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We offer a complete product range of Stair Treads, Grating Clamps, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Stainless Steel Grating and FRP Stair Tread

Stair Treads

Carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel treads are produced with a variety of defined, visible nosings, and pre-punched end or carrier plates, ready for bolting to the stair stringers. Used in many architectural, commercial, and industrial applications, our grating products are durable, safe, and slip resistant stair treads which are available in many styles, materials and diverse finish options to suit your needs. Standard sizes of our stairtreads are 250mm and 280mm wide x 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm long. Customized sizes are available on request. Stair treads can be fabricated in any grating type complete with carrier plates at each end of tread for bolting to stair stringers. Tread nosing makes the leading edge of each step stand out clearly. Serrated treads are recommended to eliminate hazardous footing conditions. Our exciting and refreshing design concepts enhance looks and safety, whilst reducing product damage and wastage, resulting in real cost savings to our clients in various finishes and materials. A range of standard stair treads are available ex stock in various finishes to reduce costs and access time. According to the anti-slip requirement and the method of mounting to stringer, steel treads are classified into four types. T1: No anti-slip requirement for welding ladder stringers T2: No anti-slip requirement for connecting with ladder bolts T3: Anti-slip requirement for welding ladder stringers T4: Anti-slip requirement for connecting with ladder bolts.

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Grating Clamps

Emerald Steel Industries manufactures and supplies the Grating Fixing Clamps in Mild Steel, Hot Dip Galvanised Finish - Suitable for Fixing Mild Steel Galvanised Gratings. We are market leaders in the Supply of Fabricated Circular Gratings and Clips in Middle East. We manufacture Stainless steel AISI 304 OR 316 CLAMP - Suitable for Fixing S.S., Al., and FRP/GRP Gratings.   We have a range of Grating Clamp which includes the following Pressed clamp plate ( Bottom plate) M Type Saddle clip M8 x 70mm Bolt and Nut

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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Emerald Steel Industries offers high-end structural metal and steel fabrication services. Our expertise ranges of metal and steel fabrication which includes steel and aluminium fabrication. As a fabrication company we execute our services with our products and make doors, stairs, hand rails, fire rated doors, interior and furnishing works, cup boards, structural steel scaffolding works, fabricated furnitures and gates. Emerald Steel Industries has raised as the leading provider of structural and architectural metal works primarily in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  

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Stainless Steel Grating

Stainless steel grating, is an important type of our products. Usually the stainless steel grating is made of SS304 or SS316. And the cross bar is normally round one, this will makes the grating more beautiful. We continuously improve product quality and production scale. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, ports, power, transportation, papermaking, foodstuff, medicine, steel, municipal, real estate, manufacturing, etc.   Technical Specifications Load Bar Depth : 20, 25, 30, 32, 35, 38, 40, 45, 50, 60 upto 150 mm. Load Bar thickness : 3, 4 5, & 6 mm Cross Bar Type : Flat Bar or Round Bar Cross bar Depth : In Flats, 10, 12, 15, 20mm and in Round bar 5mm & 6mm dia. Load Bar Type : Plain or Serrated. Finish : Mill Finish or electro polished. Material : AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L

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FRP Stair Tread

Specifications: Corrosion resistence, long service life Light Weight, high strength Non-electrical conduction Maintenance free Excellent properties Safety:FRP is recommended when corrosion protection and safety are your goal. Stability:Expansion and contraction is 24% and 50% less than aluminum and steel, providing greater dimensional stability. Durability:Superior durability to Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Galvanized Gratings, especially in highly corrosive environments. Strength:50%higher tensile strength than hot rolled steel and better impact resistance. Cutting method: Serging four side, Serging three sides, Serging opposite sides, Serging the neighboring sides, Non-serginh. Surface Treatment: Smooth surface grating, Concave surface grating, Microvoid grating, Sandy grating, Cover board gratin, Transparent grating Smooth surface and italic grid make it easy to clean. Cross distributing loads equally to improve the bearing capacity. Surface grooves prevent slipping, covered sand type is better in anti-slipping. Installation manual: Three types of stainless steel Standard fixture: L, M, C Use stainless steel clamp to connect gratings and fix the grating and frame.

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Stainless Steel Wire Manhole Cover

We are egaged in offering a wide array of Stainless Steel Manhole covers to meet the growing competition in the market. These Stainless Steel Manole covers are designed using high grade stainless steel and are used as lid for covering manholes. Moreover, these Stainless Steel Manhole covers are available in different sizes as per demand.   We manufacture different types of stainless steel man holes which are Internal Manholes External Manhole Ventilation Access Grilles In Ground Units

