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Other Products / Services

We offer a complete product range of chicago pneumatic, CAR INSPECTION SYSTEM, conventional, illuminator and WALK THROUGH METAL

chicago pneumatic

Lou Zampini & Associates is excited to introduce the CP9883 & CP9884 Air Riveters as the newest addition to the riveter offering, replacing the current RP9840 and RP9850 riveters. The CP9883 is a 316” riveter and the CP9884 is a ¼” riveter. Some of the great features and benefits of these tools include: Powerful pulling load of 3520 lbs(1600 kg) gives a soft effect and clean breaking of the shaft, even on full stainless steel rivets Low Noise level Low vibration technology Very easy maintenance and set up that allows for minimal down time Light weight reduced to 3.2 lbs (1.46kg) + hook reduces the operators fatigue for intensive applications (4.19 lbs – 1.9kg for the CP9884) 6 nose types available on the range:332” (2.4mm), 18” (3.2mm), 532” (4mm), 316” (4.8mm) & ¼” (6.4mm) + ¼” (6, 4mm) Monobolt cover a majority of light industry applications Air Exhaust adjustment with vacuum system allows for riveting even on vertical applications

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EHICLECAR INSPECTION SYSTEM PR-VSC 7000 PROLINE UK PR-VSC 7000 is designed for use with modularization, which is convenient for installing, dismantling, maintaining, repairing, reassembling rapidly and stably and is the corrosion resisting of external surface with the requirements of outdoor environment and transportation regulated by local traffic management. PROLINE UK PR-VSC 7000 uses the vertical-view imaging technique, which position accurately suspected goods and improve the ability of image acquisition, to overcome the defect of horizontal projected imaging technique specified the superposition among suspected goods and mixed other PROLINE UK PR-VSC 7000

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  • Model No. 78

Conventional Access Controls BIO-78AE G BIOMETRIC ACCESS CONTROL & TA BIO-180 BIO-78AE BIO-800 BIO-78AE G Biometric Access Control Unit Color TFT screen with GUI Interface for ease of use BIO 78 Optical Sensor Stores 3, 000 templates and 100, 000 transactions Fingerprint andor PIN Integrated proximity or smart card reader (Optional Built in RS 232485, TCPIP port Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer when network isn’t available Multi Language Support (EnglishArabic) Built in bell scheduling Built in Battery to support fail free operation Conventional Access Controls BIO-78AE-G is All in all, Conventional Access Controls BIO-78AE-G products and systems are normally designed and optimized for large installations with a lot of doors and maybe thousands of credentials (cardholders). The actual market looks very different. According to Sales & Security Integrator gold report, the average installation consists of 10 doors and have about 128 credentials. Only about 20% of the installations have more than 10 doors. Without the need for hard wiring to a central control unit or central server, IP-based systems enable installations that are non-proprietary, flexible and scalable. This means not only a more versatile solution, but also a more cost efficient one. Freed from the constraints of enlarging the system in certain multiples, a network-based system can – should it be necessary – be enlarged by one door, and one reader, at the time Conventional Access Controls BIO-78AE-G it can be used as a stand-alone access control reader by connecting a door lock, exit switch, alarm and door sensor to the relay contacts. The IN and OUT ports can be used to connect 3rd party access control panels and peripherals. Access Controls System BIO-781 FRPAT also includes a USB port for offline data backupmanagement Voice and visual indicates for acceptance and rejection of valid and invalid fingerprintsfaces SDK available for OEM customers and software developers Contactless 1-second employee recognition Contact relay for door locks, exit button, alarm, bell, etc. Supports 50 time zones, 99 groups and 10 unlock combinations for access control

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CCTV IR ILLUMINATOR and LED SENSOR FLOOD LIGHT & SENSORS PR-H306090 IR Series CERTIFICATIONS Safety = EN60598:2004 Electrical Safety EN60825-1 Laser Eye Safety IP = IP67 in accordance with EN60529:1992 EMC = EN61000, FCC part 15.107 15.108 Class B WEEE = Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment RoHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances European

