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Anpr System

CASS Parking is a Dubai police approved ANPR system manufacturer in Middle East and ALPR system manufacturer in Middle East. We as an ANPR system manufacturer, offers you a wide range of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) solutions which are designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry needs & demand. With a vision to achieve unrivaled international performance Cass Parking has started to offer a complete package of ANPR systems and solutions. Once we get to know about your requirement through our thorough site consultation, we deliver a full deck of high performance HD cameras and software solutions optimized for your easy management.

Our Dubai police approved ANPR solutions can be used as carry through or fully integrated with your systems. At CASS Parking we have customized each and every ANPR system to conform to specific industry requirements that vary from Electronic Toll Collecting, Parking management, Access controls, revenue controlling, intelligent systems, Traffic monitoring wings and Public Safety.

Our Dubai police approved ANPR systems are viable under High speed traffic applications up to 160 km/h (100 mph), and are 24/7 ready to capture in any rugged environment conditions. We will set-up developer friendly software that can embed with any customized application to meet the need. Our DPS approved ANPR are Energy efficient, consumes less amount of power comparatively.

We feel pride in delivering the Dubai police approved ANPR system that are highly optimized electronically and optically advanced. We supply ANPR systems for Airports, Traffic & Police, Border Security, Government Departments, Parliament & Courts Premises, Embassy Premises, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Multi-level car parks, Amusement Parks, Hotels, IT & Corporate Parks, Mixed use developments, etc.

There are two types of ANPR cameras we provide:-


Built in auto setup functions to help easy integration and configuration

IP camera with embedded web server, remote access from web browser

Automatic brightness control optimized for number plate recognition

Offering higher OCR accuracy in license plate recognition based systems

Capturing high quality images, even on vehicle traveling at speeds up to 255 km/h

Auto day and night switch


Built in auto setup functions for integration and configuration

Embedded web server to handle

Live and buffered image

Barrier control functions

Auto day and night switch

Automated adaptive setting to keep tracking environmental changes

HW accelerated, built in motion detection

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Parking Guidance System

Car parking is becoming a challenge to the drivers in modern days. Continuous and unprecedented growth of vehicles have resulted frustration of drivers in searching for parking spaces. It is a tedious and time consuming process to search for vacant spaces which causes in waste of fuel. This in turn is contributing to greenhouse emission A study from the Boston University has shown that more than 30% of the drivers take around 7.8minutes to park their vehicle.

With the evolution of present entity, the quantity of automobiles are enlarging quickly and the dissimilarity between automobiles and parking areas becomes a trouble in the congested metropolitan region. Generally parking facilities cannot satisfy expanding parking challenges, as they are unable to supervise the unoccupied parking spaces. Thus the facility owners are obliged to send employee(s) for inspection and this may cause waste of customers patience & time.

The only method to minimize the usage of parking space and reduce the waste of fuel and time is to install a proper parking guidance system. It recommend drivers with convenient command over parking system with fabulous characteristics and attributes. Modern parking utilizes different advance technologies to assist motorists find available and unoccupied spaces. It helps drivers diminish traffic jam linked to parking and amplify the infrastructure efficiency.

The modern day parking systems gives a unique method of vehicle detection using an ultrasonic sensor. The ability to reliably detect vehicles offers certain advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control. A wireless ultrasonic sensor is often an ideal solution for indoor or outdoor parking. Sound waves, radar sensors, optical sensors etc. can be used to detect objects and presence of vehicles.

In appropriate guidance system, if the driver sees a green light, it would indicate the availability of parking space. Well timed and accurate information, will allow motorists to make informed decisions related to parking. They are easily directed to a low occupancy zone with the help of indicators.

Intelligent and Single space parking guidance systemsupervise motorist instantly to free parking space through a shortest passage. Intelligent parking systems specify you the most innovative and advanced sensor based parking system technologies to count and detect available parking spaces.

Accurate parking guidance systemincreases the parking capacity by increasing the Lot utilization. Accurate guidance systems also improves traffic flow by reducing congestion. It is considered as a cost effective solution and helps in increasing revenue by offering a friendly experience to the motorist.

Ultrasonic parking guidance systemsoffers motorists the clear and exact indication about the parking spaces while searching for free spaces. Ultrasonic guidance system consists of ultrasonic parking sensors that detects the status of parking spaces and send data to the centralized establishment server, which updates the electronic traffic signage accordingly.

