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Our Complete range of products are Fastners, Pipes / Tubes, Gasket, Hose Fittings and Stainless Steel Pipe.


Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Anchor Fasteners, Stud Bolts, Eye Bolt, Stud , Threaded Rod, Cotter Pin, Socket Screw, Fine Fasteners & Spares, Foundation Fasteners, etc.   Stainless Steel :AISI 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310, 317, 317L, 321, 347, 40, 420, 904L ETC.   Alloy Steel :4.6, 5.6, 6.6, 8.8, 10.9 & 12.9/ 'R', 'S', 'T' conditions.

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Pipes / Tubes

Carbon Steel   SMLS/ERW/EFW/SAW  ASTM / ASME A 53 GR. A & B, ASTM A 106 GR. A, B & C . API 5L GR. B, API 5L X 42, X 46, X 52, X 60, X 65 & X 70 . ASTM / ASME A 691 GRA, B & C � to 32 inch.   Stainless Steel   ASTM / ASME SA 312 GR. TP 304, 304L, 304H, 309S, 309H, 310S, 310H, 316, 316TI, 316H, 316 LN, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347 H, 904L .

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We provide a range of high-quality gaskets to sealing the fear of leakage at an affordable price. Our credible engineers offer services for industrial use also like automotive, aerospace, chemical industries, electronics, military research centers and other industries where is preventing leakage of gases and liquids is the main concern.   Gaskets we deal in;       Sheet Gaskets: For normal industrial purpose, and piece of materials like graphite which can bear a high pressure.     Solid Material Gaskets: These kinds of gaskets are constituted from metals widely used in chemical industry to prevent the leakage due to a very high temperature and pressure.     Spiral Wound Jackets: Wound jackets are made up with soft fillers manufactured on the high level temperature. Its metallic material used for a specific purpose only.     Double Jacketed Gaskets: Designed with two protective layers are constructing materials are filler and metals.     Kamm Profile Gaskets: This is especially available for high temperatures and extra beneficial with corrugated core and flexible covering layers.     Customized gaskets: Our adaptable gaskets are best for a long lifespan as compared others. They do not match easily but stay longer can be used as a distinctive kind of seal off tooling condition.     It is recommended to work with custom gaskets rather than investing money on other massive quantity. It will be a time-saving cost-effective application for you.   Gaskets benefits:       The Flange Load: High pressure on the flange surfaces churns the product and compresses the gasket to create an anti-leakage seal. The gaskets are sufficiently hard to bear the load contribute in creating prefect seal.     Temperature bearing: Our engineers treat them through various ways to tolerate the high temperature and their high-grade materials make them more efficient and temperature resistant.     Fluid: Some chemicals have high corrosive in nature and it is difficult to compress a liquid than a gas. This is a considerable thing that for extra security, our ring gaskets preferred by various clients dealing in heavy industry around all UAE.     Our years of experience in the industry make it affordable, long-lasting and profitable for your business or your home. Making you secure is our only aim and thus we have tag of one of the best  gasket suppliers in UAE.  

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Hose Fittings

In the modern era of emerging new technologies, our company adapted the latest technology to reduce the current challenges of hose fitting. FanaTech is having highly experienced ambitious team of researcher and engineers made us effective and most reliable  hose fittings suppliers in Dubai.   Our quality hose will help you:       Gardening: The watering in the gardens and in your favorite flower pot is tough due to its irregularities but our hose is flexible can adaptable to any structure. With in various sizes and color choices, it will help you enjoy your gardening.     Air blowing: This is functioning for the cleaning of industrial machinery or other equipment to spray the air with a strong pressure. You can use it in the garden cleaning air blower to accommodate it as your safety and facility. It can bear strong pressure and long lasting for this purpose.     Irregular supply of water: There are so many industries that need water at very often but not regularly so for this purposes the hose is a very beneficial product for those factory owners. As many small factories cannot afford a regular water supply fitting for their massive water consumption occasionally.     Cleaning system: Several instruments of cleaning need a temporary pipe. We as high-level experts always keep in mind our customers’ needs. So we designed these to give extra benefits at low investment.     What are our specializations in Hose fittings supply?       Hose assemblies installation: Hose assemblies installation is a critical process and needs a lot of professionalism to follow the strict instructions. An improper installation can result in the leakage and damage to the property or manpower. We follow the standards of both government and industries and our well trained can install it in a proper way at any structure.     Hose size and bending radius: Size is measured from inside the tube, not from outside and radius indicates the adapting power at high fluid pressure. We have a range of sizes with minimum bending radius.     If you planned to go with any of the  hose fittings suppliers in Dubai , please be aware of hose specification detailed by the manufacturing company. Check the material by which it is made and the hardness and flexibility of the material. This is because there are many factors and conditions affect the inside and outside of the hose.   You need to calculate all these facts and explain it to our professionals so they can guide which material will be beneficial for you and can meet your requirements for your customized choice.

