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Air Pot

Air PotCoffee Basket Description10915 13.5 32.5Hcm 2.2ltrdouble-walled, carrying handle, rotatable Push-Button for easy use (closeopen), pumpmechanism is easily removable for cleaning, with flipped-back lid, the air pot fits under a wide range of coffee makers, for hot and cold beverages
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Ashtray Metal Chrome Plated Glass Frosted Bar Lights

Ashtray Metal Chrome Plated Glass FrostedBar Lights Item Description00582 9.5 8Hcm Matt Black00583 9.5 8Hcm Matt Yellow00584 9.5 8Hcm Matt Turquoise00585 9.5 8Hcm Matt White
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Store N' Pour Bar Lights

Store N' PourBar Lights Item Description93144 9 33Hcm 1ltr Yellow93145 9 33Hcm 1ltr Red93146 9 33Hcm 1ltr Green93147 9 33Hcm 1ltr Clear93148 9 33Hcm 1ltr Orange93149 9 33Hcm 1ltr Brown
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Citrus Wedger

Citrus WedgerBar Lights Description9331720 15 19Hcmwith non-slip feet, 2 pieces, handle for safe use and with internal cutting knife, cut citrus fruits in eight pieces, easy to clean with water
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Salt & Pepper Menage

Salt & Pepper MenageCoffee Basket Description4043511.5 5.5 17HcmSatin Polished Finish, Glass with SS Cover
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Salt & Pepper Mill Vintage

Salt & Pepper Mill VintageCoffee Basket Item Description40535 Pepper Mill White 5.5 15Hcm40536 Salt Mill White 5.5 15Hcm40546 Pepper Mill Green 5.5 15Hcm40547 Salt Mill Green5.5 15Hcm
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Round Basket Polypropylene

Round Basket PolypropyleneCoffee Basket Item Description50600 16 8Hcm Beige50601 16 8Hcm Brown50603 16 8Hcm Mocha50602 16 8Hcm Black
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Table Caddy Vintage

Table Caddy VintageCoffee Basket Item Description11635 17 17 10Hcm Pinewood, White11636 17 17 10Hcm Pinewood, Turquoise11637 17 17 10Hcm Pinewood, Yellow
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Bamboo Stair Step Riser

  • DIMENSION 11635 17 × 17 × 10Hcm Pinewood, White
Item 11635 17 17 10Hcm Pinewood, White11636 17 17 10Hcm Pinewood, Turquoise11637 17 17 10Hcm Pinewood, Yellow
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Salt, Pepper, Oil & Vinegar Set MenageCoffee Basket Description4043715.5 12 24.5HcmSatin Polished Finish, Glass with SS Cover
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Round Basket Profi Line

Round Basket Profi LineCoffee Basket Item Description50620 13 10Hcm Beige50621 13 10Hcm Brown50623 13 10Hcm Mocha50622 13 10Hcm Black
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11891 Snackpresenter

11891 SnackpresenterDescriptionmirror polished finish, with recessed grip, for 7 baguettes47.5 10.5 6Hcm
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11529 Buffet Ladder

  • DIMENSION 52 × 59 × 66Hcm
11529 Buffet LadderBuffet Banquet Item Description11529 Buffet Ladder 52 59 66Hcm40291 Polypropylene Basket 53 32.5 10Hcm
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Buffet Stand With 4 Bowl

Buffet Stand with 4 Bowl Description33242 Buffet Stand Metal Chrome Plated 39 39 17Hcm83914 Square Bowl White 12.5 12.5 6Hcm83918 Square Bowl White 25 25 4.7Hcm
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Tea Box Wooden

Tea Box WoodenCoffee Basket Description11576wooden box with clear transparent window4 chambers for approx. 30 tea bags33.5 20 9Hcm
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Buffet Stand Multi Round

Buffet Stand Multi RoundItem Description33269 15.518cm x 8Hcm33270 15.518cm x 10Hcm33271 15.518cm x 18Hcm
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Acacia Crates Natural Superbox

Acacia Crates Natural SuperboxBuffet Banquet Item Description11621 12 35 29 10.5cm11622 14 29 18.5 10.5cm
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Buffet Stand Wood

