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Our Complete range of products are PP Woven Sacks, UNCOATED PWS, PP Box Bags, fibc bags and PP woven sack bags with liner.

PP Woven Sacks

  • Weight As per Required size
  • Width 12'' to 80''
  • Denier 350 to 1200
  • GSM 40 GSM TO 120 GSM
  • Length As per required
  • Colours Any colour

Emirates Plastic Ind. manufactures and exports one of the widest range of PP Woven Sacks (PWS) and Small Bags that are available in polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) as woven sacks and small bags. Manufactured using the best available quality raw material, these PP Woven bags are manufactured in different sizes and specifications to meet the varied needs of customers for packaging. Emirates Plastic Ind. is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PP woven sacks available in a multitude of colours, designs and sizes to suit the requirements of our clients. We are one of the oldest manufactures, supplier and exporter of PP woven sacks and small bags in UAE. Emirates Plastic Ind. is an ISO certified company with experience of supplying and exporting PP Woven sacks for many decades, providing customized packaging solution to a wide range of industries. Woven Polypropylene sacks are widely used for the packaging for building and construction materials as well as highly used for agriculture & farming purposes, including products such as rice, sugar, flour, spices, fertilizers and other materials. Ideal for packing grains, sugar, fertilizers and chemicals, the PP woven sacks are customized as per the customer's specifications. PP woven bags are durable, water resistant and can be made with an additional lining to ensure high strength and low permeability. Extremely dependable and economical, these sacks and bags are light in weight and ideally suited for corrugated or wooden boxes, machinery, packaging of cloth bales, and many other finished goods for complete protection during transportation and storage. We offer 100% custom designed polypropylene woven bags/sacks as per the requirements and specifications of our customers. We can supply the full range of sizes, shapes and colours as per your requirement. Our range of types of woven polypropylene sacks include regular uncoated PP bags, laminated (coated) PP bags or pp bags with liners. In addition to this we can offer upto 6 colour printing on Bags. Our polypropylene woven fabric construction makes our PP bags very strong, tear resistant, breathable and most importantly extremely competitive price. Range Laminated / Unlaminated Printed / Unprinted Perforated / Plain With / Without Liner UV Stabilized with Corona Treatment BOPP Option Valve Bags Gusseted bags All types of Small Bags

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Emirates Plastic Ind. is an ISO certified company and recognized as one of the most experienced company in the supply and export of PP Woven sacks providing customized packaging solutions to various industries. Emirates Plastic Ind. manufactures and exports a wide range of Uncoated PP Woven sacks (PWS) as both plain and printed in different sizes, types, colours, tear resistant, 100% customized PP woven sacks, made from the toughest woven polypropylene fabric. Our PP Woven sacks are ideal for packaging of sand, cement, fertilizer, animal feed, seed, waste, rice, sugar, flour, logs, fire wood, timber, spices, and many more. Emirates Plastic Ind. has in-house printing facility with roll to roll printing upto 6 colours printed on our latest printing machines, providing the high quality standard of printing with very attractive finishing. Characteristics 100%  customized  PP Woven Sacks and small bags Extremely competitive cost Denier  (thickness of woven polypropylene strands): 600 & above 100% recyclable product Printing  upto 6 colours  on with corona treatment Tear resistant  with persistent durability Open-air storage with  UV stabilization  options. Heat/Wave Cut and hemmed top Flat or anti-slip weaving Applications Flour Packing Animal Feed Packing Rice, Sugar, Salt packing Fertilizers / urea Packing Minerals, chemicals, resin packing Seeds, spices and other agro products packing Cashew nuts, dates, barely, etc packing