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WALK THROUGH METAL DETECTOR 6, 12, 18, 33 ZONE WALK THROUGH METAL DETECTOR PROLINEUK7033 The PR-UK 7033 (LCD, 33 zone) modular design allows for a quick and easy assembly of its four Sub-assemblies using only eight screws and three internal electrical connections. -20°C to + 70°C; Humidity: To 95% non-condensing Power switching or adjustments required. IEC 529. Tamper-Proof Further security is accomplished with a cabinet lock which prevents unauthorized access to physical cables, connectors and electronics. Control Outputs and control devices. Traffic Counter tracks the number of patrons that have passed through the detector, the number of alarms and calculates alarm percentage. Dual channels and DSP circuitry allow several PROLINE UK 7033 to operate simultaneously in close proximity to one another. Interference Suppression DSP built-in circuitry eliminates effects from x-ray monitors and other PROLINE UK 7033

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Automaticplate Reader

  • Model No. 8253

Automatic Number plate Reader PR IPR 8253BR All in one: monochrome sensor, OCR on board, IR illuminator Web server configuration and setup – Data transmission towards two different IP address – Number plates list management on board Real time processing up to 25 fps – SD memory card up to 32GByte – Ethernet, digital IO, RS485 serial port – Waterproof IP66 housing with bracket included

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  • Height 1620mm
  • Width 300mm
  • Diameter 28mm

From Crosscheck Electronic A COMPLETE RANGE OF RADIO FREQUENCY SYSTEM CUSTOMIZED TO EACH TYPE OF SHOPPING AREA New line of MDI multiplex products for enhanced performance, the multiple ELD technology provides sign can’t improvements in radio frequency interference (RFI) and better capability to adapt to a variety of environments. A complete range of electronic article surveillance equipment designed to full a wide variety of requirements in items of security, appearance and cost MDI MULTIPLEX: Height: 1620mm Width: 300mm Diameter: 28mm STANDARD LINE: RIGID AND FLEXIBLE TAGS Secured Line: Star tag and Golf Tag

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BIO METRIC Access Lock

  • Model No. 150

BIO METRIC ACCESS & PIN LOCK Bio-metric Access Lock BIO-150 P BIO Bio-Access Lock BIO-150 IP BIO, Bio-Access Lock BIO-200 is made up of pure stainless steel mechanical rational structure enable for using more than 10 years. It is very easy to change batteries in the lock, just need several minutes on one lock. It uses 4×1.5V standard alkaline batteries. The Unlock ways for the lock are fingerprint or Keypad or Mechanical Key. The users can be deleted individually without any effect on the application of the others users. If the fingerprint is not put correctly. The handle is free and will give a beep it can close the door against opening by force, and prolong the using of the mechanism of the lock. Fingerprint user capacity 200 and password capacity 78.Especially suitable for installation by non-professionals and uses 9V extra power when lower power which is safe and convenient Door Access Control System Door Access Control Solutions ProlineUK a leading security solution provider in UAE provides wide range of security access control systems at best prices. BIO-150-Door Access Control System for the very highest level of security it is possible to use a Bio 150

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  • Model No. 256

MATRIX SERIES ALARM CONTROL PANELS Matrix 256, 256 Zone Control Panel Expandable MATRIX-256 is a 256 zone programmable alarm system with one rapid system deployment. The unit comes with built-in auto dialer & can connect using 4 wires at the distance of 100 meters. The distance between the host and detector can be set at 1500 meters. Power Input6.5V AC 25V A (via transformer) Backup Battery DC 12V 4Ah, or DC 12V 7Ah Power Supply Auxiliary12V DC, 400mA maximum Alarm port output12V DC, 750mA maximum Programmable output open collector output maximum Switch lock zone70mA Loop response time500m Fuse AUX = Auxiliary power supply 0.5A Fuse Bell Siren 1A Fuse BAT Battery 2A

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  • Model No. 30

TCPIP, RS-232485, DDNS CONVERTER AP-30 AP-60 AP-90 AP converters are used for the synchronous and asynchronous mode of data transmission. These devices are using to convert normal equipment’s to TCPIP & the private IP transmission is made possible over Ethernet & internet using DDNS converter. All the modules have 64-bit data transmission using 2-wires half duplex for RS-485. AP-90 is used for DDNS transmission

