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Our product range comtains a wide range of people counting systems, Environment Monitoring, golf simulators and ip telephone systems

people counting systems

Digizone offers People Counting Systems like Human Counting System & Door Counter Devices. We are leading providers of shopper counting solutions for retail stores, malls, theaters & buildings. People counting Solution forms the basis for a range of high-tech solutions, including retail analytics, queue management, building management and security applications. People Counting Systems are capable of keeping track of passengers at railway stations, bus stations, metros, airports etc.Retail traffic counting systems installed in major supermarkets and retail outlets helps the Mall management team to identify customer trends, conversion rates, predict staffing requirements, and more. These combine to deliver significant savings for retailers, with   counting solutions for retail stores often delivering a 100% ROI within 12 months. Customer counting systems,  customer tracking systems & customer traffic counters when combined together reveal hidden patterns that improve organizational efficiency. In a nutshell, systems like accurate people counter,   footfall counter and cross shopping counter measures the influx of visitors in a store and the revenue generated through the purchases made by them. Hence, it is essential that the right People Counting Dealer such as Digizone Security Systems in Abu Dhabi is consulted for result oriented investment onvisitor counting systems in UAE. People Counting Machine provide accurate information that help organizations increase profitability and improve operational efficiency. Easily determine how much sales revenue is being generated in relation to traffic, visitor counts, how much staff is needed, and analyse if promotional activities are successful. With this data, businesses can make more informed decisions about marketing, facilities management, staffing, security, and more. With the right mix of Retail Traffic counting and the Retail Analytics, retail investors are sure to benefit and improve their sales. As a People counting distributor in Abu Dhabi Digizone believes in making business operations effortless with various solutions like people counting systems in Abu Dhabi,  customer counting systems and visitor counting systems that provide the mandate KPI’s and metrics for improved and smooth operational efficiency. With People Counters installed, investors have always reaped benefits and the results have always been far beyond expectation. So grab the best deals from Digizone, the most trusted Retail People Counting System Supplier in Abu Dhabi .

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Environment Monitoring

Typically Server rooms contain heavy equipment and essential wiring, that its maintenance and preservation poses a great challenge. Many organisations are learning the importance of not just spending on IT equipment but also safeguarding it against potential damage by investing in disaster management. The major factors affecting the smooth functioning of a Datacentre’s operative systems are humidity, heat, smoke, and electricity. Digizone, over the years, has become a reliable distributor of surveillance equipment that make life a whole lot easier and safer. Our Environment Monitoring systems are well equipped with temperature sensors, humidity sensors, power sensor, flood sensor and smoke sensors. This enables the system to monitor and raises alert notification over critical environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, power, flood, intrusion and smoke. Digizone provides Temperature and Environmental Monitoring Sensor equipment for Data Center, Server Room, Computer Room, Cold Storage, Health Club, Hospitals and Schools. Get the best Environment monitoring system in Abu Dhabi UAE   from Digizone showroom. Our eminent brands include Avtech a globally recognised manufacturer of Environment Monitoring Systems. We distribute environment monitoring systems like Room Alert System Abu Dhabi UAE to our versatile customer base spread universally. Our temperature monitoring systems   offer the widest ranges of temperature sensor, humidity sensor, Wi-Fi sensor, and data logger. We are the sole distributors of the most widely used Avtech Environment Monitoring Systems and hot selling models of temperature monitoring systems for server room . Room Alert 12E is a disaster management device with a room temperature alert that notifies you via email, email-to- SMS, SNMP and others on your computers, mobile phones and mobile devices in case of any issues detected by the in-built sensors. These environment monitors find use in server rooms, data centers, and network closets across small and large businesses and organizations. Server Rooms typically house thousands of dollars’ worth of electrical and computing equipment, often storing proprietary data, customer accounts, or other sources of valuable information that represents the lifeblood of the business. IT and Server Room environments require efficient monitoring processes for temperature, humidity, and water detection. A fully-automated monitoring system can help prevent overheating of servers, moisture/rust buildup on equipment, and flooding in mission critical environments like IT. .  Server room monitoring devices can help us prevent overheating in Server Rooms and prevent disaster well in advance via advanced notification. Viruses, spyware, and network threats get most of the attention, but environmental factors like heat, humidity, airflow, smoke, and electricity can be equally devastating to IT equipment, and thus to a company’s operation. Configure data center monitoring devices alert notifications to receive Email, SMS, SNMP or voice call alarms to notify you when something goes wrong.  Humidity monitoring devices is essential to take control of your IT environment. Adding smoke monitoring devices to your security system is the best way to protect your office, home and family from fire 24 hours a day. Flood warnings are more severe, and are issued if widespread flooding is expected across a large region, or if flooding is imminent or actively taking place. An effective flood alert system should be based on the regular collection of local rainfall, stream level, and stream flow data. This can be done through routine monitoring, in which operating personnel make visits to stream gage and precipitation measuring sites, but a real-time monitoring system with telemetry can make data collection easier — and in many cases, more cost-effective — while allowing for the fastest possible response to a flood event. An intruder alert system is very useful for both home and office. Our purpose is to help you safeguard the things that matter the most, creating you an individual security solution that meets your needs. It's a fact -- many burglars are scared off by the mere presence of a security system. Burglars attack unprotected homes up to three times more often than homes with a professionally installed electronic security system. Whether you’re just curious about what happens when you're not around or just want to ensure all round security, a remotely manageable solution is definitely the right solution. For instance, a motion detection cameras starts recording when there is some movement and for added peace of mind, you can have an instant alert sent to your email – with a snapshot of the scene and a link to the video. These are mainly used in Server rooms for intrusion detection and to monitor unauthenticated access. Apart from these there are various server room monitoring device which takes care of the server rooms.   Real time temperature monitoring systems   are kept in server rooms because of high risk. Needless to say, for your server rooms and data centres to function properly, you need to maintain a smooth & favourable internal environment and monitor it in real time to make sure things stay the same. This is why you need high quality server room monitoring devices. These monitors provided by our resellers, who are the authorised Server Room Monitoring Companies in Abu Dhabi UAE helps keep a careful watch on the temperature conditions inside your server rooms and report you immediately in the event  of anomalies.

