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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Hand Made Gratings, Press Lock Gratings, Stainless Steel Gratings, aluminium gratings and Moulded Type Gratings.

Hand Made Gratings

Manually Welded Heavy Duty Gratings are designed to meet the need for gratings subject to heavy rolling and static loads such as highways, plant floors, loading docks, inlet covers and airports. Since these conditions can range from light-duty forklifts to semi-trucks and trailers carrying maximum allowable highway loads,   Heavy Duty gratings are manufactured in a wide variety of bar sizes and spacing. BEARING BAR SELECTION: Once the bar spacing is selected, the bearing bar size must be specified based upon the anticipated load and the clear (unsupported) span to be served. SERRATED SURFACE: Optional serrated bearing bars can be specified to enhance skid resistance. To maximize skid resistance, specify 100% Serrated grating. This Heavy Duty grating is manufactured with serrated bearing bars and serrated rectangular cross bars.

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Press Lock Gratings

Heavy duty gratings  are  press locked gratings . The bearing bars and the cross bars are inter-locked with one another and then processed at a pressure of 12, 000 kN. Due to their high stability and safety, heavy duty gratings are used where large support widths and high wheel loads are required. Heavy duty gratings can be also produced in stainless-steel.

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Stainless Steel Gratings

Ferrograte gratings can be produced with wide range of meshes and bearing bar sizes for use in environment where heat and corrosion resistance are major problems. Our gratings are available in 304, 304L, 316 & 316L alloys. Meshes 30/30, 30/11, 20/20, 23/23, 30/60, 40/40, 15/46, 15/96, 32/29, 32/46, 32/96 mm. All meshes can be produced in plain or serrated surface design. Bearing bar dimensions 20/2, 25/2, 30/2, 40/2, 50/2, 20/3, 25/3, 30/3, 40/3, 50/3, 25/5, 30/5, 40/5, 50/5, mm. Surface treatments Raw (untreated) Pickled Electro Polished or blasting with sand or glass pearls Applications Food processing, Diary, Breweries industry Pressure vessels platforms Chemical plants platforms Waste water treatment plants Pulp and Paper processing industry Marine environments Petroleum refineries Textile industry

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aluminium gratings

Aluminium gratings are manufactured by a high-power pressing process in which all joints are made without welding. The finished panels can be cut to size at any point without impairing the strength and rigidity. Aluminium gratings are available in heights of 20, 25, 30 and 40 mm 3/4″, 1″, 13/16″, and 19/16″. The standard panel sizes are approx. 3000×1000 mm/99″ x 3’3″ or approx 6000 x 1000 mm/19.6″ x 3’3″ The direction of the bearing bars is denoted by the underlining. All specified sizes up to the above dimensions can be banded with edge trims on request; the standard panels have no edge trims. Application Food processing industries Sewage treatment plants Independent water and power plants Chemical industries

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Moulded Type Gratings

FRP Series Moulded Gratings manufactured in a open, heated mold system. Continues E -glass riving’s system is placed in the molds and completely wetted out with resin. Characteristics and properties of fibre glass Resin and Glass fibers are the two components used in FRP Products. Resin is used to improve the chemical erosion resistant and Glass fibers which makes the product mechanically stronger. Resin types Isophthalic Vinyl Ester Glass fibre types Continuous unidirectional fibres Multidirectional mats with continuous fibres Synthetic surface veils Due to less specific weight (1.75 kg/dm3 approx) installation, shifting of FRP products are very easy. Fibre Glass Products  are manufactured using self-extinguishing low smoke emission resins to reduce risks in the event of fire. The various resins are mixed with halogen free additives, free from chlorinated and brominated compounds, etc. Fibre Glass Products does not need any special maintenance even after many years of use. Fibre glass product does not conduct electricity. For some specific applications the product needs to be conductive. In these cases a special additive is used in the resin to give the compound this characteristic. Fibre glass product is a transparent material which does not interfere with electromagnetic waves, radio waves or radar. Applications Airport, Sewage Treatment Plants, Desalination Plants , Independent Power Projects, Oil & Gas Sector, Food & Beverages, Chemical Plants, Textile Industries, Paper Industries, Marine, Ship Building, Dry Docks, Railways etc. Features Light Weight with high loading strength Chemical resistance Maintenance Free Anti-slip Fire Retardant Non-Conductive Easy Installation Various grating thickness, Panel Sizes & colours.

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phenolic gratings

Ferrograte Phenolic gratings  can be used in walkways, stairways, platforms, decks where fire integrity is mandatory. Ferrograte phenolic gratings available in both molded and putruded type. Features High antislip Corrosion & Chemical resistance Low thermal conductivity Superior fire & High Temperature resistance Very low smoke High anti-aging Light weight Maintenance free Application Oil & Gas Marine Dry Docks ONSHORE & OFFSHORE Platforms Petrochemicals Walkway, Platforms & Staircase Standard Colours Carbon Black, Antique Brown, Antique Yellow.