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Container Truck Scanning

  • Model No. 7000

PR-VSC 7000 X ray Container Truck Scanning System PR-VSC 7000 High throughput, 100% inspection Can inspect 40 pcs 40GPHQ container each hour, no dead angle inspection. ■ High penetration, excellent image quality The system adopts new accelerator and detector, can quickly generate clear scanning image, which reached advanced level among similar products. The penetration can reach 320mm steel. ■ Scanned image without distortion The system can automatically adjust the scanning frequency according to the speed of the vehicle passing through to ensure the scanning picture is not deformed. ■ Large scanning channel, adapted to inspect all kinds of containers trucks. The scanning tunnel of SECU SCAN X Ray Container Truck Scanning System is 2.6m wide, 4.6m high, can inspect all kinds of containers. Long vehicle inspection can be achieved by the method of mosaic image. ■ Reliable radiation safety measures To reduce the impact on the environment and equipment operators, SECU SCAN adopt a very effective means of radiation protection, the radiation level is much lower than the regulations and standards recommended by international organizations such as IAEA, WHO and ICRP, won’t produce radioactive residues. ■ The modular system design, small footprint The entire system adopts modular system design with compact structure and small footprint. The maximum width of the equipment is 6 meter. In addition, the modular design allows the system to relocate quickly. After transition, don’t need much assembly and commissioning, can be installed according to the actual condition. ■ Powerful image processing functions Image checkpoints provide zoom, pseudo-color transformation, edge enhancement, contrast adjustment, multi-image comparison, image format conversion, long image stitching and other image processing functions, enables the operator to quickly and easily identify the various types of prohibited items inside the container and make the suspect mark on the image. ■ Friendly operation Supports multi-point touch to help the operator better and faster recognize image ■ Excellent integration capabilities and process customization capabilities.

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access reader

  • Model No. 2610

Biometric Access Control System Biometric Smart Cards Locks Biometric Card Locks IP bio fingerprint Electromagnetic Door Access UAE Biometric Smart Cards are used in identity management systems to verify individuals’ identities. Biometrics alone, smart cards alone, and a combination of smart cards with biometrics are options for healthcare organizations moving to stronger, electronic identity authentication of patients and providers Biometric Smart Cards can provide a full-feature solution for healthcare provider identity authentication. By storing the biometric and performing the biometric match on the smart ID card, the privacy and security of biometric authentication are enhanced and system performance is improved, with local, offline identity authentication. Only identity verification solutions based on smart card technology can provide identity assurance and authentication while increasing privacy and security. Smart cards also bring operational efficiencies to the healthcare system that reduce costs, reduce , and increase patient satisfaction Built with the most powerful cryptographic technology available, PROLINEUK Smart Card 400 allows for a higher level of security. These cards from leading vendors, contain optional match-on-card fingerprint biometric support, and are equipped for future cryptographic functions and data management Smart card technology is used globally for secure identity, access and payment applications. As a standards-based technology, smart card solutions for patient and provider identity management are deployed around the world and are available from numerous vendors. Smart card technology provides a strong foundation for health ID cards, enabling improvement in healthcare processes and in patient and provider identity verification, while securing information and protecting privacy

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Hood Camera

  • Model No. 1755

HD-SDI IR HOOD CAMERA PR 1700 Series Hood Camera PR HD 1755 VFB Full HD 1080p (1920×1080) 0 Lux at IR ON (IR LED Varifocal 40pcs fixed 55pcs 70m) OSD Controlled Wide Dynamic range (WDR) 80pcs fixed 95pcs 110m) other model= PR HD 1795 VFB

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Smart Home Kit

SMART HOME KIT Package Includes: * 1pc Smart Gateway * 1pc Smart Socket * 3pcs Smart Led Bulb * 1pc Smart Remote Controller Smart gateway KSH-GW10 Easy and Fast Connection Power Supply: DC 5V Max. Load Current: 200mA Wireless Type: 2.4G 802.15.4 Control Direction: 360° Operating Humidity: ≤80%RH Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃

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biometric access controls

PR 4313 MIL is a type of  Hotel Lock  used in Hotel Security for the security of hotel rooms. It is designed by our experts at  ProlineUK  using cutting-edge technology. You can find out more about its features and specifications by clicking  here .

