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Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies


Tactical fiber optics cable assembly is designed in according the latest military standards in order to provide flexible and rugged cable run for outdoor usage. Itstandards in order to provide flexible and rugged cable run for outdoor usage. It can be used for audio, video, network and intercom portable applications. We offer fiber assemblies with both Single and Multi mode spec, with different custom made cable length, various numbers and types of fiber connectors (LC, SC, ST and etc). Cable ends are protected with plastic hose to avoid damage of breakout tails. Fiber assemblies can be supplied on portable cable drum or loose.

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Triaxial Flex Cables

  • Color Red
  • General Jacket ∅ 8, 50 mm FRLSHF (NPI+HF)
  • Weight 118Kg/km
  • Conductor CuAg ∅ 1.0 mm (AWG 18) UNE 21-011
  • Insulation Foam High Density FHDPE (GAS INJECTED) ∅ 4, 70 mm IEC 708
  • Second Insulation PE ∅ 6, 30 mm PE H399
  • First Shield Braided CuAg 90 % PE H599
  • Second Sheild Braided Cu 90 % UNE 21-011

Triax and Triax flex cables offer high performance and resistant cable for mobile camera applications. For fixed installation of Triax cables within studios.

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Data Cables

  • Color Black
  • General Jacket ∅ 9, 00 mm PTC UNE 21-031
  • Weight 93kg/km
  • Composition 5 video coaxial cable VK 1.
  • Conductor 7x0, 12 ∅mm (AWG 28) CuSn UNE 21-064
  • Insulation Foam High Density FHDPE (GAS INJECTED) ∅ 1, 60 mm IEC 708
  • Shield 95 % CuSn UNE 21-064
  • Shield Jacket ∅ 2, 6 mm PVC UNE 21-031

Cable specially used in professional RGBHVs applications and in miniature video, audio and control applications.

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Professional Paired Cable

  • Color Black
  • Composition 1 shielded balanced pair.
  • General Jacket ∅ 6, 70 mm PTC UNE 21-031
  • Weight 56kg/km

Professional paired cable with low capacitance used tipically in RS 485 installations and DMX as lighting protocol systems. Nominal Impedance 110 Ohms

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Rf Antenna

  • Color Black Also available in LSHF jacket (Low Smoke Halogen Free)
  • Weight 25kg/km
  • Conductor CuSn 19x0, 20 ∅mm (AWG 20) UNE 21-064
  • Insulation PE PEH399 ∅ 2, 80 mm
  • Shield Braided CuSn 95 % UNE 21-064
  • General Jacket ∅ 4, 8 mm PTC UNE 21-031

Analog RF cable of 50 Ohms. Used in typical applications o equipment, rack, installation, etc.

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Fiber Optics Extenders

  • Components Multi-mode VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser)
  • Electrical PIN-PD , TMDS Level (complying with DVI1.0) , Max. 2.25Gbps, Max. 309 ps ,
  • Optical Max. 6ns, Min 9.4dB
  • Mechanical 39 x 72 x 15mm
  • Connect Duplex LC connectors , 24 pin DVI-D plug, 50/125 um Multi-mode Glass Fiber

Optical graphic extension module consists of transmitter module and receiver module, each of which has two (2) LC connectors and a 24-pins DVI-D plug. Users could decide extension length at their discretion by choosing the length of fiber-optic cables with LC ferrules at the ends. It offers two (2) graphic TMDS signals to be extensible up to the limits of modal bandwidth of selected multi-mode glass fiber(50/125 um or 62.5/125um). The module has a capability to transmit up to WQXGA (2560x1600) at 60Hz or WQUXGA (3840x2400) at 33Hz graphic signals with 60Hz refresh rate using leading-edge OPTICIS fiber-optic component that transmits seven (7) data channels over two (2) multi-mode fibers. At such data bandwidth, this module can extend up to 1, 640 feet (500 meters) much over the limits of copper wire extension, without any distribution amplifier or repeater. The EDID in a display can be read and restored by just plugging it to the display. This self-EDID programming feature makes the installation of DDFX-100 more easy and flexile at any variable resolution display systems. The modules are constituted of three parts as follows; - One (1) transmitter converting electrical to optical signals, model name: DDFX-100-T - One (1) receiver converting optical to electrical signals, model name: DDFX-100-R - Two (2) AC Adaptors to 110V-240V with DC 5V 1A outlet

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Speaker Cable

  • Color Color
  • Weight 35kg/km
  • Conductor Cu O.F.C. 25x 0.10 mm ∅ (AWG 24) DIN 1787
  • Insulation PEX IEC 708 ∅ 1, 15 mm
  • Shield 2 shield of Spriral Cu 100% UNE 21-011
  • General Jacket ∅ 4, 00 mm PTC UNE 21-031

SZ 215 Speaker Cable, Black, 2 x 1.5 MM (AWG 16). For Indoor Usage LSZH

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