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Dough Divider

  • Fixed stainless steel dough hopper along with two dough pulling cylinders, in addition to a flour duster and a pressing cylinder.
  • Special food grade quality felt top conveyor belt with centering guides to keep the belt on its track.
  • Stainless steel inner hopper with special spiral shafts.
  • Accurate control of the dough-ball weight and size using photo sensors and interchangeable restriction rings.
  • Variable speed motor monitored by a variable frequency drive (Inverter).
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Fully Automated Stacking & Packing Bag Machine

Fully Automated Stacking & Packing Bag Machine
  • It can be used for Stacking and packing small, medium and large flat and pita bread.

Stacking device consisting of:

  • Upper and lower compression conveyor to press out the air from the product.
  • Conveyor with guiding made by driven side belts to bring the stacked products to the centreline.
  • Pre-fabricated plastic bags to be closed by the use of clips (plastic clip with two wires inside).
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Horizontal Bread Slicer

  • Horizontal cutting for a great variety of products: Croissants, Doughnuts, Buns, Rolls, Hamburger, and Baguette.
  • Provided of four regulators, which it let adapt to the cutting of very different sizes.
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Bread Toast Slicer

  • Cutting is made by double frame of blades with an alternative axil movement.
  • Supplied with surfaces and bread pushers of stainless steel.
  • Maximum loaf dimensions: 44*30*18 Cm
  • Slice thickness from 8 to 16 mm as per request
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Motorized Sugar Grinder

Motorized Sugar Grinder
  • Machine for producing icing sugar used by confectioners and sweet manufacturers.
  • Stainless steel loading hopper and internal sieve filter.
  • Production capacity: 35 kg per hour
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Electric Dosing Machine For Pastries

  • Electronic dosing machine with gears that can fulfil all the needs of a pastry workshop, such as chocolate, Cream, jam, sauce in handcraft products such as croissant
  • Stainless steel structure with funnel loading hopper of 15 litres
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Arabic Dough Divider

Arabic Dough Divider

The Arabic Dough Divider is designed to cut various dough mixtures into equal weight dough balls, having a range from 40 to 200 grams.Specifications:

  • Stainless steel dough hopper and cutting blade.
  • Special food grade quality PVC conveyor belts.
  • Single discharge aluminum head and special constricting helical axle to prevent air gaps formation in the dough balls.
  • Precise control of dough ball size using photo sensors, in addition to restriction rings.
  • Special wheels to achieve maximum portability.
  • Available in Electro-Mechanical and Electro-Pneumatic system.

  External Dimensions   Electrical Specifications
  Model - Code Length (Cm) Width (Cm) Height (Cm) Net Weight Power Supply(Volts) Cycle(Hz) Motor Power(KW/HP)
Dough Divider B-DDEM 67 85 122 90 110-220 50-60 0.37\0.50 HP
                0.18\0.25 HP
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Cooling Conveyor

  • Rust resistant Aluminum straight conveyor's chassis.
  • Fixation could be either on ground, in a straight or spiral form, or hanged to the ceiling according to the surface available.
  • Fiber web conveying belts, designed in a professional way to prevent stretching guaranteeing smooth and noiseless operation.
  • Variable speed motors monitored by a variable frequency drive (Inverter).
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Electric Convection Ovens

  • Electric Convection Ovens available for 40x60 cm trays
  • Available in different models with capacity of 4 , 5 , 6 , 8 , 10 or 12 trays
  • Ventilation system from bottom to top with "sole effect" and programmed reversion of fan rotation to optimize the baking
  • Thermal insulation with constant density compressed Rockwool panels
  • Stainless steel baking chamber, front and outer panels
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Aluminium Baking Trays

Aluminium Baking Trays

  • Flat Aluminium Trays (Plain or perforated)
  • Perforated Corrugated Aluminium Trays for French bread and baguette
  • Non-stick Teflon coating with food grade material.
  • Available in several dimensions upon request.

