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We offer a complete product range of Vacuum Cleaners, hard broom, cleaning tool, housekeeping equipment and soft brush

Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner, also known as a sweeper or hoover, is a device that uses an air pump (a centrifugal fan in all but some of the very oldest models), to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and from other surfaces such as upholstery and draperies

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hard broom

A broom is a cleaning tool consisting of usually stiff fibers (often made of materials such as plastic, hair, or corn husks) attached to, and roughly parallel to, a cylindrical handle, the broomstick. It is thus a variety of brush with a long handle.

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cleaning tool

Household Cleaning Products, House Keeping Cleaning Products, Soft Brooms and Brushes, Hard Brooms and Brushes, Street Brooms, Dustpan Sets and Brushes, Vita Mops and Wipers, Floor Squeegees, Window Squeegees, Window Applicators, Telescopic Pole, Aluminum handles, Mop Handles, Metal Handles, Wooden Handles, Mop Clips, Kentucky Mops, Dustpan and Brooms, Dust Bins, Steel Bins, Stainless Steel Bins, Plastic Garbage Bins, Waste Bins, Sanibins, Microfiber Mops, Dry Mops, Wet Mops, Round Mops, Flat Mops, Metal Clip Mops, Plastics Clip Mop, Door Mats, ETC...........

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housekeeping equipment

Efficient cleaning and maintenance are dependent upon high-quality cleaning equipment, correctly using. Though only 5-10% of the overall cost incurred on cleaning is accounted for by cleaning equipment and agents, selecting the ideal equipment plays a major role in the cleaning process. There will often be several ways of carrying out any particular cleaning task and different types of equipment that can be employed for it. It is the executive housekeeper’s responsibility to select the most appropriate piece of equipment according to the hotel’s requirement. Most types of cleaning equipment fall under the category of recycled items, but a few large pieces of items may be considered as fixed assets. The correct choice of quality cleaning equipment could save costs due to breakdowns, reduce fatigue and also ensure overall efficiency in operations. Equipment used in the cleaning of surface, furniture and fittings in a hotel building include both manual and mechanical equipment

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soft brush

A brush is a tool with bristles, wire or other filaments, used for cleaning, grooming hair, make up, painting, surface finishing and for many other purposes.

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Cleaning Chemicals

Urinal blocks, channel blocks, hand soap liquid, antibacterial hand soap liquid, antiseptic liquid, foam soap, all purpose cleaner, pine disinfectant, antiseptic disinfectant, bleach liquid, glass cleaning liquid, dishwashing liquid, etc.

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Cleaning Wipes

A wet wipe, also known as a wet towel, or a moist towelette, is a small moistened piece of paper or cloth that often comes folded and individually wrapped for convenience. Wet wipes are used for cleaning purposes, like personal hygiene or household cleaning.

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dust collecting equipment

Dust mop, dry mop, cotton mop, microfiber mop, vita mop, round mop, velcro mop Kentucky mops, synthetic mop etc...

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Dust Mop

dust mop is a long-handled mop that is used to dust floors and sometimes even walls, ceilings, and high places. A dust mop is meant to be used dry, and not wet. Dust mops are frequently made of microfiber material to attract and hold onto dust.

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Home Cleaning Products

Cleaning house means cleaning surfaces like floors, walls, windows, rugs and appliances. Except for rugs and upholstery, most household surfaces are “hard.” Technically, household cleaning is “hard surface cleaning

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Janitor Carts

Janitor trolleys, with a difference. Tomorrows trolleys today. enjoy all the benefits of keeping your cleaning tools secure and avoid unsightly mess. All manufactured with safety in mind. you cant go wrong with a cleaning trolley

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Walk Behind Sweeper

Flipper+ is a hand pushed sweeping machine with un-equal sweeping performance. Sturdy, rust-free, light-weight, roto-mould self collecting dirt hopper. Incorporated with new innovative anti-wrap technology. Ergonomic handle with height adjustment to suit all operators. Newly designed split-half brushes ensures easy replacement. Area performance up to 2600 sq.mts per hour.

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walk behind scrubber dryer

The RootsScrub E 430 machines are handy, mains operated scrubber-dries for quick. economical and effective cleaning of all types of hard floors. The extremely compact and robustly constructed machine guarantees a high degree of maneuverability, east handling and good visibility. The height adjustable operating handle and the adjustable brush drive(Power-flow) are ideal for fatigue-free operation. Electric brush change, straight squeegee as well as easy access to the machine ensures low running costs, optimum cleanliness and ease of maintenance.

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cleaning machines

Roots and TMB Cleaning Machinery Equipment, Scrubbing Machines, Scrubber Dryers, Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers, Ride On Machine, Road Sweeper, WetDry Vacuums

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Ride On Sweepers

deal for harsh environments with large capacity hopper and an efficient filtering system Maximum cleaning productivity with a wide sweeping path Robustly built to sweep dirt, dust, metal shavings, bolts, wood & the likes Two speed option, normal & power speed helps to save fuel when machine is operated in moderate dust conditions. Overhead guard for dust protection and operator safety Headlamps for safe operation in low lit areas High performance hydraulic system for both machine function and driving Rear view mirror, reverse horn and tail lamps are fitted as standard accessory for operator convenience and safety

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walk behind floor sweepers

High degree of maneuverability, large rubber non-marking wheels Optimum sweeping even when negotiating corners thanks to the side broom Easy cleaning of aisles & corners Service friendly & direct access to all components Traction Drive on demand for stress free operation High quality air filtration system

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scrubbing machine

A floor buffer or rotary floor machine is an electrical floor scrubber that is used to clean and maintain non-carpeted floors, such as hardwood, marble, tile or ETC..

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Toilet Cleaning Tool

Toilet Brush & set, hard brooms, floor wipers, sponge, srubbing brushes, Wash Room Cleaning Products etc...

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