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Stair Treads

Stair treads can be supplied with any combination of load bearing bars and mesh sizes. It can be supplied with anti slip nosing like pyramid type nosing bar or chequered plates. Stair treads are supplied with end plates having slots and holes for fixing with stair case stringers. Maximum deflections recommended in BS 4592 is 1/200 th  of effective span or 6 mm, whichever is lesser. Stair treads are designed for a simply supported condition while having a concentrated imposed load of 1.5 kn on an area of 150 x 150 mm.

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Grating Clamps

Grating clamps can be supplied in hot dip galvanized and stainless steel 304 or 316. Any customised grating clamps for special applications can be supplied. Our standard grating clamps comprising of top saddle clip, pressed clamp plate, m8 x 70 bolt with nut.  

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Steel hand rails

Steel hand rails We can supply handrail system comprising of stanchions, rail bends, kick plates. Applications: Stairways, Bridges, Parking Stations, Schools, Commercial Premises, Fire Escapes, Gangways, Power Stations, Sewage Treatment Plants, Marines etc. Finish : Painted or Hot Dip Galvanized.  Frp ladders and handrails Eurorail ladders and handrails are manufactured by m/s. Ticomm & Promaco, Italy. Most metals corrode when they contact with water, acids, bases , salts and other liquid chemicals, gaseous materials like acid vapours, ammonia gas and sulphur containing gases. Corrosion specifically refers to any process involving deterioration or degradation of metal components. The best known case is the “Rusting of Steel”. Now we have a simple solution: Eurorail fiberglass ladder & handrail system. Applications : Oil & gas industry Food & beverages industry Sewage treatment plants Independent power  projects Independeent water and power projects Chemical industries Paper industry Mining industry Telecommunication industry Marine etc.  Benefits Corrosion resistance Low maintenance Insulation Low insulation cost Uv protection Slip resistance Fire retardant Long life  Resins used Vefr ( Ladders & Hand rails) Isofr ( Ladders & Hand rails)  Attachments FRP Ladders ( euro rail ladders) FRP Hand rails

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Welded Wire Mesh

Galvanized Welded Mesh Panel is made of superior quality welded Mesh, with flat even surface, firm structure, be used extensively in building, food, agriculture and so on. Welded Wire Mesh Assortments Hot-dip galvanized after welding Hot-dip galvanized before welding Electro galvanized after welding Electro galvanized before welding PVC coated Stainless Steel welded wire mesh Crimpled wire mesh Woven wire mesh Hex. wire netting in normal twist Hex. wire netting in reverse twist

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metal decking

We design and fabricate metal decking by cold rolling process. We offer profiles to suit your design specification, range of profiles in gauges varying from  0.7 mm to 1.2 mm. Manufactured from steel strip to BS EN 10143 and BS EN 10147.

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Shear Studs

Through deck welding is also possible where they headed shear connector is welded through a formed galvanized sheet onto a steel beam. Concrete is then poured over the formed sheet and the shear connectors. Applications: High rise steel buildings Construction of bridges Airport  hangers Multi  storey car parks

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Cable Trays

Manufacturing Standards Our products are manufactured as per the international standards BS50085, NEMA VE 1, BS/IEC 61537, ASTM & UL. Manufactured in (a)  Mild Steel (Finish Hot Dip Galvanised, Painted & Powder Coated) , (b)  Pre Galvanised Steel , (c)  Aluminium , (d)  Stainless Steel  (e)  FRP/GRP . Cable trays & Ladders supplied in standard lengths of 2.44 & 3.00 Meters. Cable Ladders also available in special lengths of 3.858, 6.000 & 7.315 on request. Cable Ladder Cable Ladders Fabricated with Outside & Inside flange Specifications Width : 50/75/100/125/150/200/225/250/300/400 UPTO 1200 mm Height : 50/75/100/125 & 150 mm Thickness : 1/1.2/1.5/2 &2.5mm Rung type: Slotted C Section / Pipe Rung Rung spacing : 150/250 &300 Fittings Horizontal Cross, Horizontal Bend ( 30˚, 45˚, 60˚ & 90˚), Horizontal TEE, Vertical TEE, 90˚ Internal & External Riser, Left Hand Reducer, Right Hand Reducer, Adjustable Bend etc. Accessories Standard Connectors, Adjustable / Expansion Connectors, Vertical & Horizontal Adjustable Connectors, Hold Down Clamp, Guide Clamp, Bonding Jumper Cover Type Plain Cover, Flanged Plain Cover, Louvered Cover & Flanged Louvered Cover(Thickness 1.0, 1.2, 1.5&2.0mm). Cable Tray Types Plain Flange Type, Inside Return Flange, Outside Return Flange, “C”- Profile Flange. Specifications Width : 50/75/100/125/150/200/225/250/300/400 UPTO 1200 mm Height : 25/50/75/100mm Thickness : 1/1.2/1.5 &2 mm Fittings Horizontal Bend (90˚ & 45˚), 90˚ Inside & Outside Riser, Straight Reducer, Right Hand Reducer, Left Hand Reducer, Horizontal Cross, Horizontal TEE, Unequal Cross & TEE. Accessories Standard Connectors, Vertical & Horizontal Adjustable Connectors, Hold Down Clamp, Fish Plate , Side Cover Connector, Neck Screw, Right Angle Connector, Bonding Jumper Cover Type Plain Cover, Flanged Plain Cover, Louvered Cover & Flanged Louvered Cover(Thickness 1.0, 1.2, 1.5&2.0mm)