Ultrasonic parking sensors are fixed above the parking lots to indicate the availability. The indicator of ultrasonic sensors reports by changing its color. Green color of indicator indicates that the space is free and red color of indicator indicates that the space is occupied. Availability reports are then updated accordingly on LED display at the entrance.

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Ticketing System For Parking

Ticketing system for parking is generally used to produce additional revenue by enhancing the visitor experience in your parking facility. Ticketing parking systems consist of customizable multimedia display screen and ticket dispenser-acceptor that supports offline and stand-alone feature. Ticketing system for parking is an intelligent parking system that comes with a customizable 7-inch multimedia digital display with security lock.

Entry Station CP - 500 / Exit Station CP - 600
Main Features
Customizable 7-inch multimedia digital display
Ticket dispenser / acceptor
Illuminated ticket request button
Multiple-reinforced and corrosion resistant cabinet
Security lock including keys
Barcode, maxicode, QR code and PDf417 tickets
Supports multi-language user interface with voice prompt options
Access rights verification
Short term parker handling
Season parker handling
Value card parker handling
Data recovery for online function
Supports offline and stand-alone feature
Manual Cashier CP 700
This compact industrial device can be used for central cashiering at remote locations and also at the vehicle exits.
Ticket reading barcode, QR code, pdf 417 and maxicode tickets
Password protected login
Issue receipt for payment
Issue exit pass
Replace lost ticket
Issue replacement ticket
Issue season ticket
Issue stored value ticket
Issue convention ticket
Discount and validation
Function keys for defined ticket transactions
Freely programmable function keys
Unlimited number of tariff structures
Logging and analysis of all ticket transaction
Offline features
Data recovery for online function
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Access Control System

Access control system is a security control method that can be utilized as to who or what can view or use the physical or logical assets. Access control limits the access to a system or virtual resources. It is a control system with the combination of multiple technologies that allow users of system to access through the authorization rights within an organization via parking mobile application systems.

In access control systems, people are required to present credentials before they can be granted access. Access control is the advanced technology that proactively aids to keep unauthorized person out of a building or an area within a facility. The vehicle boom barrier operation is an architecture platform invented for managing car parking areas. The parking control system works on the electronic access control operation, it capture the image of the number plate by using RIFD technology on entry and exit of the vehicle.

The benefit of the access control system like access barrier system and RFID system is, it can be used along with every remote access system. The vehicle boom barriers are controlled access barrier systems like biometric device used in offices. RFID system consists of tags that contain unique identification data capable of granting or denying access to restricted areas.

Most companies think that the parking access control systems are complicated and it is very difficult to operate. But the picture is completely opposite, the system can installed easily and is operated without any difficulties.

Advantages of Access Control System:

Access control systems primary task is to restrict access

It helps to secure goods and raw materials

This control system is completely environment friendly

Track personnel and visitors

Offers centrally controlled security system

Cass Parking has designed an efficient parking mobile application solutions like access control systems with boom barrier system and RFID system to their customers. Our services are trusted by customers around the world, Cass Parking serves comprehensive physical access control system with parking mobile application system to secure your resources and parking facilities

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Token Based Parking System

Token based parking management system is generally used to store drivers entry/exit information in a parking lot. Token based parking systems consists of parking tokens, these parking tokens are considered more secure as compared to cash based parking management systems because workers are not at risk during collections.

CASS parking is a reputed parking management system manufacturer in Middle East. We offer you the most flexible token based parking management solutions and smart parking solutions.

Token based parking management system consists of Entry Station CP-550/Exit Station CP-650 and Manual Cashier CP 750.

Entry Station CP-550/Exit Station CP-650

Main Features

Customizable 7-inch multimedia digital display

Token dispenser / acceptor

Illuminated ticket request button

Multiple-reinforced and corrosion resistant cabinet

Security lock including keys

MILFARE and LF RFID tokens


Supports multi-language user interface with voice prompt options

Access rights verification

Short term parker handling

Season parker handling

Value card parker handling

Data recovery for online function

Supports offline and stand-alone feature

Manual Cashier CP 750

This compact industrial device can be used for central cashiering at remote locations and also at the vehicle exits.


