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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Digital Baby Scale, Gynecology Fetal Doppler, Radiology Department X-ray System, Radiology Department Mobile X-ray Unit and Ultrasonic Foldable height measuring stand

Digital Baby Scale

  Large LCD 30mm Unit Function kg/ibs selectable Tare and multiple tare function Memory function: automatic shut off Power supply : mains adapter and battery

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Gynecology Fetal Doppler

Features: • Handheld & elegant design; • Back light LCD; • Display of FHR, storage, work mode, heart rate, signal indication and probe frequency; • Three work modes: real time, average and manual mode; • Low power consumption design; • Adjustable FHR alarm limits and can be saved; • Continuous ultrasound Doppler sensor, unique heart rate algorithm to enable FHR more accurate and reliable; • Buckle design for easy take; • Automatically power off while no signal within 2 minutes; • Switch between water-proof probe of 2MHz or 3MHz.

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Radiology Department X-ray System

  • X-ray Controller(XG-525R) kVp setting : 40 ~ 125kVpmA setting : 50, 100, 200, 300, 500mATimer setting : 0.01 ~ 6sec   Dimensions : 902L X 500W X 305H (mm)
  •   High Voltage Transformer(XG-525T)
  • Output rating : 500mA – 80kVp / 320mA – 125kVpInput voltage : 220VAC / 380VACRectification type : Single phase full wave rectification   Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz Dimensions : 400L X 420W X 340H (mm)  
  • X-ray Tube(E7239X) Type : Rotating AnodeFocal spots : 1.0 / 2.0mmAnode heating capacity :140KHU   Inherent filtration : 0.8mmAL
  •   Collimator(BLD-01/A)
  • Type : ManualMaximum field size : Less than 35cm X 35cm at SID 65cmMinimum field size : Less than 5cm X 5cm at SID 100cm   Luminosity : More than 160Lux Inherent filtration : 1.2mmAL  
  • Tube Stand(XTS-01) Type : Floor-to-Ceiling RailDistance of longitudinal travel : 2550mmDistance of vertical travel : 1600mm   Rotation of X-ray Tube : ±180° Lock system : Electromagnetic lock by manual
  • 4Way type Bucky Table(XBT4-01) Type : 4Way travelLongitudinal distance of tabletop sliding : 420±5mmLateral distance of tabletop sliding : 120±5mm   Tabletop to floor distance : 665mm X-ray Grid : Grid ratio of 8:1, 103Line/inch Dimensions : 2000L X 750W X 665H (mm)

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Radiology Department Mobile X-ray Unit

Mobile X-ray System • Excellent image quality • Compact design • Easy maneuverability • Economical solution • Flexible application • Short exposure time • Wireless & wire remote exposure Parts Technical Specifications X-ray Generator :  High Frequency Inverter Control System Output  : Adjustable Tube Voltage : 40kV~110kV ( 1kV step ) mAs Range : 1.0mAs~200mAs Max output power : 5.2kW at 60kV 86mA at Input 220V X-rayTube :  Focal Spot : 1.8mm Max. Tube Voltage/Current : More Than 110kV / 100mA Anode Type :  Stationary Anode Anode Heat Storage Capacity : More Than 30 kJ Target Angle : 15° Collimator  : Ramp Illumination : More Than 160 lux (24V / 150W) SID SCALE : 2m AC input Voltage :  AC 115/120 & 220/230V Phase & Frequency : Single-phase 50/60Hz Weight :  Net weight : 150kg

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Ultrasonic Foldable height measuring stand

  • MR 500 – 2,500 mm
  • GR 5 mm
  • UT cm, inch
  • DM 500 x 35 / 340 x 35 mm

Ultrasonic Foldable height measuring  device MZ10020 Quick to use portable height measuring device. The integrated spirit level will help to place the height measure correctly on the head of the patient. The measuring is done in seconds via an ultrasound signal and will be shown on the integrated display.

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Mechanical round dial weighing scale

  • CP 160 kg
  • GR 500 g
  • UT kg
  • DM 320 x 360 mm

A bestseller all over the world, traditional and reliable with an extra large weighing platform making even unstable or obese patient feeling safe and comfortable. The capacity of 160 kg and the clear marking with a 500 g graduation gives precise and accurate results. Functions: Manual zero setting, non-slip platform cover

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Cardiology performance color Doppler system

SonoScape SSI8000 Mobile high-performance color Doppler system Features in Detail • High-resolution 17 “LCD monitor • 4 probe ports simultaneously adaptable • High-frequency probes of 1.9 to 15 MHz • μ = scan reduction of noise artifacts, resulting in higher image quality • 4D Technology • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging) = increase the image contrast by improving the signal-to-noise ratio • M-Tuning Technology = automatic B-scan and Doppler optimization • IMT measurement = automatic (facilitates the measurement of the vessel wall thickness) • Extensive pre-defined measurement and calculation software • Fully digital beamformer • Imaging: B-mode, M-mode, color M-Mode, Color Flow Mode (CFM) Power Doppler, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, HPRF • Internal digital archiving • Connections: DICOM3.0, AVI / JPG, USB2.0, DVD, • Foot Information sometimes optional, depending on the model variant