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Step Iron

Ferrograte is a world leading manufacturer of infrastructure access equipment for the water and waste water industries. We designs & manufactures quality access equipment with Cast Iron with GI Finish, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Plastic encapsulated and FRP. Step Irons generally used in Sewer man holes, Storm Water, Inspection Man holes, Water line man holes etc .In old days steel rings fixed to concrete structure used to enter and come out of the man holes. Our Step Irons are produced as per the standard BS1247: BS 1247-1  – Manhole steps. Specification for galvanized ferrous or stainless steel manhole steps BS 1247-2  – Manhole steps. Specification for plastics encapsulated manhole steps BS 1247-3  – Manhole steps. Specification for aluminium manhole steps Features Spark Proof Anti Slip Surface – ergonomically designed grip Corrosion protection The design incorporates a non slip tread and resistance to side slippage High impact polymer coating Comprehensive product range Easy to install and cost effective Colour: Standard colour is yellow, can be change upon customer request for bulk orders. Our Most Common Sizes are FG250 Cast Iron, Anti Slip top, Hot Dip Galvanized

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Geo Synthetics

Geotextiles  are mechanically bonded continuous filaments nonwoven made from UV stabilized polypropylene. The mechanical properties guarantee extreme resistance to installation damage, excellent hydraulic properties and outstanding long term performance. Geocomposites  consisting of two layers of mechanically bonded continuous filaments non woven made from UV stabilised polypropylene. Application Road Projects Airport Projects Tunnel Construction Projects Pipeline Projects Retaining Walls Embankment on soft soils Railway projects Dewatering Marine structures Sea Shore protection High rise Building projects Dam Structures Functions Filtration Reinforcement Drainage Separation Protection Erosion Control Road Repairs Products we supply Woven Geotextiles Nonwoven Geotextiles Geogrids Paving products Reinforcement Geocomposites Erosion Control Drainage Composites Industrial Fabrics

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Steel Fabrication

Ferrotech is one of the leading and fast growing steel fabrication industries in Sultanate of Oman. Ferrotech with its highly specialized metal fabrication facility and skilled professionals can undertake any kind of structural steel fabrication work for your projects. Our modern state – of – the art fabrication facility situated at industrial area of Port city Sohar Sultanate of Oman. Ferrotech ‘s facility equipped with latest machineries and strict quality control procedures can utilize for heavy metal fabrication of carbon steel, stainless steel and Aluminium. We are geared up to meet domestic and international demand in structural steel fabrication jobs with our experience and expertise workforce. For any kind of your fabrication requirement, please contact us to provide our quotations. Industry we serve: Oil and Gas Projects. Power and Desalination Projects Airport Waste Water Treatment Plants Shipbuilding and Repair works Petrochemical Projects Pharmaceutical Industries Cement and Sugar Industries Infra structure Projects etc Ferrotech specialized in Handrails and Ladders. Sheet Metal Fabrication work Hot rolled steel structural buildings Platforms for oil and gas Staircase fabrication Airport Structures Crane Girders Silos & Storage tanks Mud Tanks Heavy Plates Rolling Pipe racks & Pipe Supports Conveyor equipment structure and transfer towers Chutes Cooling Tower Supporting Structures. Bridge handrails All kinds of general fabrication Crusher equipment supporting structures Power project, sewage treatment plants Heavy duty gratings etc…

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FRP Series Pultruded Gratings

