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Cooling Vest

The TST Cooling vests have energy elements consisting of PCM, phase changing material, which absorbs excessive heat from the body and keeps it in the comfort zone. When the absorption has stopped, after 2 to 8 hours, the vest can easily be recharged in room temperature. A big favour is, that you don't have to add any other energy!
Cooling vests are, for example, used by fire fighters, athletes and racing drivers but also by people with certain neurological handicaps. The cooling effect is good, both for good performance and for the function of the body!
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Smart Fire Fighting Hose

TST SmartHoseis a mobile sprinkler, which can save a lot! One hose of 20 meters/60 feet can produce a 300 squaremeter wall of water! And it's possible without exposing people to danger! Use intelligent personnel for intelligent, and not too dangerous work! Watch our demo video, to see how professionals use it and what they think about it.

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Fire Fighting Boots

FLOWTRONIX (FT)has guaranteed to bring only the most excellent safety footwear to the industry by utilizing the best materials available in the market to safeguard the interest of the workers, who are facing challenges in today's tough working environment.
The features include best fit, well padded cushion collar lining, and super shock absorption to reduce stress on leg and back, breathable lining and insole, lightweight, flexible and durable outsole.

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Industrial Safety Helmets

Featuring a wider profile than most hard hats, Classic caps and hats offer increased protection from rain, snow, dust and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. With the Classic, youll find a balanced fit with a comfortable six-point suspension.

Bullard Standards Series Hats & Caps

Style and versatility.
The Standard byBullardtakes style and versatility to a new level. A low-profile shell, along with theBullardthree-rib design and patented suspension system, provide maximum comfort with a look workers prefer.

Meet ANSI/ISEA Requirements
Conforms toANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014, Type I, Class E & Grequirements, including impact, penetration and electrical insulation.BullardModel S62 (vented) conforms toANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2015, Type I, Class Crequirements, including impact and penetration. Model S51 also conforms toCSA Z94.1-2015, Type 1, Class E & Grequirements.

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Fire Fighting Helmets

TheFX Seriesfiberglass, contemporary style structural fire helmet is designed to withstand frequent exposure to chemicals and hydrocarbons. Certified toNFPA 1971-2013, this helmet incorporates recommendations from veteran fire professionals from around the world. A low center of gravity provides FX models with a balanced and stable fit, increasing overall comfort. TheBullard Sure-Lockratchet headband adjusts to the wearers head with a quick turn of the knob. Additional adjustment points permit custom fit, personalized balance and interface with the SCBA.

FXhelmets feature3M Scotchlitestriping, which retains reflectivity to500 F (260 C). That makes Scotchlite the toughest material available for helmet markings. This series includes models that meetCErequirements andU.S. Navyrequirements.

  • Chemical-resistant fiberglass outer shell
  • High-heat thermoplastic inner shell
  • ComfortableSure-Lockratchet headband
  • Balanced 6-point nylon crown straps and crown pad
  • Nomexchinstrap with quick-release buckle and postmans slide fastener
  • Rip-stopNomexear/neck protector
  • Leather ratchet cover
  • Removable fire-resistant, absorbent cotton brow pad
  • Hard-coated optically-correct faceshield
  • Scotchlitereflective striping
  • 12 point comfort system
  • ModelFXA1meets U.S. Navy requirements for shipboard firefighting
  • ModelFXEtested and certified toEN 443 by INSPEC, CEcertified
  • Certified toNFPA 1971-2013standard

Options or substitutions at no additional charge:
  • 6-inch faceshield
  • Red-orangeScotchlitereflective striping
  • YellowNomexear/neck protector
  • ESS goggles
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Safety Eyewear

Simply the best fitting, most comfortable foam-lined eyewear available anywhere

  • Soft, foam fills gap between face and lensKeeps out wind, dust, sand or airborne debris
  • EVA closed-cell foamLong lasting, resists body oil and sweat
  • Multiple ventilation ports allow air circulationSuperior anti-fog performance and wearer comfort
  • Pantoscopic lens angle adjustmentsAllows a customized fi t for greater comfort and protection
  • 3 lightweight models: temples, elastic strap or RXProvides customized all-day comfort
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Safety Face Shields

Innovative & Unique Eye & Face Safety Solutions

In many working environments, protection for the eyes & face is mandatory. Eye injuries can translate into pain, loss of time, money and even your eyesight. Many day to day tasks can generate flying debris which can seriously injure the eyes. From wood and paint chips to dirt, concrete particles and even nails, a worker's eyes are constantly and most often at risk from impact hazards.
Your eyes and face are extremely important and can be vulnerable in the construction industry if you don't comply fully with legislation.FLOWTRONIXhas a range of safety eyewears, safety goggles, faceshields, safety eyewash and lens cleaning towelettes that offer class leading protection solutions for the workplace.
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Primary Eyewash Station

  • Product: Primary Eyewash Station
  • Article No.: 2230FT21
  • Standards: Meets ANSI Standards
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Safety Ear Plugs

  • Product: AV-411
  • Article No.: 2474AV57
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Safety Ear Muffs

