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Our product range comtains a wide range of High Quality Cotton Wiper Rags, High Quality White Cotton Rags, Light Coloured Cotton Wiping Rags, Cheaper and Heavy Cotton Colour Rags and Coloured Towel/Bathrobe Rags

High Quality Cotton Wiper Rags

Cotton wiper rags are very commonly used for different cleaning purposes. Keeping in mind the high demand for these rags, ANTEX International started producing them using recycled clothing material to reduce the use of fresh cloth for cleaning purposes. There are several more important functions where fresh and new cloth material can be used, so why use it for cleaning. This thought led ANTEX to produce rags that were not only made using used textiles but also provided better absorbency and cleaning function. . The textile used for this purpose is bought from various places like Australia, Europe and the USA etc. Every cloth that we buy is then sorted according to its condition and processed for further use. Bed sheets, bed covers, table clothes, napkins etc., are used for making these cotton wiping rags. The rags that we manufacture are of high quality and can be used in various industries like painting, printing, automobile workshop, cleaning and other manufacturing industries. Using this type of textile makes the cleaning process easy and also helps to reduce the cost of these rags to a great extent. The products that we offer in the market are easy to use and offer great cleaning capacity because of their recycled material.  

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High Quality White Cotton Rags

ANTEX International is well aware of the increasing demands of cotton rags in homes as well as industries. The most demanded among the different types of rags that we produce are the white cotton rags. We buy used clothes from different parts of the world and sort them into different categories based on various parameters. The white clothes that we get are then further segmented to make these white rags. The major varieties of rags in whire are White Bed Sheets, White T-shirt, White Towel/Bathrobes, white Flannel, White Cotton Mic and White Grade 2 Each of these rags has its own individualistic quality that makes it different from others. While the rags made from white bed sheets and table sheets are light, flat and render a superior quality, rags that we make using white t-shirts are mostly demanded because of their high absorbency and softness. The white towels and bathrobes are cut out to make rags that can be used for cleaning floor and other hard surfaces. We also offer rags that are made from white flannel and rags made out from light-weight cotton. These can be used for light weight cleaning, daily routine cleaning of furniture and other amenities. By offering high quality white cotton rags, we ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our products and keep returning back to us for further deals.

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Light Coloured Cotton Wiping Rags

At ANTEX International, we import used clothes from various countries and recycle them for further use. These clothes are then sorted out into different categories according to the usage, colour, fabric, quality etc. The fabrics that are bundled up as light coloured are then cut out to make light coloured cotton wiping rags. These rags are essentially used for routinely maintenance of home and other places. We make sure that these rags are light- weight, pale in colour and made from cotton. The major varieties of light cotton rags are, Light Coloured Cotton Mix, Light Coloured Flannel and Light Coloured Bed Sheets. These light coloured fabrics are further classified into three different categories according to the quality of clothes. Cotton shirts, cotton blouse, skirts, pyjama etc. are cut into pieces to form the light-coloured cotton mix rags after the hard pieces and buttons are removed. These types of rags can be used in various industries for smooth cleaning. The next we have cotton rags that are made from light-coloured flannel. The soft fabric of flannel sheets, flannel shirts, flannel blouse, flannel pyjama etc. offer great absorbing quality and can be used for the same purpose. Yet another type of light-coloured rags that we produce is made from cotton bed sheets that are light in colour. They are seamless and thus can be directly cut out to make rags that can be used where a smooth fabric is required. Made out from 100% cotton bed sheets, table sheets etc. Cut into pieces and good for smooth fabric requirement.

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Cheaper and Heavy Cotton Colour Rags

We, at ANTEX International Trading, understand that not many people like to shed large sums for buying cleaning rags. This led us into making an array of cheaper and heavier cotton coloured rags that worked wonders in cleaning and don’t even create a hole in our client’s pocket. Due to this economic factor, these rags are highly demanded in various industries especially the Metallurgical Industry. The coloured sweat shirt rags are made out of light and medium sweat shirt materials and very good for any industrial applications . The used clothes that we buy from different parts of the world for making these rags are further sorted out into various groups. Clothes made from heavy materials like cotton pants, heavy shirts, heavy bed sheets etc. fall under one category i.e., the heavy clothes. The rags that we make from these clothes are much cheaper as compared to the 100% cotton light- weight rags. The other light mix coloured cotton clothes are cut out into pieces for use in all types of industries. These cotton colour rags are cheaper as well as offer great cleaning capacity.

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Coloured Towel/Bathrobe Rags

owels and bathrobe materials are known for providing deep cleaning of various surfaces that cannot be cleaned using cotton or other light fabrics. ANTEX International started its own line of rags made from coloured towels and bathrobes. After getting used clothes from different countries we categorize them according to the material which went into their manufacturing. Old towels and bathrobes are thus separated from the entire lot. These are then cut into pieces to form rags for various uses. The basic quality of towel rags that separate them from other materials is the fact that they are highly absorbent and can absorb liquid equal to or more than 7 times their own weight. Because of this quality they are most suitable for wiping floors as well as metal bodies to render them a clean and dust-free finish. The towel or bathrobe rags that we offer are available in various mix colours that do not look dirty in few uses. Towels and bathrobes are made from 100% cotton and are ideal for heavy usage. We know that bath towels and robes can be used for years and thus buy them to transform them into rags. Made from 100% Cotton Coloured Towels and Bathrobes, most ideal for cleaning floors, metal bodies etc, cut into pieces.

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Cotton Yarn Waste

We, at ANTEX International, are one of the leading suppliers of cotton yarn waste to different parts of the world. These yarns are very efficient in absorbing grease, oil stains and other liquid dirt. These yarns are produced by using 100% cotton clothes or textile waste that can no longer be sorted into making rags. The high-grade cotton will be used to make these yarns and ensure that they are efficient in offering the best cleaning facility. The yarn wastes that we supply are highly standardized and have many features that make us stand out in the market. The cotton yarn waste that we offer is smooth in texture as it is made from 100% cotton. This also makes them highly absorbent and thus ideal for cleaning all types of machineries. The fact that they are smooth in texture makes them resistant to causing scratches and helps them work on even delicate surface. These yarns can further be used for various other purposes like making wiping cloth, mops, mats and other cleaning products. Being a supplier of cotton yarn waste, we ensure that our product is quality tested and does not cause any harm to the machinery’s finish. As these are made from used cloth materials, the price that we offer is one of the best in the world.

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Used Clothing, Toys and Bags

At ANTEX International, we import unsorted original used clothes from various countries such as USA, Europe, UK and Australia and then separate them out based on their category/quality. The clothes and materials that cannot be used further are kept in separate, while those that can be re-wear or re-used are placed in another. We export the latter type of clothes i.e., those that can be re-wear will be distributed to the Third World Countries. This process not only increases the efficiency of the clothes but also make available the branded used clothes to the people at a very economical manner. T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jeans and other clothing materials that are in a wearable state need not be thrown away or cut out into rags. We individually screen every cloth to ensure that each product is treated according to their usage capacity. These re-wearable clothes are further sorted into different categories according to the international sorting standards. These are then packed into 45 kg bundles of Cream, First Grade, Second Grade and Tropical Mix, Summer Mix etc. for various countries. Apart from used clothes, we also export and supply used soft toys, bags and other items to those countries where it can be re-used. This not only provides the citizens of Third World Countries with clothes and soft toys but also gives these products a second life.

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