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The Datacard SD260 card printer puts value right on your desktop. Save time and increase workday efficiency with this best-in-class card printer, ideal for many ID card issuance and badging applications.

  • Producevibrant and crisp images with Datacard TrueMatch printing technology
  • Experienceextreme reliability with Datacard TruePick card handling
  • Supportyour environmental commitments with Earth-friendly features
  • Increaseproductivity with speeds that are over 33% faster than competitive printers


  • Advanced technology for superior image quality
  • Intuitive operation simplifies card printing
  • Superior speed and reliability for worry-free printing
  • Compact size creates more room on your desktop
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High Capacity Regulator

  • Heavy duty
  • High capacity
  • Single stage design
  • Maximum Inlet 3000 PSI

Delivery Range (PSI)


Gas Service

2 – 15



2 – 40



5 – 125 &
10 – 200

ESS4-125 & 

Air, Oxygen, Inert, Methane, 
Hydrogen, CO2

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Heavy Duty Torch Handle

Victor torch handles are available with VanGuard safety features:

Built-in flashback arrestors.Built-in reverse flow check valves.Works with all fuel gases.

VanGuard torch handles are offered in extra heavy duty (H 315FC),
heavy duty (315FC) and medium duty (100FC) models

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Heavy Duty Cutting Attachment

CA 2460 Heavy Duty Cutting Attachment

8 inch Cut Capacity, 90 Degree Head, Tip Series: 1

Heavy duty cutting attachment - may use any fuel gas with proper cutting tip.

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Straight Cutting Torch

  • Use with any fuel gas
  • Uses series 1 cutting tips
  • Length: 21
  • Includes built-in patented flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves for added safety

ST900FC VanGuardCutting capacity 1/8 /3.25mm to 6152mm

ST2600FC VanGuardCutting capacity 1/8 /3.25mm to 12305mm

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Portable Cutting Machine

The versatile VCM-200 is a precision, tractor-type machine that can be used on its own track for straight line cutting and a variety of welding operations.


  • Package Description #1:
  • Cutting Machine
  • MT 210A Torch & Torch Rack
  • Hoses & Fittings (For 2 hose operation)
  • 32 Pitch Pinion Torch Holder
  • 3 Hose Manifold Block
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Professional Heating Nozzle

Heating Nozzle MFA

Victor Professional Heating Nozzle, Type MFA, Available Size: 4, 6, 8 & 10

For use with 300FC Series Torch Handles. Multi-flame heating head for heat treating, straightening, & priming. Fuel Gas Usage - Acetylene, Hydrogen.

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Acetylene Cutting Tip

  • For general Purpose.
  • Hand & Machine Torch Cutting

Type 101, Available Size: Ranging from 000 to 8

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Propane / Natural Gas Cutting Tip

  • For general Purpose.
  • Hand & Machine Torch Cutting
  • Two Piece Tip

Type GPN, Available Size: Ranging from 000 to 8

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Weldability Single Stage Regulator

Weldability Single Stage Regulator; Gauges show output pressure and bottle contents. Oxygen has 300 bar service, acetylene has 20 bar.

Category : Oxy / Fuel Weld / Cut

Part Num:

AE3002LX (Acetylene)
AE3004LX (Oxygen)

Service Pressure:

20 BAR (Acetylene)
300 Bar (Oxygen)

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Straight Line Cutting Machine

Weldability Portable, automatic straight-line cutting machines, 230v input power supply. Supplied with a 1.8m length of distortion-proof steel track (extra 1.8m lengths also available) and a selection of cutting nozzles. Cuts straight lines, circles (20cm-2m radius) and bevels on 5mm-50mm thick steel. Constant adjustable travel speed - in forward or reverse - to provide good machine-quality cuts. Robust, and compact manufacture with brass and stainless steel machined components. Simple design with easy-to-use interface

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Air Carbon Arc Gouging Torch

Arcair Extreme K4000 Air Carbon Arc Gouging Torch (1000A, 80PSI / 25CFM, 7FT) Heavy Duty, Torch & Cable/ Hook-Up Kit

Only Angle-Arc Torches work efficiently with the natural angles and movements of the arm and wrist.