Buffet Stand WoodBuffet Banquet Item Description33280 20 20 17.5Hcm Natural33281 20 20 17.5HCm Black
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Round Chafing Dish Small

Round Chafing Dish SmallChafing Dish APS Description11695 34 26Hcm 3.5ltr11692 34 34Hcm 7.5ltrfoodpan + waterpan + 1 burner holder + cover + frame
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Table Stand Sign Bar Lights

Table Stand SignBar Lights Item Description00013 5.5 5 3.5cm 2pcsset Reserved Sign00572 5.5 5 3.5cm 2pcsset Non Smoking Sign00573 5.5 5 3.5cm 2pcsset Smoking Sign
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Crocker Leaf Bowl

  • DIMENSION 30.5 × 10 × 7Hcm
Item 84579 30.5 10 7Hcm Cream w Brown Border84580 30.5 10 7Hcm Brown w Light Brown Border84581 42 14 9.5Hcm Cream w Brown Border84582 42 14 9.5Hcm Brown w Light Brown Border
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11720 Napkin Holder

11720 Napkin HolderCoffee Basket Descriptionmirror polished finish, for napkins with 18 fold, rubber feet10 11.5 18.5Hcm
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Spirit Measure 2cl Bar Lights

Spirit Measure 2clBar Lights Description93297plastic with chrome plated body, guaranteed exact apportioningadapted for shelf bracket 93298
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Oval Bark Platter

3327323 Oval Bark Plates 27-32cm3333403 Oval Bark Plates 33-40cm3340503 Oval Bark Plates 40-50cm3350603 Oval Bark Plates 50-60cm3360703 Oval Bark Plates 60-70cmVarnished ashwood flat plate with natural bark
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1889 Snackpresenter

  • DIMENSION 60 × 19 × 7.5Hcm
1889 SnackpresenterBuffet Banquet Descriptionwith recessed grip polystyrol, black for 6 baguettes60 19 7.5Hcm
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93174 Bar Caddy

93174 Bar CaddyBar Lights Descriptionto organize straws, stirrers, napkins, matches, etc.24 15 11Hcm
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Buffet Stand Chromed Buffet Banquet

  • Dimension 53 × 32cm/53 × 16.2cm Stand
Buffet Stand ChromedBuffet Banquet Item Description15501 53 32cm53 16.2cm Stand15502 32.5 26.5cm26.5 16.2cm Stand15450 32.5 26.5cm x 3Hcm Tray White
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Buffet Stand Motive Wave

  • Dimension SS Matt Ø15 × 10.5Hcm
Buffet Stand Motive WaveBuffet Banquet Item Description15507 SS Matt 15 10.5Hcm15510 SS Black 15 10.5Hcm
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Buffet Stand Black Coated

Buffet Stand Black CoatedBuffet Banquet Item Description15504 53 32cm53 16.2cm Stand15505 32.5 26.5cm26.5 16.2cm Stand15458 26.5 16.2 3Hcm Red & Black Tray15459 35.4 32.5 3Hcm Red & Black Tray
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Gourmet Display Triangolo

  • DIMENSION 21.5 × 14 × 27Hcm
Gourmet Display TriangoloBuffet Banquet Item Description12429 21.5 14 27Hcm (12) Party Spoon & (20) Spits Wood
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Bread Basket Beige With Stones Pillow

Bread Basket Beige with stones pillowCoffee Basket Item Description30380 cotton, ceramic stones 20 23.5Hcm
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Bread Basket Brown With Stones Pillow

Bread Basket Brown with stones pillowCoffee Basket Item Description30390 cotton, ceramic stones 20 23.5Hcm
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03016 Wind Lights Candle Holder

03016 Wind Lights Candle HolderBar Lights DescriptionLantern Set of 2pcs 7.5 12.5HcmSatin Polished Finish, Glasses Satin Incl.Tealights
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Pepper Mill APS

Pepper Mill APSCoffee Basket Item Description40532 Natural 7 30Hcm40534 Natural 7 40Hcm40522 Mahogany 7 30Hcm40524 Mahogany 7 40Hcmc
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Multi Rack Set 4 Tier

