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Our offered Product range includes Semi Solid / Engineered Parquet Flooring, Millboard Decking, Einwood Composite Decking, Design tiles and laminate parquet flooring.

Semi Solid / Engineered Parquet Flooring

Wood is one of the oldest, best and most natural building materials. The properties of this raw material ensure its undying popularity in the production floors, as it remains ahead of the new solutions which are being developed all the time.  Due to the optimal use of valuable wood and limiting the effects of its disadvantageous properties on the floor functionality, three-layered floorboards have become the most popular, combining the advantages of a natural material and modern technology. 1 strip Without a doubt, one strip floors evoke the timeless elegance of traditional solid wood flooring, but in an environmentally sound way. The other benefit of this floor is that it is more stable than solid wood floors. It is extremely convenient and provides a perfect fit every time so you don’t have to worry about contraction or expansion over the years. It is available in a wide variety of widths, grades and species, thus giving you complete control over the final look of your floor. 3 strip Three strip flooring is the perfect option for buyers on a budget. It displays the lively look of traditional parquetry and is sure to add vibrancy to your home. Although it looks great in any room, three strip is ideal for use in smaller spaces. Tips for successful parquet floor installation: Measure the humidity of both the concrete and the room air before installation. Even out and clean the sub-floor carefully before installation. Plan the installation carefully. Reserve the necessary tools and materials and take time to read the installation instructions. To get a floor as natural according to the selection as possible, mix the boards from different packages during installation. Install the flooring as separate tiles with expansion gaps. Installing the flooring of many rooms as a joined parquet area prevents the wooden floor from expanding and shrinking normally and causes tension in the floor. When installing the floor as a floating floor, do not lock the flooring by placing heavy furniture on top of the parquet, gluing the parquet to the sub-floor only partially, of by fixing skirting boards or thresholds on / through the floor or too firmly against the wall. Maintain the optimal humidity and temperature conditions for wooden floors (40% - 60% RH and 18-24°C) in the room prior to installation, during installation and after installation.

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Millboard Decking

Millboard combines the natural beauty of real timber with the high performance of our unique wood-free material. Millboard is wood free and non-porous, which no algae and excellent anti-slip properties. The Unique Lastane® layer resists scratches and stain and is designed to withstand demanding outdoor environments. The Dual-tone Lastane® surface is coloured by hand using pigments designed to resist fading and sun damage. The structural core is a blend of natural minerals bonded in a polymer resin with long fibre reinforcement for added strength and durability. Millboard is solid, not hollow, meaning it’s strong and won’t wrap or rot like wood. Our Unique ‘cellular’ internal structure reduces weight while maintaining strength. Where even the highest quality hardwood can wrap, fade and lose its original appeal over time, Millboard is crafted using sustainable composite designed for outdoor conditions. Made from Lastane®, the textured top surface creates a resilient, virtually maintenance-free layer, designed to resist algae and prevent slipping, even in wet conditions. Beneath this durable top layer lies a wood free polymer resin core, reinforced with fibre for extra strength and durability. Millboard is solid rather than hollow, which means that it won’t expand or contract, warp or rot, like timber or composites made using wood. And because Millboard is made in Britain using innovative techniques, it’s officially more eco-friendly too.

