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Our Complete range of products are Seven Operations Woodworking Machine, Flanging Machine, Double Head Cutting Machine, Automatic Assembling Machine and ducting machine.

Seven Operations Woodworking Machine

THE MACHINE IS EQUIPPED WITH: - Aluminum Carriage with Tilting Blade and Spindle Moulder  - Scoring Unit with separate motor  - Aluminum carriage sliding on hardened and ground steel guides  

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Flanging Machine

DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE: This machine has been studied for the execution fo the heads of tank bottoms and it essentialluy consists of: - A basic structure and a top struction made of electro-welded  steel plates, thermally treated for welding stress relieving. The structures are thenstiffly mounted so to obtain the structural assembly of the machine which assures high sturdiness and, therefore, stability during flanging, slides for bottom-holder and bottom blocking carriages are fitted in the basic structures and in the top one ( for machines suitable to work thickness over 15mm) - Motorised lower bottom-holder carriage which supports the bottom during glanging which translates on screws on the carriage, it is fitted a hydraulic cylinder which allows height adjustment for bottom positioning.    - Motorised top-bottom blocking carriage, bnecesary to block the bottom against the lower carriage. It is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and translated on screw. - The shaped roll, built in high resistance steel, induction hardened with remarkable hardening depth, properly shaped according to the radius of the edge to be obtained, this roll is motorised by means of a radial pistons motor and it is equipped with infinitely variable rotation speed. - The flanging roll, built in the high resistance steel, induction hardened with remarkable haredning depth. Pushes by means of a system consistong of hydraulic cylinders, the bottom plate against the shaped roll. This operation may be done in manual or in automatic. - The bottom supporting rolsss, positioned underneath the shaped roll, support the edge of the bottom during the flanging. - Hydraulic system consists of motor pump group, oil tank, equipped with filter (with anti-clogging signal, level gauge, thermostat, oil water heat exchanger and group of valves and solenoid. Valves for the correct machine operation and safety. Main Pump for shaping roll rotation is with variable capacity hydraulic components: REXROTH-BOSCH - Duplomatic or similar quality brand. - Electrical system consists of: Main board, containing the power and protection components and the trasnformer, electric components: Telemecanique Siemenrs Nais or similar quwlaity brand. - Control panel: Places on the machine side so that it allows the operator to see very well the flanging zone: it is complete with:     * Starting key     * Warning lights     * Emergency     * joysticks and push-bottons   for the correct and complete machine working.  

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Double Head Cutting Machine

Double squaring machine with the left head fixed and the right head movable with a hand wheel lenght read-out on the mechanical gauge or digital display.  The operating units, outward inclinable up to 45 o  and height-adjustable, it comes with complete scoring blades.  A special pneumatic system moves the blades to the outsiede when the cut has been compelted, this preventing chipping the panel during the return stroke.  To improve panel stability the machine can be supplied with a suction cup system or with 4 pneumatic clamps.

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Automatic Assembling Machine

6 roller brushes for coated glass, one motor reductor for each brush - maximym glass height 2500mm, maximum glass thickness 10mm - Standard working direction from left to right, washing cabinet made of stainless steel - Washing-drying cabinet and blower with acoustic insulation, stepless adjustable feed    in washing section - Low-E washing function, stainless steel water pumps - Washing unit construction stainless steel, stainless steel doors - 4 stainless steel cabinets, no water mixing among the cabinets - Pressurized and angled spray nozzles, Spray nozzles removable - Nozzle control windows on cabinet, Easy maintenance and cleaning - squaring unit, gaps manually adjustable panel press unit, automatic combining and pressing - PLC controlled touch screen, variables press force depending on glass size - Double and triple IG units max. 2500 * 3210mm, up to 6mm total thickness,     fast and rigid hydraulic tilting table. - Low-E side detection VERSIONS: Glass Height: 1700, 2000, 2200, 2500 mm 8 roller brushes OPTIONS: * R-O Water demineralization, Extra vertical Conveyor * Horizontal Conveyor Table, Automatic spacer transport conveyor  

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ducting machine

Line  III consit of a feeding metal frame, leveler grooving roller, hydraulic notch and punch saquare machine, hydraulic shearer and fodler. The electrical control system uses a computer with closed-loop servo-system to increase the precision and realiability of the line.  The maximum working speed is 10m/min. The length Tolerance us  + 0.5mm. The diagonal line tolereance is  + 0.8mm . The capacity if the manufacturing process will produce 1000m 2  of square duct.