Aves AV-HB25 Comfort & Protection

Most buyers and users of ear muffs are looking for a product that offers great looks, good comfort and attenuation at a reasonable price. The following features needed and wanted by most buyers are offered byAves AV-HB25

  • 25 dB Certified NRR
  • 28 dB Certified SNR
  • Standard:ANSI S12.6, ANSI S3.19, and CE EN-352-1
  • Soft and pliableSuperSealear cushions.
  • Fully dielectric construction
  • Low headband force and light-weight, 6.8 oz.
  • SuperSealear cushions provide outstanding seal and comfort
  • Ease of adjustments with flexible slide clips.
  • Dielectric construction
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Disposable Respirators

  • Product: AV-ZER0 30 FFP3
  • Article No.: 27107AV529
  • Material: Made from Polypropylene (P.P.) material
  • Features: Designed to offer you both maximum protection and maximum comfort Support: gives elasticity and resistance Gasket: Excellent compression & deformation External Protective Layer: Preserves and prolongs the filtration efficiency
  • Standards: CE and EN 149:2001+A1:2009
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  • Product: 5150 Single Filter
  • Article No.: 2881AV28
  • Material: Facepiece: synthetic rubber Inner mask: silicone Visor: polycarbonate Filter holder (connections): ABS Head harness: synthetic rubber Weight: 530 g
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Escape Hood

  • Material Escape Hood is made of PU coated Polyester material with knitted neck cuff.
  • Product: TST Escape Hood
  • Article No.: 2840FT79
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Emergency Shelters And Decontamination

PPSEmergency Shelter Range covers Multi Purpose Pop up Shelters, Articulated Frame, Inflatable and Fixed Frame varieties to suit all durability and size needs from First Response, Command Post to hospital village. PPSs Government approved Articulating Frame Showers include VIP and Mass Decontamination options.

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Industrial Safety Footwears

Cavalier Marine Seriesis S3 Category safety shoes, made of Waterproof Smooth Leather Nubuk and Nylon with Highly Breathable lining. Composite Toe Cap, Antistatic, Anatomic and Antibacterial treated insocks. (PU) Polyurethane sole that is slip and oil resistant.

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High Temperature Textiles

  • Product: Avirtex® High Temperature Textiles - Silica FT Protective Line
  • Article: 7125FT218      Model No: FT/SF/52
  • Weave: 12H Satin Silica Fabric
  • Sizes: Mtr/Rolls - 1 x 45mtrs  Blankets - 2 x 2 mtr - 2 x 4 mtr
  • Thickness & Weight: 1.25mm  1400 g/m²
  • Service Temperature: Continous up to 1050°C  Melting temperature appr. 1600°C
  • Color: White wet frayproof treatment
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Fire Fighting Gloves

Protecting fire fighters' hands from fireground hazards is actually a relatively difficult challenge; with the exception of the ears, the ratio of exposed surface area to volume of body mass is greater for the hands than any other part. This, combined with our reliance for working with our hands in a variety of tasks during firefighting, imposes tough tradeoffs for permitting hand function while providing insulation from heat and protection from physical hazards.

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Fire Fighting Hoods

  • Product: Anti-Flash Hood
  • Article No.: 16163FT01
  • Materials: PBI® (Single Layer)
  • Features: Hood protects the head in an action Accessory to fireman protective garments Construction: Interlock Standard: EN 13911:2004 Colors: Gold One size fits all
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Turnout Gears

  • Product: Endurance NMX-DU
  • Article No.: Jacket - 4761FT01 / Trouser - 5361FT01
  • Materials: Outer Layer: Nomex® Diamond Ultra Sofiguard® - 210 gsm Moisture Barrier: Gore-Tex® Fireblocker N  140 gsm Thermal Barrier: Nomex® Comfort Aramid Grid Sofidry® - 200 gsm Reflective Trim: 3M™ Scotchlite™
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Thermal Imager

Using infrared technology to see through smoke and darkness, Bullard Thermal Imagers help firefighters find victims, pinpoint fires and recognize structural dangers before they cause injuries and deaths. Bullard Thermal Imagers have a proven track record among firefighters worldwide, due to the specialized training, service and advanced technology that accompany our products.

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Chemical Protective Suit

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' Protective Systemsgroup provides the best in chemical and biological protection. TheirONESuitprotective suits, ONEGloveprotective gloves and other advanced polymer technology in a range of composite constructions incorporatingNomex, Kevlarand other reinforcements.

In addition, Saint-Gobainalso develop and customize product solutions to best suit your protective requirements and applications. All products are supported by extensive research and materials testing.

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Leather Welding Apron

The range ofSteel Horse Welding Protectionprovides excellent protection during welding applications with complete head to toe protection solutions for maximum safety benefits. Steel Horse offers exceptional welding protection from the heat, sparks, slag, and spatter. This extensive range of welding protection provides a complete solution to welding safety.

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Rescue Systems

SKYLOTECoffers a number of high-quality and ergonomic work harnesses for many areas of application. All harnesses conform to European EN standards; numerous harnesses also fulfill international standards(ANSI, GOST, and others). Because ergonomics and comfort are what counts with harnesses worn over a long period of time, all our harnesses of the higher series are equipped with back pads.