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PP Box Bags

Emirates Plastic Ind.. is a large manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of PP Box Bags, available in different colours and capacities such as 55 GSM, 60 GSM, 68 GSM, and 100 GSM or customized as per customer requirements. The edges of Polypropylene (PP) Box Bags are hot cut or ultrasonic welded as per customer requirement. PP box bags are available in roll forms of desired length, which can also be customized as per the requirement of customers. Our product range includes PP box sacks or woven box sacks in laminated/unlaminated variety with BOPP option also. They are able to efficiently endure heavy weights. The PP box bags can be laminated on the inside or outside as per requirements. The fine gutter bottom allows for good ventilation, so the seeds and grains can be dried effectively. Our PP box bags can be tailor-made in different specifications, dimensions, material composition and printing colours according to customer's requirements. Salient Features The major salient features and of our PP box bags are as follows: 1. High strength and durability PP woven fabric 2. Edges hot cut or ultrasonic welded, as per customer requirements 3. Provided in roll forms of desired specifications 4. Different colours and capacities as per customer specifications 5. Available as unlaminated or laminated box bags 6. Available as PP laminated on inside or outside 7. Available as Laminated with or without BOPP 8. Protects products from dirt and dust 9. Excellent covering from external effects 10. Extensive solution for various packing needs PP box bags are most suitable for packaging products that require good ventilation during storage and transportation. PP Box bags are manufactured in both laminated and unlaminated forms with BOPP option as per customer requirements. The size and appearance of PP Box Bags are tailored to meet specific requirements of our customers. We manufacture a wide range and type of PP box bags, including the most common ones with four top channels with draw strings, all of which are manufactured in different shapes and sizes as per our customer specifications. PP boxed bags are used in various applications including use as cover boxes, for packing fibres, for covering cartons and boxes, covering automobiles and for similar purposes.

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fibc bags

  • Printing Upto 4 colours on one side. All colours possible, customised as per requirements
  • COATING Outside, Inside
  • SWL Upto 2,000 kgs
  • Safety 5:1 or 6:1

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) , also known as  Bulk Bag  or  Jumbo Bag , is an economical and ideal packing used for the storage & transportation of powdered, granulated or bulk products. They are reusable and highly reliable, provide ideal method of transporting material in bulk and very easy to load and unload as per requirements. Currently, a large number of industries that are using bulk bags: Petrochemical and chemical product manufacturers Food product manufacturers (e.g. sugar, flour, spices, wheat, milk powder) Construction products (e.g. cement, granite, sand) Agricultural and related products (e.g. fertilizers, animal feed, grass). Industrial applications (e.g. scrap materials, copper coils & slag, sludge waste) Wood industries (e.g. firewood, lumber, planks) And many more applications and industries being added ... FIBC bulk bags  are manufactured using high grade polypropylene (PP) woven fabrics that are stabilized against UV degradation. Each bulk bag can contain load capacities between 500 kgs to 2000 kgs with a safety of 5:1 or 6:1 (5:1 is for single use and 6:1 is for multiple use), depending on the bag design and size. Optional LDPE inner liner can be included to provide additional protection against moisture ingress. For providing  customised solutions  and serving unique and special requirements of various industries and customers, we deliver an extensive range of customised FIBC bags as per requirements. These bags, along with required specifications, are coupled with wide range of filling, discharging, and handling options. The combination of latest technology and end-to-end in-house vertically integrated manufacturing at Ganpati Plastfab Ltd. enables development of the right solutions for clients, which are efficient and economical for meeting the increasing challenges of global bulk packaging. Filling Systems Open Top with Hem Duffel Top Skirt Filling Spout with Flap Tie - Down Flap Open Top with Drawn Cord Filling Spout Discharge Systems Discharge Spout Discharge Spout with Iris Protection Discharge Spout with Protection Flap Discharge Spout with Petal Closure Full Drop Bottom Conical Bottom

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PP woven sack bags with liner