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Spacer Profile preparing Machines

Butyl container contains 7 kg  - Coating of circular/curved spacer frames - Belt speed adjustment 0 - 36 m/min.  - Automatically adjustable spacer width 6-30mm - Digital display temperature controller Low temperature safety system - High pressure safety systemAdjustable working pressure and material flow - Belt movement right to left

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Section and Pipe Banding Machines

-  Steel construction frame - 3 Rolls are powered - Rolls shafts are special steel - Rolls are hardened and ground - Horizontal & Vertical working position - Standard rolls - Mobile and control panel - 3 Axis Mech. lateral angle guide rolls - Brake Motor - Digital read-outs (2 pcs) - Instruction and maintenance manual(English) - CE approved

  • Technical Data            Unit               HPK-65  
        Upper roll shaft        mm (Dia.)                   65  
        Bottom rolls shaft         mm (Dia.)                   50  
        Roll Diameter               mm                 180  
        Working Speed          m/min                   5  
        Motor Power           kw                   3  
        Overall Dimensions           mm         820 x 645 x 1045  
        Weight            kg                750
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Hornet XS CNC Cutting Machine

The HORNET XS™ is built strong to deliver accurate profile cut parts and includes standard features normally  offered only as options on more expensive machines. HORNET XS is a full featured medium duty single side  drive CNC profile cutting machine for production plasma cutting up to 1” (25mm) and oxy-fuel cutting up to 3”  (75mm). Powerful AC Servo drives, the easy-to-use Hypertherm MicroEDGE™ CNC control, Premium  components and Rigid steel construction ensure consistent highly accurate profile cut parts. The HORNET XS  is the right choice for job shops, maintenance shops and structural steel shops. If you’re looking for your first  CNC cutting machine or need to increase your production capacity - theHORNET XS – is the right choice.

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Band Saw

THE MACHINE IS EQUIPPED WITH: - Cast iron solid flywheels  - Cast Iron Arm flywheels 9SNA 800) - Tilting Table - Upper blade guide with bearings - Lower blade guide with wooden elements - Blade tension indicator - Blade guard with rack movement - CE standards

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Knee Universal Milling machine

The Universal Knee-Type Milling Machine is suit for milling flat, inclined face, angle surface, slots by employing disc uctters, angular cutters, formed cutters and face metal milling cutters.  When mounted with th index, the machine will be able to perform milling operations in gears, cutter, helix groove, cam and tub wheel.  The longitudinal, cross and vertical movements of the blade can both be operated by hand and power, and it can be rapid moved. Working table and slide ways adopted quality cast hardened ensure high accuracy. 

  • Technical Data     Unit               X6132A  
       Table Size      mm             320 x 1320  
       Longitudinal Travel X      mm                800/780  
       Cross travel Y      mm                300/280  
        Vertical Travel Z      mm                 410/400  
        Feed Speed Steps      mm                    18  
        Feed Speed ranges:      
                   Longitudinal X  mm/min                 15-750  
                   Cross Y  mm/min                 15-750  
                   Verical Z  mm/min                 5.7-280  
        Min. Distance between spindle center to table       mm                 235-535  
        Spindle speed steps                     18  
        Spindle speed ranges        Kw               30-1500  
        Main motor power        Kw                  7.5  
        Overall Dimensions       mm       2327 x 1792 x 1720  
         Weight         Kg                  3300  
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Glass Cutting Machine

Gantry Bridge Movement, Rack-pinion drive, Integrated loading arms. - Overall sizes : 3.500x4.100 mm - Glass Dimensions3.210x2.500 mm  - Cutting Speed 110 mt/min - Cutting tolerance ?0, 3 mm - 3 axis shape cut/2 axis straight cut - Cutting oil tank with low level warning - Air cushion with shut-off valve - Cutting head no glass monitoring - Windows based PC - Data transfer through USB, /Ethernet/CD, Remote sericing through modem

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cnc water jet cutting machine