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Stainless Steel Pipe

Before considering the metal type for your project of pipe fitting first ensure the purpose of using and the fluid load, temperature and other factors that affect the age of pipes. After inspecting it will be easy to determine the type of metal to be used.   We, FanaTech invest our years in this industry and today we are the most effective and trustable organization and also the one of the biggest  pipe suppliers in UAE.  Our company uses the latest technology in manufacturing of stainless steel pipes and we are known for inventing attitude to the meet the demands of every customer from each industry.   What we are?   Stainless steel pipe suppliers   Our steel pipes are built with anti-corrosion technology and don’t get damage even after exposing into the water for years. Specially designed and manufactured for the industries like water supplying company, underground fitting of the pipe where they stay in contact with moisture and humidity that causes rusting.   Normal  stainless steel pipe suppliers  in UAE supply pipes easily get damaged while our well-treated pipe has a long life in adverse condition.   Carbon steel pipe suppliers   To make an extra beneficial product for the heavy duty industrialist we added a carbon which is known for its durability to the steel in a calculated ratio to make them last longer and extra strong. Used in the industries or the complicated tasks. In the chemical industries solidness and power of bearing on the high pressure are essential facts.   So there are a huge uses of an effective product thus we are available as  carbon steel pipe suppliers. The best point of our pipes is that they are recyclable and reusable to accommodate for any project in various shapes.     Features of our pipes:       Super Strength: Our expert's main concerned for the strength to provide quality and making them long durable which results in a growth in your revenue and also secure your company/ office/house from leakage of water.     Morphing Power: Our dedicated professional's engineers customize the age of the pipes according to your project life. We have various categories for the automation, factories and other industries.     Endurance: Their endurance power is quite high and great option for household usage and sprinklers. One more quality is their property of anti rusting makes them use in ship construction and electric power plants.     FanaTech is serving the numerous industries for years and one of the largest service area of clients and various categories according to size, quality and the purpose of the use. We also supply for local  pipe suppliers in UAE.

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Pipes are the backbone of the industries, any fluids which are required for the manufacturing of the materials in an industry, presence of pipes is a necessity. There can be numerous pipes manufacturing companies available in UAE, but we distributors have to choose the best among all to supply a good quality product to the customer.  Interpipe UAE  is being there in the field of pipe manufacturing over years. We FanaTech Engineering & Trading L.L.C is one of the distributors of Interpipe have joined hands with the company in establishment of its growth and upgrading with new products. Our customer requirement for the pipes is also vast, it important for us to get a good product to them.     What are the Interpipe products we distribute?   Interpipe is doing a great job in manufacturing different varieties of pipes for various industrial applications. We distributors analyze the application of each pipe and approach the targeted customers are in the requirement of the pipes. The pipes of Interpipe we deal with are follow;       Industrial pipes   OCGT   Line pipes   Sour service pipes   Coatings   Mechanical pipes     The durability of these pipes is extraordinary. The ability to withstand a high pressure and any stress is fabulous and that's why it is being used in the variety of application.   We undergo many processes in the delivery of the pipes to our customer and our retailers. We have to come out with a good plan in the process of execution of the supply. Our experts get into the market and make the complete list of the customer and their requirement. People need up gradation of the components at every instance, so we have to get the requirement and take it to manufacturers for making the advancement in the pipes, any improvement in the pipes have to be made also we will bring to the notice of the manufacturers.   Our customer service is being widespread all over the UAE. Since the industrial growth is vast in the country, the need for the industrial pipes is also high. To sustain in the field of distribution we have to gain the trust of the customers and the manufacturers. We are the acting bridge between them. So it the delivery of the products at the right time is more important part of them all. Delay in the delivery would bring us down since there are more chances for the customer to lose the trust in us.