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  • Model No. 50
  • weight 1.22kg

ECONOMICAL AUDIO INTERCOMS & ACCESSORIES HIGH RESOLUTION DOOR PHONE CAMERA, KDP-201RKD-1A, KV-1000HC, KV-201D201R Multi Apartment Video Door phone 02, 04, 06, 08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 50 KRC-MA20 KRC-50 Working Voltage AC 110240V Working Current

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Multi Stream

Analog SD, AHD, HD IPC Step by step IPC test, quickly locate failure ONVIF highly compatible, Ergonomic design, operate with single hand. Real time operation prompt POE power output and power accept, 12V2A power output Dual 1000M network port, capable of detecting packet lost, monitoring network flow. 4.0 inch all viewing angle display, 800X480 resolution, 16.7M color Swing keyboard input, QWERTY. Changeable Li-polymer battery, battery working time 10 hours with rubber protection layer Dual LED torch Model = PRAT400 Network interface PR-AT 400 Dual 101001000M RJ45, support switch mode

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Power Input DC 9V Static Current

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Intruder System

20 ZONE ALARM INTRUDER SYSTEM (PSTN) 16 Wireless, 4 Wired Zones 20 Fully programmable zones: 16 wireless & 4 wired Alpha-Numeric LCD displays Remote Control RM-03 = Compact design providing simple Arm & Disarm functions Panic button for use in an emergency. PIR Motion Detector IR-02 = Magnetic switch to detect the opening of doors & windows. Extra magnet contacts can be connected in series. PIR Movement Detector with a detecting coverage of 12 meters in a 129º are on 3 layers. Site code protection against unauthorized operation. Tamper protection Wall Corner mounting Magnetic Detector MT-01 Magnetic switch to detect the opening of doors & windows. Extra magnet contacts can be connected in series. Site code protection against unauthorized operation. Tamper protection

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standalone access control

  • Model No. 660

RFID Standalone Access Control Unit ST-660 ST-680 ST-690 Intelligent Access Reader Reading Mode: EM Card LCD Display 16×2 standard LCD Reading Distance 5 ~20cm (125 KHz ~ 13.56MHz card) Sensing Time 1~98 seconds Card Capacity 9000 Off-line Record 10000 Communication Mode STANDALONE Network distance 100m, 1.2Km RS-485 Door-open Mode Card, Password, Card + Password Working Voltage 12V1A, 1.8W Unlock current 118MA Static current150MA Working current 1A Working Humidity 0% ~85% Product size 160X100X30 (LxWxH)

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  • Size 340x340x132mm

Wireless & Wired Siren with Strobe PR-SHARK PROLINE UK, PR-SHARK is designed to suite high profile applications. The siren sonority is 120 dB sound along with flashing. Unit with backup battery that can support siren in case of power failure. This siren is available in wired as well as wireless options. Work voltage 9.0 – 16, V DC Standby current 8mA Alarm current1200mA@13.8V DC SPL 120dB1m Sound Frequency1300~2400Hz Flashing lights12V 5W Backup battery=12V DC1.3 AH-7AH Tamper protection = Yes Work temperature -15°C ~ 60°C Color Red Size 340x340x132mm PR-FROG = Rated Current200mA Rated Voltage12V DC Operating Voltage range10~15V DC SPL105 + 3dB30cm Dimensions365x365x320mm

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fastening systems

DC Electric fastening tools are the premier choice of industries across the globe. This technology is used in Aerospace, Automotive, Offroad, Energy, Agriculture, and many other segments where "quality critical" and "safety critical" are the standard. They are used in aircraft assembly operations where "good enough" will never be acceptable, and they are also used to achieve the spot on precision required by the demanding safety requirements of the automotive assembly industry. Transducerized DC electric tools provide precision and traceability that leads to unprecedented performance, productivity, and accountability so that your assembly applications meet your requirements consistently. We offer a variety of Desoutter and Ingersoll Rand DC electric nutrunners, pulse tools, controllers, and accessories so that you can realize these benefits in your assembly applications today. In addition, we provide repair services for Desoutter DC nutrunners and controllers, Georges Renault DC nutrunners and controllers, Ingersoll Rand DC nutrunners and controllers, and Techmotive DC nutrunners and controllers.