Silicon Baking Trays

  • Stainless Steel frame & Mesh Baking trays
  • Silicon for Croissants, Doughnuts, Buns, Rolls, Hamburgers, Square Bread and Baguette.
  • Available in several dimensions upon request.

Bread Moulds

  • Aluminium coated sheet
  • Rounded and welded corners.
  • Available with or without non-stick coating as per choice
  • With individual lids, set lids
  • Available in several dimensions upon request.


  • Constructed in Square Tubes 304 Stainless Steel of 25 x 25 mm
  • Available in several dimensions upon request: 60*40 - 60*80 - 80*80 cm
  • Capacity of 10, 15, 18 trays
  • 4 polyamide wheels 10 Cm galvanised fork
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Cheese Grinder


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Blades can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Safety Switch
  • Motor Power: 0.37 KW - 900Rpm - 220V
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Croissant Pastry Machine

  • The sheet of dough, rolled with the rolling pin is laid on the feed table.
  • Two side disks trim the dough and the waste falls into a special container.
  • The triangles are cut in two stages, separated and conveyed automatically to the curling unit that rolls up the product as if it were done by hand
  • Entirely made of 304 stainless Steel
  • Dimensions in Cm: 280x160x150
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Rust Resistant Aluminum Straight Conveyor's

Cooling Conveyor
  • Rust resistant Aluminum straight conveyor's chassis.
  • Fixation either could be on ground, in a straight or spiral form, or hanged to the ceiling according to the surface available.
  • Fiber web conveying belts that does not require daily maintenance (oil and grease), designed in a professional way to prevent stretching guaranteeing smooth and noiseless operation.
  • Variable speed motor for each straight and curved section, all motors are monitored by a variable frequency drive (inverter system) that are connected to a modern and user-friendly control panel.
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Automatic Ice Maker

  • Producing sub-cooled flat ice flakes meant for baking.
  • High refrigerating power (temperature between -5C and -10C).
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Multi Layered Oven

  • Rigid steel chassis equipped with two baking layers in addition to a mesh wire conveyor to transport the baked flat bread to the cooling conveyor.
  • Safety Stainless steel covers surrounding the oven for facilitating maintenance and cleaning process and for a decent appearance, well isolated with rock wool.
  • Vertical pinned pipes divided into 4 sets each can be operated individually via a control panel featured with safety measures.
  • Variable speed motor monitored by a variable frequency drive (inverter system).
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Dough Feeding Belt

  • Special food grade oil resistant PVC belt to transfer the round dough chip to the food grade thermal wool belt.
  • Water sprinkling system to properly insure attachment of the dough loafs to the baking wheel.
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Automatic Dough Flattener

The Automatic Dough Flattenerhas the required technique and accuracy to transform the dough balls into circular loafs having the diameter range between 10 and 40 cm.


  • Stainless steel dough hoppers and flour collection drawers.
  • Special food grade quality felt and P.V.C conveyor belts.
  • Special thickness regulator for the flattened dough.
  • Electro/Pneumatic stage shift from oval to circular shape

  External Dimensions   Electrical Specifications
Model - Code Length (Cm) Width (Cm) Height (Cm) Net Weight Power Supply(Volts) Cycle(Hz) Motor Power(KW/HP)
(B-ADF/40) 190 210 170 250 110-220 50-60 0.75/1
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Pastry Sheeters For Croissant

Pastry Sheeters for Croissant
  • Hard Chrome plated rolling cylinders.
  • Dual control (by hand or pedal).
  • Available with stand or table top.
  • Belt Size:50*100 Cm or 60*120 Cm or 100*140 Cm.
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Automatic Production Line For Finger Roll Bread

  • The Small Line can produce up to 3500 Pieces per hour with a weight range from 30 to 160 grams with 6 minutes intermediate proofer of resting time.
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Water Doser Mixer

  • Electronic water doser mixer with thermostatic regulation of the temperature.
  • This is able to maintain the set temperature even in case of variations of the inlets temperatures and pressures.
  • Digital displays to show the quantity and temperature of the water
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Stainless Steel Working Table Of All Dough Products