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Cardiology Color Doppler HCU

S9 is born as the new generation ultrasound product out of constant innovation and considerable effort of SonoScape. Compact yet featuring full application packages for cardiology, abdominal, OB/GYN, small parts, urology and combining with cutting-edge technologies as well as futuristic operation design, S9 provides you the best solution to ultrasound imaging with outstanding Performance and trendy Style. Features : 15 inch LCD with 45°adjustable angle 13.3 inch smart full touch panel with 135°convertible open angle Two transducer sockets Full range of transducers: Linear, Convex, Micro-convex, Endocavity, Phased array, Intraoperative, TEE, Pencil probe, Volumetric, Endocavity 4D and Laparoscope probe Advanced application technology: TDI, Stress Echo and Elastography Full patient database solution: DICOM 3.0, AVI/JPG, Dual USB, HDD, PDF report Removable battery ensures 90 minutes scanning Stylish trolley with abundant accessories

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Sonoscape Vetinary Ultrasound Machine

Supported by numerous innovative technologies, SonoScape introduces A6V as her first portable ultrasound system for veterinarians, in order to set up a new standard for the ultrasound applications in veterinary field… Easy-to-use and stable performance. • Weight less than 6kg; Convertible cart-based system design. • Position adjustable 12-inch LCD monitor with anti-glare design. • Specialized veterinary design: anti-dust, anti-splash, three-meter probe cable • Professional veterinary software: Canine, Feline, Bovine, Equine, Ovine • Specific veterinary transducers: Endocavity, High frequency micro-convex, High frequency phased array • Clip-board functions for quick image capture and review. • Standard two transducer sockets. • Documentation capability: USB storage, PDF report, AVI/JPEG, DICOM 3.0, etc.

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Veterinary Ultra sound color Doppler

HCU design with two transducer sockets; Convertible trolley design • 15″LCD monitor with super large imaging area • Comprehensive research analysis kits:TDI, Steer M, Color M, Panoramic imaging • Specialized veterinary design: anti-dust, anti-splash, three-meter probe cable • Professional veterinary software: Canine, Feline, Bovine, Equine, Ovine • Specific veterinary transducers: Endocavity, High frequency micro-convex, High frequency phased array, High frequency micro-convex with CW function • Full patient database solutions: DVD RW,DICOM3.0, AVI/JPG, USB2.0, HDD, PDF report, etc. • Built-in high capacity Li-ion battery

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Mechanical Physician scale

  • CP 200 kg
  • GR 100 g
  • UT kg, kg/lbs
  • DM 275 x 375 mm

Eye-level beam scale readable from both sides with telescopic height measure from 60 to 210 cm by 1 mm graduation and two castors for easy movability. The solid all steel constructed scale comes with a heavy duty cast iron lever system and guarantees a long trouble-free lifetime. Functions: Manual zero setting, non-slip platform cover

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LAB Equipment Chemistry Analyzer

Chemistry Analyzer  (Model Stat Fax 3300, awareness technology / USA) Uses 12 mm round tubes, 1 cm square cuvettes, or built-in flow cell. Read cell is temperature controlled to 37°C. Bichromatic reading capability 6 filters standard, with spaces for 2 optional filters (340-700nm). Flip-up 240 x 128 pixel graphic display shows kinetic plots in real time. Use on-board thermal printer, external printer, or PC. Create a work list, run tests, print patient reports. Stores patient data. Stores control values and creates Levey-Jennings plots for QC. IAD filters

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Electronic Lifter Scale

  • CP 300 kg
  • GR 100 g
  • UT kg, lbs
  • DM 81 x 265 x 46 mm

Supplied with two safety steel hooks this scale can be integrated into a wide range of patient lifter systems. The aluminum housing makes the scale resistant against impacts and corrosion. Powered by batteries for a long lasting mains independent operation. Functions: Automatic zero setting, tare, low battery indication, auto switch off, hold

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LAB Equipment Biochemistry Analyzer

Biochemistry analyzer ( Model : Audit diagnostic -sapphire 120 / Ireland ) Sapphire 120® is a compact semi-automated Clinical Analyser providing quality results from as little as 200 µl of reagent. Features User Interface: 12.5cm (5″) Touch Screen Reaction Volume: 200µ| per minute Data Display Reaction Curve, QC Record Parameter Setting Reproducibility: Less Than 0.005 Abs CV: Less Than 0.3% Cross Contamination: Less Than 1% Peltier Controlled Temperature RT, 25°C, 30°C, 37°C Optional Disposable Cuvette Monochromatic & Biochromatic Measurement