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  • Model No. 12050

12V 24V DC CENTRAL POWER SUPPLY, PR-1200 PR-2400 SERIES Input Power: AC 110~220V Output Power: 12V DC 24V, 5A10 20A Fuse protection: each output LED Indicators: each output Output over voltage short circuit protection. SELECTION (12V Series) PR-12059 12V 5A 9-way CCTV power supply PR-12109 12V 10A 9-way CCTV power supply PR-121018 12V 10A 18-way CCTV power supply PR-122018 12V 20A 18-way CCTV power supply PR-120505 12V 5A 5-way CCTV power supply PR-120509C 12V 5A 9-way rechargeable CCTV power supply PR-1218 SMPS 12V 20A 18-way CCTV power supply SELECTION (24V Series) PR-24059 = 24V 5A 9-way CCTV power supply PR-24109 = 24V 10A 9-way CCTV power supply PR-241018 = 24V 10A 18-way CCTV power supply PR-242018 = 24V 20A 18-way CCTV power supply PR-240505 = 24V 5A 5-way CCTV power supply PR-240509C = 24V 5A 9-way rechargeable CCTV power supply Download Specification Sheet Read More

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Video Distributors

VIDEO DISTRIBUTORS & AMPLIFIERS PR-061 1 Input 2 Video output distributor amplifier Perfect to work with DVR transmission Range 1000m RG9 Coaxial cable

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Conventional Access

  • Model No. 1000
  • Weight 0.16 KG

Conventional Access Controls System PRB-1000A, a credential is presented to a reader, the reader sends the credential’s information, usually a number, to a control panel, a highly reliable processor. Conventional Access Controls System PRB-1000A compares the credential’s number to an access control list, grants or denies the presented request, and sends a transaction log to a database. When access is denied based on the access control list, the door remains locked. If there is a match between the credential and the access control list, the control panel operates a relay that in turn unlocks the door. The control panel also ignores a door open signal to prevent an alarm. Often the reader provides feedback, such as a flashing red LED for an access denied and a flashing green LED for an access granted. Conventional Access Controls System PRB-1000A work with door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator, or other physical barrier, where granting access can be electronically controlled. Typically, the access point is a door. An electronic access control door can contain several elements. At its most basic, there is a stand-alone electric lock. The lock is unlocked by an operator with a switch. To automate this, operator intervention is replaced by a reader. Conventional Access Controls System ProlineUK is one of leading security companies in uae list

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Hi-Res Camera

  • Model No. 400

CCTV TRUE D&N IR Camera PRP-400X-A Super High Resolution Hi-Res Camera New generation Gen II DSP Supreme resolution 650 TVL Optical multi-coating filer according to IR LED & CCD Long visible range at night Day & Night function ICR IP66 Rated Vari-focal IR Lens to prevent defocusing under IR lighting RS-485 interface (Pelco-DP) Support 8 different privacy zones Adopted 3D DNR technology 13” SONY Super HAD CCD II 768×494 NTSC ; 752×582 PAL 6.35×7.4 μm NTSC ; 6.5×6.25μm PAL 2 : 1 Interface 650 TVL color 700 TVL BW >52dB (AGC Off) 0.01 Lux F1.2 ; 0.0003 Lux (Sense up) ; 0 Lux (50m Range at LED high) indoor 0.45 type (0, 45, 0.6, 1.0, user

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  • Model No. 788

BIO-METRIC ACCESS CONTROL BIO 788 FF (Face, Finger, RFID) Memory = 256M Flash 64M SDRAM Access Control Interfaces= TCPIP, RS232485 Bio 788 CPU 630MHz 256M Flash 64M SDRAM Communication = Finger10.0 CPU 630MHz, Hardware Platform= ZEM600 Fingerprint Sensor = Non-Coated Optical Sensor High Resolution Infrared Camera, 3 in TFT Touch Screen face capacity = 400 (optional 3000) Fingerprint Capacity = 2000 (optional 5000) ID card = 10, 000 (optional function) Multi Door Access Control Panels Multi Door Access Control Multi Door Security Alarm Multi Door Security Systems Biometric Access Control IP bio fingerprint

