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Our product range comtains a wide range of encapsulated floating lifeline suit, Lifebuoy Light, Lifebuoy Ring, soft foam lifebuoy and sea horse work vest

encapsulated floating lifeline suit

escription : Encapsulated Floating Lifeline suit 30" lifebuoys. Length 30 metres. Constructed:   to fit neatly into inside diameter of lifebuoy. Protects line from UV damage, tangling etc. also less prone to vandalism. Best option for neat appearance and ease of throwing to a person in difficulities in deep Water. Make:  China

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Lifebuoy Light


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Lifebuoy Ring

Description:Lifebuoy Ring 2.5kg & 4kg Brands :VSG, Seahorse  Make :Italy, USA, China available   

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soft foam lifebuoy

White Lifebuoy available with blue coloured Band and red coloured Band Description: Soft Foam Lifebuoy  Size: smal

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sea horse work vest

Work Vest  Taylortech             Brand: SEA HORSE, Made in USA             Model: WV10              Durability, comfort and safety help meet your workers' safety requirements  and your bottom line. Durability:  The best components are used to insure long life of service. The closed-cell floatation foam will not absorb water if cut or punctured. The tough, flexible vinyl coating resists caustics, acids, UV lights, hydrocarbons, mildew, fading, drilling mud, tears and abrasions: it is easy to clean with soap and water - a benefit that fabric-covered devices cannot claim. This bright international orange coating passes Underwriters Laboratory flame test UL1123. The webbing system - not the foam pads - is designed to take strains and loads. Comfort:  The flexible foam floatation pads cover a minimum body area to increase ventilation and promote freedom of movement. This means the wearer of a Taylortec WV-10 can work more effectively. The life jacket can be adjusted to fit most adults up to a 56" (142 cm) chest size. Safety:  To help compensate for equipment or heavy clothing that the user might be wearing, the buoyancy of the Seahorse Work Vest is greater than the USCG minimum. The innovative chest strap helps to hold the vest on the wearer during falls into the water and prevents the vest from riding up too high. Unlike other types of hardware, the plastic side release buckles won't accidentally come undone or become a snag hazard.    

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Hydrostatic Release Unit

The Hammar H20 is a hydrostatic release unit designed to fit liferafts of all shapes and sizes. It is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon, which prevents it from corroding. The Hammar H20 needs no annual service, maintenance or spare parts. You simply install a new one every two years and dispose of the old one. With the environment in mind, the old unit is 97% recyclable. The Hammar H20 release unit consists of a double looped white rope line, a release mechanism and a Red Weak  

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Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

An  Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon  or EPIRB  is used to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency.It does this by transmitting a coded message on the 406 MHz distress frequency via satellite and earth stations to the nearest rescue co-ordination centre. Some EPIRBs also have built-in GPS which enables the rescue services to accurately locate you to +/- 50 metres. Who uses EPIRBs? EPIRBs are generally installed on boats and can either be operated automatically after an incident or manually. In most countries they are mandated to be used in all commercial shipping. However, they are also used on yachts and leisure boats.

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ferno paraguard excel stretcher

Ferno Paraguard Excel Stretcher Brand : Ferro Origin : UK Designed for a variety of rescues, the Paraguard Excel is a compact and versatile rescue stretcher. It is ideal for search and rescue operations and can be used to rescue patients from building collapse, industrial incidents or confined spaces.   It is constructed from quality, synthetic materials, stainless steel and aluminium, the Paraguard Excel stretcher is impervious to oil, water, grease and other petroleum products and is resistant to rot and corrosion. It is particularly useful for high building and helicopter rescues. Approved for use by many authorities including NATO 6530-99-446-9403. The Paraguard Excel stretcher is quick and simple to use with various straps to secure the chest, arms, thighs and lower legs. The head is held in place by a three point, non-slip forehead strap. A figure of eight strap supports the feet. To enhance infection control the flaps are wipe clean and the patient pads may be detached from the base for washing. For storage and ease of transport, the stretcher packs into a back pack supplied as standard. A range of accessories are available which enhance ease of use, patient comfort and increase the range of tasks for which the Paraguard Excel can be used.  

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Neil Robertson Stretcher

Neil Robertson Stretcher Make:China The Neil Robertson rescue stretcher is widely used by the Royal Navy, Mines, Factory and Emergency Rescue Services. The lightweight, cost effective rescue stretcher is easily stowed and suitable for both confined space and  rescue at heights.  Constructed from spliced,  ramin slats with a tough, rot proof cotton exterior.  Strong and supportive head restraints offer stability to the head when vertical lifting is necessary. Features cotton straps with buckle and regularly spaced eyelets which assist in holding the casualty safely in place.

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spencer basket stretcher

Basketware stretcher  Spencer   Shell  implemented using the latest technology, which ensures a uniform thickness throughout the length of the stretcher. Polyethylene high density housing with aluminum frame, which provides even greater strength. Around the perimeter are handles for transport and directly into the holes for fixing the stretcher Sling. At the bottom of the stretchers is waterproof mattress made of  EPDM  with closed cells, fixed to anchorages Velcro ®. Thanks to the solid design made of polyethylene of high rigidity, stretchers are unbreakable and easily disinfected. In litter baskets  Shell  You can place the spinal board.  

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pilot ladder

A  Pilot ladder  is a highly specialised form of rope ladder, typically used on board cargo vessels for the purposes of embarking and disembarking pilots. The design and construction of the ladders is tightly specifiedby international regulation under the SOLAS regime. Construction The ladders are made by threading and fixing a series of hardwood,  machined steps, each not more than 400mm x 115mm x 25mm, onto two pairs of minimum 18mm diameter manila ropes, and binding each step to the ropes at 310m 5mm intervals. At a maximum interval of 8 steps, the standard step is replaced by a  spreader , which is an elongated version of the standard machined step, with a minimum length of 1.8 m. The spreader's function is to prevent the ladder from twisting in the prevailing weather conditions when in use. The lowest four steps of the ladder are normally made from a synthetic or composite resin, which is more resistant than hardwood, to the interaction between the host vessel and the pilot boat coming alongside. Because the decks of most commercial ships are far above the waterline, pilots and others who need to come aboard at sea can usually only do so if a pilot ladder is put out. When not being used, the ladder is stowed away (usually rolled up) rather than left hanging.  

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Hand Operated Siren

LK-120 is designed to provide effective warnning in applications where there is no power supply such as: Civil defence. Camp sites. Mountain rescue. Frontier sentry and coast guard warning. As lightweight, it can be easily transported to remote locations and folds up to a small size for ease of handling.      

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Ultrasonic Level Indicator unit

The Portalevel ™  Standard continues to be the most popular Ultrasonic Level Indicator unit for core land based fire protection applications worldwide. It has been the central unit of our range for several years and has recently undergone a technical upgrade program to increase overall performance. It is an ideal solution for Fire Protection Servicing or those facilities requiring an inhouse ability to regularly inspect fire systems Coltraco is transformational in the areas of fire safety and watertightness, notably monitoring liquefied and non-liquefied gaseous extinguishing systems, and water air-tight integrity. Coltraco delivers Safesite ™  & Safeship ™  technologies at critical infrastructure on land & at sea.  Our worldleading brands include Poratlevel ™  MAX, Portascanner ™  Watertight & Permalevel ™  Multiplex.16  

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rescue knots

inflatable life jackets

Solas Life Jacket

Sea Horse Life Jacket

IInflatable lifejacket

Life Jacket

inflatable lifejacket skipper

Life Jacket Light

Emergency Drinking Water

Aluminium Gangway Ladders

ladder magnets

apollo Personnel Transfer Basket

wind socks

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