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Our product range comtains a wide range of Creative Conduits, Metal ceiling roses, porcelain lamp holders, LED Bulbs and Energy savings bulb

Creative Conduits

Creative-Tube is much more than just a conduit! Choose your favourite diameter and colour, bend the Creative-Tube to give your light creations a unique shape or create charming installations on your wall, thanks to the range of specially made accessories!   Creative-Tube is much more than just a fabric-covered conduit! In fact, thanks to the metal filaments that run throughout it's entire length, Creative-Tube can assume and maintain any shape you give it. The only limit to Creative-Tube applications and uses will be your imagination! In the 16 mm size Rayon Black fabric covered, Creative-Tube is perfect to bring shapes and colors to your lighting ideas. Combining our collection of special accessories, available in 4 metal finishes, you can connect almost every kind of lamp holder and bulb from our catalogue. Just bend Creative Tube to the desired shape and let it enlight your home! You can use Creative-Tubes for exterior walls. Their internal material complies with CEI-EN 61386-1 + EN 61386-22 Classification 3321 and it is IMQ certified. Creative-Tube is sold per meter, multiple orders will be delivered in one piece up to a maximum of 50 meters. Don't find the Creative-Tube colour you want? Contact us: we can make it for you!   Classification No: 3321 Crushing resistance: >750N on 5 cm at 20°C Schock resistance: (-15°C) after applying 2 kg mass hammer Operating temperature: -5°C to +60°C Resistance to flame propagation: self-estinguishing VO Dielectric strength: 100 mega ohm Diameter: 16 mm Color: Black Rayon RM04 According to the CEI 64-8 standard, to guarantee the cable removal, the maximum useful cross-section of cables inside the Creative-Tube can be 7 mm for a Tube up to 10 metres long. Up to 20 metres, the maximum thickness will be 6 mm. Due to the shape of Creative-Tube, once positioned it is necessary to cut the pieces of metal filament that protrude from the limit of the pipe, before you can install the accessories or connect it to the junction box.

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Metal ceiling roses

  • Material metal.
  • Diameter 120 mm.
  • Holes diameter 10 mm.

Practical elegance and convenience: Creative-Cables' metal ceiling roses are some of our best selling products. Choose between different finishes: white, black, chrome, copper, brass, and our newest arrival, black pearl. They are perfect for a minimal, contemporary take on the pendant lamp. Available with one hole or with 2-3-4-5-7 holes to create multiple pendants. Includes ground to guarantee safety. Bracket ceiling fixing .The classic white metal rose kit without a central hole is equipped now with four side holes. It allows you to create pendant lamps while at the same time, creating an intricate through-feed system. Perfect also with 16 mm Creative-Tubes, the kit includes the fixing bracket, caps to hide the side holes if unused and the transparent rubber fairleads to protect the passage of the fabric cables.

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porcelain lamp holders

  • Height 6 cm
  • Diameter 3 cm
  • Fitting E27

The porcelain lamp holder is a lighting classic. Creative-Cables' selection is especially designed: only the highest quality porcelain, down to the smallest detail. The white porcelain lamp holder with an E27 fitting is perfect for both modern and vintage homes. The coloured versions are also made for beautiful and refined pendant lamps. Transparent plastic cable clamp As with all our lamp holders, it incorporates an internal locking device, that once it is screwed together it cannot accidently come apart when removing the lamp. The elegance of porcelain, also available in the smallest size! The yellow porcelain lamp holder with E14 fitting is complete with a transparent plastic cable clamp, ready to bring color and style to any space.

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LED Bulbs

A selection of the best LED bulbs available. LED bulbs are the most technologically advanced option: very low electricity usage, immediate start up, and incredible durability. The LED light just keeps getting better: the new filament LEDs maintain the allure of the classic lightbulb, with all the advantages of new technology. Light bulb type: LED Shape: Bulged Tubular Fitting: E27 Diameter: 120 mm Length: 440 mm Volt: 220-240 V Watt: 11W Energy efficiency class: A+ Colour temperature: 2000° K Lumen: 1000 Lm Dimmable: Yes Our bulbs with straight filament can work with all DIMMERS (TRIA or IGBT), while for curved filament bulbs, IGBT dimming is highly recommended. For the choice of the dimmer: in addition to the maximum power of the user, the minimum power must also be considered, because when the regulated power is lower than the minimum rating, the user can "flicker" and / or be damaged.   The XXL Bulged Tubular BT120 Golden LED bulb, with its particular rounded shape and unique dimensions, is able to furnish and illuminate any room by itself, with the great charm of its warm and golden light! Despite the important dimensions and the brightness of 1000 lumens, equal to that of a traditional 75W bulb, its thanks to LED technology that this bulb has a consumption of only 11W and is dimmable: a perfect combination of vintage style and modern performance. With its E27 fitting, the bulb is compatible with many lamp holders in our catalogue: We really like it with the natural wood lamp holder kit, for a strong vintage style! ATTENTION: to properly dim an LED bulb, a specific dimmer or the latest generation of universal dimmers is required. You will find a specific section on our website with a selection of both wall and in-line models.

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Energy savings bulb

  • Shape Globe
  • Fitting E27
  • Diameter : 120 mm
  • Color temperature 2700° K
  • Volt 220-240 V
  • Energy efficiency class a
  • Light bulb type energy saving
  • Watt 25 W
  • Lumen 1520 Lm
  • Lenght 180 mm
  • Adjustment Not dimmable

Traditional energy saving lightbulbs remain the best option for spaces that need to be very well lit. Affordable, trustworthy and durable. Decorative energy-saving lamp in the shape of a Globe. Available in different diameters and powers. Large flow stability. Low mercury content.