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Cylindrical Camera

High Resolution CCTV IR Cylindrical Camera PR-600 Series 13” SONY HD CMOS 1280(H)x 960 (V) 1000 TVL 0.045 Lux F1.4; 0Lux (IR ON) Key Pad Control OSD 2D & 3D Fixed lens 3.6mm Array LED(3 ea) 150~1100, 000 Sec OSD MENU Default OSD MENU Default BNC 1.0Vp-p 75 Ohm DC 12V -20oC ~+50oC, RH90%High Resolution CCTV IR Cylindrical Camera PR-600 Series 13”SONY HD CMOS 1280(H)x960 (V) 1000 TVL 0.045 Lux F1.4; 0Lux (IR ON) Key Pad Control OSD 2D & 3D Fixed lens 3.6mm Array LED(3 ea) 150~1100, 000 Sec OSD MENU Default OSD MENU Default BNC 1.0Vp-p 75 Ohm DC 12V -20oC ~+50oC, RH90%High Resolution CCTV IR Cylindrical Camera PR-600 Series 13”SONY HD CMOS 1280(H)x960 (V) 1000 TVL 0.045 Lux F1.4; 0Lux (IR ON) Key Pad Control OSD 2D & 3D Fixed lens 3.6mm Array LED(3 ea) 150~1100, 000 Sec OSD MENU Default OSD MENU Default BNC 1.0Vp-p 75 Ohm DC 12V -20oC ~+50oC, RH90%

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  • Model No. 8919

ACCESS CONTROLS & TIME ATTENDANCE, VANDAL RESISTANT ACCESS CONTROL PR-8919 Led Indicator: Green, Red Keypad: White backlit, Numeric Keys 0~9, Function keys *, #, Bell Verification Type: Card , PW, CardPW, Card+PW Build in Card Reader: EM Card (optional Mifare card) Card Capacity: 999 Password Capacity :8 Password Groups Access Control interface: Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Alarm, Exit button and Doorbell DC Power: 12V -20 C ~ 50C Operating Humidity:

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Tool Handling Devices

Tool stands, spring balancers, and zero-gravity balancers are designed to reduce fatigue to operators and help prevent injury. They are made to withstand harsh industrial production environments and feature simple but robust and reliable designs. Tool stands come in numerous sizes and capacities, and can greatly reduce torque reaction to the operator while maintaining ample flexibility around the work area. Spring balancers are designed to retract a tool above the work area when it is not in use, and zero gravity balancers are designed to counter the weight of a wide range of tools and provide a sense of weightlessness where the tool can be positioned and let go at any point in the travel of the balancer.

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Compression Rivet Squeezers

Compression rivet squeezers are used to squeeze a wide variety of rivet types, materials, and sizes in a uniform manner every time the trigger is pulled regardless of operator skill. They are commonly used in aerospace, airplane construction, truck, bus, boat, toy, and automotive applications. A hydraulic action creates a powerful, controlled squeeze that designed to provide accurate and reliable results. These tools excel at rivet squeezing, punching, dimpling, and pressing and will help to increase production where costly two man operations have been traditionally used. Our selection is available in single and tandem cylinder variations with either "C-Yoke" or "Alligator" style jaws.

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Eye Ball Camera

  • Model No. 1335

HD-SDI IR METAL DOME CAMERA PR HD 1300 Series Eye Ball Camera PR HD 1335 MID 12.9 inch SONY CMOS HD-SDI 1080P 0 Lux at IR On (IR LED Varifocal 35 pcs) Weatherproof Housing OSD Controlled Smart IR, DNR DC Auto IRIS & TDN VF Lens 12~2.8mm

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Face Reader Access Control

  • Model No. 781

Face Reader Access Control & TA BIO 781 FRPATAC (Face, RFID) Hardware=Platform IP bio781 Image Sensor= Dual Stereo Sensor Display= 3” Touch Screen Model = BIO-781 FRPAT AC TFT touch screen making the BIO-781 FRPAT functional, secure and very easy to use. Access Controls System Multi Door Access Control Panels Multi Door Access Control Multi Door Security Alarm Multi Door Security Systems Biometric Access Control IP bio fingerprint Biometric Access Control System Access Controls System BIO-781 FRPAT Face Reader Access Control & TA BIO 781 FRPATAC (Face, RFID)

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Proof Mini Dome

  • Model No. 8420

Proline UK IP PR-IP 8400 MD HD Series Megapixel IP HD Vandal Proof Mini Dome Camera PRIP-8420 MD 13“ SONY Progressive scan CMOS Low illumination, HI silicon DSP H.264MJPEG dual-stream encoding DayNight (ICR), support Onvif 2.2 3.6mm HD fixed lens IP66 D-WDR With PoE

