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Fire cracks in plaster, cement , concrete, timber and filling joints in roof tiles.

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OXIPRIME WB is an emulsified bitumen based primer designed for applications as a primer and sealer coat. Uses:  Used as primer coat prior to the application of torch applied bituminous waterproofing membranes and other waterproofing applications. Advantages Waterproof & Weather proof. Anti corrosive Can be applied in closed or confined spaces Environment friendly Non-flammable

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OXICOAT RBE is a ready to use cold applied bitumen emulsion modified with SBS (Styrene Butadiene Rubber), to provide a tough durable and elastic coating. The cured film is weatherproof and resistant to aggressive ground salts. Uses Tanking and waterproofing concrete and brick foundation, retaining wall, bridge abutments, basements, columns, wet areas etc. Damp proof membrane in sandwich construction, vapor seal. Adhesive for bonding wooden flooring, insulation board, expanded polystyrene PVC and cork tiles, etc Curing membrane cum protective coating for sub structures. Advantages Single component, non flammable and easy to apply tough impermeable film with good resistance to rupture during back filling. Resist attack from chloride and sulphate ions, excellent resistance to extreme of temperature, avoiding risk of flow or embrittlement. Sufficient elasticity to accommodate small movements and hairline cracks.

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OXIPROOF AR is a single component liquid applied, high resilient waterproofing system based on modified Acrylic Resin. It cures on exposure to atmosphere and forms an Elastomeric Seamless Membrane. OXIPROOF AR is applied in a thixotropic consistency and may be used on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. It will follow the contour of any irregular surfaces maintaining uniform thickness. The superior flexibility and elongation properties of OXIPROOF AR allow expansion and contraction of the substrate without cracking or becoming brittle. Service temperature is from -29oC to +90oC. Uses OXIPROOF AR is a single component compound and ready to use from the container without mixing. No catalysts are necessary to cure the system because self cures when exposed. Cold applied by spray, brush, roller or squeegee. Odour less coating system. Provides a seamless waterproofing. Non-flammable, non-toxic and environment friendly. Available in White and Grey colour. OXIPROOF AR reduces the cost of application by eliminating mixing, splicing sealing tapes, adhesives other labour consuming methods required when installing other conventional types of waterproofing system. Advantages Roof deck and walls, mortars, wood and metal. Over the asbestos roofs. Over terrazzo tiles Can be applied over spray applied polyurethane foam and other materials that are ultra violet degradable. Under tiled areas like bathroom, toilets and kitchens.  

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bituminous protection board

Waterproofing and protection of substructures below ground

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OXIPLUS APP bitumen water proofing membrane is manufactured from a rich mixture of bitumen and selected polymers (Atactic Poly Propylene and other proprietary polymers) blended together to obtain excellent heat resistance, UV resistance and water proofing properties polymerized bitumen then coated onto dimensionally stable reinforcement core of non woven spun bond polyester fabric to obtain excellent tensile & tear strengths and has high fatigue and puncture resistance. OXIPLUS APP is available in Mineral/ Slated Version for exposed conditions and sanded version also. Uses OXIPLUS APP is used as water proofing / damp proofing membrane for protection of various substrates in wide range of application. Inverted Roofs Terraces & Balconies Sunken slabs Patios Concrete Foundations & Footings Basements Pile Heads Swimming Pools & Water retaining structures Bridges & Tunnels Airport aprons & ramp areas Advantages High resistance to positive water & vapor pressure. Good dimensional Stability Under tension Good flexibility Can accommodate structural movements High Puncture and fatigue resistance High tensile and tear strengths Resists water borne chemicals Accommodates structural movements.

