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Welding Machinery #5982012



Series of semi-automatic welding machines with undergear and built-in professional wire feeder, suitable to be used with CO2 gas and mixture. They are recommended for medium fabrication work, car body repairs, agriculture and maintenance. Robust, easy to use and with innovative design, SMARTMIG T25(three phase) provide excellent welding performance also with aluminium and stainless steel wires.


  • Excellent welding performance on any metal and thin lamination sheets
  • QBS Feeding Motor Quick Brake System for constant and repeated arc striking
  • Standard supplied ground cable
  • Burn Back and motor ramp are integrated and externally adjustable on T25
  • Metallic main structure with shockproof fibre compound front panel
  • Control panel protected against accidental hits
  • Sloping front panel easy to read and adjust, highly visible from any direction
  • Quick connection for the ground cable

Optional Accessories

  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
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Submerged Arc Welding Equipment


Power source models PARS ARC,
Carriage models PARS CAT andstationary feedermodelsARC FEED

In the world today, people automatically think of the name SAW process, whenever the high speed of welding of very thick metals with very high current and the high deposition rate is mentioned.

SUBMERGED ARC WELDING EQUIPMENT is combined with these two options:

Option 1:Power Source typePARSARC, plus a ( wire feeder + carriage ) typePARS CAT (Is used wherever it is preferred the workpiece be stopped and the carriage and wire feeder can travel).
Option 2:Power source typePARS ARCplus a (wire feeder+stationary equipments) typeARC FEED(Is used wherever the workpiece can move and the wire feeder dont travel).


  • Possibility of high-speed welding of very thick metals withvery high current and high deposition rate
  • Very good appearance, high quality of welding
  • Ideal for welding in very hard and heavy duty conditions even with 100% duty cycle in maximum current output
  • Facility of selection static characteristic (CC or CV)and excellent static characteristic
  • Indicator for overload protection
  • Very much robust and reliable construction
  • Extra Overload Protection
  • Possibility of preset adjustment control of welding current, Arc voltage and carriage speed before welding
  • Two years Warranty



ThePARS CAT carriage is a four-wheel drive with track system capabilities.The rugged, lightweight and necessary joints of unit permits quick m ovement to the next joint, Butt and fillet welds can be made on thick or thin steel plates

The PARSCATis ideal for the following applications:Ship and barge building, storage tank erection, bridge deck installation, beam, girder or column fabrication, and long seams on heavy weld metals.

Have you ever find a carriage or stationary Feeders of SUB ARC machines with so many advantageous?1) Automatic compensation of input voltage.2) Automatic compensation of carriage loading variation using tacho (Option for PARS CAT)3) Preset of Arc voltage, welding current and speed of carriage before welding.4) Robust construction and infinitely flexible.5) Digital display of weld current, voltage, carriage speed.6) The flexibility of machines insures to do a various adjustment for different positions, shortly, precisely and simply.7) Extra heavy duty and powerfulFeederofPARS CATcarriage in the maximum feeder at 100% duty cycle.8) Calibrated carriage drive adjusts travel speeds from0.12 to 1.8 m/min ( ForPARS CAT)9) Weld angle is up to 45 degree from vertical on eitherside; drag angle is up to 45 degrees from vertical especially for fillet and other positions of welding.10) Corner joint, T joint, Lap joints to the left or rights side of the tractor frame for convenience.11) Special design of wire straightener using excellent device ensures soft and excellent trouble free for wire feeding while maintaining coated copper of wire.12) Flux hopper capacity of 7kg can be mounted in two locations for fillet or flat positions in the same level in order to get the maximum capacitance of flux.Also, flux hose has been maintained the short about (20cm) length and angle of flux hose(between flux hopper and welding head)constant and without changes, which helps trouble less flowing of powder in all positions.13) Very widely adjustments of Wire reel hub in each three planes X, Y, Z ensures higher flexibility and stability.14) Built-in wheels with favourite guides (customer designed) and also side guide rolls and special guides makes very easy welding without rails.( For PARS CAT )15) Using built-in wrench system eliminates wrench for adjustments and increases the speed of the process.16) Laser height guided adjustment.17) Two driven axes (4 wheel drive) make precisely travelling of carriage. (For PARS CAT)18) Facility of adding shaft extension ensures more stability of carriage, if necessary. (For PARS CAT)19) Soft start control for easy process starts.20) Burn back control to prevent wire sticking.21) The control box is conventionally located on the carriage. It can be mounted either on left or right, can move in X, Y, Z axis, or turned 3400degrees in XY, XZ and ZY plates.This facility makes control of parameters on box much easy and precise and eliminates the need to return to the power source for routine procedure changes22) Precise control of feeder speed using Tacho and the feedback ensures constant speed of feeder even hard condition. (Optional)


  • 12m Inter cable welding cable and 3 m earth cable(both 370 mm2) including special protector cover
  • Nozzle 3.2 (2 pieces)
  • Nozzle 4 (1 piece)

Optional Accessories

  • Tachometer for wire feeder
  • Tachometer for carriage travelling ( for PARS CAT)
  • Flux recovery system
  • Extension of the increasing Z axis.
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
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MIG/MAG Welding Machines


The MIG/MMA 201 is the most innovative, high-performing and technologically advanced multi function single phase power source for MIG, FCAW and Stick welding. The power source features curves for solid wire 0.6/0.8/1.0 mm and 0.9/1.0mm flux cored wire. The cored wires can be welded, either with or without shielding gas, by simple polarity reverse. MIG/MMA 201 allows welding of mild and stainless steel, and with a change of wire feed rolls you can weld aluminum.


  • Compact design (Built-in wire feeder)
  • Ability to adjust the welding current and voltage continuously
  • 2 stroke / 4 stroke
  • Stability of welding parameters even at input voltage fluctuations
  • High duty cycle for heavy duty condition
  • Constant voltage characteristic and stable arc
  • Ability of welding of non-ferrous metals and alloys
  • Excellent welding for even thin metals
  • Excellent arc striking and possibility of soft start
  • Reduce weight and dimensions due to the use of advanced inverter technology
  • Strong metallic plate ensures reliability during feeding of wire
  • Control of wire speed by feedback and brake
  • Wire insertion button
  • Compatible with Spool Gun

Accessories (Included)

  • Electrode holder with cable and welding connectors
  • Earth clamp with cable and welding connectors
  • MIG welding torch
  • Bag for the machine and accessories

Optional Accessories

  • Gas regulator
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
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