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Other Products / Services #5741237

Tissue Napkin Paper

Napkin tissue paper well suited for fast food environments

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Wall Mounted Handle

Handle Wall Losdi MB- 0230 -S. Safety Support Straight Wall Mounted Handle

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Wall-Floor Safety Support Handle

Wall-Floor Safety Support, steel satin finished. For people with disabilities.

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L Safety Corner Right Chromed Steel

Support Losdi Safety In L, Corner Right, Chromed Steel

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Chemical Caddy Rack

Plastic Handled Cleaning Caddy rack.

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TTS Red Mop Plastic Clip

Polypropylene clamp for mop and Special Mop. It can be re-used and the mop easily replaced, while the universal joint allows the use of any handle with a diameter raning from 20 to 24 mm.

Available in grey, yellow and blue colour.

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TTS Flexible Duster

Bendy Bit the new bending duster. Light and ergonomic, Bendy Bit is used for dusting hard to reach surfaces like tops of wardrobes, ledges or behind beds and cupboards where dust accumulates. Use moist for damp cleaning in confined surfaces.

Bends to adapt to any shaped surface like fans and light fixtures. Bendy Bit can be inclined up to 270 . The frame has a plastic hook where to fasten the spare mop, in order not to slip it off when cleaningvery narrow spaces, The handle can be easily pulled out if you want to put the duster on extensionhandles.

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TTS Odour Eliminating Cartridge

Odour eliminating cartridge Set of 4 pieces.
SANY-DISC uses a complex blend of essential oils that neutralizes bad smells.
It captures and eliminates odours thanks to enzymatic principles.
It is ideal for bins and trolleys.
It can also be used in minivans, closets, washrooms or bathrooms.
Duration: it lasts for 8/12 weeks.

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Dust Pan Lobby Shovel Clip

Strong and shock-proof, it is equipped with a thin rubber layer perfectly adhering to the floor and helping in collecting even very thin dust. The lid avoids any coming out of waste materials when carrying the dustbin.

The grip helps in taking it around and avoids any in-natural hand movements. Its swinging part is rapidly set into vertical position thanks to the peculiar shape of the plastic part wherethe aluminium handle is inserted.

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Metal Dust Mop Frame Head

To be used with the specific dust mop heads, the plate and the articulated joint are in plastic. The universal ring enables to use any handles with a diameter ranging from 18 to 23 mm., the articulated joint makes the handling of the tool easier also.

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Bucket W/Squeezer

Bucket with squeezer (capacity 12-l). Handle and removable polypropylene wringer. Ideal to wring mops of 220 gr and 280 gr.

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Cotton Mop Holly Cot

Holly mop yarn composed of twisted cotton cut gr.350 available in weights from 400.450 and 500 gr. Washing system alternative to the traditional cloth, is indicated for the cleaning of interior floors such as hotels, homes, offices, etc. degree of soiling medium / high.

Care Instructions and warnings:Do not use fabric softenerDo not use chlorine or bleachDo not use alkaline detergents, pH

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Bagholder With Lid Pedal

Plastic bag-holder with a wide ring and round edges and smooth surfaces for easy external cleaning. Complete with: a handle to move the trolley easily , 2 non marking wheels 125 mm and 2 wheels 80 mm, pedal and lid. It is also available with lid.

For bags from 70/75 x110 cm to 80/85 x110 cm. Available in two basic colours: white and grey.Dimensions: cm 99x50x64

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White Chocolate Fragrances

Model: White ChocolateBrand: Spring Air


SPRING AIR fragrances are inspired from Greek Nature. The numerous varieties of perfumes include scents of citruses, fruits, plants, green sides and sea breezes.All these scents can easily awake our senses. Our daily activities become more enjoyable when they are discretely aromatized with sweet scents.

SPRING AIR has created 90 unique fragrances in order to satisfy customer needs.They are all approved by the National Greek Organization of Medicine and are produced under the strict procedures imposed by ISO 9001:2008.

SPRING AIR fragrances have a double action:They neutralize odors and at the same time they perfume.These perfumes are elegant and environmental friendly since their composition is consisted of essential oil extracts.

All fragrances are available in both formulas of Smart Air Technology & Aero Diffusion Technology.