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Passive Infrared

Passive Infrared Wireless Detector IR-02 WHISKER (IR-02 GSM) WHISKER-II (IR-03) IR-02 IR-04 IR-03 – WHISKER-II, It is Designed using DC and static current of 30μA. The design permits the detection range of 12m at an angle of 110° IR-02 GSM 20 ZONE ALARM SYSTEM (BUILT-IN PSTN AUTO DIALER) PIR Movement Detector with a detecting coverage of 12 meters in a 129º are on 3 layers. Site code protection against unauthorized operation. Tamper protection Wall Corner mounting REMOTE CONTROL RM-03GSM Compact design providing simple Arm & Disarm functions Panic button for use in an emergency Multi Zone Alarm system built in PSTN GSM auto dialer 1832 ZONE ALARM INTRUDER SYSTEM (GSM) PR-922

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video compression

  • Model No. 782

H.264 main profile video compression JPEG 2000 compression for pictures Supports viewing on Mac systems D1 resolution for video recoding

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  • Model No. 781

PR-780 3G Series Embedded 4-Channel DVR PR-781H-3G, H.264 base line video compression 4-ch video input with VGA & 1-ch Output Supports DDNS & DHCP, 3G monitoring by using smart phones Hard polycorbonate coated metal housing Designed in Germany PR-781H-3G

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Self-adhesive Switchable

Smart Rolling Curtain: – Tubular Motor Operating Voltage: 230V50HZ Noise less than 40dB (A) 2 intermediated stop limit Dry Contact and RS485 for external controlling Standard bracket 50mm Groove Tube 35mm-50mm Crown 50mm Wheel Adaptor of groove tube 50mm end cap stopper of groove tube 180 Center support Remote Control Turn onoff through the smart phone from anywhere with a network connection. Application: – It can be used in aviation, high-speed rail, bank, office, etc. So bring you knew experience of open or private space. Smart Self-adhesive Switchable Film KSH-SSSF Smart Automated Curtain KSH-SC

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High Resolution Mini Dome

  • Model No. 733

CCTV Mini Dome Camera, Super High Resolution Mini Dome PR-733 EMD PR-738 EMD 13” Sony CMOS Sensor 1000TVL powerful 2D noise reduction 1020 Meter outline visible distance Smart Motion detection, Private area, lighting proof

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  • Model No. 7500

AHD CCTV CAMERAS & RECORDERS PR AHD-7500H SERIES 4816 Channel AHD Real-time Recording 720p 1080p 4 CH 720P Playback Dual stream with H.264 Compression 1080P HDMI HD video output USB devices Backup Network Management Support P2P Mobile Monitoring 2 SATA, Maximum Support 4TB (Optional) Model= PR AHD-7504 H PR AHD-7508 H PR AHD-7516 H Download Specification Sheet Read More

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Plastic Dome

  • Model No. 100

uper High Resolution Plastic Dome Series Suitable for mid risk level locations with delicate and sot ceilings, residential corridors, restaurants, office receptions, apart from all mentioned spaces, the camera can be chosen for majority of applications where the interior designs are of utmost important. 13” SONY Ex-View CCD 480 TVL 0Lux (F1.2) 18pcs LEDs AWB, AES & Sharpness Day Night Auto Filter Auto IRIS DC 12V

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electronic article

  • Height 1490mm
  • Width 305mm
  • Thickness 20mm

PEOPLE COUNTER, The people counter is a mandatory tool in the management of shops and stores. Management of the personnel according to the flow of people at this sales point, marketing strategy follow up (advertising, layout, new products etc.) ELECTRONIC ARTICLE SURVEILLANCE from Crosscheck Electronic Cristal 1: Plexiglas’s Height: 1490mm Width: 305mm Thickness: 20mm Pedestal: 120mm Cristal 2 multiplex Plexiglas’s Height: 1630mm Width: 375mm Thickness: 24mm Pedestal: 115mm Standard or Secured detachers Star tag and Golf-Tags