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OXICELL PE is non-extruding, non-absorbent, UV resistant, semi-rigid, highly resilient, bitumen free, cross linked closed cell polyethylene joint filler for expansion joints in concrete, brickwork and block work. It is ideal for cushion packaging and is used in many applications, including computer, automotive, construction and recreation. Uses:  Expansion joints in all types of concrete works, Base slabs, Deck slabs, Subway structures, water retaining structures, culverts, bridge work masonry, potable water tanks etc. It is ideally suited as a component material in products requiring a shock absorbing, vibration dampening, insulating and/or buoyancy component, and as a material for dunnage and cushioning components in packaging applications Advantages Non-absorbent and non-tainting. Hence makes it suitable for use in both water excluding and water retaining structures. Cross linked closed cell, UV resistant and semi-rigid. Chemically resistant petroleum solvents, acids, alkalis and oil. Highly resilient – the heat welded laminated structure combines greater rigidity and load support, therefore low load transfer. Bitumen-free and rot-proof. Ideal for structures Designed to store potable water. Specification compliance Pertinent clauses of BS 4443. BS 5628 Part 3 “Use of Masonry “ Para 20, 4. DoT Specification of High way Works, 1986 Part 3 Clause 1015 (Bridges). Pertinent clauses of ASTM D 1751, ASTM D 1752, ASTM D 545, ASTM D3575 Drinking Water Test Passed BS 6920: 2000 as per WRAS, UK WRAS Approval Number: 1201545

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OXICELL NEO (Closed Cell Neoprene) is highly resilient and flexible black closed cell neoprene expansion joint filler. It is resistant to oils and most solvents and has excellent weathering and ozone characteristics. Also available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Uses :  Neo Closed Cell Neoprene is ideal for use as an expansion joint in highways, bridge approaches, industrial and warehouse flooring, sidewalks, and curbs, and in all concrete or block structures. Advantages Oxicell Neo Closed Cell Neoprene Expansion Joint Filler should be installed against the forms or other adjacent abutting structures, as detailed on the plans, before placing concrete. It can be easily cut to size on the job with a utility knife. On site cutting enables the contractor to always have on hand the exact size required, eliminating overbuying of various sizes.

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OXIBOARD FLEXILE SHEET is compressible bitumen impregnated soft board expansion joint filler. The impregnated soft board is made from wood chips and wood waste, mechanically reduced to fibers which are then pressed to form a continuous sheet which is then cut to size. Bitumen is incorporated into the board during manufacture to improve its moisture resistance, damp resistance and durability. Uses :  Ideal to form movement joints in in‐situ concrete, construction joints in precast concrete construction. Structural expansion joints in concrete slabs, basements, retaining walls and other concrete wall construction. Protection of waterproofing membrane from mechanical abuse and against backfill. Concrete pavements and floors Roads, ramps and runways Pedestrian areas Concrete retaining walls and bridges Concrete basement structures Advantages Resilient Will not extrude under compression High recovery Low distortion Easy to handle, cut and tamp

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ASTM C-881 liquid components

THE LIQUID COMPONENT COMPLY WITH ASTM C-881. TYPE III, GRADE 1 CLASS B&C.   Impact and resilient properties and ideal for floor repairs , resurfacing or whenever permanent repairs to cracked / spelled concrete are needed. The liquid components comply with ASTM C-881. Type III, Grade 1 Class B&C.

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PVC Waterstops

OXISTOP PVC Water stops are manufactured from a high quality virgin PVC compound which has been formulated to give excellent flexibility and durability to offer long life performance in concrete structures against water leakages. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Proven design with multiple ribs. 4 diamond bulbs act in compression and extrusion. Deep rib tortuous path provides better bond to concrete and water tightness. Wide expansion bulb enables joint fillers to be fully supported. Flexible to accommodate movement. Reinforced eyelet edge flanges for positive fixing. Simple job site splicing Full range of intersection pieces. Suitable for use in potable water structures and has no effect on the quality of potable water. USES: Reservoirs, Water towers and sewage tanks. Swimming pools Dams, Culverts, Canals and spillways Bundled areas surrounding liquid retaining tanks Basements and underground car parks Tunnels and subways. Abutments and retaining walls. Roof decks and podium areas

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Cement based to stop immediate leakage of water in water tanks and other concrete surfaces.

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Oxyguard 600

We are offering oxyguard based liquid applied bitumen membrane wet areas, bath room & kitchen 900% elongation guaranteed.

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Polyethylene Joint Fillers , Compressible Filler Board

We are offering Polyethylene Joint Fillers Board PE Joint Fillers board Compressible filler boards Expansion joint filler

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