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LAB Equipment Weighing Balance

Ready for use: Batteries included, 9 V Block, operating time approx. 12 h. AUTO-OFF function to preserve the batteries, can be switched off Tare function facilitates formulation work Particularly flat design Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet  KERN model EMB 500-1BE available as special “Black Edition” version Technical data Dimensions of weighing plate (plastic)  Ø 82 mm  Ø 105 mm  WxD 150 mm Dimensions housing WxDxH 170x240x39 mm Net weight approx. 0, 5 kg Permissible ambient temperature 5 °C / 35 °C  

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gynecological surgery cryosurgery unit

12 hollow probes High pressure hoses Usable with CO2 or n20 Little or no pain Excellent cosmetic results Usually no bleeding Economical in time, material and equipment cost

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Gynecology Digital Electronic Colposcope

Fashionable appearance , Convenient design Adopt the color digital CCD Camera with high resolution and clarity Dismountable light source, which has got the patent Bulb adopt super cold LED light source whose diameter is only 2mm There are “ freeze “ filter, zoom in , zoom out, white balance button on the top of the camera for the speedy automatic function Professional Green filter Technique Image Freeze White Balance Auto focus Timing of acetic acid and iodine reaction test Powerful image software and work station system Digital Electronic Colposcope (one med / Italy)  

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Laboratory Shakers


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Cardiology Multifunctional monitors

Features • today’s powerful ambulatory cardiovascular diagnostic device • up to 51-hour full disclusure 3-channel ECG recording • up to 51-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring • up to 51-hour 2-axis activity recording • no-compression storage on MMC/SD multimedia card • continuous real-time beat-to-beat ECG analysis • automatic event detection with extra BP recordings during ST abnormalities, heart rate variations or syncopal episodes exceeding programmable pre-set levels • flexible programming with real-time ECG monitoring for better electrode placement • patient event markers, automatic cuff size detection, voltage display to verify battery status   Features • an innovative ambulatory diagnostic system to analyze the complex blood-pressure related cardiovascular risk profile • up to 51-hour ABP profile with the sequential recording of two-channel ECG strips • up to 51-hour ST-segment and heart rate profile • continuous real-time beat-to-beat ECG analysis • automatic event detection with extra BP and ECG recordings during ST abnormalities, heart rate variations or syncopal episodes that exceed programmable pre-set levels • flexible programming with real-time ECG monitoring for better electrode placement and perfectly adjusted event detection triggers • time-domain and frequency-domain heart rate variability analysis • patient event markers, automatic cuff size detection, voltage display to verify battery status  

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Cardiology Ambulatory blood pressure monitors

eatures • accurate and reliable oscillometric algorithm, clinically validated to the BHS and AAMI accuracy criteria • large LCD display for easy reading of data • developed and manufactured to the highest worldwide standards • lightweight design and silent operation for optimal patient comfort up to 51 hours of monitoring; maximum 600 readings can be stored in its solid-state memory • user friendly programming, comprehensive analysis and reporting • manual adjustment to the patient’s lifestyle   eatures • the perfect companion in the diagnosis and control of hypertension • leading innovative medical technology • compact size and silent operation ensure maximum patient comfort and compliance • accurate and reliable oscillometric measurement algorithm, clinically validated to the BHS and AAMI accuracy criteria • automatic or manual cuff size setting and adjustable maximum cuff pressure • voltage display to check battery status • flexible programming, comprehensive analysis and reporting • up to 51 hours of monitoring; maximum 600 readings stored in solid-state memory • satisfaction world-wide in primary and specialty care as well as for medical and pharmaceutical research    

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Cardiology E-Lite 12 channel resting ECG Machine

E-Lite 12 channel resting ECG system – until stock lasts Features • cost-effective solution for ECG recording, using plain paper PC based printing • probably the world’s smallest PC based 12-lead ECG recorder • optoelectronic connection to a standard serial port • rapid recording and printing, effortless storage and retrieval • three, six or twelve channel display, a wide range of sensitivity and speed • average cycles, digital filters, electronic rulers • single-screen comparison of old and new ECG recordings

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Cardiology ECG Holter monitors

Features • up to 96-hour full disclosure ECG recording • Choice of recording quality; recording with 1, 2, 3 or 5 channels • Compact size that does not disrupt the patient’s daily routine • Real-time monitoring for best electrode placement • Beat by beat ECG analysis • Complex trend and full disclosure screens, complete arrhythmia, ischaemia, time and frequency domain HRV analysis • No-loss storage on MMC/SD flash card Features • full disclosure ECG recording which can be extended to several days • possibility to record 1, 2, 3 or 5 channels • wireless real-time monitoring for immediate electrode-check • beat-by-beat ECG analysis • complex ST, QT, time and frequency domain HRV analysis with detailed textual and graphical displays • no-loss storage on SD/MMC flash card • flexibility in programming both online and offline    

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