Baili formwork and scaffolding

United Arab Emirates

  • Single Side Formworks System

    Single Side Formworks System is used in concrete structures like retaining walls, heavy curtains, etc. According to the increasing fresh concrete pressure due to the height single side formwork systems are produced for different types of concrete. According ...

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  • H20 Wall Column Formwork System

    This system is considered using plywood fixed to H20 wooden girders, supported by steel walers and the associated accessories. This is the most common system used for column and wall production. Walkways and lifting brackets allow for good access and safe movement of panels throughout the site ...

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  • Steel Universal Panel System

    120 Steel Universal Panel System Including Plywood, no Pre-assembly of the system required. Mainly Used for all types of walls such as Shear walls, Core walls as well as for various sizes of Columns for Various heights. The 120 Steel Universal Panel System is a Steel ...

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  • cantilever bracket

    Cantilever Bracket CB240 is an economic, durable and easy to use system that provides a safe and versatile solution to climbing vertical shuttering support and protected working area that is ideal for high structures with successive lifts. Due to its high level of ...

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  • Auto-Climbing System

    The power of the Auto-Climbing System is the hydraulic system which includes the oil cylinder and two commentators. The Commentators can control the climbing of climbing rail and the bracket. Cranes are not needed during the construction. It’s easy to ...

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  • Shaft Platform

    The Shaft Platform is mainly used in the concrete pouring of elevator shaft, equipment shaft, stair shaft of high rise building and so on. The Shaft Platform is made up of platform board, timber beam, beam clamp, shaft beam. The Shaft Platform has many ...

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  • Modular Ring lock System

    The Ring-lock Modular System is the most advanced scaffolding system on the market. It assembles quickly and easily, at the same time providing enough versatility to any building configuration. The working principle of Ring-lock Modular System is similar to the Cup-lock System, but ...

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  • H20 Flex Formwork System

    Flex-table Formwork System for Slab is the easiest and most flexible slab formwork system for all types of slabs consisting of tubular steel props. Tripod, Four -way Head, H20 Timber Beams and Plywood Sheets. The System can be used for a clear height up to ...

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  • Ring lock Stair Tower System

      The structure of Ring-lock Stair Tower System is the same as Ring-lock Modular System. The dimension of cross section is 1500×3000mm. It is widely used in construction.

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  • Cuplock Scaffolding System

    Cup-lock Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support a slab, work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other manmade structures. Cup-lock is a fully galvanized or painted multi-purpose steel ...

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