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Our Complete range of products are Centrifugal Pump, High Pressure Pumps, High Pressure Hydro-testing Pumps, Hot & Cold water pumps and HP & UHP water jetting accessories.

Centrifugal Pump

A wide range of high volume and high head centrifugal pump sets are available to meet the growing demand from Oil & Gas, Marine, Petro Chemical, Construction and General Industrial sectors. The pump units are o ered as standard or custom made packages with diesel engine or electric driven con gurations. Flows range from 100 m3/hr to 2400 m3/hr with discharge pressures up to 40 bar.   Pumps complete in stainless steel or bronze construction are available for handling sea water, crude oil and industrial chemicals. The standard materials of construction would be cast iron/ductile iron crank cases with bronze/cast iron impellers with either mechanical seals or soft packed glands. UL/FM approved pumps suitable for construction industry and API approved pumps for oil & gas industry can be o ered at a very competitive price.

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High Pressure Pumps

Development, design, build and sales of high pressure positive displacement pump sets in diesel engine or electric motor driven configurations to cater to the requirements of Marine, Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical and General Industrial sectors.   Fluidtech  is the authorized distributor of Pratissoli pumps in the GCC, for their range of high pressure triplex plunger pumps, accessories and spares. High pressure pump units are offered as skid mounted or trailer mounted options depending on the site requirement. Pressure ratings of these pumps starts from 50 bar to 1400 bar (725 psi to 20000 psi) and the discharge flows range from 6 lpm to 480 lpm (1.6 US gpm to 126 US gpm). The units are very compact in size and are suitable for most of the industrial cleaning and heavy duty water jetting applications.   Hydro jetting units are available for single gun or double gun operations with unloader valve and dry shut gun system. The dry shut gun configuration prevents dumping water at site while the trigger is released and thus avoiding wastage of water. This is especially important when working inside tanks and enclosed areas.   A range of skid mounted hydro jetting units with experienced hydro jetters and pump technicians are available on hire basis to meet any immediate requirement.   Pump skids can be fitted with chalwyn valve, spark arrestor and battery isolator to meet the semi-hazardous safety standards of oil and gas field applications.   Some of the latest additions to the Pratissoli range of pumps include Piston Pump Series M Line which have been designed to handle drilling fluids, muds, slurries and dense mixtures for a variety of applications in the Mining, Chemical, Oil & Gas Industries. Performances range from 35 lpm to 396 lpm (9.3 US gpm to 105 US gpm) and pressures up to 90 bar (1300 psi).   Recycled Fluid Series Pumps are suitable for charged water with particles size up to 200 micron and up to 20% concentration in the water. Due to the special packings the pump can run dry without any damage for up to 30 minutes. Performances range from 100 lpm to 480 lpm (26 US gpm to 126 US gpm) and pressures up to 250 bar (3600 psi).   Stainless Steel 70 Series version AISI 316L pumps and AISI 420 pumps with performances ranging from 30 lpm to 170 lpm (8 US gpm to 45 US gpm) and pressures up 250 bar (3600 psi).   Stainless Steel N Series Pumps have duplex ASTM block style manifolds. Performances ranging from 74 lpm to 388 lpm (19 US gpm to 102 US gpm) and pressures up to 400 bar (5800 psi).   Please contact us for your specific pump performance requirements.   Application s   Marine growth removal Surface cleaning Scrabbling of concrete surfaces Boiler cleaning Heat exchanger tube cleaning Drill pipe cleaning Drainage cleaning Tank cleaning High pressure pump set features     Diesel driven and electric driven options Single gun and double gun congurations Triplex pump with fully ceramic plungers Direct coupling through gear box Built-in fuel tank for 12 hours operation On-board water tank with low water cut out Stainless steel/powder coated control panel Compact and heavy duty design Un-loader valves on some models ATEX certied models are available

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High Pressure Hydro-testing Pumps

Fluidtech offers an extensive range of high pressure triplex plunger pumps with pressure regulating valves and related accessories for pressure testing. These HP pump units are available in skid or trailer mounted versions with diesel engine or electric motor driven options. Units can be operated from 0 to the maximum pressure rating of the pump and is ideal for hydro static pressure testing of cross country pipelines, under water pipelines, pressure vessels and storage tanks.

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Hot & Cold water pumps

High pressure cold and hot water pumps are available for general cleaning and many industrial applications. The pump sets can be self-contained or skid mounted, coupled with various types of electric motors or petrol/diesel engines.   The hot water pumps are suitable up to 85 Degree C water temperature. The materials of construction are pump body and cover in die-cast aluminum alloy. Pump shaft in pressed high strength steel. One piece ceramic pistons and pump head in nickel plated brass.

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HP & UHP water jetting accessories

An extensive and reliable selection of water jetting accessories are available for surface preparation and tube bundle cleaning. Water jetting hoses rated from 10000 psi to 46000 psi (690 bar to 3170 bar) working pressures. Dry shut style water jetting gun with un-loader valve, dump style water jetting gun rated from 15000 psi , 20000 psi and 40000 psi (1000 bar, 1400 bar and 2760 bar) working pressures. Complete set of hydro-blasting suits suitable for pressures up to 40000 psi (2760 bar), flow divider valves, high pressure in-line flow meters, UHP accessories such as tumble boxes, external compensation valve (ECV), 40000 psi lances and spares such as seals, back up rings, swivel seals, brass buttons, nozzle carriers, sapphire nozzles etc are available, as well as standard fan and round stream jets.