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fisher valves

Fisher valves are used for the purpose of gas or chemical fittings. Also for controlling the flow of liquid or gas in several types of equipment like burner of the industrial instruments like in gas welding machine.   In our high tech labs, we develop them after a series of tests, experiments and observations to make them super strong and able to bear a very high temperature and as it is the work of micro-engineering and safety, our all labs are approved by authority scientists and passed every rules and guideline of national and international commission.   We offer a series of sizes for all type of machineries or instruments and  fisher valves UAE.  FanaTech Engineering is standard at every aspect like exact size and high quality to eliminate the chances of leakage and can provide you the full access of how much heat or gas you want to be passed through it at your exact time of need without a delay of single microsecond that will help you to figure the exact design or the result.   As we are in the industry for years and the exact need of every industry we use high-quality metals and ingredients in making them. And our palace is famous for  fisher valves UAE.     Uses of Fisher valves:       High-pressure water pipelines and even in the fitting for the gardening in homes, parks or another public place where is need of control of the pressure of water to minimize its wastage.   In medical factories where the scientists or doctors need laser focused control at the flow of chemicals or gases in experimenting.   Heavy industries like big factories to stop the pressurized flow of water, chemicals, and gases to eliminating the chances of any physical or material damage.   In instruments like compressors or blowers, welding instruments where the operating person wants no delay and mistake in his work.   Many type of devices like petrol distributing machines at petrol stations or gas stations people use fisher valves. To control the amount of passing material or to secure the environment from leakage of gases you can use this.   This is a petro material and also profitable for owners and customers to provide the volume of the material as much as they purchased.     Our highly professional and well-equipped factory environment will be to make the best product for you. Just be with FanaTech Engineering & Trading L.L.C. and feel the peaceful moment of security in using our secured products.

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Stainless Steel Mesh

Welded mesh is a metal screen with welded wires. A high-quality stainless steel mesh is required for giant industrial or architectural projects to reduce the noise level in constructing-palace. A lead construction company always believes in quality as our supplying area spread nationally and internationally we are one of the most reliable  stainless steel mesh suppliers in UAE.   Stainless steel we use in the wiring to the plate is almost of superior quality. FanaTech Engineering uses high tech designing machine to save time, efforts and labor cost by which our client can purchase a large number of units in a very short time at economical rates.   Our years of experience make us the expert in every size and use of the mesh. We provide a variety of size and materials and we make customized mesh according to the exact need of our client to provide them with a unique experience in the deal and the product using.   Reasons, why people recommend FanaTech Engineering?       Responsiveness: We support you as a partner and provide you a product in which quality control standards are maintained. Our experts also give you advice, a fresh idea and an alternative when you stuck with any problem in implementing. We can design client friendly production schedule whenever they need strongly interested in the outcome of the final project.     Commitment to quality: Most of our clients use our product in the sensitive testing applications such as in particle size analyzing. So we are committed to providing them quality so that they can detect the exact observations of size in architectural settings to make a positive impact on their entire project.     Feasibility: As we supply to the small entrepreneur to a big company. In other concerns, the price is also our main concern. We are dedicated to providing quality materials at an affordable price. It makes us unique in the industry and proves that our good sense of business is profitable for every client connected with us or willing to be connected.     A range of other factors also affects while purchasing a mesh from any manufacturer or suppliers. Customer experience, staff supporting, flexible payment method supports the supplier or manufacturer to make their brand identity and trust in their clients. As we believe doing you can check the testimonials of our satisfied clients how they succeed in their business by choosing us as  stainless steel mesh suppliers in UAE.  Check and decide what is better for you.  

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A fastener is the contributor in all successful working of small or big technological boons. One cannot dare to visualize a daily life without a fastener. We basically work as one of the leading  fastener suppliers in Dubai  use a fastener for a non- permanent joint. Non-permanent joint mean here is not temporary but a joint which helps in dissembling and resembling of the machines, gadgets for repairing purposes.   Fasteners come in many different forms and we are a famous name and also very fast  fasteners suppliers in Dubai.  FanaTech Engineering and Trading L.L.C produces the various types of fasteners like nuts, bolts, crews and also the customized sizes fasteners at the demand of various mechanical or other research centers and help them to create their dream project gadget or device for helping the society..   Metals we use to configuring the fasteners:   Carbon steel:  This is the most commonly used material for fasteners.   Alloy Steel:  for the use of electronic devices to increase the lifespan and easy to disassemble the device.   Stainless Steel:  Another commonly used material to reduce the chances of rusting.   Titanium:  Used in hybrid and gigantic technological structures like aircraft, ships, and almost big machines of every industry to make them efficient and secure in every aspect and condition.   Aluminum:  This is often used in the lightweight loading systems and common mechanical devices as non-electrical instruments.   We also improve their quality by using various types of coating to increase their lifespan and work efficiency. Our coated fasteners are resistant to corrosion and they work smoothly.     Fastners plating in FanaTech:       Cadmium Plating   Zinc Plating   Phosphate Plating   Chromium plating   Silver Plating   Black Oxidizing   Nickel Plating     FanaTech Engineering uses advanced machines and electroplating and recently launched technology in this process at our World-class tech lab fully functioned by AI to maintain the quality of our product and also our client’s product because we also supply to various manufacturing and assembling hub of gadgets, vehicles and also home appliances. Some of our clients have a business of craft and firefighters engine assembling.   By the result of this, as we are one of the best B2B  fastener suppliers in Dubai  , we also have the responsibility of our clients business, and as mentioned above our company is the number one fasteners supplier in Dubai because we also care our client’s client.   Our business is improving the business reach of our client’s business. Contact us to make your business scalable and profitable and be the one of our client whose clients are the satisfied clients.  