Heavy Wall Steel Tubing Machine Frame and Beam • Integrated Cutting Table with Remotely Adjustable Water Level • Remote Pedestal Hypertherm® Automation CNC Control • 1, 000 IPM (25m/min) Rapid Traverse Speed • 1, 100 Watt (1.6 HP) AC Servo Motors and Drive Amplifiers • Linear Encoder Feedback on X and Y Axes • Helical Rack & Pinion Drive on X & Y Axes • Z-Axis Lifter Powered by Linear Actuator • Bellows Covering All Drive Axes and Cable Carriers • Master Tool Carriage • High Pressure Whip Delivery System   CNC CONTROL & OPERATOR CONTROL CONSOLE FEATURES: •  Microsoft® Windows® XP® - Embedded Version • Hypertherm® Automation Phoenix® Motion Control Software • Intel 2.4 Ghz or greater, 512 Megabytes RAM • 60.0 Gigabyte Hard Drive or greater • PS2 Keyboard & Mouse Ports • (1) On-board RJ-45 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port • (5) 2.0 USB & (2) Serial-9 Pin Ports • Machine Side Opto-Isolation • 68 Standard Shapes Included • 15” (380mm) LCD Touch-Screen Monitor • Industrial Keyboard and Mouse • Multiple E-STOP Buttons   AQUA HORNET OPTIONS: •  Second Tool Carriage for Additional Cutting Head • Various Waterjet Cutting Heads • Waterjet/Plasma Combination Available • Abrasive Feed Control • Abrasive Removal Systems • MTC CNC Programming Software     Technical Data MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS   Linear Positional Accuracy  +/- .005” (.127mm) Repeatability  +/- .001” (.025mm) Effective Cutting Widths:  4’, 5’, 6’ (1.2m, 1.5m & 1.8m) Effective Cutting Lengths:  4’, 8’, 10’, 12’ (1.2m, 2.5m, 3.0m & 3.6m) Maximum Traverse Speed  1, 000 IPM (25m/min) Maximum Tools (2) Cutting Heads Waterjet Intensifier Pressures Up to 90, 000 PSI Input Power - Machine 240VAC Single Phase, 25A Dedicated Circuit Input Power – Intensifier Refer to Intensifier Manufacturer’s Manual  

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 Wheels to move the machine  - Rolls supporting device dia. 700mm  - Glue tank with electronic control of the temperature at     200 o -130 o . when the doesn't work, the temperature automatically    goes down from 200 o -130 o  - Shears unit with pneumatic system to cut edges from 0.4 to 3mm    with automatic kickback of the edge - Cutters with 2mm radius with 2 knives - Edge pressure unit complete with 2 rollers, Adjsutable through   digital numerical read out:    * 1 st  motorized roller with separate, adjustable pressure system    * 2 nd  idle roller with separate adjustable pressure system  - Lateral support with conveyor roller for wide panels  - No. 1 suction hood dia. 50mm  - No. 1 Suction hood dia. 100mm  - Manual upper pressure with rubber wheels with adjustment     through numerical read-out.  - 'CE' standards

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Air Compressor

wo stages With Automatic Drain With Dust Holding Bowl Filter Elements Very Easy to change With Paper Element With Electric Indicator PNEUMATIC SYSTEM: INCLUDES: AIR SUCTION CONTROL VALVE  -  which provides the operation option of constant unloaded, constant loaded /unloaded or adjustable order.  Also in cases of sudden shut down where pressure is present or during the normal stops, it prevent the air/oil mixture from flowing backwards. (function like check valve)  PISTON FOR SUCTION CONTROL VALVE-   Which opens and closes the intake control valve.  MODULATED CONTROL VALVE  -    Which helps the compressor in producing as much air as is consumed and provides regular working and energy save.  MINIMUM PRESSURE VALVE  -   Which prevents air from entering from the tank before the inside pressure of the tank has reached 3.5 bars .  BURKERT TRADEMARKED 3/2 WAY SOLLENOID VALVE    -  Which enables the compressor  to work unloaded and loaded. It controls the suction control valve piston.  TORC OR ASCO TRADEMARKED 2/2 WAY SOLLENOID VALVE  - Which enables the compressor to switch over the smooth load by discharging the air within the separator tank.  MAX. PRESSURE SELECTION RELAY   -   which operates the compressor relation to the amount of air that will be used by supplying the control air from the outlet pressure or internal pressure .  OIL FLOW INDICATOR   -   which checks the flow of the oil collected during the separator's second stage as It is send to the air end bearings.  FILTH HOLDER    -  which cleans the oil going  to t

  • pe      LKV 5.5     LKV 7.5       LKV 11  
        Pressure      7.5/10    7.5/10/13      7.5/10/13  
        Motor Power (Kw/Hp)       5/7.5      7.5/10         11/15  
        Receiver (lt)        500         500           500  
        Weight        420         438           450  
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Grinding Machines

Band saw butt welder are suitable for the modern method of joining band saw blades, giving a joint strenght of 25% higher than that of the base metal strenght. it eliminates the old process of the overlapped brazing. It has quicl and automatic resistance welding, thus eliminating human error and provides a perffect and strong joint. The band saw bade ends are cut straight at right angles and free of burrs during welding process. A special shearing attahment is given for cutting the piences at right angles. A grinding attachment removes the burrs from the welded zone.