MIFARE and LF RFID tokens

Password protected login

Issue receipt for payment

Issue exit pass

Replace lost token

Issue replacement token

Issue season token

Issue stored value token

Issue convention token

Discount and validation


Function keys for defined token transactions

Freely programmable function keys

Unlimited number of tariff structures

Logging and analysis of all token transaction

Offline features

Data recovery for online function

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Automatic Boom Barrier System

These days Security is the most important concern to secure commercial and residential properties. By installing boom barriers, one can improve the privacy and security of their property by approving or denying entry to vehicles. A boom barrier or a boom gate is a pole that is hinged, which allows to block vehicular access. Boom barriers are excellent equipments for a fruitful parking management system.

Boom barrier systems can successfully control the circulation of traffic and regulate the movement of pedestrians as well. They serve for the security purposes too. Their reliable mechanism and wide varieties of designs meet the industrial, commercial and residential demands. They can be put to use at the entry and exit gates of parking facility where there is a possibility of heavy traffic congestion.

Automatic boom barrier systems are especially flexible and can be designed and programmed to resemble individual requirements. Boom barrier systems offer effective security at both entry and exit points of industries, parking lots, shopping complexes, residential areas and other parking facilities.

Automatic boom barrier systems are designed and developed with unique and flexible technologies to stand against extreme climatic conditions. Boom barriers are considered as the perfect safety devices to identify the presence of vehicles. Gate barriers are made up of best quality materials and appreciated for their high durability and low maintenance. Automatic boom barriers are water proof and resistant to corrosion so one can easily use it for a longer term. Automatic boom barrier solutions are really a wonderful idea to reduce the monotonous hand-operated work and secure your buildings.

Automatic boom barrier systems are used extensively to secure entrances worldwide. The boom barriers always work in a faster and automatic manner. Automatic boom barrier solutions are used to detect and restrict the flow of traffic. These barriers are also used to control the flow of traffic, if your parking area is full, boom barriers can prevent further entry of vehicles.

Advantages of Boom Barrier Systems:

Ensures quick opening and closing of the barrier with soft landing

Prevents the entry of unauthorized vehicles by monitoring the entry and exit of vehicles

Gate barriers are made up of best quality materials and appreciated for high durability

Boom arms are of different length and can be adjusted according to the site requirement

Boom barriers can also monitor and record the details of every single vehicle that enters and leaves your property.

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Car Space Protector

  • Working power (Battery) 6V/7AH; Solar Power (optional)
  • Static Current 3.5MA
  • Working Current 3.5A
  • Power Voltage DC6V
  • Work Time/Recharge 3 months
  • Up or down time 5 seconds
  • Ascending Height 530mm
  • Descending Height 80mm
  • Remote Controlled Distance up to 15m
  • Temperature -20° C to +55° C
  • Net Weight 10.0kg
  • Gross weight 12.5kg
  • Dimensions 580*560*80mm

Parking space protectors will always offer you free space to park your vehicle by allowing you to secure and access your parking area at any time. Car parking space protectors are considered as the simplest way to secure your parking space against unauthorized access.

When the protector is raised no one can park in your parking space. Parking space protectors can be installed in areas like shopping malls, hotels, residential buildings airports and other commercial places.

CASS Parking is a reputed parking equipment manufacturer in Middle East, we manufacture the best and reliable car space protector, solar car space protector, remote car space protector, single car space protector and reserved parking space protector.

Car Space Protector CP 080 are generally used for saving your parking space. This Remote control parking space protector can be lifted and lowered in seconds by using the remote control.

Features of car space protectors:

Original design of 180 two-way rocker

It is an effective way to avoid the damage which is from outside force

Reminds when there is voltage shortage, special manual features for emergency

Automatic alarm when hit an obstacle

Commercial design to suit any environment

Airtight design for stronger waterproof protection

Two-way protection, power off automatically

Durable, can withstand 2 tons of force

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Under Vehicle Scanning System

Most of the parking areas offer a wide variety of new technologies and designs to scan the passing vehicle. Under vehicle scanning system - UVSS is an advanced technology using high resolution camera based imaging to get an image of the total bottom area of the moving vehicle. The visual image captured by UVSS is used to determine possibility of any potentially harmful objects present in any vehicle.

