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Our product range comtains a wide range of Rolling Shutters, Steel Sectional Panel Tanks, Aluminium And PVC windows Doors, fiber roofing sheets and Steel Doors

Rolling Shutters

Rolling Counter Fire Doors (also called fire shutters) secure openings above counters and other similar finished openings on interior and exterior walls. When the compact components of Counter Fire Doors are desired, these units can fully close to the floor. Counter Fire Door Listings: UL 3 HR, 11/2 HR, 1 HR and 3/4 HR Classified labels. Sizes: Fits openings up to 16' wide when height is 7'6” or less, or openings up to 12' wide when height is 10' or less. SmokeShield® Counter Fire Doors: Add optional UL Classified smoke and draft control to counter fire doors. Containing smoke saves lives and building property and also aids in fire containment by slowing oxygen flow to the fire source. It's simple to double up on the protection of your building and may be required by your local building code. Material and Finishes: curtains are available in 22 gauge galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in light gray, powder coating as an available option, or 22 gauge 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish. Galvanized steel end locks are provided per UL procedure. Counter Fire Door Mounting: Approved wall types for mounting include rated drywall, masonry, or steel walls. Operation: M100 FireGard Tube Motors are concealed in the Counter Fire Door's shaft assembly makeing them ideal for openings with tight clearances around the coil area or to neatly conceal the operator and drive components, avoiding the need for bulky covers. Safe and reliable M100 FireGard™ Tube Motor Operators automatically close Counter Fire Shutters without releasing spring tension or disengaging the operator drive mechanism, providing smiple automatic closing system testing and resetting. Available for Counter Fire Doors up to 14' 0" wide, 9' 0" high or a maxium of 90 square feet. M100 bracket mounted motor, chain or crank operating systems are also available UL Classified 1 ½ Hour Countertops - when used in conjunction with fire rated counter doors, countertops must also be fire rated. Cornell offers UL classified countertops in two materials: Plastic laminate countertops - available in a range of standard laminates in a single piece up to 10' wide, and in two pieces with center joint to 16’ wide. 14 gauge, #4 finish stainless steel countertops are custom designed to a maximum wall opening width of 11’2” for face of wall units, 11’10” for between jambs, for a maximum 12” wall thickness. Rolling Steel Doors are metal slatted doors that roll up to store in coil above the opening. They are used to provide security against entry or weather protection at exterior and interior openings in industria

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Steel Sectional Panel Tanks

Water is an essential resource. Therefore, storage of clean, potable water for extended periods Is a top priority. For clean water storage concrete and steel sectional tanks have been widely used in applications such as Municipal water supply, housing complexes, buildings, hospitals, rural water supply, industries, and other facilities. The use of concrete and steel, however, has their own certain disadvantages. Steel tanks corrode very easily - particularly in coastal environments and therefore the tanks must be repainted periodically. Concrete tanks have a tendency to crack. Small cracks can lead to seepage and the possible tainting of the water. It also leads to wetting of building walls affecting the life of the building itself. In severe cases, fracture may occur which could cause the possible loss of use of the tank. Above problems can be avoided by using HOT PRESSED GRP PANELS, which provide very uniform, strong and stable construction. Stainless steel and GI sectional panel tanks are manufactured by potaglas Tank Sdn Bhd's (Malasiya) from Glass fibre/Fibre glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP/FRP) panels.    

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Aluminium And PVC windows Doors

We can provide both fire rated hardware and non fire rated hardware’s as per client requirements. Fire rated hardware can be UL certified or BS certified. Panic bar (horizontal and vertical) with trim. Mortise locksets Cylindrical locksets Door closers Hinges Door stop Threshold Weather strip

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fiber roofing sheets

ROOFING sheets are available in any tailored length in standard width of 1060mm ideal for factories, bungalows, sheds, workshops and other constructions like airport hangers, warehouses, farm houses, marriage halls etc. TYPES PVC CORRUGATED SHEETS GI ROOFING SHEETS ALUMINIUM ROOFING SHEETS CURVED CORRUGATED SHEETS

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Steel Doors

Our Affiliate, ATI's Steel doors are available as standard or heavy duty doors. Personal Doors can be single leaf or double leaf designed to satisfy the requirements of general purpose with powder coating finish to any RAL color.

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ATI Blast Proof Doors

ATI Blast Proof Door is designed to protect human life from any accidental explosions that may occur in petrochemical plants or in industrial manufacturing facilities to offer disaster prevention and protection for main facilities and to manage effectively and control explosions in military experiments at military facilities or at any explosionprone laboratories. It functions as a gateway toward the outside, blocking the blast of air and heat generated from air shelling or explosions as well as protecting from shrapnel damage. The performance unit of the Blast Proof Door is ‘bar’, where 1 bar means the door can withstand.  

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ATI Temperature Rise Rated Doors

Conserves energy Interior or Exterior use 1 3⁄4˝ standard Thermal Barrier 18-gauge steel standard. (16-gauge or 14-gauge steel optional.) (G90 galvanized steel optional.) Rust inhibitive prime coat 18-gauge top and bottom channels spot welded to face sheets. Continuously welded vertical edges (seamless) standard Temperature Rise Core 250° in 30 Min. Temperature Rise Core 450° in 30 Min.

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polystyrene doors

Thermal barrier Conserves energy Interior or exterior usage 1 3⁄4˝ standard, also available in 1 3/8˝ 1 lb. density core 18-gauge steel standard. (16-gauge or 14-gauge steel optional.) (G90 galvanized steel optional.) Rust inhibitive prime coat 18 gauge top and bottom inverted channels Spot welded to face sheets. Continuously welded vertical edges (Seamless) standard Polystyrene 1 lb. density core permanently bonded to face sheets. Compressive strength 33-38 PSI ASTM-D1621 R Factor = 7.07 U Factor = .14

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ATI Bullet Proff Doors

1-3/4" (44.4mm) custom construction seam/seamless design rated for heavy duty to maximum-duty use Armor Shield is effective against a wide range of firearms when used with structures similarly rated Designed for openings where a bullet resistance rated door is a requirement, such as utility field buildings, cashier islands, ticket booths, currency exchanges, box offices, courthouses, casinos. Internal door construction and concealed armor plate vary and is dependent on the required ballistic rating 7 gauge (4.2mm) steel hinge reinforcement Inverted end channels welded to both face sheets Rust inhibitive prime paint base coat meets ANSI A250.10 Lock edge beveled 1/8" in 2" (1:16)

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Fire Rated Steel Doors

Economical Impact resistant Interior or exterior usage 1 3/4˝ standard, also available in 1 3/8˝ 1˝ hexa cells for maximum strength, Rigidity and flatness 18-gauge steel standard. (16-gauge or 14-gauge steel optional.) (G90 galvanized steel optional.) Rust inhibitive prime coat 18-gauge top and bottom inverted channels Spot welded to face sheets. Continuously welded vertical - edges (seamless) standard 1˝ Honeycomb cells permanently bonded to both face sheets. Impact resistance - 45 PSI crushing strength of honeycomb Fire Label Available R Factor = 2.4 U Factor = .41

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