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We offer a complete product range of Elastomeric Sheets, machinable plastic material, Euro Steel & Aluminium ITEMS, ELECTRICAL RESISTANT MATTING and Rubber Pipe Supports

Elastomeric Sheets

We are supplying s comprehensive range of rubber sheets from basic commercial compounds to highly technical sheets to match stringent customer specification.The sheet are made in the forms of rolls length from 10 mtr to 20mtr and Thickness from 1 mm to 25 mm. More thickness we manufacturing as per request.

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machinable plastic material

We carry and supply large quality machinable plastic material used in manufacture of Seal, Gasket, Liners, Fastners, Vatve, Oil free Piston Rings, Insulators, Marine fenders, Bushing, Miscellaneous parts of process plants, Machinery parts, and general Engineering spares. Standard forms : Rods and sheets Sheets:- Sheet thickness : from 0.5 mm to 200 mm Length ; 1 mtr to 2 mtr Width 1 mtr Rods:- Rods Diameter 5 mm to 300 mm Length : 500 mm to 1000 mm.

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Euro Steel & Aluminium ITEMS

Euro Steel & Aluminium LLC  :- under euro group of company, it is an established fabrication company that manufactures a broad range of products and offers a complete services from design through to completion The company based in Umm Al Quwain, UAE and has been established since 2009, Moving premises to accommodate growth, and has acquired an excellent customer base .With continuous Investment in machinery and training, we proceed to become more efficient in order to meet our customers’ requirements. Euro Steel & Aluminium L.L.C  has been providing superior metal fabrication and engineering services, we are a custom metal shop specializing in all phase of fabrication utilizing most any of the available metals, including Stainless steel, Aluminum, Galvanized steel, Brass and Mild steel. Products  Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum products as listed

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ELMATS are made of special quality rubber to resist shocks and are used in control rooms, Switch boards panel basements, Electrical machinery rooms and other similar areas. ELMATS can withstand up to 30000 Volts. Size- 1.2 mtr wide and 10 mtr long rolls having project square grooves, Minimum base 6 mm thickness as per BS standard specifications

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Rubber Pipe Supports

Very high load bearing capacity, dimensionally accurate as each piece is moulded. Excellent resistance to distortion / vibration, Tongue and groove design on the joints. Application Used at the supporting points of insulated pipes to revent crushing of insulation inherently superior to wood.

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ELEMENT LEG FENDERS are unique type of fenders in view of their construction, manufacturing process and performance. These fenders have a law reaction force and high energy absorption characteristic. Each size of element leg fender is available in different lengths as well as different grades to provide solution for most fender requirements.

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Cone Fenders

CONE FENDERS are the latest version of fenders developed based on the cell fenders, but increased deflection and high energy absorption. Cone fenders have to be used along with steel facing panel fitted with UHMW PE pads.

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Cell Fenders

This is designed based on the axial loading performance of cylindrical fenders with steel embedded within the rubber. Cell fenders can be used a single fender or combination of more fenders fixed to one steel facing panel. Cell fenders can be used only by using steel panel to reduce the face pressure acting on the hull of the berthing vessel.

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castable polyurethane posses

UREFLEX Products made from castable polyurethane posses superior qualities capable of with standing severe industrial service conditions whilst providing low rolling resistance and high load carrying capabilities.

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Gymnasium Floor

Rubber matting gives an elegant look to the gymnasium floor, eliminates slip hazards and promotes anti-fatigue, healthy and hygienic top surface. Interlocking gum tile is easy to install without any adhesive . Hard dense rubber stands up to all sports activity including heavy weights . These are very easy to maintain and designed to cover any shape or size of a room.

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Stable Mat

These mats are preliminary used in stable to ensure that horses live in totally clean, sterile and smell free environment. these mats are designed to be soft, warm, dry , smell and dust free.We have various type of stable mats with different designs. Stable mat with groove at bottom, stud at bottom, plain at bottom etc.

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Cow Mat

Cow mat keeps the cattle comfort and stress free. it helps to reduce injuries from slips or falls. keeps the animal warm and reduces the cold and humidity. the use of cow mat enhances milk or meat yield and is easy to clean.

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industrial anti fatigue mats

our industrial anti fatigue mats are ideal workstations mat in front of machines in factories and in areas that are subject to oil and debris . it is extreamely heavy duty oil resistant , and easy to clean

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Rib Mats

Rib mats is ideally suited for loose lay application for Floors, Rubbers, Loading areas. Work benches, General purpose areas, Entrance ways, Doors, Stairs , Ramps etc

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coin mats

Coin mats are with a raised circular design on the surface. its wildly used in indoor politicization such as Airport, Hotels, Shopping malls etc.

