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We offer the best product range of STANDUP BAG, Paper Bags, Plastic Bags, spout bags and Food Containers.


The bags are straight / stand (with zipper) for packing several products such as organic food products, medical instruments, healthy foods, nuts, coffee, tea, spices and spices, herbs, cookies, all kinds of biscuits and granola. Straight bags are characterized by straight corners that reflect a good image that helps in marketing your product. The advantages of straight bags are that they are available on the shelves to see better in a way that attracts shoppers and increases the chances of selling the product compared to the bags. , And can not be seen properly on the shelf.  We recommend that you pack your products in a straight line for better sales.  . The straight bags are available with easy-to-use zipper, making the consumer able to open and close the bag easily, so that no container is needed to store bags.  This property works on the currency of selling the product more.  We have different sizes and colors of straight bags so you can ensure that there are colors that are relevant to the brand of your products.

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Paper Bags

We manufacture the most famous types of packaging bags, which are paper bags, which are almost used in packaging of most industries. In Swiss Pack we manufacture different sizes and forms of paper bags.  We offer you two choices, pre-packaged bags or bags with logo printing or design for your products. We have a distinguished team of graphic designers. If you do not have design or have an old design and want to change, we provide you with this service.  We have different forms of paper bags: straight bags, side pods, flat bottom bags Paper bags are used in many industries such as:   coffee packaging, tea packaging, rice packaging and others. You   can add to the  paper bags:  you can add a zipper to be easy to open the bag and maintain it, you can add a transparent window so that customers can see the product, can be added to the gas extruder to keep the product from exposure to air and the expulsion of industrial gases, Bags instead of putting them on shelves).  We use a retro printing system which is suitable to give the best print quality and supports 9 colors, which reflects a good image that helps in marketing your product.

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Plastic Bags

  Our company is a leader in flexible packaging products.   We started producing and marketing our products in 1980, our experience spanning more than three decades making us the best choice in flexible packaging products and bags. The plastic bags we make vary in shapes and types. There are straight or straight bags, side bags, faucet bags, flat bottom bags, four-seal bags ... Our plastic bags also vary in color. Our packaging bags come in many colors not shiny.   It is also possible to be transparent bags on both sides, or transparent on one hand and a certain color from the other. Plastic bags are suitable for packing food such as olives, potato chips, salad seasonings and tea.   Our products will not let you down, but will meet your expectations and international quality standards, colors and sizes available in a rich variety of options, the most appropriate prices, without forgetting the short delivery time.   We also point out that we propose to our customers the minimum demand in the market compared to the competing producers. We manufacture two types of plastic bags and packaging bags in general. As per the customer's request, there are plastic bags / bags in the stock and ready to transport to the customer's warehouse once the latter is ordered; the second type of bags is printed with a specific design The customer has the plastic bags of the size he wants. The company has a graphic design department ready to cooperate with you to produce a plastic bag capable of attracting the attention of your customers through the advanced design and the use of colors that are compatible with the type of product and with your taste.  

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spout bags

Swiss Pac manufactures bags with a faucet and is one of the best solutions for liquid packaging because it is less expensive than other solutions such as bottles, which is one of the types of bags straight, which gives the same distinctive shape when placed on the shelves and attract shoppers, and this distinctive design makes the transfer easier and more In the case of the design of bags with a tap, you can choose between pre-fabricated bags or bags printed on the design of your product and in case if you do not have a design or have an old design and want to change we have a special graphic and design team  M to do this task, can be used Bags with a tap in the packaging of many industries such as: packaging of juices and energy drinks, liquid soap packaging, oil packaging, pharmaceutical packaging And there are two types of bags with a tap depending on the size of the tap you can choose between 10 mm or 22 mm Also you can choose where the addition of the tap in the side at a angle of 45% and filled the bag from a hole in the top of the bag or can be attached to the tap in the middle of the upper part of the bag The bag can be filled with tap. We follow a retro printing system and it is a suitable system to give the best print quality and supports 9 colors, which reflects a good image that helps in marketing your product.      