They are all approved by the National Greek Organization of Medicine and are produced under the strict procedures imposed by ISO 9001:2008.They neutralize odors and at the same time they perfume., These perfumes are elegant and environmental friendly since their composition is consisted of essential oil extracts.

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Odor Absorber

SPRING AIRprovides you with the ultimate solution on how to eliminate the cigarettes smoke, the ODOR ABSORBER. There is no other competitive product, as it constitutes not only a European but also a worldwide exclusivity. Thanks to its drastic composition, the ODOR ABSORBER eliminates the smoke. It doesnt cover simply the problem. It makes it disappear. How It initially binds and then inactivates the molecules of smoke, ensuring the freshness and the cleanliness sense of an open area. It doesnt include any scent as it constitutes also an active component of the 90 fragrances of SPRING AIRcombining in this way the deodorization and aromatization abilities.

ODOR ABSORBER eliminates the smoke.It doesnt include any scent as it constitutes also an active component of the 90 fragrances of SPRING AIR combining in this way the deodorization and aromatization abilities.

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Reflex Rubber Stable Mats

Suitable for Horse Stables, Farms, Heavy Material unloading/Storing Areas.

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Microfibre Cotton Door Mat

Exceptional multi-action entrance mat using hygienic Microfibre technology
Superior brushing and wiping with rapid dry properties even outperforms cotton
Flexible, ultra-fine fibres (even finer than a human hair) provide deep-cleaning action on passing footwear
Effectively penetrates those hard to reach treads on footwear and wheeled trollies
Friction from the fibres generates a static charge that attracts and traps dust/debris
Filament structure creates a capillary effect for improved dirt retention/ absorbency
Luxuriously soft pile that looks smart and will not lint
Environmentally-friendly does not require chemical pre-treatment or washing detergents.

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Coba Plan B Dirt Control Entrance Matting

When it comes to smart, eco-friendly barrier matting, plan.b is one bright solution! These aesthetically pleasing brush mats are available in 13 vibrant colour choices and can even feature bespoke logo designs for truly impressive entrances. Suitable for heavy duty use.

A combination of durable nylon brushes embedded in flexible 100% recycled PVC strips.Strips are linked via flexible, stainless steel wires.Brushes remove soil, grit and debris by brushing the contour of shoes. Install in recessed matwells or lay to surface with optional edging. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Fire tested to: Cfl-S2Custom made to order with a choice of 13 colour-ways and bespoke logo options. Production techniques allow for matting with curves, diagonals and angles.

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Switch Electrical Safety Mat

Designed for use in front of open switchboards and high voltage equipment

Provides safety for operatives against electrical shocks

Purpose-designed switchboard mattingProvides safety for operatives against electrical shocks.For use in front of switchboards and high voltage equipment.Slip-resistant fine fluted surface.6mm tested to 11, 000 volts for 450 volt rated working.9.5mm tested to 15, 000 volts for 650 volt rated working.9.5mm conforms to BS921/1976.

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Z Web Vinyl Matting

Rigid vinyl Z-web construction provides firm support and allows cart traffic for a multifunctional work area. Available in 3 ft widths by 2 ft to 30 ft lengths in 1ft increments. Glued-on edging is available.

Colors: Quarry Red, EbonyWarranty: 2 years from date of purchase

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Vinyl Coiled Matting

3M Nomad Terra Entrance Mat 6050 is suitable for medium traffic volumes. A backed vinyl matting for indoor applications. The patented design provides scraping action for excellent dirt and water removal. Foam backing reduces creeping, holds moisture and dirt off floor and provides added comfort.

Traffic Volume: 1500-5000 (crossings per day)

Colors: Ebony, Slate, Chestnut, Blue, Forest, Dove, Red, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow Cabarnet and Silver

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Aluminium Frame Matting

Durable Aluminium frame available in 2 strengths and 3 heights to fit all traffic requirements and recessed well sizes. The spacing in between the panels allows optimal dirt hiding, which helps in keeping a superior appearance under any condition.

Panel carpet infills tufted in a 3M patented combination of small and large polyamide fibres: the small fibers gather plenty of water and the large ones scrape dirt.