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Lighting Cables

Our coloured cables for lamps. Available in 0.75 mm in diameter with two or three conductors. Our electric fabric covered cables are 100% made in Italy and are conceived to be incredibly flexible: we use high quality PVC to avoid the formation of bulges or wrinkles. All of our cables are IM-HAR certified, so they guarantee the highest quality in Europe. Not all cables are the same. Go for a made in Italy product. How to choose the type of coating: Rayon, Cotton or Linen? Many customers ask us: what is the difference between the coatings Rayon, Cotton or linen? The answer depends entirely on the type of effect you want to achieve. Cotton and Linen have a matt and natural effect; the Rayon instead enhances color brilliance. Often it is used to combine the natural effect with vintage items such as brass, copper, iron or porcelain, while Rayon is coupled with colored metal, with chrome or satin trims. Choose your style! Specifications: H03VV 300/300V 2x0, 75 o 3x0, 75. Flex Round Cable DOUBLE INSULATION under textile braid. CEI 20-20 CEI 20-35 RoHS. Diameter: 6, 2 mm 2x0, 75 or 6, 6 mm 3x0, 75. Product complies with all safety Italian and European regulations. DON'T SAVE ON SAFETY OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT, CHOOSE PRODUCTS FROM ITALIAN QUALITY ENTERPRISES.   Ideal for lighting projects with a modern and elegant look, our Rayon cables offer colours bright and shiny. 100% Made in Italy. They are perfect for creating designer lamps, to renew a lampshade and to give a touch of colour to your home or at your office.

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3x0.75 fabric covered, H05RN-F rubber cable. Diameter 7, 6mm 3x0, 75 Black Polyester SM04. Legal reference EN 50525-2-21. European Low Voltage Directive N. 2014/35/UE. IMQ-HAR certified N. CA01.00683. Flexible class 5 conductor in electrolytic red copper, in compliance with IEC 60228. Isolation Elastomeric rubber EI 4 in compliance with EN 50363-1. Insulation color in accordance with HD 402 and EN 50525-1 requirements. External elastomeric rubber sheath in accordance with EN 50363-2-1. Sheath coloured black. This product is in compliance with all Italian and European safety regulations. DON'T SAVE ON ELECTRONICS, ONLY BUY THE HIGHEST QUALITY ITALIAN PRODUCTS.   Finally, you can use Creative-Cables fabric cables even in your outdoor spaces! Creative-Cables' outdoor cables have a double elastometric rubber covering that will withstand temperatures from -25° to +60°. They are available in four different colours and in rayon or jute. Our outdoor cables have the same extraordinary flexibility of all our other cables, together with resistance to flames and oil. As with all of Creative-Cables' products, even these outdoor cables are Made in Italy and IMQ-HAR certified.   Creative-Cables' outdoor cables are equipped with a flexible red copper electrolytic conductor with a double elastomeric rubber coating resistant from -25° to +60°. The Black Rayon SM04 covering will allow you to add a touch of colour to your outdoor spaces. The elastomeric rubber guarantees great flexibility and is fire and oil resistant. All in all it is an extraordinary, high performance cable, 100% Made in Italy and IMQ-HAR certified.    

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Nautical Rope

Our newest fibre-covered cables: nautical ropes. Available in three sizes: 16, 24 and 30 mm. Each rope contains three 0, 75 mm cables. Our ropes are 100% made in Italy and and are conceived to be incredibly flexible: we use high quality PVC to avoid the formation of bulges or wrinkles. All of our cables are IM-HAR certified, so they guarantee the highest quality in Europe. Not all cables are the same. Go for a made in Italy product. Technical specifications:: FRRTX 300/300V 3x0, 75 Visible Spiral Flexible Cable with DOUBLE ISOLATION(transparent supplementary sheath), under textile braid. CEI 20-20 CEI 20-35 RoHS Diameter 16 mm The electrical cable becomes electrical cord. The double covered electrical cables are covered with soft flocked and raw jute in order to reach a 16 mm diameter. You can use XL electrical cord covered in raw jute to match our new natural wood roses and lamp holders in order to create suspension lamps of great effect. 100% Made in Italy. The cable is sold by the meter, multiple orders will be delivered in one piece up to a maximum of 20 meters of length.

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Lan Cables

LAN cables come in colours now! Choose from our wide range of Creative-Cables LAN cables to add some colour to your home or office. Cat5e LAN cable with RJ45 connectors (50 meters skein not included); - Connect your computer or peripheral devices, such as printers, to the LAN consisting by 4 UTP (unshielded twisted pair cables) to reduce noise and interference and by a PVC outer coating; - It can improve by 40 the network return loss; - The use of a Cat5e LAN cable provides greater speed and a more reliable connection than the wireless mode. Now even the network cables can be an object of design and decor. With Creative Cables LAN cables covered in fabric you can add a touch of elegance and color to your home or at your office!

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Porcelain ceiling roses

A timeless classic. The porcelain combined with these classic lines make the Creative-Cables ceiling rosette ideal for installations in classic settings. The coloured porcelain versions allow for refined and romantic pendants. Includes wall plugs for a quick, safe installation onto your wall. Ceiling and Wall Rose, 10, 5 centimeters diameter, with all the necessary accessories to create a suspension. Cable not included. Porcelain timeless elegance. This rose can be used both on the ceiling and on the walls, giving a vintage and elegant look to any environment. We do prefer it paired with natural and warm toned cotton or linen cables. One of our all-time bestseller products, now available in many new colorful versions.

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