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  4. Load Lifter 1 Products / Services available
  5. Metal Hinges 1 Products / Services available
  6. Wood and Lumber 1 Products / Services available
  7. Door Locks 1 Products / Services available
  8. Kitchen Furniture 1 Products / Services available
  9. Badges, Emblems & Lanyards 2 Products / Services available
  10. Gaskets 1 Products / Services available
  11. Hand Tool 1 Products / Services available
  12. Screws 1 Products / Services available
  13. Sealants 3 Products / Services available
  14. Adhesive Dispensing Equipment 1 Products / Services available
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  22. Aluminum Plates 1 Products / Services available
  23. Metal Window 1 Products / Services available
  24. Metal Products 1 Products / Services available
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  26. Conveyor Roller 1 Products / Services available
  27. Door & Window Fittings 2 Products / Services available
  28. Door Hardware 3 Products / Services available
  29. Drilling Bits, Chucks & Collets 1 Products / Services available
  30. Other Products 15 Products available

Other Products / Services

Our product range comtains a wide range of Silicone Dow Corning (895 ML), Silicone Wacker GP, Iseo Cylinder, Giesse Type Roller and Belgium Glasses

Silicone Dow Corning (895 ML)

From the United Arab Emirates we are one of the celebrated suppliers of the Silicone Dow Corning (895 ML) . This product that we offer is specifically designed and formulated for use in structural glazing. It effectively and efficiently aids in the bonding of glass with glass or metal or other building components. The offered product comes in a bottle with an easy to use nozzle.

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Silicone Wacker GP

From the United Arab Emirates we have emerged as one of the keen suppliers of the Silicone Wacker GP . These general purpose sealant that we offer is guaranteed to be of good quality. This sealant are sometimes used in various applications in a number of industries such as the paints, chemical and textile industries. This sealant is guaranteed to drive fast and produce the best results.

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ISEO Cylinder

Are you looking for ISEO cylinder? At Bright Aluminum & Glass Trading LLC you will get amazing quality ISEO cylinder at affordable prices. With experience and knowledge about the various products and the market trends, we have successfully become ISEO cylinder supplier in UAE. For us, clients safety and security are extremely important which is why we supply products that offer 100% security. It protects the entrances of your home and medium-sized commerce complexes, shops and schools. We are known as the best ISEO cylinder suppliers in Dubai. We supply devices which provide full protection against drilling and tampering. The products are certified with the highest possible attack resistance and are rated as the best following the international standards. Features • Resistant to corrosion or rust • Durable and long-lasting. • Protects against tampering or drilling. • Provides 100 % security and safety • Amazing finish • Certified designs Therefore choose products from Bright Aluminium & Glass Trading LLC. We are popular and renowned ISEO cylinder wholesale supplier in UAE supplying quality assured and genuine products. We believe in transparent business policies and provide our customers with all the necessary details during the time of ordering. To know more contact us or fill our enquiry form to get instant replies. We will solve all your queries and will clear your doubts.

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Giesse Type Roller

Based in the United Arab Emirates we are listed amongst the central suppliers of the Giesse Type Roller . This roller that we offer has a diameter of 30mm and an aluminium body. The one inch steel roller is usually fitted on to sliding windows or doors. This makes it easy to open or close the window or door. These rollers are durable and strong.

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Belgium Glasses

Deemed as reputed Belgium glasses suppliers in Dubai, Bright Aluminium & Glass Trading LLC is involved in both supplying and exporting of Belgium glasses to our valuable customers globally. Based in Dubai, we offer high – quality products at a cost-friendly price to our trusted clients. Our enterprise is spear-headed by Mr. Saji, under whose supreme guidance we have built a brand name for ourselves as a leading Belgium glasses suppliers in UAE. Product Assurance Being a client-centric enterprise, our top priority is to provide premium quality products to our customers. Our raw materials are directly sourced from verified vendors to ensure fine product quality. We make sure that our products pass through multiple quality checks and expert approval before despatching our final product. We regularly invest in technological advancement to help meet market trends and our customer’s demand for high-quality product requirements. Shipment And Delivery As Belgium glasses wholesale suppliers in Dubai, we understand our customer's need for on-time delivery of orders. Wide our vast networking and distribution channels we can fulfill quick and urgent bulk orders of our clients easily and efficiently. We also offer flexible payment modes to help with the easy transfer of money at reasonable rates.