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golf simulators

The concept of Golf practice and player advancement are going through a period of fabulous change and technology is a major contributor to this revolution. Technology enables us to monitor & improve ourselves, while also being able to keep track of the swing changes over a course of time. These are just a few, fascinating examples of how to unleash talent more adequately. The experience when actually playing a round of Golf with Golf Simulators in Abu Dhabi UAE is way beyond one’s wildest dreams. Here is a product that can be used at luxury homes, corporate enterprises, clubs, meeting venues, hotels and any place appropriate for recreation. The Golf Simulator we Distribute is a perfect entertainer, that would also help practice, train and improve the game of every player. Our indoor golf simulators gives the true feel of real sport and also the option to play in virtually any of the leading Golf courses worldwide . Virtual golf makes use of cutting edge technology with 3D imaging to conjure real time images of the club hitting the ball and tracking its movement for better player experience. We are recognized as the leading Golf Simulators Dealer in Abu Dhabi UAE Amidst the busy work & life schedule, rather than having to spend an entire day, you can enjoy a remarkable golf experience with a Golf Simulator session from Digizone, for about an hour or two. As a leading Golf Simulators distributors in Abu Dhabi UAE, we offer world-class, 5-star golf experience to our world-class clients, for a fraction of the cost. There is no substitute for HIGH DEFINITION GOLF SIMULATORS, in terms of reality and Pinpoint Accuracy. We as a prominent Golf Simulators Supplier in Abu Dhabi UAE deliver the embodies excitement, engagement and retention through shared experience. The advanced cameras and technology used in golf simulators varies and this directly impacts the quality of user experience. If you’re ready for championship with a world class game simulator rated the best, or on-demand golf with your friends anywhere, while being able to enjoy the incredible fun of playing together from multiple location , all the while having a realistic and pinpoint accurate experience, Try out this recreational simulator and add yet another joyful innovation to your life.