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Ductile Iron manhole cover

Emerald is the one of the leading dealers and supplier of Ductile Iron Manhole cover and Frame and Cast Iron, products that includes Manhole Covers, Gully Gratings, Flanges & Aligning Rings, Industrial Instrument Castings and Cast Iron Products. We manufacture Square Manhole Cover, Rectangular Manhole Cover, Triangular Manhole Cover, Lockable Manhole Cover, Recessed Manhole Cover, Square Gully Grating, Hinged Grating, Double Triangular Gully Grating, . We are also engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of other products such as cast iron fittings, valves, and cast iron gear body, cast iron machinery parts, cast iron grade castings etc. Our products are extensively used in various applications such as for building materials, power plants, otherplants, garden, Roadworks, Bridges.   Our outstanding track record is in itself a reflection of our unflinching commitment towards the quality of the products. We have an innumerable list of satisfied clientele in all parts of uk, Germany, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other countries. The purchaser or his representative shall have across at all reasonable times to those parts of our works engaged on his order; he shall be at liberty to inspect those works at any stage, to inspect at any stage, to witness the required tests and to reject any material that does not comply with his standard at our factory. We also supply the Test Samples and necessary Test pieces as required for testing and supply the labour & appliances for making all tests at our premises in accordance with the required standard

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press lock grating

Press-Locked Steel Bar Grating - Serrated Grating Pressure lock bar grating is a kind of high strength grating. It is a product featuring unique combination of uniformity and precision. It has light structure, elegant style, beautiful and natural design and it is maintenance-free. Press-locked steel grating is used in civilian and commercial buildings, theatres, subway, suburban railway, and other municipal engineering. Press Locked grating is available in two types; Press-locked - where Load Bars are notched and then interlocked with Cross Rods. Full-locked - Load Bars and Cross Rods of equal heights are notched then interlocked with one another under extreme pressure. Pressed grating general specifications: Type: RR-3-35/33 × 33 Bearing bar: (35 × 3)mm Cross bar: (10 × 3)mm Mesh size: (33.33 × 33.33)mm Surface: Plain Material: Steel grade S 235jr have under-gone hot galvanized surface treatment Border finish: Profile border Fastening set: Top Saddle, bolt nut and lower bracket, hot dipped galvanized, 04 nos. for each grating panel 1a) Panel Size (L × W × H):1000 × 1000 × 35mm (The first dimension 1000 indicates the bearing bar dimension) 1b) Panel Size (L × W × H):1000 × 500 × 35mm (The first dimension 1000 indicates the bearing bar dimension) Grating treads general specifications: Type: TR-3-30/33 × 33 Bearing bar: (30 × 3)mm Cross bar: (10 × 3)mm Mesh size: (33.33 × 33.33)mm Surface: Plain Material: Steel grade S 235jr have under-gone hot galvanized surface treatment Nosing: Toe edge End mounting plate: Sides of mounting plates 60 × 3mm (preferable 60 × 6mm) with holes. Rear of profile border 30mm high. 2a) Tread Size (L × W × H): 1200 × 305 × 30mm (The first dimension 1000 indicates the bearing bar dimension) 2b) Tread Size (L × W × H): 1000 × 305 × 30mm (The first dimension 1000 indicates the bearing bar dimension)  

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The manufacturing of our superior quality sinks is done in our state-of- the- art manufacturing plant. Our plant is aided with high tech tools and machine. Our collection of Kitchen Sinks includes Modular Kitchen Sink, Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks, Modular Kitchen Single Bowl Sink, Single Bowl Straight Sinks, Double Bowl Sinks, Single Bowl with Drain Board Sinks, Single Bowl Sinks, Double Bowl Straight Sinks. We also manufacture and supply innovative range of stainless steel anti-scratch sinks in different basic forms from anti-scratch steel sinks to double bowls to sinks without drain boards. We can offer stainless steel kitchen sinks in different design and dimensional specifications based on the requirements of the clients.   Product Variants : • Soaking Sink • Pot Wash Sink • Sink with Cabinets • SS Bowl Sink – Single & double Bowl Sinks • Stainless Steel Anti-scratch Kitchen Sinks • Stainless Steel Hood Type Dish Washer

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FRP Pultruded Grating

Products Detail The 65% glass to 35% resin ratio of pultruded grating provides twice the stiffness of molded grating, allowing it to span greater distances. Pultruded grating is best suited to pedestrian walkways, platforms, and other applications where wide support spans, close load bar spacing, or ADA compliance is required. Safe-T-Span pultruded gratings are offered in a variety of panel sizes, depths, tie bar spacing and open area. Feature: Corrosion Resistant Slip Resistant Fire Retardant High Strength-to-Weight Ratio Non-Conductive Low Installation Cost Long Service Life Superior Ergonomics

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FRP Grating Platform

Product Application Golden Fiberlass is light weight, Hight strengh, Non-Conductive, Corrosion Resistant, Slip Resistant and No Welding required.Widely used by: Chemical Plants Having excellent resistant to coorosion, FRP grting is extensively rsed in Chemical Plants.It is mainly used operation plaform, walkways, oil storage tanks, power distribution boards and rooms.etc.

