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ARC Welding Transformer (ARC Welding Transfor)

ARC Welding Transformer (ARC Welding Transfor)

We are the prime ARC Welding Transformer Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in Dubai. The ARC Welding Transformer is a dynamic 300/400& 600 single/multi operator with unique current control (stepless) with remote current control facility. A special design of ARC Welding Transformer provides for excellent dynamic characteristics and thus ensures smooth & optimum metal transfer. Easeweld Dynamic series AC ARC Welding Transformer is naturally/forced air cooled & oil cooled. 3 phase/single phase 400/400 volts AC, welding machines for heavy duty manual metal arc welding also be used as power sources for TIG welding of aluminum magnesium & their alloys.

Known For
  • Ideal for aluminium argon arc welding
  • Stepless smooth & infinitely variable current regulation even form remote during welding in progress
  • Easy portability
  • Class 'h' insulation
  • Smooth and excellent arc ensure minimum spatter higher metal recovery
  • Unique for site construction works
  • Higher OCV enables use of longer welding cables without problems welding lead resistance drop
  • Low power consumption due to high quality materials utilized
  • Negligible maintenance due to no moving parts
  • No humming/sound
Extra Options The following can be supplied as optional :
  • Power factor correction capacitors
  • Ammeter & voltmeter
  • Set of standard welding accessories
Custom Built Machine The Specifications given below are for standard Dynamic series A.C. Arc welders. Special machines of non-standard input voltage requirements, welding current ranges or open circuit voltage ranges can be supplied against specific orders.

Technical Specifications

TypeUnitDynamic 300Dynamic 400Dynamic 600
Primary voltage400/440 Vac, Phase 3, 50 hz
Rating ContinuousKVA16-Dec16/21.624.32
Rating @ 60% duty cycleKVA16/2120/2730/40.5
Open circuit voltageV66/9066/9066/90
Operating Arc VoltageV22-3222-3623-39
Welding Current RangeA40-30050-40060-600
Max. Cont Hard welding----
Current @ 60% duty cycleA225300450
Max, Continue. Automatic---
Welding Current @ 100%---
Duty CycleA175230360
Max. Intermittent welding---
Class of InsulationClass of Insulation
Recommended Fuse (Delayed Action)A5580120
Approx dimensions---
LxWxHmm585, 430, 75585, 485, 750635, 535, 750
Weight Approxkg155195225
Note : In View of Continuous development Specifications subject to change without prior notice

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