Emirates Plastic Ind.. manufactures and exports a complete range of PP woven sack bags with liner, produced with a state of art PE liner producing plant in our modern unit. PP Woven sacks with liner are ideal for products that required highest protection from outside elements especially fine grade, pulverized and force flowing materials such detergent powder, malt, chemical, fertilizer, sugar, flour and various other products. The additional LDPE liner plays a vital role in protecting the products from any sort of leakage and pilferage. According to customer requirements, we provide the LDPE liners for the lined pp woven sacks with different microns and various sizes. PP Woven sack with Liner provide all-round complete protection to packed products by proving the highest degree of safety. Characteristics 100% customized PP Woven bags with Liner Liner micron and size as per requirements Any customized size, colour and GSM Coated (Laminated) or uncoated Micro-perforated or plain Top Attachment: Liners can be cuffed around the outside or sewn on the top Bottom Attachment: Liners can be loosely inserted to keep free or sewn into the bottom to ensure fixed position Highest degree of protection : for fine grade, pulverised and force flowing materials. Printing : upto 6 colours UV Protection : Optional BOPP option available for superior outside finish Applications Chemical products such as resin, polymer, granules, etc. PVC Compound, Master batches, carbon black, minerals, etc. Construction materials such as concrete, lime, carbonate, etc. Agriculture and Farming produce and products Fertilizers, urea, minerals, etc. Sugar and Salt Animal feeds and cattle feed stock

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gusset bags

Emirates Plastic Ind. manufactures and exports a wide range of PP Woven Gusset bags and sacks, both as PP Woven Gusset bag with lamination (coated) and uncoated. PP Gusset (window) Woven sacks due to their specific construction are able to stand vertically. When the product is filled into the bags, the side (gusset) comes out making the PP woven gusset bags easily stand vertically. This feature of pp woven gusset bags assists in product storage, whether on racking, on pallets, or a simple pile on the floor. PP woven Gusset bags are ideal for storage of granules or power form products . In addition to this Woven PP Gusset bags are used widely for packing of agriculture products, animal feed and various other products requiring ease of storage and stacking. Transparent or Natural PP Gusset bags are now being widely used for packaging as they have a see-through window on the side through which customers can see the product from the outside. Various types of options available for these pp woven gusset bags including milky white or any colour bags with transparent gusset on the side. Characteristics 100% Customized  PP Woven Gusset sack with any size and colour Transparent Gusset :  for a see through window Uncoated or laminated :  on inside or outside Coating micron :  as per customer requirements Highly flexible :  with immense holding strength UV Protection : also possible Printing :  upto 6 colours Printing on gusset :  for better visibility BOPP option :  available for superior outside finish Applications Chemicals, resin, polymer and granules PVC compound, master batches, carbon black and other chemical products Construction materials like cement, concrete, etc. Agricultural and farming products, fertilizers, urea and minerals Sugar and Salt Animal feeds and cattle feed stock. Seeds, spices and such agro products Cashew nuts, dates, barely, flour, rice, corn, etc. All different type of food grains.

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Emirates Plastic Ind. manufactures and exports Coated / Laminated PP Woven sacks including plain and printed PP Coated and Laminated woven small bags. Coated or Laminated Polypropylene Woven sacks are very economical due to their filling capacity and greater strength with no breakage and spillage of products and at the same time preventing loss of products because of its unique water resistant characteristics. Emirates Plastic Ind. can provide both inside laminated and outside laminated types pp woven bags. Lamination or coating done on the inside gives an edge when printed with bright finish and superior quality printing. Characteristics 100% customized Laminated PP Woven sack Customized for any size, colour or printing Coating micron as per customers' requirements Light in weight, cost-effective and scratch resistant property 100% recyclable product UV Protection: optional Printing up to 6 colours BOPP option available for superior outside finish Greater temperature resistance both high and low temperature Both stiffer and stronger Better moisture retention properties Applications Construction materials like cement packing Fertilizers and urea Packing All types of minerals, chemicals, resin, polymer, etc.packing Sugar and salt packing Animal feeds and cattle feed stock packing Seeds, spices and various other agro products packing Cashew nuts, dates, barely, flour, rice and other food grains packing