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Toilet Roll

Reflex Toilet Roll papers

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Bed Couch Rolls

Reflex bed couch rolls. Made in UAE

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Maxi Roll Wipers

Reflex maxi roll 2-Ply wipers. Made in UAE.

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Facial Plain Box Tissue

Reflex Facial plain box tissue 100 sheets. Made in UAE

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Hand Towel Tissues

High quality tissues. 150 sheets, Made in UAE

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Toilet Roll Paper Holder Brushed Stainless Steel

Support Losdi toilet paper. Modern design and aesthetic.

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Soap Dispenser Stainless Steel

Dressed in cans. Used for liquid soap, shampoo or gel. Color: steel polished.

Vandal proof metal housing. Reliable metering valve. Cover with special lock. The kit includes all the mounting hardware.

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Non Acid Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate

Daily-use bathroom cleaner for toilets, urinals and other hard surfaces. Excellent soap scum remover. Low flow for use in filling spray bottles.

Removes soap scum. Long lasting, pleasant fragrance. No rinsing required.

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Disinfectant Cleaner RCT Concentrate

Clean, disinfect and deodorize hard surfaces in one swift motion. 3-minute kill time on many pathogenic bacteria of Healthcare-

>Clean, disinfect and deodorize hard surfaces in one swift motion.>Kills HIV-1, HBV, MRSA, VRE, KPC, Acinetobacter and other pathogens in 3 minutes.>Fragrance-free and dye-free.

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Bathroom Disinfectant Cleaner

EPA-registered disinfectant cleaner removes soap scum and scale from bathroom surfaces. For use in filling bottles or buckets. Designed for use with 3M Portable Dispensing System.

Concentrated, one-step, hospital use disinfectant cleaner that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria.Virucidal (including HIV-1, the AIDS Virus), fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and their odors when used as directed.

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Hand Dryer White Vertical

New cs-700 vertical hand dryer

Made in silver and white colour and the main characteristic are the low noise levels in its category, (76dB), high airflow speed 342 Km/h and low power consumption.

The unit has automatic temperature control, blowing hot/cold air depending of the ambient. It has a water deposit in the bottom too.

Colour available SILVER/ABS WHITE

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TB Quat Disinfectant

Rinse-free, EPA-registered disinfectant formula disinfects and cleans hard, nonporous surfaces. Effective against TB, HBV, HIV-1, MRSA, VRE and other pathogens. Complies with OSHAs Bloodborne Pathogen Standard for disinfecting surfaces soiled with blood or other potentially infectious body fluids. Pleasant lemon fragrance; extended 1-year shelf life.

A general, non-acid, non-abrasive cleaner and disinfectant.Clean, deodorize and disinfectant in one step.Highly effective against a broad spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms.

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Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses. Available in Different colors.

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Caution Signs

Caution signs. Available in different sizes

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Caution Blinking Lights

Caution lights. Available in different colors.

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Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes. Available in Brown and black

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Mop Bucket With Wringer

Mop Bucket with wringer. Available in different colors.

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Caution Sign Board

Caution Wet Floor Sign board. Available in different types

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Telescopic Pole

Window Cleaning Telescopic Poles. Made in China

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Clip Cap / Hair Net

Clip Cap/ Hair Net, Made in UAE
-Non-woven material
-Double elastic
-Suitable for clean room use

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Toilet Brush With Stand

Toilet Brush with Stand. Made in Germany

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Sponge Wiper Vita W/Handle

Sponge Wiper Vita with handle. Made in Taiwan.

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Reflex Window Squeegee 35cm Metal Holder

Reflex Window Squeegee 35 cm metal holder. Made in Taiwan

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Reflex Stanley Blade

Reflex Stanley Blade 100 Pcs per case. Made in China

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Reflex Low Quality Cotton Cloth

Reflex Low Quality Cotton Cloth. Suitable for all kind of cleaning, Made in Pakistan

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Reflex Hard Brush Red W/Handle

Reflex Hard Brush Red with handle. Available in different colors, Made in Germany

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Reflex Plastic Glass Wiper 45 CM

Reflex Glass Wiper 45 cm. Good for glass cleaning, Made in Malaysia

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