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  9. Scaffold Tower 1 Products / Services available
  10. Steel Pipes 1 Products / Services available
  11. Metal Door 1 Products / Services available
  12. Awnings, Canopies & Sheds 2 Products / Services available
  13. Architectural Panels 1 Products / Services available
  14. Railing Fittings 1 Products / Services available
  15. Pipe Tees 1 Products / Services available
  16. Sewerage and Drainage Products 1 Products / Services available
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Other Products / Services

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of drainage accessories, rtrp pipes, steel sheds, FRP Chambers and FRP Kiosks & Enclosures

drainage accessories

Many standard, as well as custom, accessories are produced for sewerage and drainage systems to meet customer requirements. some examples include: Gully Pots Sealing Plates Ladders Safety Cages & Handrails

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rtrp pipes

Extra Co produces GRP (GP or ISO resin), GRV (Vinyl Ester resin), and GRE (Epoxy resin) pipes based on the specifications required for their use. The discontinuous FRPRTRP pipe manufacturing process (also known as dual-helical filament winding process) involves winding the resin soaked fiber onto a fixed position rotating mandrel of the required diameter (up to 4m). The pipe is then left to cure and harden before it is extracted from the mandrel. This manufacturing process limits the length of the pipe to the length of the mandrel (usually 9m or 6m), and is a slower process than the continuous manufacturing process. On the other hand, this manufacturing process allows for both radial as well as helical winding of the glass fibers onto the pipe which allows for achieving different tensile and compressive strength characteristics suitable for addressing different applications of varying pressure thresholds.

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steel sheds

Steel sheds and warehouses can be manufactured as per the design of the customer (standard section designs are also available). If the design of the shedwarehouse is complete and provided by the customer, Extra Co can manufacture and erect the structure as per required specifications. If the design is not available, Extra Co can propose an economical design for the customer and implement it as per the general requirements. Extra Co Structural Steel Division can also handle the required civil works common to sheds and warehouses, such as column foundations, block walls, etc... Similarly with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations, such as piping and cabling, light fixtures, etc... If the works are minor, Extra Co is capable of handling them in-house, otherwise one of the group contracting companies will be employed to complete the civil & MEP works. In other words, Extra Co is perfectly equipped to take on only the steel works or turnkey projects including civil and MEP works.

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FRP Chambers

FRP Manholes liners can be produced in all shapes and sizes as well as any angle combinations of inlets and outlets for the manhole benching. Extra Co also produces both single-wall and double-wall manholes. The advantage of double-wall manholes is that they can be installed very quickly by just lowering the manhole into position and pouring concrete between the two walls to provide the counterweight for the water table uplift force (avoiding all the formwork otherwise required for the foundation of the manhole) Similarly, Collection & Inspection Chambers are produced in all shapes (circular, square, rectangular) and sizes and as per the specifications and requirements of the customer. Liner shafts can also be produced separately if required by the customer.

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FRP Kiosks & Enclosures

Kiosks and enclosures can be manufactured as per the design of the customer (standard designs are also available). The hand-lay-up manufacturing process is used for the production of these items. Some examples of such products include: Kiosks & Enclosures ( Single & Double skins) Guard Houses & Cabins Meter Boxes Other Special Enclosures

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Steel Supports

Steel supports and platforms are manufactured as per the design of the customer. If the design of the steel supports is complete and provided by the customer, Extra Co can manufacture and erect the supports and platforms as per required specifications. If the design is not available, Extra Co can propose an economical design for the customer and implement it as per the general requirements. The steel supports can be manufactured using all types of sections, including but not limited to universal columnbeam sections, angles, channels, pipes, tubes, etc... Platforms can also be manufactured in any surface finish, including but not limited to smooth plates, checkered plates, grating, etc... Some examples of types of supports and platforms that are manufactured include: Pipes & Ducts Steel Supports Steel Trusses (For Beam Strengthening or Roofing Support) Power Transmission Tower Supports Rigs & Machines Steel Supports & AccessControl Platforms Industrial Steel Catwalks & Cross Bridges

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RTRP Fittings

Spools and Fittings are produced from either discontinuously wound pipes or continuously wound pipes, depending on the application and specifications required. The process is a manual one and requires cutting pipe segments to the required angles and then joined to form the fitting. Some fittings (particularly bendselbows) are produced by moulding using the filament winding process.The spools and fittings can be produced in GRP (GP or ISO resin), GRV (Vinyl Ester resin), or GRE (Epoxy resin), and can be in RTRP specifications. Extra Co also performs stress, Flexibility, and surge analyses (when required) for the appropiate design speicifications. Some examples of spools and fittings include: Bends (of Varying Degrees) T-Connections & Y-Connections Flanges Factory AssembledPre-Fabricated Spools

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