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Food Containers

  Swiss buck has a very elegant looking and useful collection of food containers.   It can be used to serve or take away purposes for many nutrients such as:   - Seafood, salads, fruits, sandwich, subs, pasta, rice, any kind of snacks, biscuits or any baking material   We also offer lids in two shapes to give a unique look to the container with lock Very good for multiple uses.   Our food containers are microwave ovens, as well as safe refrigerator.   We use polypropylene to make containers due to the largest amount of plastic compatible food as information available on the internet and also can be reused for many

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The Swiss Pac offers a very wide range of disposable cups and glasses.  Mugs can be used for various uses such as juices, shakes, ice cream, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and many items.  The glasses can be used to serve chopped fruits, snacks, dry fruits, chopped vegetables, etc.  It is not just that Swiss glasses and buck cups are the most convenient but our priority is to ensure the high quality of the products and also give utmost importance to the design so we count with the professional staff.   If you want to know more about cups and glasses available in stock or how to make a personal order, communicate with us.

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Coffee Bags

    Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world because of its distinctive taste and aroma, and its active effect because it contains caffeine. Coffee and coffee beans have special significance in the Arab world.   Coffee is very important in the daily lives of many, whether it is a daily coffee cup or coffee cups for hospitality. Due to the excellent position of coffee and coffee in general, at Swiss Pack we consider the packaging and packaging of coffee, coffee or coffee beans as synonymous with the high quality of packaging bags that can preserve the distinctive characteristics of coffee and coffee beans.   Our coffee bean packaging bags are specially designed to preserve the distinctive characteristics of coffee from taste and smell At Swiss Pack we produce several types of packaging bags specially designed for packing coffee beans.   There are bags of plastic and paper bags of the type of bags straight or standing and bags bags with side bends.   There is also the possibility of adding a transparent window to the coffee packaging bag so that the product can be examined and examined without opening the bag.   In addition to this addition, we can add zippers or zippers to any kind of coffee packaging bags, if desired by the customer, so that the final buyer can open and close the coffee bag as easily as the need arises. Our coffee packaging bags manufactured by Swiss Pack factory, plastic bags or paper bags, are the result of our long experience in the field of flexible packing and packaging.

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Tea packaging Bags

  Tea, without a doubt, is one of the most popular and popular beverages in the Arab world and the world.   The acquisition of tea beans is a necessity in most homes in the Arab region in particular. The company's experience spanning 30 years, we have proved to be highly professional, quality in the market with regard to packaging bags, plastic bags and kraft paper bags, enabling us to meet your demands for flexible packaging bags of any variety.   The tea bags do not constitute an exception. Before you decide on packaging bags that are suitable for packing tea bags and / or tea beans, let us know about the tea bags we produce, from plastic bags and kraft paper bags.   We offer you a variety of suitable tea packaging options which we hope you will be satisfied with.   We pay particular attention to each kraft paper bag and each plastic bag we make in our factory to raise the tea bag or tea bag packaging we produce to your expectations. We have pre-made plastic bags ready to stock in a variety of different sizes and colors.   There are standing / straight bags, side bag bags with central seal or side seal as well as flat bottom bags.   All kinds of packaging bags of the above mentioned tea bags are ready and available in stock in small, medium and large sizes. We also provide our customers with several options regarding the colors of plastic bags available in stock ready, as the bag can be a certain color on both sides, Hand with transparent side or transparent bag on both sides. As for the kraft paper bags designed to pack tea bags and tea grains, we will find ready stock of this kind of packaging bags.   There are standing / straight paper bags, kraft paper bags with side pods and flat bottom paper bags. In addition to ready-made stock bags, we can offer our customers the service of printing plastic bags or paper bags with the design they want.

