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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Tile Levelers and Pedestals, Drywall Reinforcement Materials, Safety Treads, & Stairs Nosing, Aluminium Coverjoints & Threshold and Invisible Fixing Threshold

Tile Levelers and Pedestals

Tile levelers and pedestals spacer system are the simple solution to your decking needs.They can be used on rooftops, balconies, cracked concrete patios, even on-grade.This innovative elevated deck solution works with any surface material, from wood tiles, traditional stringer and plank decks, natural stone, composites or concrete.They support 750 lbs per pedestal and reach 12”, fast screw-to-adjust installation.

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Drywall Reinforcement Materials

These are made of twisted strands of fiberglass which are woven at right angles to one another. Cloth has the highest glass-to-resin ratio and strength of all fiberglass materials.Fiberglass tape is usually a narrow, cloth strip with woven edges that prevent unravelling. Use this tape for reinforcing seams and corners, and over epoxy fillets on plywood stitch and glue boats.Resins are often combined with reinforcement fabrics to create a superior “composite” material.

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Safety Treads, & Stairs Nosing

These are designed and manufacture top-of-the-line, anti-slip stair treads. We are concerned about public safety. We are also dedicated to the quality and character of your building design. Our stair treads meet and exceed safety surface specifications, including ADA, OSHA, and are in compliance with the barrier-free code for the physically impaired. Safety treads and  stair nosing  are ideal for any indoor or outdoor application where stair tread protection and added safety are desired or required. Stair tread inserts are slip-resistant, durable.

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Aluminium Coverjoints & Threshold

Arab Suppliers Co. offers a wide variety of thresholds, floor plates, and accessories to fit any commercial building application.Thresholds are commonly used in schools, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, recreation centers, hotels, etc. These include: standard saddles, thermal barrier saddles, latching panic exit saddles, carpet and special purpose thresholds, floor closer thresholds, cover plate assemblies.

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Invisible Fixing Threshold

These thresholds are screwed down without any visible screw thus providing optimum technical performance and perfect finish. The head of the nail screw slides into a goove located underneath the profile. It allows the profile to swing around and adapt exactly to floor covering thickness.

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Mobile Work Platform

It's the ideal equipment for work on structures of 32' or less. This equipment has many versatile applications and has been used on job sites for more than 30 years.

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Soft stretch Hood

VitaFlex's Soft-stretch Hoods provides a cool, comfortable head covering with effective barrier protection.It can use face, securely cover the entire head, face & neck, allow for the freedom of head movement, and maintain its comfortable fits.

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Rail Fastening System

Rail Fastening system is used to fix rails to railway sleeper or railroad ties, which is usually consisted of rail anchors, rail tie plates, chairs, fasteners, spikes, screws, track bolts, etc. The selection of a fastening system must be made with utmost care for rail road safety can’t be compromised.

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Railroad Spike

Track spikes are designed to maintain gauge between the running rails and also they are mean to secure the rail to the tie. Track spikes have various shapes serving for different functions. The materials for railroad spikes production can be carbon or stainless steel based on the requirement, and the surface of the spikes can be plain, black, hot dipped galvanized, or sherardized, etc. Among the various railroad spikes, dog spikes and the screw spikes are the most common types.

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