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mini speed dome

  • Model No. 8010

Proline UK IP HD Series 10X Optical Mini Speed Dome PR-IP 8010 VPTZ 2 Megapixel Resolution 10X Optical (4.9mm – 49mm) True Day Night with ICR Filter. Real time 30fps HD resolution 127 Preset, 127 user defined positions Onvif Profile-S SDK CGI H264- High Profile Wall & Ceiling Mountable DC 12v PoE 802.3af

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explosion proof housing

  • Model No. 7937

Explosion Proof HOUSING, Atmospheric Pressure PROLINEUK PR-7937 EX Ambient Temperature Ex-proof Marking Structure Material Tracks Speed Level : 80KPa ~ 106KPa : -25⁰ C ~ +60⁰ C : >95% : Exd II CT6 DIP A20 TA, T6 : IP 68 : Dome Type, Double Shade Design : 16L Double Stainless Steel (Marine Environments, ChlorineTanker) 304 Double Stainless Steel (Acid Based Chemical outdoor Environments) : 0⁰ ~ 300⁰ S

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torque measurement

Competition is driving product quality requirements to new levels. Air and electric fastening tools are all rated to deliver torque within a specified range from the factory, but over time other factors can affect the tool's ability to maintain this accuracy level. Internal parts wearing down, repeated drops and jolts by the tool's operator, or a contaminated air supply are some of the things that can affect the performance of a tool. In order to be sure that your tools are continually performing to thier specification torque testing, verification, and calibration should be routinely performed at scheduled intervals. Our torque testers, analyzers, transducers, and joint kits are all designed to help you achieve the consistency and quality that is necessary to keep your precision tools working as expected.

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Automatic Feed

Automatic feed drills are ideal for applications where precision production drilling of parts is needed. They are available in both pneumatic and electric drive configurations up to 1.5 HP. These are simple but complete drilling machines capable of drilling to a precise depth with only a single start signal. The only requirement is to supply air or electricity, place them in the mounting brackets, and give them a start signal. Handheld pneumatic drills offer portability and power where automatic feed drills cannot be used. Hand operated drills are available in straight case for small diameter and production line drilling, pistol grip for general industrial drilling, and angle heads including right angle, 30 degree, 45 degree, and 90x90 degree variations for restricted access drilling. They are available in RPMs up to 20, 000 and up to 1 HP motors capable of drilling up to 12" holes in steel. Key and keyless chucks, collet chucks, and screw shank outputs are also available options

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surveillance kit

  • Model No. 100-4

4 Channel AHD Surveillance Kit, PR-AHD7100-4CH-Kit Camera Features:- High Definition AHD 720960P video AHD video output, long distance transmission Progressive scan CMOS, 500 meters coaxial cable real-time transmission Low illumination, 3D noise reduction DVR Features:- 4ch AHD video at 1280x720P 4ch 720P playback H.264 compression 1080P HDMI HD video output USB devices backup and network management Support P2P mobile monitor 1 3TB Sata Support Model = PR-AHD 1725 IB PR-AHD 1345 ID PR-AHD 7104 D

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  • Model No. 7003

WALK THROUGH METAL DETECTOR, PORTABLE WALK THROUGH METAL DETECTOR PROLINE UK 7003 MP Multi-detecting zones technology: 8, 16, 24 detecting zones, it can be shifted and selected intelligent (more zones update technology can be supported). Working frequency: Super range working frequency (0-120), and working environment adaptive function Sensitivity of detecting zone: Sensitivity of single detecting zone can reach 355 grade (adjustable). Mobile connect technology: Can be controlled by mobile APP. Super housing protection technology: IP67 excellent protection(selectivity) Self-adaption diagnosis system: When turn on, system will detect adaptively hardware working status, High and low temperature resistance Working normally from -40⁰C to 85⁰C (selectivity) Waterproof: IP67 New deep sea waterproof technology Working normally underwater at 0.72m Wireless connection(optional) Products can be connected through Wi-Fi, 4G data, Bluetooth module into internet, remote controlled and data monitored by mobile APP and computer Super long time power supply (Optional) Equip polymer batteries, backup power supply time can be 8, 16, 24, 48, 72hours for your choice System automatic alarm to inform you the low battery in PROLINEUK7003MP

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Wire Gas Detecto

Wire Gas Detector Power Input DC 12V Static Current

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