An under vehicle scanning systems consist of an excellent picture quality camera that scans the undercarriage of passing automobile to identify hidden warnings. Under vehicle scanning system acts as a convenient security aid for crucial and crowded events such as exhibitions. It helps in reducing congestion by inspecting vehicles without stopping them during any peak hours.

Under vehicle scanning system / under vehicle surveillance system automatically identifies threats or modifications to a vehicles undercarriage. The bidirectional scanner is positioned so when the vehicle passes over, ultra high-definition images are captured in the database comparison engine. When the automobile reaches at the checkpoint the under vehicle camera system capture images and transfer them to the control unit where the images are displayed on a monitor. The control unit and monitor can be located outside in proximity to the checkpoint. In under vehicle scanning systems the captured images can also be stored for future observation or can be managed for closer survey.

The main motive of under vehicle scanning system / under vehicle surveillance systems - all the vehicles can be checked and a complete view of the undercarriage of passing vehicle is presented for analysis. Under vehicle camera system gives the security crew a complete coverage of undercarriage of passing vehicle.

Under Vehicle Scanning System Features:

Easy to use Interface:the user interface is totally innate and simple to use.

High Scan Quality:The under vehicle surveillance systems produces a high-resolution color and sharp images of any vehicle, so as to have the best quality image of the underside of the vehicle.

Systems Integration: the software in use for UVSS is versatile, and can be put to usage with any CCTV suite, command or software.

Vehicle Logging:UVSS maintains a detailed database of vehicles on site when Using ANPR system.

Security:UVSS helps to improve the security effectiveness.

CASS Parking is a well-reputed UVSS manufacturer, UVIS manufacturer and under vehicle inspection system manufacturer in the Middle-East. We, as a leading UVSS supplier / UVIS supplier offers the best and reliable under vehicle surveillance system solutions. Our Under vehicle scanning solutions offers complete viewing of the underside of the vehicle to meet security requirements

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Long Range RFID System

CASS Parking is a RFID systems manufacturer company in UAE. RFID system consists of a long read range reader with a built in antenna and a minuscule tag through which any kind of objects can be identified and tracked using real time data from radio waves. This information can be transmitted using different devices/protocols to server the need of our customers in a very wide range of applications. We deal in manufacturing of Long range card reader systems, Long Range RFID Systems and Long range uhf reader systems.

CASS Parking offers a wide range of RFID reader solutions, Long range reader solutions, UHF reader solutions, Long range uhf reader solutions and Long range card reader solutions that can be tailored to by various industry applications such as in mobility & transport sector, parking & domestic applications such as garbage management, fleet services management, container management terminals, tolling applications, trolley management systems etc.

CASS Parking offers wide variety of Long range reader systems which include several types of Long range ANPR system, short range ANPR system, Active and Passive variants, that proves Cass Parking treats all the applicable areas with no discrimination.

Our RFID systems can be integrated in Parking, Gated Communities and Condominiums. We have a history of developing RFIDs with high accuracy for vehicle as well as People Access in key locations such as stations, terminal entrances or maintenance centers.

Our long range UHF RFID systems, tailed to trains that are fitted with an ID-tag make them automatically identified. Cass Parking also supply heavy duty, high clock speed, RFID readers to meet the demand of high environmental classification. The RFID readers, we develop are designed to meet the tough requirements of the rail, construction and logistics industries and conforms to a wide range of industrial and railway standards.

Long range RFID reader (LR Series)

LR-6 Reader: is a RFID reader optimized for vehicle access that requires hands-free long-range identification up to 10 meters.

LR-6XL Reader:is ideal for applications with large vehicles wide gates, where really long reading range is required.

MarkTag Classic:The MarkTag Classic is the ideal choice of ID-tag in parking and access control applications that ask for hands-free access.

Long range RFID reader (UHF):

XT-1 UHF Reader:is an "All in one" reader with integrated antenna which makes it easy and quick to install, it is designed and optimized for access and parking applications.

ISO Card ID-Tag: is a credit card sized, passive UHF ID-tag suitable for applications where it is a requirement to move the tag between difference vehicles.

Windshield ID-Tag: is a passive UHF ID-tag suitable for long range access solutions

Proximity Reader:Finding the right reader for your application has been made much simpler by combining the flexibility of the reader series with the backup of EMI reader access control and proximity reader know-how

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