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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Oxygen Systems, body splint, Traction Splint Set, Burn Sets and Laryngoscope Set.

Oxygen Systems

Portable Oxygen System (ET-330) Basic first aid equipment used in home cares, outdoors, hospitals and ambulances. Consist of 2 lt oxygen tube, regulator and flowmeter.

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body splint

Body Splint (ET-370) Usage for rescue operations and carrying of patient safely in cases of spine, head, neck fractures and injures. Can be used faultlessly by means of easy opening and lockable belts with color codes even in the darkness and in the events requiring emergency intervention. Accompanying carrying case.

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Traction Splint Set

Traction Splint Set(ET-320) In cases of leg fractures, it prevents nerve trauma by cutting touch of the fractures one another by taking the leg into splint and reduces pain. Length can be adjusted. In each splint, there are 4 fixing apparatus for leg. It has stretching roller made of metal material. Including tensioner pulley made of metal.   Air Splint Set(ET-190) Special carriage bag. Consists of 6 parts as whole arm, whole leg, half arm, half leg, foot and ankle. Ensure fast application possibility by help of a pump or blowing.

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Burn Sets

Burn Set (ET-350) Aluminum coating for cases of burns. 2 pieces of burn blankets. 1 piece of burn mattresses. 10 burn bandages. 10 compresses.

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Laryngoscope Set

Laryngoscope Set (ET-130) Opening airways for intubations. Can be sterilized. 1 handle and 3 McIntosh blades. Made of metal. With its specials bag.

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Mobile Laboratory Vehicle

Health screening vehicle designed as per customer requests has features below Features Room walls covered with heat and noise isolation material Cupboards, tables, and drawers made of foamboard material at convenient spaces in rooms Independent heater system suitable with vehicle specifications Independent air conditioning system in all rooms Water resist, antibacterial floor coating on whole vehicle floor Automatic hydraulic fixing and leveling system functions when vehicle is parked Telephone system enabling communication between rooms External 220 volt electricity input, extension cable and internet sockets Clean & waste water tanks, water fittings installation Travelling seats and resting areas for staff Laboratory workbenches having antivibration feature and durable aginst asits Conditioning system over tables Washbasin system and accessories Laboratory section equipped with pure water device, blood counting device, urine analysis device. Incubator, centrifuge, microscope, cooler, various laboratory materials Patient examination coach and accessories Lift system for handicapped patients

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Mobile Command Control Vehicle

Features The vehicle consists of 3 sections as driver, working and storage compartment. By means of diesel heater, heating can be provided even when the vehicle engine is not running Cupboard system is made of MDF covered with laminate. File cupboards, working table, drawers and movable seats for 3 personnel in the working compartment. Cupboards for various purposes and electric sink in the storage compartment. MDF floor covered with nonslip, unscratchable, washable material Long distance, short distance and handheld radios are available in the vehicle Television, automatic satellite antenna and video camera Generator having capacity of 3, 5 KW and external electric input used when required Fluorescent and spot lamps for internal illumination in necessary numbers Air conditioning system ensures cooling both driver cabin and working section. External illumination and warning system light bar, siren, Rear lightbar and side lamps Vehicle electrical system controlled by a special control center placed in the working cabinet

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