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Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are mainly used in plumbing and electrical conduit systems to connect the two tubes or pipes together. Where two surfaces are made up of two dissimilar materials than the plumber uses this fitting to make it leakage proof. Fitting allows an easy connection and disconnection while we need to change the fitting. Professionals use them into the faucets of luxury hotels and homes.   Another main reason for the popularity of  compression fitting Dubai  is that it does not require soldering process so they are very easy and quick to use. If you are fitting the pipes in an industrial area or a factory where the valves have to bear a quite high temperature and pressure and environment require cleaning of fitting at several times then nothing is better than compression fitting.   Corrosion resistance:   We are coated them with anti decaying materials that they do not have any humid attack and rusting. If you are looking for  compression fittings, Dubai  we make them extra strong by adding other alloys and metals in it. Also, various ways of electroplating at the approval of industry scientists and experts make their design and sizes accurately. By the result of this process, their life period is boosted for a long time and that saves your time and money both.   Airtight performance:   A fitting material provided by us is not only the fitting material but it is the result of years of experience of our experts our manufacturing department and trust of our clients. A joint made by this is airtight and you don’t need to be scared of leakage and its shortage. We use stainless steel; aluminum and other A grade materials in making of them.   Our experts always ensure that every single need of our valuable client is timely met in the most economical way. We supply our compression fittings to the number of the industry including construction industry to provide the supreme quality products at cost-effective prices. We care about the size and design requirements of our clients so we provide a range of compression fitting materials and also the facility of size customization according to the necessity of appliances.   FanaTech are backed up by a well-furnished infrastructural lab with appropriate tools and manpower. We use latest technology and tools in the lab to stay ahead in the industry. Our well-trained staff and modern technology make your buying journey easy and timely  compression fittings Dubai  service does his work without a little delay.  

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Metalfar flanges

Every oil and gas industries are occupied by the Metalfar UAE products and flanges, in accordance to Metalfar you provide extraordinary products to the customer. The metal for flanges is being supplied worldwide by us since the flanges have pulled a huge crowd towards it. The supply of the metalfar flanges is being done us over decades.     The company believes in us that we would take the product and deliver to the targeted customers. Our experts who are in the direct contact with the customers and the retailer, says that Metalfar flanges are being preferred by the people more. This is because our suppliers have a great knowledge about the local market.     What we deal in?   FanaTech Engineering & Trading L.L.C. deals in variety of flanges and metalfar products in UAE. A flange is disc-shaped color or a rib made out of metal which is being connected to give strength to the component. The flange is mostly used in the wheels for making it strong in connection with the vehicles. There are different types of flanges being distributed by us, they are       Forged and steel flanges   Stud Ends   Spectacles blinds   Ring spacers   Single blinds   Drip rings   Groove flanges   Slip on flange   Blind flange   High hub flange   Expander flange   Weld neck flange   Since the flange gives strength to the components which are being attached to us. It is more to analyze the product quality. Supplying and delay of flanges makes us lose the trust which or customer has placed on us. So it is very important to check the products before delivery. We do calibrate the product and do some quality check before we distribute it to our customer or the retailers in the market.   In the distribution of the Metalfar flange in UAE, we get more orals from our customers. The flange is highly used by many industries in Metalfar UAE, especially in Dubai, customer satisfaction is our key motive, and we make ourselves available to our customer every time, even if they require any replacement we do take of that too. For any Metalfar flange requirement in UAE, you can contact us. FanaTech Engineering and Trading L.L.C. assure you that we distribute a quality product and work for your betterment. Our experts will reach you, whenever you in need of any knowledge about Metalfar products.