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PP Woven Fabrics

Emirates Plastic Ind. manufactures one of the widest range of Food grade clean Polypropylene (PP) Woven Fabric. Our PP Fabric is manufactured using internationally recognized quality control, maintaining strict quality standards, making sure our customers receive high class quality Polypropylene fabric (PP fabric) with the right technical construction and minimum defects. Polypropylene Woven Fabrics are used for manufacturing packaging bags are available in different colours and lengths as per customer requirements. Polypropylene woven fabrics are comfortable, soft and crinkle free and can easily be loaded on any cutting and stitching machines. Emirates Plastic ind. manufactures all types of PP Woven Fabric used for: PP (Polypropylene) Small Bags FIBC (Flexible intermediate bulk container) /Jumbo Bags / Bulk Bags  PP Ground Covers, sheets, garden furniture cover, kitchen tops. PP (Polypropylene) Box Bags, Perforated Bags & PP Courier Bags PP Fabric for Accessories such as top and bottom spouts and top Skirts for FIBC bags Circular / Tubular Woven PP Fabric Emirates Plastic Ind. manufactures and exports PP Tubular/Circular Fabric to very stringent quality controls which are implemented while making the circular woven PP fabric. Our customers receive high quality PP circular fabric with the right technical parameters, giving them the market edge for their final PP product. PP Circular woven fabric is manufactures as light and heavy weight fabric, mainly used for the manufacturing of PP (Polypropylene) Small Bags. By providing 100% customized PP fabric including parameters such as size, GSM, colour, mesh, UV and other parameters to required specifications, our customers are assured the right product. PP Woven Circular fabric is also widely used for making PP Bale wraps, PP box bags, PP Courier bags and PP perforated bags. One of the widest use of PP circular/tubular woven fabric is manufacturing of accessories used in making the FIBC bulk bags such as the duffel top, bottom and skirt, and bottom and top flaps. GSM:  50 GSM to 300 GSM PP Fabric:  Coated/Laminated or Uncoated fabric Size:  25 cm to 200 cm Mesh:  7 x 7 to 14 x 14 or as per customer requirement Gusseting:  Gusseting on each side (as per customer requirement) UV stabilization:  Yes (as per customer requirement) Colour and Type:  As per customer requirement Packing:  Rolls up to 5000 meters or as per customer requirements PP Woven Fabric Strip Emirates Plastic Ind. wide range of high quality Laminated PP Fabric Strips are widely used for wrapping of Steel coils, Rubber tyres, Yarn cones and Other Industrial Products.All the layers of these laminated polypropylene (PP) woven fabric strips are treated with UV stabilizers to provide excellent protection and longevity. These Polypropylene woven fabric strips are available in roll form in any size from 1" Inches to as per customer requirements and can run conveniently on automatic cutting and packing machines. Packaging Woven Fabric Polypropylene Woven Fabric (PP Woven Fabric) provides strong, dependable and economical packaging option for diverse industries across the globe. PP woven fabrics are light weight and suited for packaging corrugated or wooden boxes, cloth bales, machinery and many other finished goods for complete protection. The PP woven fabrics can also be used to cover aircraft, trucks, tempos, trailer truck, railway wagon, industrial outside storage, machine and agriculture products at farms. Available in roll form, pp woven fabrics can easily be loaded on cutting and stitching machines. Laminated PP Woven Fabric Laminated PP Woven Fabrics are used to protect apparels, bags, beds, etc. from dust and other contaminants. Laminated polypropylene woven fabrics safeguard the covered material from external elements which can damage the quality and glaze. Laminated pp fabric also adds durability to and sustains the quality of protected materials. Wrapping Fabric Wrapping Fabrics made of PP woven fabrics in different dimensions are available as per customer requirements. These wrapping polypropylene woven fabrics are widely used for wrapping textile products. Wide Width Fabric We manufacture wide width PP woven fabric used in umbrellas, tents and for other industrial usage. These fabrics are soft, comfortable and crinkle free. Customized products are also available as per the requirements of individual customers.

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