)
  • With hood elastic at hood, cuffs, back and ankles zip front" Blue
  • 25pcs/polybag, 100pcs/case 47”, 55”, 60”

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Face Mask

Cat. No. LMPC 2312 (3 Ply E/L, Blue), LMPC 2313 (2 Ply E/L Blue) Materials Material SPP16/20/25g/m2 Size 17.5mmX9cm Color Blue Packing 50pcs/box, 50 boxes/case

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respirator mask

  • LMPC 2328 3 layers non-woven 
  • With ear loop & adjustable metal nose clip One size fit all

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Detectable Mob Cap

  • with double elastic and metallic strip SPP 12g/m2
  • White, blue, green, yellow regular 21"

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Headband Protective clothing

  • LMPC 2315 Head Band 30gsm Material SPP30 g/m2, 2 ply 
  • white & blue Standard size

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Beard Mask Protective clothing

  • LMPC 2301 PolypropyleneMaterial SPP12g/m2
  • white, green blue 100pcs/polybag, 10 bags/case

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PE Apron Protective clothing

  • LMPC 2327 HDPE material, thickness 10micron 
  • die cut with long ties at back 70x115cm

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Shoe Cover LDPE Blue

  • LMPC 2329 Regular 20g/pc thickness 20 micron
  • Elastic at angles Blue

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Bed pan fracture Type with lid

Cat No  :  HEHW 1803   Length            345mm Width             240mm Front Height    25mm Rear Height     70mm

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Bedside Locker

Cat No  :  ETHF 1901   Overall size:  480*480*780mm Material:  ABS engineering plastic

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Blood Donor Chair

Cat No  :  LMHF 1902   Reinforced nylon base with 5 feet Mobile on 5 twin wheel swivel castors 50mm Gas lift for height adjustment from 520 – 710 mm.

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Dangerous Drug Cabinet

Cat No  :   Material:  Mild steel framework Dimension:   L710 x W250 x H710mm Finishing:  Expoxy powder coated Features:  2 shelves one internal key lock box for dangerous drugs, Warning light & alarm

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Dressing /Instrument Trolley 2 Shelves.

(L 55cm x W 42cm x H 80cm)  Hospital Furniture Cat No  :  LMHM 1903   Structure made from non-magnetic Stainless Steel tube. Flat trays made from non-magnetic Stainless Steel sheet. Mobile on twin wheel swivel castors Ø75mm, all with independent brakes.

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Hospital Bed

Material : Bed base, frame and leg are all made of cold-rolled steel plate and tube and coated by electrostatic spray after twice phosphorization.The quality attains national standard. Head and foot boards are made of imported PP materials. The bed is solid, durable and nice, which could able to support over 200KGS. Center control lock enable the bed to move flexibly, lightly and conveniently. The bed is equipped with collapsible aluminum guardrails and infusion stand. The revolving levers turn flexibly and are protected against the unlimited rotation.

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Antibacterial Dispossable Curtain

Antimicrobial (Silver ions) disposable curtain with flame retardent properties, available with or without additional mesh/netting. Customised size available   EcoMed UltraCare silver ions antimicrobial additives (EPA registered) disposable medical curtains with flame retardant properties adhering to international standards (BS 5867 Part 2 Type C 2008). Cost effective and 100% recyclable after use.

  • Cat No Size Color
    ECO 4520 450x200mm Various options
    ECO 4524 450x200mm Various options
    ECO 7520 750x200mm Various options
    ECO 7524 750x240mm Various options
    Cat No Size (LxH) Colour
      300 x 200 cm Blue, Cream
      450 x 200 cm Blue, Cream
      750 x 200 cm Blue, Cream
      450 x 230 cm Blue, Cream, Light Blue, Pink, Green, Purple
      750 x 230 cm Blue, Cream Light Blue, Pink, Green, Purple


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Cat No  :  30554   Autoclavable handle with 2 large "click" push-button, provided with a 3 meters long silicone cable and a blade electrode.

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Cat No  :  34127   Autoclavable at 136° C Emergency scissors - Stainless steel 420 - 23.5 cm x 10.8 cm. Weight: 540 g Supplied with transport bag.

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Needles Nursing Consumables

  • LMN C2218  18G x 1 1/2" 
  • LMN C2219  20G x 1 1/2" 
  • LMN C2220  20G x 1" 
  • LMN C2221 21G x 1 1/2"
  • LMN C2222 23G x 1 1/2" 
  • LMN C2223 23G x 1 1/4"
  • LMN C2224 23G x 1" 
  • LMN C2225  25G x 1" 
  • LMNC2226 25G x 5/8" 
  • LMN C2227 27G x 1/2" 

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I.V. Infusion Set

Cat No  :  LMNC 2216   I.V. Infusion set, with air vent, Y injection port and needle G21 x 1 1/2” Packing: 25pcs/pkt, 16 pkts/case

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Burette Set

Cat No  :  LMNC 2217   I.V Infusion set, with air vent, Y Injection port and needle G21 x 11/2" Packing: 25 Pcs/Pkt, 16 Pkt/Case

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Latex Examination Gloves

Vinyl Examination Glove

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