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We offer a complete product range of Dosimeter, Quality Assurance Tools, rf testing, lead shielding and magnetic shielding

Quality Assurance Tools

Quality assurance (QA) refers to the engineering activities implemented in a quality system so that requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled. It is the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention. This can be contrasted with quality control, which is focused on process outputs. Two principles included in QA are: "Fit for purpose", the product should be suitable for the intended purpose; and "Right first time", mistakes should be eliminated. QA includes management of the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components, services related to production, and management, production and inspection processes.

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Dosimeters measure an individual's or an object's exposure to something in the environment particularly to a hazard inflicting cumulative impact over long periods of time, or over a lifetime. This article concentrates on the radiation dosimeter, which measures exposure to ionizing radiation. The radiation dosimeter is of fundamental importance in the disciplines of radiation dosimetry and health physics. Other types of dosimeters are sound dosimeters, ultraviolet dosimeters and electromagnetic field dosimeters. Ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, alpha rays, beta rays, and gamma rays, are undetectable by the human senses, therefore a measuring device is used to detect measure and record this, and in some cases give an alarm when a preset level is exceeded. Ionizing radiation damage to the body is cumulative, and is related to the total dose received, for which the SI unit is the Sievert. Therefore, workers exposed to radiation, such as radiographers, nuclear power plant workers, doctors using radiotherapy, those in laboratories using radionuclides, and some HAZMAT teams are required to wear dosimeters so their employers can keep a record of their exposure to verify that it is below legally prescribed limits.

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rf testing

  • Power Monitor 5: RF Watt
  • Lightweight (4.0 lbs)

Compliance testing is preventive maintenance that should be considered at least every two years. When was your last RF test certification? Re-certification of the enclosure and repair of any RF leaks are vital to ensuring your shield is working at its optimal level. When your RF shield is working properly, you can provide artifact-free images for quality patient care. Diagnostic testing is used to detect problems within new and existing RF enclosures. Natural aging of a building can cause water leaks and structural movement can affect your shielding performance. In addition, ancillary items that are added to the enclosure, such as injectors, CCTVs, sound systems, or thermostats can effect image quality. The Anritsu MS2711-5 hand held spectrum analyzer is designed for field environments and applications requiring mobility, the MS2711 features easy-to-use, accurate performance in a light weight (4 .0 Ibs, 1 .8 kg), battery operated unit covering the 100 kHz to 3000 MHz frequency range. Ideal for fieldmobility use, the Anritsu MS2711 satisfies spectrum analysis needs in cellular, DCSPCS, pagingmessaging, WLANWPBX, and many other communications system applications - anywhere, anytime. Utilizing an advanced synthesizer-based design, the MS2711 delivers accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements - anywhere, every time. A broad range of functions, coupled with resolution bandwidths ranging from 10 kHz to 1 MHz, simplifies identification of interfering signals in modern wireless systems. Rugged packaging keeps the Anritsu MS2711 operating in harsh environments and allows it to withstand rough handling.

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lead shielding

Lead shielding refers to the use of lead as a form of radiation protection to shield people or objects from radiation so as to reduce the effective dose. Lead can effectively attenuate certain kinds of radiation because of its high density and high atomic number; principally, it is effective at stopping gamma, and x-rays. Lead is used for shielding in x-ray machines, nuclear power plants, labs, military equipment, and other places radiation may be encountered. There is great variety in the types of shielding available both to protect people and to shield equipment and experiments. Personal shielding includes lead aprons (such as the familiar garment used during dental x-rays), thyroid shields, and lead gloves. There are also a variety of shielding devices available for laboratory equipment, including lead castles, structures composed of lead bricks, and lead pigs, thick containers for storing and transporting

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magnetic shielding

Magnetic fringe field from the magnet can extend outside the room based on the set of magnetic field. The magnetic shielding which can be calculated based on the equipment and surrounding requirement, Shielding contains the field strength without the periphery of the room, thereby It can reduce the image quality issues due to moving magnetic permeable items around the MRI. Frank Shields uses passive shielding using magnets permeable mentioned on the walls, floors & ceiling partially or fully based on the site requirements. The final aim is to contain the 5 gauss line in a safe limit around the magnet. Shielding refers to the magnetic field outside the magnet bore. Passive shielding is the placement of heavy ferromagnetic plating in the walls or floor of the magnet room or even the magnet itself. This concentrates magnetic flux lines, reducing the fringe field beyond the shielding. Passive shielding (see also Faraday cage) significantly eases the problems of siting a MR Image in a confined space. Ferromagnetic objects are less prone to being attracted to the magnet, ancillary electronic equipment, credit cards and computer disks can be brought closer to the magnet and the MRI safety limit for pacemaker wearers (the 5 gauss line = 0.5 mT) is reduced from, typically, 10 m to 2 m from the magnet. A passive shield for a whole-body MRI magnet weights many tons. An alternative method of controlling stray field is active shielding.