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Cylindrical Fenders

This is the most popular fender system around the world due to their simple construction and easy installation. Small outer diameter for use by a small boats and big outer diameter for use by a oil super tanker . The fenders can be installed horizontally or vertically.

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With key hole shaped inner bore have the flexibility to adjust the width to enable easy fixing. The fenders are mainly used for pushing large vessels; it can also be installed on curved structures and round corners.Available sizes –SQK200, SQK250, SQK300, SQK35O and other sizes as per customer requirements.

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D Fenders

DD FENDERS are most widely used fenders around the world for application like protection tug boats, small jetties and wharfs. Various sizes available DD50, DD75, DD100, DD125, DD150, DD200, DD250, DD300, DD400, DD450,   DD500 and other sizes can supply as per costumer requirement.

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Square Fenders

SQUARE FENDERS present a popular alternative to D type fenders where a more heavy duty performance is required. These fenders can be mounted on boats and tugs in straight as well as curved form. Holes for fixing the fenders can be drilled as per requirement.These fenders classified in to two types   SO FENDER Available sizes SO200, SO250, SO300, SO350, SO400, SO450, SO500.

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steel bollards

Steel Bollards are used to guard fagile areas or corner location on the roads, carparks and other industrial segments.

  • Dia Length Wall thickness
    60 mm 600 mm to 2000mm 4 mm
    90 mm 600 mm to 2000mm 4 mm
    100 mm 600 mm to 2000mm 4 mm
    115 mm 600 mm to 2000mm 4 mm
    125 mm 600 mm to 2000mm 4 mm
    140 mm 600 mm to 2000mm 4 mm
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Rubber Corner Guard

COLGARDS are extruded profile, manufactured from high impact resistant rubber, designed to protect the corners of the colums.COLGARDS are available with or without steel backing plates at various wing lengths. CL 65 with ‘O’ ring and without ‘O’ ring. CL75, CL 90, CL 100, CL 150 with Yellow strip and without Yellow strip.AD55, AD75, AD125 AD100 Yellow strip and without Yellow strip (CL – with steel backing plates, AD- without steel backing plates.) Other sizes can be supply based on orders.Easy installation, Easy maintenance, Longer life, Corner Guards can be supply on various colours.

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Solid tyre wheels

Solid tyre wheels Press – on – band tyres Direct bond tyres Pallet wheels Castor wheels.

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Arch Fenders

Can be used for small marinas with non marking type VLA fenders for luxury yatches and GRP vessels. Arch fenders with UHMW PE facing also useful where the vessel continues to move perpendicular to the fender after berthing thereby inducing shear stresses on thefender.

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Cold Vulcanization system

We undertake Repair Jobs- Cold Vulcanization system is used for lining large storage tanks , condenser tanks and pipes. The systems consists essentially of lining with pre-vulcanized rubber sheets, and using special adhesive which create a bond between pre-vulcanized rubber and substrate.

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rubber wheel stopper

Dual function yellow coloured, UV resistant reflective cover strip covers the fixing accessories giving smooth and attractive appearance Base width Height Length 138 mm 100 mm As per customer requirement 150 mm 150 mm As per customer requirement Other sizes can also be manufactured base on orders.   Easy installation, No floor preparation required as the installation is done with mechanical anchors, Can be installed after floor coating and traffic marking, Easy maintenance, Longer life.

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Are speed breakers designed for controlling the speed of vehicles. Speed breakers are used in roads, Vehicle pathways in parking area of building, Service stations, Vehicle testing centres etc.   Easy installation, No floor preparation required as the installation is done with mechanical anchors, Can be installed after floor coating and traffic marking, Easy maintenance, Longer life, Extruded design is provided with three yellow coloured UV resistant cover strips on the top covering the fixing accessories.   Base width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Type 400 500 50 Chequered plate Design 400 500 65 Chequered plate Design 600 500 30 Chequered plate Design 400 250 68 Groove design 600 500 75 Groove design 300 mm with yellow strip 60 Extruded Max.Length 12 mtr 300 mm with full black 60 Extruded Max.Length 12 mtr 300 mm with full black 75 Extruded Max.Length 12 mtr 300 mm with full black 80 Extruded Max.Length 12 mt    

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Wing Fenders

Easy installation on vessels and concrete structures .using small jetties, pleasure crafts, pilot boats, barges and tug boats.Available sizes – 4’’ , 6’’, 8’’ , 10’’, 12’’ , 14’’ , 16’’ and other sizes as per customer requirements.

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