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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of LAMINATED PARQUET FLOORING, Hardwood Flooring, carpet flooring, STEEL ACCESS FLOORING and Wooden Flooring


Laminated Parquet flooring has come to be viewed as one of widely used product around the globe in large part due its user-friendly installation, easy maintenance and various other benefits. Today a large number of users prefer laminate flooring over conventional types of hardwood flooring primarily due to the former’s wooden flooring aesthetics . What is undeniably true of laminate flooring is that it costs you considerably less than most other flooring materials. The highly durable and hygienic nature of the laminate flooring allows users to maintain the product in a relatively easy manner. Once installed on the surface, these laminate floors sits well on the sub-floor and eliminate sound and moisture related nuisance. It is highly recommended that there is a certain amount of gap between flooring and objects, thus removing any obstacle to the expansion of flooring. Top layer of laminate flooring comprise melamine that offers a great form of much-needed toughness against wear. The second layer of the laminate flooring contains décor paper which renders a subtly natural appearance of wood. The middle layer of the flooring is made using high density fireboard that ensures optimal strength to the plank. The bottom layer of the flooring is viewed as doing the balancing act as it prevents warping, and allows the plank to remain straight under all circumstances. Constructed through the use of sophisticated process, Laminate flooring is characterized by its high quality materials, unmatched strength and durability. Our vast collection of laminate flooring enables customers to choose appropriate design for their home and office. Fusion Floor is the dealer for world famous brand of Kronopol which is under Swiss Krono Group. We have another set of collection called Arrow Collection.

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Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is a type of product which is made using timber, and has a wide range of applications in flooring, be it structural or aesthetic.  Engineered wood flooring has rapidly become the first choice of flooring material among users, owing greatly to its durability, aesthetic appeal and environment friendliness. Engineered hardwood flooring has been regarded by many as the real wood flooring, is credited with offering more stability compared to solid wood. It also resists the shrinking and expanding with the constant changes taking place in temperatures and humidity. An engineered hardwood flooring comprises of 100% genuine wood. The top layer on the flooring is made from neatly refined combination of Oak, walnut and variety of hardwoods.The thickness level of the engineered wood flooring enables the top layer of the wood to be re-sanded or finished throughout its lifespan. Engineered wood flooring is highly eco-friendly in nature as we make point of using slow growing hardwoods for manufacturing. The best engineered wood floors are built with 3-11 multiple ply layers that are cross layered, glued and pressed together. The inner core layers of hardwood flooring are crafted with hardwood or soft plywood that integrates the whole system from within. The top surface of the core will then be buttressed and pressed by the top thicker hardwood. Aree engineered hardwood flooring provides finest finished look available in many species, colors, and sizes. Aree’s engineered hardwood floorings are manufactured under a formaldehyde free adhesive system that is harmless to the residents and society. With the significant two series of aree’s engineered hardwood flooring, 3 -layer and Multi-layer engineered hardwoods, it gives the customers more options for their solutions.

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carpet flooring

Carpet tiles have emerged as the first choice of carpet rolls among users. Carpet tiles are characterized by their highly modern and stylish designs that most people prefer. Though they’re much easier for a do-it-yourselfer to install on their own, they come with their own pros and cons.The rich extravagance of covered floors puts forth an unequivocal floor style proclamation. Rug flooring not just lessens commotion levels and warm the ground you tread on, the deck additionally includes that touch of sumptuous solace and panache to the vibe of your home or office.The term rug is a general one indicating any free laid floor covering. Covering rather than rug is a connected or attached floor covering made of a substantial, thick fabric. Woven or felted, rug flooring covering is commonly tied or stuck to a base weave. Fitted floor coverings which cover the whole room surface locale are insinuated as “one end to the next” rugs.At the point when picking rug flooring, ensure you browse a dependable supplier Carpets come in such a marvelous plenty of choices, styles, compositions and filaments, that settling on the right decision can be fairly confounding. The countless floor covering styles accessible incorporate Saxony, Berber, circle cover, cut and circle style, Frieze style, to give some examples, with varieties in composition, example, toughness and usefulness. Every floor covering style has its own trademark look and feel, and when utilized properly, can include a sexy appeal .Covers likewise come in different fiber choices, and you have to practice alert when making your buy as these strands too come in changing evaluations and quality. The most prevalent and most costly fiber utilized as a part of rugs obviously, is fleece. Nylon, Polyester, and Polypropylene covers and cotton, hemp, or straw counterparts are accessible as more moderate alternatives.While selecting the floor covering style, it is imperative to consider the stylistic layout of your space to keep away from struggle in configuration and guarantee agreement with room environment. Picking your rug depends in the end on your requirements, where the floor covering will be utilized, your individual taste and spending plan. Rugs laid on floors ought to be vacuumed consistently keeping in mind the end goal to keep the collection of dust and parasites. Investigate at rug tiles for another option.Floor covering Tiles loan the home lush warmth second to none. On the off chance that you are searching for the look and feel of a sumptuous floor covering without the cerebral pain of looking after one, investigate at rug tiles to change your home mystically. Would you say no to a covering choice that is: Simple to fit Easily transportable Easy to clean Replaceable Hardwearing and Flexible in configuration Like earthenware tiling, introducing floor covering tiles is done tile by tile, and also, some are introduced with no glue as well. Support of floor coverings can’t be less complex, snappier and simpler – a vacuum with solid suction and a mixer bar brush gets soil particles the heap to the surface of the rug. The particles are then drawn into the vacuum sack. When you are confronted with the unavoidable stain, smudge the spots and spills as fast as could be allowed and afterward flush the zone with cool water. Harmed or dirtied tiles might be effectively expelled by essentially supplanting the influenced covering tile with a crisp tile. With customary covered deck, if you somehow happened to spill something and recolor the rug, you would need to supplant the whole floor. With covered tile, you essentially supplant the recolored tile.These tiles are made from 100% Premium Nylon Face Fiber, which is then melded on to an intense however adaptable vinyl backing for simplicity of establishment. Delicate to the touch, hotter and more vitality productive than hard surface floors covered tiles actually retain clamors. The effortlessly installable Do It Yourself units spare the expense of temporary workers and installers. Permit your creative ability run wild and make unlimited changes and blends to plan novel ground surface plans that express your identity. Covering tiles turn out to be a better decision than rugs for your home and office in about each way.