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Tianjin pipe

Fanatech Engineering & Trading L.L.C. understands that need for the pipe on the industry side is growing fast. The necessity to transfers the toxic and sensitive fluids over a long area must be taken care. Many industries report that the accidents that take place in the industrial region are mainly because of the leakage of the pipes. Being one of the most recommended  Tianjin pipe suppliers  we have to make that the customer doesn’t face any discomfort in the functioning of the pipes. Consider all the safety issues, we recommend our customer with good quality pipes from the certified manufacturers who are being into the field over long periods of time. The  Tianjin pipes UAE  gives us a good product of pipes to deliver it our sole customers. Our team of experts from the supply team also ensures that the quality of the pipe is being tested before it gets into the hands of the customer and the retailer.     What are the Tianjin products that we distribute?   We are the trusted distributor lead as one of the best  Tianjin pipe suppliers  in UAE. They manufacture a good variety of pipes, which we supply to our customer. The most distributed pipes of the Tianjin are       Mechanical pipes   High-pressure boiler   Seamless line pipes   Couplings   Welded pipes   API casting   API tubing     Pipes are being used in numerous applications it being the heat and soul of the oil and gas industries. The oil and natural gas are being supplied to many countries under the ground. If any cracks and holes are being present in the pipes, then with the continuous pressure of oil and natural gas inside the pipes would develop the defect more. And at some point, the defect gets increased and the leakage will start. Leakage of the oils and naturals gas would trigger a serious explosion. Many accidents have occurred in the industries because of the leakage of the pipes.   We could to a reliable service to our customers since we get good flanges from the company. The flanges delivery is not our only job, getting the further requirement from the customer and taking back the feedback to the manufacturers is also one of our major tasks.   To avoid such accidents we ensure that the all quality test being done in prior. Both the manual and the machines test reports are being received by us at the time of getting the product from the manufacturers and it is a must for the manufacturers to provide the pipe certification to you. with all that we initiate the distribution of the products to the customer. We take care of our customer’s safety, that’s why many industries come forward in getting our service as  Tianjin pipe suppliers.

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Bonney Forge

Control of flow the liquid is prominent when in it comes to the industries. Since, if the pressure is not being controlled then it will end in some serious damage or major accidents. When the process of control of fluid is so important then the accurate device has to be installed in the process. And that's why distributors ensure that our customers are supplied by good valves and fittings. The  Bonney forge UAE  industry gives us a great product to our customer. Our team of experts is being approached by the customers in the demand of Bonney forge valves and fittings. We make our full effort in preparing the complete list of the customers who are in need of valves and fittings for their industrial application.     What are the Bonney forges we supply?   A variety of design and highly advanced forged valves we supply all around UAE and overseas. The Bonney valves have captured a unique place in the market. Customers show more interest in Bonney ale for its long lasting performance and the trust which they have on the distributors like us. The valves of Bonney forge which we supply are:       Forged pressure seal vales   Forged floating ball valve   Mounted ball valve   Double block and bleed valve   Cast steel valve   Branch connections   Capabilities   Forged steel valves   LSS     When the trained professionals from our supply chain approaches a customer, they not only end up in selling the product alone, they gives the complete knowledge about the valves, the purpose of the valves, where is has to be use. Mainly they give the complete awareness about the valve failure and what happens the proper operation is being not done. Many accidents occur due to the improper usage of the valves. The pressure setting and control of the fluid must be monitored with some technological assistance. To share the accurate information on the forged valves, they spend more time in knowing the product first as we work in the  Bonney forge UAE  industry

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Powertek components

The Powertek manufactures both the electrical and the mechanical components, but the toughest job comes who needs the product and why they need? The question can be answered only after gaining more knowledge about it. Our team of experts makes an immense effort on knowing the product before making it reach to the customer or the retailer. The Powertek components we supply are:       Armored cables single core   Earthing conductors wiring   Switchboards and PVC conduits   PVC trucking GI cable tray   Under floor accessories   Box street lighting   Control panel industrial plugs   Socket low voltage   Capacitor cable glands     All the above products deal with the matter of safety, since any defect, even in the little amount will end in major accidents and issues. So member in the supply chain makes sure that the certification for the components has been submitted to us for the reference of the customer. They also make sure that the all the components have gone through the quality check and report id also brought our notice. The plugs and the cables should have outer core heat and shock resistance for the safe usage. Ensuring all the precaution is being taken, only then our professionals will go ahead with the distribution process.   Getting the trust from the customer and prolonging it over a long period time is not an easy task. Customer frequently comes to us for any business requirement of the electrical and mechanical components. The  Powertek, UAE  provides a standardized product to us, in return recommend our customers for their industrial application. We spend more time in getting the good customers to our manufacturers. The product which we deliver is also of a good quality and that’s why people choose us for the distribution.

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