  • 7Ft. (2.1M) swivel cable assembly & hook-up kit
  • Heavy-duty insulators, lever, and handle that are all made from fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester molding compound to withstand the heat and be impact resistant.
  • Forged 1-piece brass alloy body machined to close tolerances on the valve & head seat.
  • Head assembly machined from copper alloy having four (4) air holes optimizing the air flow to the arc.
  • Lever spring rated at 225 lbs. per inch providing excellent clamping pressure on the air carbon-arc electrode.
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Weldskill Inverter

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 170 Inverter is a 240 Volt single phase welding machine with increased output and duty cycles for more demanding applications Utilising advanced inverter technology, the unit offers superior arc characteristics on a range of welding electrodes from 2.0mm to 4.0mm diameter. The unit also features a DC lift TIG function that provides smooth starting and running characteristics across a broad range of applications

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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

CIGWELD WeldSkill Welding Helmets are specifically designed for the budget conscious welder and offer excellent comfort and performance. The WeldSkill Auto-Darkening helmet range is fitted with the latest auto-darkening shade lenses and is available in 3 models; one model with a fixed shade 11 lens and 2 other models with a variable shade 9-13 lens. The value for- money WeldSkill Auto-Darkening helmet range provides the personal eye protection required for a solid days welding with the latest safety features, comfort and performance.

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Thermal Dynamics CUTMASTER

Victor Thermal Dynamics CUTMASTER 42 Plasma System, 40 Amp, SL40, 75 Deg Head, 15 ft Leads, 120/230V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz, CSA

CUTMASTER TRUE Series has been designed with the idea that recommended cut capacity should also be the TRUE cut capacity. The all-new THERMAL DYNAMICS TRUE Series CUTMASTER 42 is one of the most affordable, highest quality 1/4" (6 mm) plasma systems on the market.

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Electrode Holders

  • Copper Alloy Body
  • Reversible Top and Bottom Insulators
  • Efficient 6-position Jaw Patterns
  • Ball-point Cable Connection

Available Options


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Cable Connectors

MPC Connectors

  • Positive Cam Action Optimizing Interfacing
  • Heat and Oil Resistance Covers
  • Zinc Plated Cover and Ball-point Cable Screws
  • Various Cable Capacities & Packages Available


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Cable Lugs

TwecoLugsCrimp & Solder Type

  • 50A, 70A & 90A Rating (Power Cable Lugs)
  • Various Cable Sizes Available


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Welding Cable

Heavy Duty Rubber Insulated Copper Excelene Welding Cables in various sizes 2, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 (25, 35, 50, 70, 95 Sq. mm).

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Twin Line Hose

Grade R Twin Line Hose (Green Oxygen & Red Acetylene)

All Grade R hose has a non-oil resistant cover.Has a smooth cover and corrugated cover for added abrasion resistance.

Twin line Hose are in length of 700, 12.5, 25, 50 & 100.

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TIG Rods - Stainless Steel

SIFSTEEL STAINLESS 308L / 309L / 316L with various sizes 1.6MM / 2.4 MM
Stainless steel filler rod suitable for welding, providing good corrosion and wear resistance.

Also available other Brass Brazing Rods and specials upon request.

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Maxi Chain Machine

Base machineTorch armTorch carrier assemblyService keysSliding supportHose supportTorch holderParts and operating manual

Cutting seam-welded, spiral-welded or out-of-round pipe is no challenge for the Maxi Chain Machine because of its unique out-of-round device that follows the contour of the pipe. The Maxi is recommended for cutting a wide range of large diameter pipe and is a precision machine designed for maximum cutting versatility. The combination of the Maxi Chain Machine's three (3) wheel positioning and triple-width chain makes it the most accurate chain driven cutting and beveling machine on the market today. The Maxi Chain Machine, which cuts pipe diameters from 4" (102mm) and up.

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Disposable Foam Earplugs

1100 Disposable Foam Earplugs

Super Strong Hearing Protection

3M 1100 soft foam disposable earplugs reduce noise up to an incredible 37db. These hypo-allergenic foam earplugs offer comfort even after extended use. Tapered design will fit most ears. Each pair individually wrapped for hygiene.

1110 Disposable corded Foam Earplugs

3M 1110 UF foam ear plugs (corded version of the 3M1100 ear plugs) are the stiffest of the poly-urethane foam ear plugs. For those who like the feel of UF, but want the stiffness of PVC (which makes insertion easier), the 3M 1100 is a good choice.

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Mercedes Part Cover

The partscovers popular models of Mercedes (including Actros, Atego & Axor), Volvo, Scania, MAN, Renault, Iveco and DAF trucks and trailers such as BPW, ROR, SAF, York, etc.

More than 30, 000line itemscovering Engine, Transmission, Brake, Chassis, Body Parts and Electricals are stocked to ensure ready availability

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