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Emergency Eyebath And Facewash

Hughes Safety Showersoffer an extensive range of plumbed-in Eye wash / Eye bath units and equipment to enable continuous flushing with clean cool water. All Eye wash stations can be easily located close to hazardous work environments where chemical spillage and splashing is a risk to the eyes and faces of your workforce. Health and Safety Standards and recommendations require these eye wash stations to be located close to potential hazards where workers can access treatment quickly. Where no plumbed in water services are available, theHughesEyewash and Facewash range is complemented by portable Eyewash units that can be moved and temporarily located at the scene of a possible incident.

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Decontamination Showers

A range of Decontamination Showers/Shelters for use in case of accident, disaster or attack involving chemical, nuclear, biological or radiologiocal agents.

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Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Product: Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
  • Specifications: Material : 3-4 mm nominal thickness GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) Door catch : Nylon ball catcher with socket Door handle : Recessed Nylon rod Hinges : Stainless Steel Seal : EPDM seal (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)
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Wind Socks

  • Product: Wind Socks
  • Specifications: Fabrics : Polyester Fabric weight : 115 gsm Grommets : 1/4” Brass grommets Colors : Hi-vis Orange & Two Tone Color Printing Option : Available  
  • Area of  Applications: Airports Chopper landing pads Safety in the oilfield, gas and petrochemical industry Ports and marines
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Traffic Cones

  • Product: Traffic Cones
  • Specifications: Durable and reboundable premium grade PVC constructions With or without reflective collars Maintenance free Pavement gripping bottoms ensure stay in place Cones conveniently stack for quick and easy storage and no sticking when removed
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Fire Blankets

Benefits of Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are very easy to use as it requires no former training for use and can be used by anyone.
They can be used to put off fires on people which is not possible through fire extinguishers.
One of its greatest advantages is that it lets you to escape fires by wrapping it around your body.
They can be used to put off small household fires quickly and prevent it from spreading in its initialstage only.
They are always ready to use and a sure shot option as compared to fire extinguisherswhich may or may not work.
A person can easily use it on themselves to put off a fire.
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Rope Access Equipment

Rope access systemallows entry to inaccessible workplaces for inspections, installations, repairs or cleaning.

ASCENDER- An ascender that attaches at the chest. Moves with the user and provides good protection in the event of a fall.

DESCENDER- Features a unique top-of-the art mechanism that stops completely the descent when the user gets into a panic situation

CARABINER- Oval carabiners are the most suitable ones for use with pulleys, as carriers for belay devices and as center carabiners at the belay station.
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Lanyards And Work Position Ropes

SKYLOTECslanyards are extremely durable and powerful. Experience, innovation, and the latest technology are combined in these lanyards for your safety. TheSHOCKYARDseries contains a unique system in which the shock absorber runs over the entire length of the device.SKYLOTECswork positioning ropes also hold up to the heaviest of loads.

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Inflatable Equipments

Introducing their ground-breaking inflatable decontamination shower units in 1996, VERSAR PPS has become recognized by emergency services internationally as a world leader in the manufacture of decontamination equipment, notable for its ease of transport and swift deployment in the wake of hazmat and terrorist incidents. VERSAR PPS are committed to best practice in the design, production and operation of Decontamination Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment for every type of hazardous environment including Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Viral.

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Bump Cap

  • Product: Flash Armor® Bump Cap
  • Article: 1705FT139
  • Specification: Designed for light protection against impact With ABS Shell and foam spacer Dupont™ Nomex® IIIA (4.5 Oz) Standard size free adjustable within 54-59 cm EN ISO 11612
  • Colour: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Tan, Yellow
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Electrical Gloves

REGELTEXglove range, compliant with standardsEN 60903:2003 and IEC 60903:2002and monitored through aCE Quality Assurancesystem with surveillance (Procedure 11b of Directive 89/686/EEC), is available in all classes (from 00 to 4).

Making reference to the same normative and regulatory requirements, theFLEX & GRIPrange offer high mechanical resistance allowing to work without leather overgloves.

This desire to provide the users with a comprehensive technical offering has led us to select a range of directly complementary accessories and products to further enhance the convenience of our insulating gloves.

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Cotton Work Wears

When choosing the best protective clothing, it is suggested you consider the area in which you will be working in. The best protective clothing should be ones in which you can quickly put on and take off easily, and feel comfortable in them during the entire duration. When selecting protective clothing, pay attention to how the clothing is manufactured and by whom. The protective clothing should allow you to move freely while wearing them, without restricting your hands and legs

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Chemical Protection Work Wears

Some forms of protective clothing are available in a disposable variety. The dual function of this type of clothing is that it not only provides protection but can be discarded after use. The durable materials used to make this type of clothing are breathable but non-porous, ensuring safe covering during use. Such materials are also being made with earth-friendly products so that disposable does not produce subsequent hazard. This type of protective clothing is often in the fashion of an over garment that must be worn over other clothing to provide maximum protection

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