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Computed Radiography System

Radiography, CR&DR TOR CDR CR DDR Pix 13 Patient Equivalent Filter TO ANSI TO AEC Radiography, CR&DR

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Defibrillator Analyzer

  • Model No. 7000DP

The Biomedical’s defibrillator analyzers are FDA510K compliant, rugged, portable precision test instruments that ensures proper operation and ultimate performance of critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipments, Mono- and bi-phasic defibrillators and AEDs Ability to test external transcutaneous pacemakers 12-lead ECG simulation First-in-class accuracy ± 1% of reading + 0.1J

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Electrical Safety Analyzer

  • Model No. ESA615

The electrical safety analyzers are test to global standards and provides accurate and reliable results, helping you to meet all your medical devices electrical safety testing requirements, while ensuring patient safety.On-board automation Complies to all major global standards Comprehensive testing Simple, multi-language user interface

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Electrosurgical analyzer

  • Model No. QA ES MK III

The Biomedical electrosurgical analyzer test critical ESU functions on a variety of makes and models of electrosurgical unit generators.It helps to perform comprehensive, accurate and consistent tests for electrosurgical unit performance safety using Fluke Biomedical electrosurgery analyzers.Test ESU functions with precise power, current, frequency, crest factor and load resistance ranges Includes on-board automation capabilities. Use Bluetooth to retrieve records or connects to PCs using USB port.

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Gas flow analyzer

  • Model No. VT HF PLUS

The Gas flow analyzers measures pressure, flow, volume, oxygen concentration and gas temperature, also they test a variety of medical gas flow and pressure devices such as endoscopic insufflators, anesthesia machines, flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices.Bi-directional flow, pressure, volume, and oxygen concentration, and pressure measurements Low- and high-pressure, and flow measurement capability 21 ventilator parameters on 1 ventilator tester screen

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Incubator analyzer

  • Model No. INCU II

Fluke Biomedical's neonatal equipment test instruments have been trusted by health technology professionals for more than 20 years. These neonatal test equipments are complete NICU quality assured solution which ensures infant safety.Portable and intuitive-to-use Compliant with global IEC standards INCU II simultaneously measures: Airflow, Sound, Humidity, Air and surface temperature in 6 independent points, Optional skin temperature testing

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Infusion device analyzer

  • Model No. IDA5 PLUS

The infusion device analyzers test all brands of intravenous pumps and are compatible with a wide array of infusion pumps including syringe pump, volumetric pumps and anesthesia pumps.Ability to test four infusion pumps simultaneously Real time snap shots of flow and pressure for immediate issues recognition On-board and stand-alone automation HydroGraph software for ease of use

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patient simulator

  • Model No. Prosim 8

The Biomedical ProSim Vital Signs Simulators transform physiological simulation by adding multi-parameter functionality in a single patient simulator device, helps you to meet your patient monitor testing and medical device quality requirements to ensure patient safety.12-lead ECG simulator Complete preventive maintenance testing with one device in less than five minutes IBP patient simulator Cardiac catheterization

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Fetal Simulator

  • Model No. PS320

The Fetal Simulator simulates fetal and maternal ECG as well as uterine activity to test and troubleshoot fetal electronic monitors.The unit is battery operated and small enough to fit in the pocket.Mechanical heart for ultrasound simulation TOCO simulation (External or IUP) Ultrasound simulation (including twins) Maternal ECG simulation

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Survey meter

  • Model No. ASM 990

The Survey Meter is a portable and practical means for discovering irradiated goods, and for helping remediate contaminant and safety issues while minimally affecting performances.Auto-scaling measurement of rate and dose simultaneously Up to five different probes can be calibrated with one unit Easy-to-use multifunction keypad for intuitive menu navigation

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Aluminium Shielding

Aluminium Shielding: It is a wood core with laminated aluminium on both sides of the core.It's more costly compare to copper and G.I shielding.

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Galvanized Iron Shielding

Galvanized Iron Shielding(G.I): It is a wood core with laminated metal on both sides of the core. A vapor barrier is placed on the floor to isolate the shield from the ground. Frank shields has teams of professionals in many disciplines who will ensure...

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Copper shielding

The copper modular MRI shielding enclosure by Frank shields combines the high shielding effectiveness of copper with a modular construction that is self-supporting. This MRI shielded enclosure provides greater...

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lead doors

Frank shields are well versed in making lead lined doors which are used in X ray rooms and radiation therapy rooms etc .We are having our own dedicated technical team who are professional and plenty of experience. The lead lined doors comes with various lead thickness and different finishes. The doors are mainly classified into the following types.

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Lead Windows

Lead windows are used for mounting radiation safety glass on the wall openings of the imaging rooms to provide viewable area with proper radiation protection Against Radiation. Frank shields supplies wooden and steel window frames with different finishes to match the requirement of the customer.

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Lead Glass

Frank shields are the super stockiest for the Schott, Germany anti radiation glass for the Middle East region. Our anti- radiation glasses are used in the radiation therapy rooms, dental clinics, x ray rooms and operating rooms etc. These glasses are tailored to the specific requirement of the end customer. Schott anti radiation glasses are having low thickness and appears attractive when framed. Our Glasses are more resistant against scratching.

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