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Einwood Composite Decking

Einwood Made in Japan 1992 When Einwood’s performance was compared with natural hardwoods, it was found to have the lowest carbon footprint, in particular because it does not involve the destruction of equatorial forests, but above all because it consists of a minimum of 90% recycled materials. Finally, unlike natural wood, EINWOOD requires no annual treatment and has a lower slip coefficient that natural material. It was these considerations that led to EINWOOD being awarded the prestigious Japanese Eco Mark; reflecting the totally benign nature of this material for both indoor and outdoor applications. EINWOOD’s manufacturing process adheres strictly to the original Japanese technique. It remains the leading global brand in the field, and undeniably offers the best guarantees available when it comes to durability, aesthetic appeal, and the use of eco-friendly technologies. JAPAN INDUSTRIAL STANDARD (JIS) Made from recycled materials and itself recyclable, EINWOOD is the one and only wood composite to have achieved the extremely challenging JISA5741 standard awarded by Japan’s national laboratory qualifying recycled composite woods and plastics. This certification guarantees that the product is free of toxic substances potentially harmful to health. JISA5741 is the standard for WPC in regard to recycled material content, quality, safety performance and environmental friendliness. ECO-MARK LABEL EINWOOD  products have also been awarded Eco-Mark status, a prestige label that is not easy to obtain. Eco-Mark certification guarantees that a product is ’eco-friendly’ and is only awarded when it has met rigorous criteria as judged by a committee of academics, government members, consumer associations and industrial experts in their field. Eco-Mark is a label awarded by the Japan Environment Association, which guarantees that our products, for both interior and exterior applications, are totally harmless to human health and are composed of at least 80% raw materials of recycled origin. As a result, the EINWOOD range of products is completely free of chorine, CFC or other solvents found in products such as PVC. 1.     SUITABLE FOR ALL CLIMATES, WITHOUT TREATMENT EINWOOD needs no treatment, and is the ideal alternative to using wood. Unlike wood EINWOOD does not fade. 2.     CONSISTENT QUALITY EINWOOD has highest quality throughout their entire length. Our unique and patented production process allows close monitoring of every phase of manufacture. 3.     EASY CLEAN EINWOOD can be cleaned with soapy water or simply with a high pressure hose. 4.     STANDARD TOOLS Installing EINWOOD is fast and easy. No special equipment or training is needed.

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Design tiles

  • THREE - LAYER FULL PLANK mm.15/21 x 70/300 x 1000/2500
  • TWO - LAYER FULL PLANK mm.15/16 x 150/250 x 1200/2200
  • ENGINEERED MULTI LAYER FLOORING mm.10/14 x 90/130 x 600/1200
  • SOLID WOOD FLOORING mm.14/22 x 90/200 x 600/2200
  • DESIGN FLOORS mm.20 x 700/1000 x 700/1000

The Pontevecchio collection is the fruit of the Tuscan tradition of fine craftsmanship, the skill to make things of superior artistic and technological quality. The roots of our success go far back in time and have developed into our many treatments and finishes all done by hand. To this day, this is our answer to the demand for superior quality floors. At Parchettificio Toscano, we give expression to our customer’s individual tastes with our wide selection of woods, sizes and finishes, plus an option of six different surface treatments and an infinite array of colors. The Pontevecchio collection is truly like no other. Like a custom-tailored suit, we can respond to requests for customization at any point in the process to make adjustments, additions and variations to standard treatments and finishes. An elegant coming together of different materials. Wood , which can be customized with any color upon request, can be combined with timeless materials like marble or contemporary one like steel and glass. This tailors the stairs to each customer’s personal tastes, fitting beautifully with any home style. TECHNICAL INFORMATION We produce oak, thermo-treated oak, old oak, II Podere” line old oak, elm, ash, teak, teak antique, doussie Africa, wenge, maple, cherry, Yesquiero, larch, Italian walnut, chestnut, and olive tree floors. Other types of wood are available upon request.

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laminate parquet flooring

The highest standards of design, quality and function are what distinguish Kronoswiss products. Over 280 decor surfaces and a huge selection of true to nature surface structures provide our customers with unlimited combinations for all furniture and interior design. Kronoswiss Laminate Flooring, the brand stands for quality and innovation. To enhance the exceptional designs available, different textures are available to create the perfect, and authentic partner for all our décors.