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De-Watering Pumps

Skid mounted and trailer mounted self-priming de-watering pumps coupled with diesel engine or electric motor are available depending on the site requirement. 4” and 6” models are more readily available as these pump sizes are the industry standard. These pump sets are normally supplied with quick connectors, with re-inforced rubber suction hoses and layflat discharge hoses so the installation at site is quickly achieved.  

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Ultra High Pressure Hydro-blasting Pumps

Fluidtech oers some of the most versatile hydro-blasting pump sets in the market that are easy to operate and simple to maintain. The innovative Advanced Design (AD) uid head is the proven solution for several dierent pump performances with cost eective replacement parts, helping to reduce the overall maintenance cost of ultra high pressure plunger pumps. Fluidtech is the Middle East Distributor of Jetech Inc., USA, who oers an extensive range of triplex and quintuplex plunger pumps from 5000 psi to 50000 psi (350 bar to 3450 bar) discharge pressures with powers ranging from 50 HP to 600 HP (36 Kw to 448 Kw). The 500 HP and 600 HP (373 Kw and 448 Kw) are quintuplex type pumps which are ideally suited when automation of the water jetting process is required. The AD uid head of the Jetech pumps does not require the pump head to be removed when servicing the plungers or valves. One piece inlet/outlet valve with easy to lift out single bore cylinder assembly illustrating the Jetech pumps exceptional versatility for simple on-site maintenance. The UHP range of hydro blasting units can be oered as standard or custom made packages with diesel engine or electric motor driven options. The skid mounted and trailer mounted units can be operated as single gun or double gun congurations depending on the site requirement. Fluidtech are members of the Water Jet Technology Association (WJTA) and through this organization we ensure that we keep up to date with the latest technology in our industry and most importantly health and safety requirements.   Hydro-blasting pump features     Heavy duty skid mounted triplex and quintuplex plunger pumps  Diesel driven or electric driven options Single cylinder plunger assembly with one piece double acting valve cartridge Fewer moving parts compared to many conventional plunger pumps Plungers and packings can be serviced individually Fluid head does not have to be removed for servicing of plungers and valves Easy on-site maintenance Most diesel engines with mechanical governors ie; no electronic systems In-built diesel tank for 12/24 hours operation On-board water tank with low water level safety cut out for pump protection Power transmission directly through in-built gear box, models 50 TJ3 to 350 TJ3 Conversion kits to convert the pump pressures from 5000 psi to 40000 psi (345 bar to 2760 bar)

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Submersible pumps

Fluidtech offers a wide selection of submersible pumps for Civil, Industrial and Municipal sectors. Submersible pumps specially designed for sewage handling, drainage and bore well pumps are available from 0.37 Kw to 350 Kw in 2 and 4 poles. As the name indicates, the complete pump assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped which prevents pump cavitation. In the case of submersible pumps, the fluid is pushed to the surface as opposed to standard type surface mounted centrifugal pumps with suction hoses and non-return valves which lifts the fluid to the surface but has a limited suction lift of some 6 to 7 meters.

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Marine Fire Pump

Fluidtech offers fire- fighting pump packages complete with fire- fighting monitors, foam proportioners etc for supply vessels in the marine industry. Depending on the vessel size, different capacity pumps ranging from Quarter Fi-Fi, Half Fi-Fi, Full Fi-Fi and Super Fi-Fi pumps can be supplied to meet the charter requirement.   ABS/BV/IRS class certified pumps are available with manual or electric remote controlled re monitors. Pumps can be installed on decks or in the engine room. Based on the space availability on the deck area, compact end suction pumps or split case models can be offered. The pump unit can be containerized depending upon the application. Monitors can be mounted on top of the container to make the re pump set fully self-contained.   Fire- fighting pump sets are normally supplied with chalwyn automatic air inlet shutdown valve, spark arrestor and batteries mounted in a box with a safety lock - off device.       600 m3/hr@12 bar diesel driven Fi-Fi pump set         Half Fi-Fi electric remote controlled fire monitor

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Abrasive Water Jetting

This is a surface treatment process in which a stream of high pressure water is mixed with abrasive particles which are directed on to the surface to be treated. This method is used to remove paint, metal scales, rust, salt and other contaminants from the surface. The velocity of the water jet along with hardness, density, toughness and particle shape of the abrasives will create a surface prole to provide a suitable surface for painting. Fluidtech oers high pressure water jetting pump sets with venturi nozzles which are mounted on to the water jetting guns which mixes water with the abrasives. This method is called “wet sand blasting” which oers a pollution free water/abrasive operation.

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end suction centrifugal pumps

A wide selection of mono block and end suction centrifugal pumps are available for industrial and construction field applications. Close coupled electric motor driven pumps rated from 0.5 HP to 25 HP are in stock for outright purchase

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Reverse osmosis pumps & sub-sea pumps

Jetech also offer a range of reverse osmosis (RO) pumps from 50 to 700 US gpm (190 to 2660 lpm) at pressures up to 1200 psi (80 bar). The fuidhead is manufactured in duplex stainless steel for long life and durability.   Sub-sea pumps designed by Jetech to run in sea water at depths up to 10000 feet (3050 meters), where the sea water provides the lubrication for the crankshaft & bearings, ie; no polluting oils, with ows from 3.5 to 40 US gpm (13 to 150 lpm) at pressures from 5000 to 40000 psi (345 to 2760 bar). Please contact us for more information on this innovative range of plunger pumps.  

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