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  Swiss Pac is a leading manufacturer of packaging bags and a pioneer in flexible packaging products.   Our bags are made in different shapes and types: standing or straight bags, side bag bags, tap bags, flat bottom bags, sealing bags ... Our bags are also varied in color. Our packaging bags come in many colors matte or matte, Transparent packaging from one side and other transparent bags on both sides.   In order to satisfy as many of our customers as possible, our raw materials are used to make packaging bags.   There are types of   kraft   paper bags   as well as plastic bags. We have integrated the aluminum material into most of the packaging bags we produce from plastic bags and brown kraft paper bags, in order to ensure the best bags for packing your products.   Aluminum bags are now used to pack all kinds of materials, mainly food packaging.   Aluminum bag is characterized by solidity and aesthetic appearance, making it the best choice for packing products of any kind.   The aluminum bag provides many advantages, including the fact that it is suitable for filling liquids such as liquid soap, water and other due to its high hardness, preserves the advantages of the basic product because it closes tightly, provides it on a zipper makes it able to close and open whenever the buyer wants the final, On the bag so you can distinguish it from competitive products at the lowest cost ... Aluminum bags, inner aluminum bags of brown kraft paper bags and plastic bags are the ideal solution for packing and transporting food.   We have aluminum bags of various sizes and sizes ranging from 28 g and 5 kg bags to large bags, the latter are made by hand handle, so easy to carry and transport. We also manufacture two types of aluminum bags according to customer request. There are aluminum bags in stock and ready to transport to our warehouse around the world. The second type of bags is printed according to the design that the customer wants on the size he wants, Kraft paper bags.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging

  Pharmaceutical products such as medicines and infant formula require packaging bags with a strong air barrier in the outside of the bag and low fluid permeability with high hardness so that they do not break easily.   Pharmaceutical materials, such as medicines and infant formula, should be packaged in a bag capable of ensuring that the original qualities of the product are maintained throughout the storage period without altering the chemical formula or the original formulation. If you own a pharmaceutical company, such as pharmaceuticals and infant formula, and you are looking for a supplier of bags, plastic bags or paper bags produced by a company with extensive experience in producing packaging bags, let us know that you are in the right place.   Our company is the world's leading manufacturer of packaging bags.   The company aspires to build long-term partnerships with companies producing materials that need packaging bags, whatever the size of the company, however different and varied their needs. Our bags are the ideal solution for packing and packing pharmaceuticals, such as medicines and infant formula.   The bags are made of two layers, three or four layers of film polymers, with a third layer of aluminum foil, which greatly increases the characteristics of the protective barrier.   Plastic bags made for pharmaceutical packaging, such as medicines and infant formula, weigh less and take up a small space, making them more economical in transportation and storage. We are manufacturing two types of packaging bags according to customer request. There are ready-made bags in stock which are transported directly to the customer's warehouse for use, while the second type of bags is printed according to the design desired by the customer on the size he wants, Or kraft paper bags.  

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spices packaging

  Spices and spices are of special importance throughout the world, and in the Arab world in particular. The kitchen is not complete except with spices and spices above its shelves or in a drawer. No one can deny that spices and spices are an important addition to all kinds of food, sweet and salty.   Many packaging companies have paid particular attention to the packaging of spices and the packaging of spices in general, and in particular we are concerned with packaging bags designed to suit the packaging of spices and spices in general.   Our packaging expertise, which is more than 30 years old, helps us to always be at the level of the expectations of our customers and customers around the world. If you are looking for bags of spice and spice packaging, do not look away, you will find what you are looking for in our products with high quality and reasonable prices. We suggest to customers who want bags of packaging to spice and seasoning several types and sizes of packaging bags that we produce.   There are straight or straight bags available in several sizes and colors ready in stock.   The bags are available in different sizes from 28 g and 50 g to a 5 kg bag. The available colors are different and different. You can also order a bag of one color on the one hand and the other side transparent, plus transparent bags on both sides .   It is also possible to add a zipper so that it is possible to re-seal the bag of spice packaging and open it whenever the final buyer wanted it. There are also side bags, which are suitable for packing spices and spices. These bags are available in different sizes from 250 g to 3 kg and we also make them with a distinctive variety of colors in a brilliant and matte finish. In addition to packaging bags, spices and ready-made spices in stock, there is the possibility of printing plastic bags or kraft paper bags as desired by our customers.   You can create or choose the design you want, which carries the brand, drawing and colors you want and will be printed over the packaging bag you have chosen.

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