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Einwood Cladding

UNIQUE ALTERNATIVE TO TROPICAL WOOD: Environmentally friendly wood composites of highest aesthetics and quality are developed, produced and distributed worldwide under the EINWOOD brand. Einwood is the real alternative to exotic tropical wood, the often more beautiful and more suitable alternative to flagstone and paving slabs and the superior alternative to common WPC products. EINWOOD CLADDING TECHNOLOGIES The art of Japanese engineering resulted in the 3rd generation of EINWOOD products and new areas of application. The result was a foamed wood composite meeting the same environmental requirements. With the help of foaming technology, the specific weight of wood composite could be lowered from 1270 kg/m3 to 850 kg/m3. Foamed EINWOOD wood composite is suited for cladding and efficient thermal and sound insulation of facades. In the meantime, EINWOOD holds more than 250 technology patents. FEATURES OF EINWOOD CLADDING Suitable for all-weather constructions, even though untreated EINWOOD cladding needs no treatment, and is the ideal alternative to using wood. Unlike wood, EINWOOD does not fade or turn grey. Consistent quality. Our cladding planks are of highest quality throughout their entire length. Our unique and patented production process allows close monitoring of every phase of manufacture. Easy clean. EINWOOD can be cleaned with soapy water or simply with a high pressure hose. Standard tools. Installing EINWOOD is a fast and easy task and does not require any special equipment. UNIQUE AESTHETICS AND FUNCTIONALITY EINWOOD has the same effect like wood, smells like wood and can be handled like wood. The surface texture and classy colors correspond to famous tropical woods, such as teak, rosewood or ebony. Beyond that, EINWOOD features outstanding quality features: durable, colorfast, lightfast, splinter-free, sandable, absolutely nontoxic, climate and saltwater resistant, insensitive to insect and fungus infestation, low maintenance. HIGH SECURITY OF INVESTMENT EINWOOD  offers a 10-year system warranty against splintering, cracks, insect infestation and rotting for all our products. Based on 40 years of experience, EINWOOD knows that EINWOOD boards feature a very long lifetime.

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Gemss Cladding

Gemss mosaics are created from remainder timber logs that were conventionally discarded as wastage after creating wood veneers. By using Gemss wooden mosaics, you reduce the need to cut more trees to get the lumber and go one step further in sustainable and eco-friendly design. With its modular tile format, it helps in minimising wastage during application and can be used to clad surfaces of any size with uniform appearance. Gemss is a new palette of textures created using a wide array of wood species from across the world in various mosaic patterns providing numerous design options to use wood in unprecedented ways and enrich the quality of spaces designed by you. HOW TO APPLY Provide a completely dry and levelled surface for mounting GEMSS mosaics. If GEMSS mosaics are mounted directly onto walls (without liner material like plywood), ensure zero water seepage in the wall. Applications in wet areas or excessively moist areas are not advisable. Any standard glue (substrate to be considered) can be used for mounting GEMSS mosaics. For standard installations on plywood surfaces standard PVAc white glues are recommended. Always insist on using 1.5mm spacers while laying out individual pieces next to each other. Standard plastic spares of 1.5mm can be used. Spacers should be used on all four sides to finalize placement before applying pressure mechanism. Always insist on applying uniform pressure on surfaces when liquid white glues are used and surfaces are left to cure for 6-8 hours. Maintain uniform pressure on the surface until the glue dries out completely. Please consider ability to apply uniform pressure in applications on curved surfaces. Do not stand heavily for lacquering immediately after application. Allow the water based glues to dry out completely before filling the grooves with grouting material.  Apply one sealer coat of standard wood lacquer on wood surface before using any grouting material. Spray application is mandatory. Roller application is not advisable. Discoloration wood is possible in case of inappropriate application of sealer coat. Use of grouting material is recommended only in case of flat surfaces. For textured, rough cut or profiled surfaces grouting is not advisable. Epoxy grouts are highly recommended for its water resistance property. Clean the surface thoroughly with a moist cloth after filling grouting material to avoid grout remnants on the surface. Apply final top coats of lacquer after cleaning the surface thoroughly. Standard lacquers used for veneered surfaces are good for mosaics as well.

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Lamalva Outdoor Furniture

POLYETHYLENE Indoor and outdoor furniture. Made of polythene (glossy or matt finish) and possibility of illumination in Opal colour. RELAX Indoors and outdoors. Soft or hard, light material, float, ergonomic adaptable to your body. LIGHTING Indoor and outdoor lamps. Made of matt polythene. Include: 1 RGB led 10w 110/220v light bulb. WOOD Made from beechwood and painted with acrylic lacquer, with finish high gloss or matte. Boards in solid stainless steel. Available in red, white and black with the possibility of another colors. GLASS FIBER Made from fiberglass 4mm of thickness and painted with acrylic lacquer, with finish high gloss or matte. Available in red, white and black with the possibility of another colors. We can develop particular products based upon your ideas

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Solid Wood Parquet Flooring

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