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SS Kitchen Cupboards

Emerald Steel Industries manufactures high quality and Ultra heavy duty stainless steel cupboards for industrial purposes. The stainless steel cupboards we manufacture at Emerald Steel Industries is made of high quality steel raw material and it is hygienic and cost-effective way to keep your busy kitchen clean and organized. All of our cupboards are fitted with robust height-adjustable feet, elevating the cupboards away from the floor and protecting your dry goods from pests and contamination.     Our stainless steel work cupboard range features different sized units to store your catering supplies, utensil, and gadgets. For small kitchens with limited worktop and floor space, our stainless steel wall cupboards are a great storage solution.   Product Variants : • Industrial Catering Stainless Steel Floor Cupboard Cabinet Unit With Work top • Stainless Steel Kitchen Work Cupboards • Stainless Steel Kitchen Wall Cupboards • Vintage Stainless Steel Kitchen Unit/cupboard With Taps • Floor-standing Kitchen Cupboard COMMERCIAL STAINLESS STEEL

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Kitchen Inlet Table

We are the manufacturers of all kinds of Stainless Steel Inlet Tables with wide variety of product variants based on the demand and requirements of the customers. We are the leading suppliers of Stainless Steel Kitchen Inlet Table equipments in Middle East, Africa and Asia.   Product Variants : •Stainless Steel Inlet Table with Pre Rinse Bowl •Stainless Steel Inlet Table with Single Bowl •Stainless Steel Left inlet single sink with dishwasher bench  •Stainless Steel Dishwasher Inlet-Table with Double Bowl and Sink •Stainless Steel Inlet Table with Single Bowl •Stainless Steel Kitchen Dish Inlet Table.

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SS Kitchen Table

Kitchen Work Table This Stainless Steel Work Table is The Perfect Preparation or work Table for use in any Kitchen, Bar, Restaurant, Laundry, Janitorial Room, Cafeteria, Garage, Or Other Commercial Setting. The Galvanized Steel Legs And Bracing Add Additional Support And Durability While The Adjustable Plastic Bullet Feet Provide Increased Stability. There are many more models available with middle and bottom selves , with overhead shelves and LHS or RHS sink. Product variants :   o Work Table with Single Under Self o Work Table with Two Under Self o Soiled Dish Landing Table o Left Corner Stainless Steel Prep Table With Sink o Commercial Kitchen Prep & Work Table W/ Backsplash o Stainless Steel Work Table with Prep Sink on Left w/faucet o Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Work Prep Table w/ 1 Bowl Compartment Sink o Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Work Table Three Compartment 3 Bowl Sink

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Electro Forged Steel Gratings

Electro-Forged Gratings type is most commonly used compared to all other grating types due to its strength, Durability, cost efficient production and ease of installation. Commonly used in most general Industrial plants as well as Architectural buildings, it has wide applications as Pedestrian Traffic, platforms, safety barriers, drainage covers and ventilation grates Etc. Fabricated Electro-Forged Gratings is precisely fabricated to conform the standards and specification under National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM). Gratings can be fabricated to suite any angle with Banding, Cutting, Curve or line needed. Standard Grating Panels We maintain a huge stock of Standard electro-forged Gratings panels in our Warehouse in Ajman, UAE ready for immediate shipments available especially in Plain or serrated surface.   Finish: Mild Steel ( Self Colour) Mild Steel with Hot Dip Galvanized Mild Steel with Painted

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Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh, also known as Wire Cloth, is amazingly versatile and is easily adapted to almost any application. We offers a wide selection of woven and welded wire mesh products with various mesh sizes, openings, thicknesses, and materials. Galvanized Welded Mesh Panel is made of superior quality welded Mesh, with flat even surface, firm structure, be used extensively in building, food, agriculture and so on.   Types of Wire Mesh products we have: Hot-dip galvanized after welding Hot-dip galvanized before welding Electro galvanized after welding Electro galvanized before welding PVC coated before welding PVC coated after welding Stainless Steel welded wire mesh Crimpled wire mesh Woven wire mesh Hex. wire netting in normal twist Hex. wire netting in reverse twist

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FRP Molded And Pultruded Grating

Emerald Steel Industries offers two types of quality fiberglass grating, molded and pultruded. Both types are lightweight and easy to install. Molded grating is unmatched in its ability to withstand the effects of corrosion and is highly impact resistant. Pultruded grating provides reliable corrosion resistance and high load bearing characteristics.   Fiberglass grating weighs less than half that of steel, is simple to fabricate and is less expensive to install. FRP grating exceeds the requirements for grating used in even the most demanding applications. In industries such as chemical, refining, offshore, pulp and paper, food and beverage, marine (including military vessels), water and wastewater treatment, electronics and plating, Fibergrate grating is proven to deliver years of reliable service.   Molded/Pultruded Resin system Grating thickness Mesh Pattern Panel sizes needed Grit or concave top

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Kitchen Exit Table With Rollers

Emerald Steel Industries supplies a wide range of Stainless steel Kitchen entry-exit tables with customized variety of entry-exit elements for the conveyor belt dishwashers: prewash tables with built-in loader at an angle, rack loaders at an angle, automated curves at exit. We manufacture and customize the elements for the Kitchen Tables as per the customer requirements

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