Stainless Steel Working Table

  • Stainless Steel Working Table designed for the preparation of All Dough Products
  • Cut different shapes by easily changing cutting rollers
  • Different Sets of Rollers for Mini, standard and big Croissant
  • Dimensions in cm: 400x90x90
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Bread Stick (Kaak) Machine

Bread Stick (Kaak) Machine
  • A fully automated machine used for the production of all sizes of breadsticks.
  • This breadstick machine is fully stainless steel covered with or without sesame tank to distribute sesame on the bread sticks according to the desire output.
  • All the functions of the Breadstick machine are completely controlled by (an Encoder device) that is extremely easy to regulate the length of the breadstick, as you desire or to increase the working speed Along with the high quality components.
  • Production capacity: 170 Kg/hour of bread sticks of all lengths. The machine conserves the quality of the dough, does not pressure by the spiral nor inject, it rather preserves the yeast quality.
  • This dough transformed by the Breadstick Machine into different products according to the kind of form applied to the working head and of different dimensions, according to the select working cycle.
  • High precision stainless steel blade operated by an accurate electro-pneumatic system.
  • A high caliber unit that pours balanced quantity of sesame on the dough. The strip of dough is lodged into a motorized sliding roller ramp that conveys it to the preparing/calibrating rolls where it will be speeded by sesame seeds.
  • Once the breadsticks have been formed, the strips of dough are spread apart thanks to a spring retractor ramp and successively conveyed to the cutting unit.
  • The strips of dough are cut at the desired length; the formed breadsticks are then automatically placed onto the trays.
  • The trays' container, positioned in the rear side of the machine can contain up to 10 trays (fit for the automatic loading) which automatically advance in synchrony one by one at each new row of breadstick formed.
  • All the materials being exposed to the product are fit for the food industry and the machine is fitted with protection and safety cares in respect of the rules in force.

Technical features:

  • Motor Power: 4 motors/3phase/each motor 0.5hp/0.37kw /1A
  • Breadsticks Length: 1cm up to 40 cm.
  • Forming rollers diameter: 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-15 mm
  • Height: 185cm. #Width: 91cm. #Length: 450 cm.
  • Weight: 900 kg.
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Trolley & Trays Washing Machine

  • Quick and efficient decarburization Integral removal of waste embedded in Trolleys and trays
  • High washing pressure
  • Touch screen control console
  • Made In stainless steel 304.
  • Reduces water consumption.
  • Rinse Consumption: 3.32 liters per 10-second cycle.
  • Temperature when being used varies between 45 C 85 C.
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Rotor Oven

  • Capacity of 1 rack for 10 trays 60x40.
  • Operated by diesel or gas Upper Burner or electricity.
  • Baking chamber, front and side panels in stainless steel.
  • Digital control panel with separate controls for baking and steaming time and baking temperature.
  • Dimensions in CM: 100 *124 *200
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Dough Flattener

  • Special food grade quality felt top and P.V.C conveyor belts.
  • Two dough flattening stages controlled by adjustable cylinders for controlling the dough thickness equipped by accurately designed skimming blades.
  • Electro/pneumatic stage shift from oval to circular shape.
  • Variable speed motors monitored by a variable frequency drives (Inverter).
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Baguettes Moulder

  • 3 food-grade nylon pressure cylinders
  • The dough can be extended to a length of 70 cm.
  • The machine can also be placed on a trolley with swivel wheels.
  • Dimensions in Cm: 104x100x163cm
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Semi-Automatic Bun Divider And Rounder

  • Cut a piece of raw dough into small portions and, using an oscillating plate, subsequently roll each piece to obtain balls of the same weight and shape.
  • Divides from 40 to 135 Grams.
  • Dough capacity 1.2 - 4kg.
  • Division of 36 dough ball per cut.
  • Supplied with three plates.
  • Basins, knives and grids in 304 stainless steel.
  • Dimensions in Cm: 67 x 60 x 200.
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