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ip telephone systems

Digizone Security Systems LLC offer a wide range of office telephone systems which includes IP Telephone systems, Hybrid Telephone systems, Digital Telephone systems and Analogue Systems. Our Telecom systems can be a perfect solution and easy to set up, while providing compliance and orderliness which makes them the perfect telephone system solution for your business. The selection of IP PBX systems combines advantages from traditional telephone communications with IP technology, offering feature-rich functionality and also the capability to handle all your communication needs. Our business phone systems are compatible for several industry sectors, including education, healthcare, sales, factories and public administration. The “IP” in IP telephone system describes Voice over IP, or getting your phone calls routed over the internet or your local network (LAN). IP Telephone Systems [ IP PBX ] extends many advanced features that traditional telephone system [PABX] cannot offer. IP Telephone System Abu Dhabi can unify your communication needs and thus provide great productivity to all businesses. We provide products that address small business communications needs as well as large enterprises & Call centres. Digizone are dealers of all types of PBX System in Abu Dhabi UAE and is well-equipped with the extensively integrated Unified Communications devices. Our IP PBX devices are highly contemporary and can be triggered at any time and adaptable at all workspace. The server offered by Digizone for the IP PBX System Abu Dhabi is extremely gratuitous and all our devices can perform on assorted VoIP gateways that can be accessed on distinct dimensions. It’s hard to imagine running a business these days without office phone systems. Modern smart Telecommunication systems allow a firm to operate successfully by making it possible for information to flow among employees, clients and suppliers. If this isn’t set up right, then the connection with the customers or clients can be interrupted or lost amidst critical communication., which could lead to loss in revenue. We can help you choose the right Office PBX products that best match your requirements. Digizone is a leading PBX Dealer in Abu Dhabi   supporting channel customers across UAE and most preferred   PABX Dealer in Abu Dhabi. As a leading PABX Supplier in Abu Dhabi, UAE   our focus is to contribute to the success and achievement of our clients’ unique business challenges and objectives, using technology as a key . It enables us to provide innovative techniques, leading to high quality and cost effective services & solutions in IT and Telecom field. We assist many clients, in both the private and government sector, to achieve vital and functional goals through the provision of competent technology consultation and support. Our success is based on the corporate culture of working with clients to develop and implement innovative technology solutions that not only address specific business challenges but also takes into consideration future business objectives of customer. Digizone Security Systems L.L.C holds a great a prominence in the world of information technology services and Telephone systems in Abu Dhabi UAE. Our services are inimitable because we are continuously striving for completeness. We offer you highly competent support and business services for telephone systems in Abu Dhabi UAE. We offer the best telephone system that can help to take your business to a higher level. You can visit our outlet to get a brief overview of our office telephone system Abu Dhabi. We are one of the Authorized PBX Distributor in Abu Dhabi, UAE,   who can understand and fulfil our customer’s business telephone system requirements. Call us today to get the best PBX Dealer Price in Abu Dhabi. It will help you choose the right IP PBX / PABX systems in Abu Dhabi UAE   for your business. It may seem quite funny as to why businesses still require wired office telephone systems, but many businesses are starting to take a hard look at it anyway. Are wired desktop phones actually necessary anymore? Of course, for many businesses, the answer is “yes” and will be for years to come. However, for others, it’s not so obvious. They may have a workforce that’s heavily invested in bringing/using their own devices. Perhaps their workforce largely telecommutes, and the office itself is minimal. Perhaps cloud solutions are taking the place of traditional phones. You might not be in a position of ditching your desk phones today, but by next year or beyond, it may not be too far out of the realm of possibilities. At Digizone we have the latest models of Desktop Phones in Abu Dhabi. Analog phone service delivers dial tone via plain old telephone service lines. These lines are hooked to a phone system in most businesses. At Digizone outlet , we also cater to the requirement of Analog Phones in Abu Dhabi. These include most all of the benefits of traditional phone systems but the flexibility is to use VOIP systems in Abu Dhabi UAE   and analog lines, and IP keysets if they best fit your business requirement. While analog may no longer be the least expensive option for dial tone, it remains to be the most reliable option for home users and small scale businesses.  Digizone provides you cutting edge communications systems for your business. We are stockists and authorised distributors of the best Telecom Products in Abu Dhabi, UAE, including customised Telecom Solutions as per your requirement. Contact us today for the best support and commercial proposal.

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