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SRC Rivet Gun

We are one of the earnest suppliers offering the SRC Rivet Gun based in the United Arab Emirates. These guns that we offer are not only efficient but also very fast. They are robustly built to be not only durable but also reliable. Even though light-weight these rivet guns are very powerful and can be used for installing blind rivets.

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Domus Locks

From our unit in the United Arab Emirates we have emerged as one of the top-notch suppliers of Domus Locks . These locks are made from aluminium and steel which not only makes them good quality but also strong. These locks which are provided with keys can be used to lock and secure a door. The double bolts provided ensures maximum security and protection.

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Giesse Stay Arm

The Giesse Stay Arm that we offer has made us one of the competent suppliers based in the United Arab Emirates. These stay arms are used to restrict the opening angles of windows. The arms that we offer are made from high grade aluminium and can withstand any amount of friction. We ensure that all orders placed with us will be delivered on time.

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Geeyes Klick Lock

The Geeyes Klick Lock that we offer has made us one of the distinctive suppliers based in the United Arab Emirates. These locks that we offer are specifically designed for use with sliding windows or doors. The locks are offered with or without keys. All necessary components required to fit the lock are provided.

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Giesse Hinges

From our unit in the United Arab Emirates we have emerged as one of the competitive suppliers of Giesse Hinges . These good quality aluminium hinges from a well-known brand are guaranteed to be not only durable but also long-lasting. The hinges can be easily fitted on to doors and will function smoothly and efficiently. Call us to know more about the special prices we offer to large orders.

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Obscured Glass

We are one of the top-rated suppliers of Obscured Glass based in the United Arab Emirates. This type of glass is becoming very popular and widely used among architects and interior designers as they offer privacy. This type of glass usually has patterns or designs embossed on the glass and can also be used as decorative glass for windows and internal doors such as offices.

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Finger Catch Lock

Bright Aluminium & Glass Trading LLC is the leading supplier of finger catch lock in the United Arab Emirates. Security is the top priority for most of the people. No matter where your house or establishment are located, it is convenient for the burglars and thieves to target them. Therefore all of us need to ensure that the establishment or abode is well-equipped using best security measures. Keeping security as the top priority, we are here with good quality durable lock and security system. We came up with advanced and modern security solutions. The security and locking products that we supply to our customers are durable and strong and best for use. These products will give you a true sense of peace of mind, quality and the beauty you expect from the accessories you use. We are the best Finger catch lock supplier in UAE. Why Choose Products From Us? If you are looking for finger catch lock supplier in Dubai, we are the best choice for you. We source our products from trusted and reliable sources. We check the quality of the products before we supply it to our customers. We also provide timely deliveries and take order in bulk quantity. To know more contact us and get our products and services. We are reliable and trustworthy finger catch lock wholesale supplier in UAE.

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Silicone Dow Corning (813 ML)

We are said to be one of the distinguished suppliers of the Silicone Dow Corning (813 ML) based in the United Arab Emirates. This product is used in construction and units that deal with concrete. This products is perfectly suited for use for weather seals, perimeter joints in buildings and can be used both internally and externally. This corning can withstand extreme temperatures.

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Silicone Dow Corning (600 ML)

Based in the United Arab Emirates we are counted amongst the famous suppliers of the Silicone Dow Corning (600 ML) . This product is used as a weather proofing sealant and are widely used in the construction industry. We offer the best rates for wholesale orders of this product. We ensure all orders are delivered on time and in good condition.

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