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Steel Access floor System Dubai is widely using for commercial buildings and offices. Steel Access Floor System can provide easy, quick installation and stability.Following the process of Phosphorescing, the HT Steel access floor is constructed using high-quality that is spot- welded, stretched and coated with epoxy powder. The corner lock holes are used to fill the cement that oozes out of four side of the panel. Fusion Floor Dubai is known for consistently offering necessary flooring tips to people.

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Wooden Flooring

  Wood Core panels are using specified areas like IT rooms, Data centers and commercial areas. Wood core panels are antistatic in nature. FT antistatic wood core access panel is made high density chipboard. The top surface stuck with high pressure laminate ( HPL ) or conductive PVC. The bottom is covered with aluminium foil or galvanized steel sheet. Four edges are sealed with black PVC edge trim. The woodcore panel’s adaptability and light weight make it a brilliant alternative for retrofits when constructing. Notwithstanding its light weight, a solid load capacity makes it suitable for computer rooms and general office use. The The woody core panel is an affordable flooring solution. Fusion Floors Dubai is committed to provide quality raised access floors with friendly client service. Our products have gone through broad testing and a careful quality control certification program, all intended to guarantee that our clients get the most noteworthy quality items accessible.

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Solid Wood Flooring

One of the most desirable flooring finishes in consumer’s minds, made from one single solid piece of lumber. Solid hardwood flooring does not only give an elegant flooring look, but also years of service and pleasure. The Solid wood flooring offered by Fusion Flooring comes with a diverse range of characteristics and is built using the same piece of high quality timber. It also adds warmth and beauty that help increasing the value of any home. Aree solid hardwood flooring is carefully selected from premium quality of lumbers worldwide to satisfy the customers both domestically and internationally.

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We are specialised in customized soft furnishing projects and we have variety of choice on all types of curtains such as American Curtains, Lop Curtains, Zigzag Curtains and others in Dubai. We offer an extraordinary scope of curtains furnishing for you to look over. Take your pick from offbeat curtains, blinds and shades and floor coverings when you’re searching for extraordinary lounge room furniture. Select from fascinating designs, colours, entryway window ornaments and shade sections and poles to include some extravagance home furniture in Dubai.

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Wall Covering

  Our world class wall paper collections are well known to this middle East Market and last 27 years of middle east experience is enable us to make our customer satisfy always. Fusion Floors Dubai is a main shipper and stockist of wallpaper and divider covers in the Middle East, with its roots installed for more than four decades. We pride ourselves on our reputation for creative wallpaper, its quality and our productive administration. We warmly welcome you to investigate our expansive extent, with hues and outlines that will oblige any necessity.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has been long known for natural material and high durability that testifies to the world class manufacturing services offered by fusion floor. The leading flooring providers have consistently delivered materials of world class quality at a reasonable price rate. Luxury Vinyl Tiles  Luxury Vinyl Tiles have become one of the most widely used types of flooring, compared with any flooring materials. Vinyl flooring has its own unique aesthetic and technical advantages. LVT’s ease of installation and maintenance has made it a convenient and time-saving flooring solution for various projects. VirGin LVT has supreme Durability and is fully recyclable.  Korean made  VirGin tiles are environment friendly and does not require adhesive. Advantages of VriGin LVT No need of adhesive/underlay Environment Friendly Individual Glass Fiber Layer will provide supreme durability Waterproof/Easy Clean Fire/Slip/Oil/Stain Resistant Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Antimicrobial technology. Less noise for silent residential environment VirGin premium LVT against wide temperate difference Made In South Korea

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