  • DIMENSION 19 × 31 × 53Hcm
Multi Rack Set 4 TierBuffet Banquet Description11446 4-tier, 5 pcs. set: 1 frame satin polished finish4 bowls frosted plastic, approx. 1 liter19 31 53Hcm
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Salt & Pepper Mill Natural APS

Salt & Pepper Mill Natural APSCoffee Basket Item Description40530 Pepper Mill 5.5 15Hcm40531 Salt Mill 5.5 15Hcm
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Placemat Wide Band

Placemat Wide BandCoffee Basket Item Description60000 45 33cm Sahara60001 45 33cm Beige60003 45 33cm Brown60008 45 33cm Black
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Midnight Serving Flats

  • Dimension 12(W)x5(D)x1¼(H)”
Midnight Serving FlatsMidnight Collection Item Dimension1935-1-96 12(W)x5(D)x1(H)1935-2-96 14(W)x5(D)x1(H)1935-3-96 16(W)x5(D)x1(H)1935-4-96 12(W)x12(D)x1(H)
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65030 Food Warmer Double

  • Capacity 45 × 29 × 12cm 2*1.5Ltr
45 29 12cm 2*1.5LtrGlass bowl fireproof, frame chrome plated, Cover mirror polished finish, suitable for oven
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11667 Coffee Dispenser

11667 Coffee DispenserChafing Dish APS Descriptionmirror polished finish, for warm drinks, solid and stable, incl. 1 burner holder28 28 65Hcm 12ltr
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65020 Food Warmer Oval Chafing Dish

65020 Food Warmer OvalChafing Dish APS Description44 25 13cm 3LtrGlass bowl fireproof, frame chrome plated, Cover mirror polished finish, suitable for oven
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Peg Measure

Peg MeasureBar Lights Description93298 Plastic with chrome plated body, Guaranteed exact apportioning, usable for 0, 7 2 liter bottleseasily fixed at the rackshelf by screw clamp
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Midnight Change Up Riser Rectangle

  • item Dimension
item Dimension1562-2 21(W)x7(D)x2(H)1562-4 21(W)x7(D)x4(H)1562-6 21(W)x7(D)x6(H)1481-20-96 Midnight Flat Insert 20(W)x7(D)x1(H)
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Serving Stand With Basket

Serving Stand with BasketBuffet Banquet Item Description33245 Steel Stand 48 49Hcm50606 Basket 20cm
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Refrigerated Rect. Buffet Display

Refrigerated Rect. Buffet Display Description11540 4 pcs. set: 1 woodbox with plastic insert1 stainless tray GN11 & 2 coolers11008 Roll Top Cover
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Slanted Round Bowl

Slanted Round BowlTabletop & Buffet Item DescriptionMELSL52 Dia.5 x H3-14MELSL82 Dia.8 x H5MELSL92 Dia.9-14 x H5-14MELSL112 Dia.12 x H6-12
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Melamine Faux Slate Platters Tabletop

Melamine Faux Slate PlattersTabletop & Buffet Item DescriptionFSLT14 Square 14-12 14-12FSLT08 Small 14-34 8-14FSLT18 Medium 18 8-12FSLT21 Large 21-58 13
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12442 Buffet Pyramid

Set: (1)Buffet Pyramid SS 30 30 53Hcm(1) Plate, Rotating (with ball bearing)(1) Tray Melamine White 51 51 2Hcm(1) Bowl Stainless Steel 11 11 1Hcm(108) Party Spoons & (200) Spits Wood
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Porcelain Pot, Porcelain Spoon And Bamboo Tray

Porcelain Pot, Porcelain Spoon and Bamboo TrayTabletop & Buffet Item DescriptionPRPOT1 Pot 334 Dia. x 418 HBAMT3 Tray 1134L x 334W x 38H
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09093 Thermo Tray

09093DescriptionThermo Tray 35 15Hcm Set 5 pcs(1)Stainless Tray (1)Plastic Tray(1) Cover (2) Coolers
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