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Combined Milling Machine

The multiple milling machine OMEC F9 is used to make parallel indents for door frames and other furniture pieces. The machine is equipped with a cutter unit and two saw units to allow the machining of 45 O  cut. The F9 model machine automatically single both cases and single crosspieces. The locking of the pieces takes place automatically at the beginning of each cycle. The same takes place for the release of the pieces at the end of each cycle. Controls are located on a built-in control panel. The F9 model is controlled by a numerical control system which is entrusted with the working cycle control.

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cnc punch machine

VT series, adopts the hydraulic system of the first class, whose stroke and speed are changed digitally. The max punch hit can be reached 600hpm, and that at 25mm pace can be uo to 350hpm.  The large lead ballscrew and linear guideway of high precision are equipped for driving.  The first class CNC system with digital alternating servo motor ensures the precision.  The imported pneumatic, hydraulic and electric components ensure the perfect quality.  The inlay turret of high precesion owns the long service life, and the customer can select the number of stations between 24 and 32.  After the advance process and heat treatment, the service life of the rolling has been extended to a large extent. Adopting worm-wheel and worm mechanism of high precision, the auto index, whose max diameter is 88.9, can be extended.  Flexible configuration with long or short tooling can be selected accorfing to the customer requirement. The integral structure of beam and carriage enhances the rigidity and precision, which is especially suitable for VT-400, 500, 600 and 800.   Technical Data   Downloads Technical Specification

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Veneer Cutter Machines

Vice revolving to the right and left from 0 o  to 45 o -  Motor Guard -  Device for parallel cut OPTIONAL EQUIPEMENT: - Carbide blade dia. 350mm - Pedestal in steel plate

  • Type      Unit         TMS 350  
      Blade Shaft revolutions      Rpm           3000  
      Maximum Blade size       mm           350  
      weight of the machine with pedestal       Kg            86  
      Electric Motor     Kw(Hp)         1.5(2.0)  
      Dimensions       mm    560 x 870 x 510
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surface planners

 Direct Start  - Hanging Panel Board  - bridge safety guard  - Infeed table adjustment through lever  - 'CE' Standard  

  • Technical Data                PF410  
        Width of the tables     mm                410  
        Length of the tables     mm                2750  
        Infeed table length     mm                1500  
        Outfeed table length     mm                1200  
        Size of the fence     mm            1350 x 170  
        Working table height     rpm                 800  
        Max. depth of cut     mm                   8  
        Spindle rotational speed     rpm                 5000  
        Fence tilt up to                  00-450  
        of the spindle     mm                  120  
        Suction dust hood diam     mm                  150  
        Knives                    4 no  
        Motor      Hp                  5.5  
        Overall dimensions      mm      2750 x 730 x 1850  
        Noise level as per CE standard      mm             76.5 db(A)  
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bending Machines

Electromechanical bending machine for forming arcs and circles. Simultaneous bending operations by means of 2x motorgears. OPTIONALS: 1/2 Mtr. Akolom bar for manufacturing set of rollers Set Rollers for bending steel Single Phase Motor  

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Plate Rolling Machine

 Very sutiable for light and medium plate, aluminum or stainless steel - Ferrules in full circle or varing radiuses can be done easily - Lateral rolls move with hydraulic pistons - Overload protection - All rolls are powered by hydromotor and planetary gearbox - Hydraulic Drop-End for easy removal of finished ferrule - Easy operation with Mobile control panel - Digital read outs - Welded steel frames - Induction hardened forged or rolled SAE 1050 (CK 45) Steel rolls - Conical bending device - Hydraulic balancing system - Built according to EC safety Directives and has CE mark  

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vertical panel saw

CE' Standards  - Motor with belt transmission  - Suction Unit with Bag  - Electric Box  - With manual movement of the working table with visible blade      positioning to avoide contact of the blade with the supporting       strips when horizontal cuts are executed and lifting wheels to      make easieer of the panels to slide.  - Metric rod on the left side  - Mechanical pedal to lock post  

  • Technical Data        GS42E/ SVP  
        Max. Cutting length   mm            4200  
        Max. Vertical cutting height   mm            2200  
        Max. Horizontal cutting height   mm            2080  
        Max. cutting widht   mm              60  
        Motor Power    Hp               4  
        Blade diameter   mm          250x30  
         Blade speed   rpm            5300  
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Manual Single Head Copy Router

