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Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting material into a mould. Injection moulding is widely used for manufacturing a variety of parts, from the smallest components to entire body panels of cars. This process allows to produce products of more complex and intricate shapes that would be too difficult or costly to machine. The injection molded plastics process also allows many parts to be created at the same time with the same mold. Other advantages include high production rates, low labor costs and high repeat tolerance, plus there is very little need to do anything to finish the part after it is molded. The unused plastic pellets and runners can also be recycled for future molds so there is virtually no waste. We have a broad range of injection moulding machines and equipments to produce high quality injuction moulded plastic products.

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Blow Moulding

Blow molding is a manufacturing process that is used to create hollow plastic parts by inflating a heated plastic tube until it fills a mold and forms the desired shape. The raw material in this process is a thermoplastic in the form of small pellets or granules, which is first melted and formed into a hollow tube, called the parison. There are various ways of forming the parison. The parison is then clamped between two mold halves and inflated by pressurized air until it conforms to the inner shape of the mold cavity. Typical pressures are 25 to 150 psi, far less than for injection molding. Lastly, after the part has cooled, the mold halves are separated and the part is ejected. Parts made from blow molding are plastic, hollow, and thin-walled, such as bottles and containers that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Small products may include bottles for water, liquid soap, shampoo, motor oil, and milk, while larger containers include plastic drums, tubs, and storage tanks. Blow molded parts can be formed from a variety of thermoplastic materials, such as Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

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Plastic Basins

Kind: Basin 120 Lit, Basin 90 Lit, Basin 70 Lit, Basin 55 Lit, Round basin 100 Lit, Round basin 80Lit, Round basin 60Lit, Baby Basin

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Plastic Chairs

Kind: Amir Chair (540*400*880 mm), Amir Chair & 2 color (540*400*880 mm), Folding Chair (420*380*885 mm), Sofra Chair (480*415*920 mm), Sofra Chair 034-B (480*415*920 mm), Sofra Chair 034-C (480*415*920 mm), Rama Chair (380*250*535 mm), Kirzaz Chair (560*430*735 mm), Baby Chair (320*270*470 mm), Rama Chair (43*30*30 mm), Small Rama Chair (34*34*27 mm).  

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Plastic Baskets

Kind: Laundry Basket Flower basket (42*32 mm), Laundry Basket Flower basket (39*47 mm), Laundry Basket Flower basket (41*30 mm), Picnic basket (26*40*27 mm), Market basket (430*320*260 mm), Clothes Basket (430*320*235mm), Office Basket (28*25 mm)

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Kind: Bin 30 Lit, Bucket 150 Lit, Bucket 120 Lit, Bucket 200 Lit, Bucket 10 Lit, Dust Bin (Dim: 53*33*20mm), Small Dust Bin.

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Plastic Containers

Kind: Kirzaz 3-Piece Container (Dim:14*29*18mm, Dim:13*21.5*14mm, Dim:10*14*10mm), Big Container (400*280*185mm), Small Container (295*225*170mm), Kirzaz 2-Piece Container (Dim:19*32*21 mm, Dim:22*38*25 mm), Kirzaz 5-Piece Container (Dim:70*85 mm, Dim:80*110mm, Dim:85*130mm, Dim:90*155mm, Dim:100*185 mm).

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Plastic Flower Pots

Kind: Hexagon Flower pot (280*245mm), Square Flower pot(250*250mm), Round Flower pot(295*270mm), Leptis Flower pot(15*20mm, 18*25mm, 22*30mm, 26*35mm, 30*40mm), Rectangle Flower pot (15*40*16mm, 15*60*17mm).

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Plastic Tables

Kind: (the queen - 650*720mm)round table, rectangle table (520*130*720mm), tea table (90*60*50cm), Baby Table (60*45*45cm), Round Amir Table (90*90*73cm), Kirzaz table (80*80*70cm), Square amir table (90*90*73cm), round tea table (450*650mm), Sea table (650*650*720 mm).

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compression moulding

Compression molding is a method of molding in which the molding material, generally preheated, is first placed in an open, heated mold cavity. The mold is closed with a top force or plug member, pressure is applied to force the material into contact with all mold areas, while heat and pressure are maintained until the molding material has cured. The process employs thermosetting resins in a partially cured stage, either in the form of granules, putty-like masses, or preforms. Compression molding is a high-volume, high-pressure method suitable for molding complex, high-strength fiberglass reinforcements. Advanced composite thermoplastics can also be compression molded with unidirectional tapes, woven fabrics, randomly oriented fiber mat or chopped strand. The advantage of compression molding is its ability to mold large, fairly intricate parts. We have a broad range of Compression moulding machines and equipments to produce high quality products. We offer customers a wide range of good quality Compression moulded plastic products.

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