In Pultrusion process load bars (I, T and HL) Shaped profiles are made by glass roving, matting & synthetic surface with a pulled simultaneously through a polyester or vinyl easter resin both and through heated steel die. ‘I’, ’T’& ‘HL’ shaped bearing bars are interlocked with solid rods or tubes. Pultruded gratings is good alternate compared to steel gratings due to its features like light weight, antifire, chemical & UV resistance, low maintenance cost etc. Resin selection Eurograte pultruded gratings are manufactured using two resin formulations that are suitable for most of the industrial applications. Both resin systems provide superior corrosion resistance compared to metal gratings. Isophthalic resin system This resin formulation provides a flame spread rating of less than 25 according to ASTM E84 norm. Gratings in this resin formulation are designed to be used in moderate corrosive environments where splashes and spills of harsh chemicals are likely. Standard color is yellow. Vinyl ester resin system This resin formulation provides a flame spread rating of less than 25 according to ASTM E84 norm. Gratings in this resin formulation are designed to be used in highly corrosive environments where the contact of harsh chemicals is frequent. Standard color is grey.

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steel fire rated doors

DEMT is a specialized Supplier / manufacturer of Fire Rated/Non Fire Rated Metal Doors/Frames approved by Civil Defense Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaima. We have facilitated a number of prestigious projects, such as Expansion of Liquid Handling at Jalal, OMAN. RIMA Sub Station Project, Construction of Barka shopping Mall, PDO Harmal Field Dev. Project, Expansion of Liquid Handling at Wadi Lathama, OMAN. Al Batha Primary Substation Al Suwaiq , Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, Rixos Ottoman Palace & Al Hamra Palace Hotel. Fire rated doors and frames play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire. Many components of a door assembly can be rated to withstand fire for a specified period of time. A few of the components include Doors Door frames Window frames Hardware (Ironmongeries) We offer competitive prices, Good quality material as per the standards and also are prompt in delivering the materials.  

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Welded Mesh Fencing System

Welded Mesh Fencing System & Gates  This kind of fencing system are used to provide High Security to protected area like Country Borders, prisons, military areas, gardens, museums etc. and it also beatify the fenced location. Wire Diameter : 2.5mm – 6mm Distance between two vertical wires not lower 50mm. Distance between two horizontal wires 12.7mm to 300mm. The number of folds as required. Panel Type Fencing  All types of panel type fencing systems are supplied. This fencing system is easy to install and to shift from place to place. It is good for site partitioning, as Road Barrier, Storage place allocation etc. Grating Fence  Made of grating, this provide a height security and stronger fencing system Ferro Fence offers Grating fence in GI, SS & GRP/FRP materials Fibreglass Industrial Fencing GRP or FRP Fence Industrial fencing is an excellent investment in a wide variety of sectors, from heavy industry to residential. The light weight, ease of installation and lack of maintenance (earthing, painting, etc.) are appreciated in both. The electronics sector makes particular use of it due to its requirement for materials with electrical insulation properties, while they are installed in the airport sector because they are guaranteed to be non-magnetic and radio-transparent. The fibreglass fencing (or GRP fencing) panels, like all our gratings, also have applications in areas where corrosion is present (e.g. the naval and offshore sectors) or to reduce fire risks (low smoke emissions). Industrial fencing can also be supplied with FRP posts. Fixing solutions 1° – Fencing with fixing with steel plate (removable) 2° – Fencing with fixing with embedded formwork (removable) 3° – Fencing with fixing using direct cementing (fixed).

  • Chain Link fencing Chain Link Gates Razor Coil/Concertina Tape
    Barbed Wires Welded Mesh Fencing GI Hoarding Fence
    Ornamental Fence Garden Fence Panel Type Fencing & Gates
    Grating Fence Special Gates Gabions Boxes & mattress
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Electroforged Standard Grating Panels

Ferrograte standard panel sizes are nominally 6 Mtr x 1 Mtr or 20ft (6 Mtr) x 3ft. Panels available with load bearing bars of various depth 25, 30, 32, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70mm & thickness of 3, 4, 4.5, 5 & 6mm. Panels available with cross bars of various sizes like 5.4mm, 6mm & 8mm square twisted bars or plain round bars. Panels available with serrated & plain type top surface. Our most common pitches are 41mm x100mm & 30mm x100mm. We can produce panels with special pitches like 41mmx50mm, 30mmx 50mm, 33mmx 100mm, 33mmx50mm, 33mmx38mm, 34mm x 100mm, 34mmx50mm, 34mm x 38mm etc. Ferrograte standard panels available in hot dip galvanised finish or self colour finish.

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Electroforged Fabricated Grating Panels

Ferrograte offers tailor made grating panels as per fabrication drawings. Our design office with latest cad software can design and prepare grating fabrication drawings to suit client’s requirements. Our design software directly connected to profile cutting machines, which can produce any kind of profiles in the gratings. After required profiling, edge can be fitted with frame bars or kick (toe) plates as per the client’s requirement. Our design team always available to suggest the required type of gratings as per your site conditions.

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