Manual Single Head Copy Router with pneumatic clamps and lubrication with manual Tracer points. S TANDARD EQUIPMENT:  Collet D.8mm Pneumatic Clamoing set 2x tracer points with 3 Diameters: 5/8/10mm Copy Template for standard executions Porfile's Stop OPTIONALS: Collet D.10mm Emulsified cutting oil 20Lt. Single Phase Motor  

  • Technical Data   Unit             MASTER  
      Single head      
      Height Working Table    mm               860  
      Copy Template                  2  
      Working Pressure    bar                7  
      Min. Pressure    bar                2  
      Max. Pressure    bar                7  
      Mill Spindle & Revolutions    rpm           12000  
      Motor Power    Hp               1
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Belt Sanding Machine

Automatic lifting of the table fence on the table Limit switch of the table lifting Suction Unit "CE' Standard

  • Technical Data    Unit      GL 25        GL 30    
         Working Table Dimensions    mm     2500x800     3000x800    
         Table vertical movement    mm         570         570    
         Main Motor with 2 speeds  Kw(Hp)     2.2/3 (3/4)     2.2/3(3/4)    
         Abrasive belt dimensions    mm     6550x150     7800x150    
         Belt speed    rpm       17-35       17-35    
         Goosneck useful depth    mm        600         600    
         Gooseneck useful height    mm        180         180    
         Pulley diameter    mm        220         220    
         Head lifting motor power     kw        0.37          0.37  
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Gladding/Trimming Machine

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: - Steel welded construction - Adjustable idle roll - Steel shafts with bronze bushings - Reduction motor with brake system - Movement of rolls with foot pedal - Complete with stand - 4 Set of rolls standard  - Built according to EC Safety Directives  

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end milling machine

Horizontal end milling machine with manual feeding, milling at 45°/90°/-45°  and intermediate degrees with quick change of the cutter block. Equipped  with spindle at 2800rpm with useful stroke 390mm. Max cutter diameter 200mm.  Threephase motor 2, 5HP.       STANDARD EQUIPMENT   Pneumatic clamping set   Turret stop for presetting 6 milling depths   Pneumatic spray mist lubrication   Cutter blok D. 32mm   Air gun   Air filter   Full protection guard       OPTIONALS   Single phase motor   Cutter block D.32mm   Emulsified cutting oil 20l  

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Corner Crimping Machines

Glazing Bead Saw with automatic feeding of the sawing carriage, Full protection of the blades, Pneumatic clamping set, 2x Motors 2800 rpm/min, vertical adjustment of the support surface by handle, radial sliding of the saws unit.

  • Technical Data   Unit                VECTRA  
      Hydropneumatic corner crimping machine suitable ti every kind of alluminium profile.  
      Minimal Working pressure   bar              7  
      Max. Air Pressure   bar            10  
      1x profile backing block   mm            20  
      1x profile backing block   mm            40  
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Hydraulic Press Brakes

NC Press Brake Machines is the best choice for it's low price and high working capabilities. * The parallelism of this machine is achieved by torsion bar system * Guiding system with heavy duty bearings in order to obtain best     parallelism * NC Control Unit for programming X and Y axis * Motorized X and Y axis * Bending Program Memory STANDARD EQUIPMENT * Promecam Type Punch Clamping System * Ballscrews on the backgauge * Standard X Axis * Programmable NC Control Unit * 100 Pcs. Program Memory * Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Operating Modes * Remote Foot Control Pedal with Emergency Stop Buttons * Movable backgauge finger * Standard Movable Front Support Arms with T-Slots  

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Sealing Processing Machine

Cooling temperature up to -45C o - Heating cabin with acoustic signal - Stainless steel body - Separate temperature display for each cabin - Cooling Fluid circulation pump

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spot welding

We are offering spot welding

  • echnical Data  Unit            DN-16  
        Rated Power  Kva              16  
        Max. welding thickness of low carbon steel         0.5+0.5-3+3  
        Max. welding diameter   mm              6+6  
        Welding production rate   mm              500  
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Gluing Machine

power hammer

Tilting Copy Router

Boring Machine

Hydraulic Presses

Brushing Machines

Radial Drill Machine

Sanding Machines

hydraulic folder

Mechanical Shearing Machines

foot shear

Lathe Machines

lock former

Band Saw Cutting Machines

Air Dryers

Spindle Moulder Machine

Circular Saw

turning lathes

Manual Folding Machines

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