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We offer the best product range of Energen Hybrid System, Mig Mag/Wire Welding machine, Potenza Line Welding machine, Over Voltage & Brownout Protector and Plasma Range Welding Machine.

Energen Hybrid System

Hybrid Systems   Complete Solution:  Energen Hybrid Systems offer a complete solution for your hot water requirement. This encompasses a requirement study, design proposal highlighting system performance analysis, technical features, control, safety, operating cost and comparison of capital and operating costs, commercial proposal, supply, installation, plumbing, commissioning, spare parts and after sales service. Training of the site personnel in operation and general maintenance of the system  System Plumbing:  A complete plumbing solution is available for the systems offered by Energen Hybrid Systems with accessories, valves, fittings, insulation and safety features.  Hot water circulation:  Energen provides the right design and solution for hot water circulation in centralized hot water systems with timer and/or a temperature based digital control panel.  BMS & BAS connectivity system automation, remote monitoring and control:  Energen Hybrid Systems can perfectly integrate the system control and operation with the Building Management System (BMS). Datalogger DL2, VBus/USB Interface Adapter, VBus/LAN Interface Adapter  Pumps and pumping systems: Energen can design and provide transfer pumps, hydro-pneumatic pumping systems, hot water and solar circulation pumps

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Mig Mag/Wire Welding machine

Stayer's friendly control 200A 40% model for medium duty, MIG process from the range of 200 to 500 amperes designs for best quality MIG & MMA welding processes. Transportable, compact, fully inverter IGBT motor for classic, simple & efficient only two buttons for speed / voltage control in 0.8 mm / 1.0 mm wire MIG welding. A switch for change to MMA, rod mode, enables the amperage control button. Very easy inversion of polarity for flux core wire welding. Double wire inch facility for secure wire feeding out of the contact tip. Ample 310 mm big spooler for 15 Kg wire spools capacity. Available roller set for aluminium and Flux core. Standard Equipment Pure copper power cable Pure copper land cable with clamps Pure copper electrode holder cable External wire feeder Binzel torch Wheels

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Potenza Line Welding machine

Product Advantages Very robust and compact design for covered electrode welding with TIG capacibility. Secure controls and shock proof by metal sheet chamfers, rubber corner units and metal double structure. Productive:  Hot start, arc force and anti stick facilities for easy burn a cold electrode, always maintain arc continuity and security when a electrode stucks. No breakdowns:  Well sized parallel bridges and relays, 400Vdc & 600Vdc power capacitors and IGBTS switchers por good performance. Advanced current mode control with pulse by pulse full security limiting and 30Vdc dynamic push pull drivers. Advanced power high frecuency transformer with double toroidal core and high current ON-OFF switches. Seven segments high brightness display (200's models) for acute amperage adjust. Versatiles : Generator friendly: Up to 17 up or down voltages perturbation withstand. Standard Equipment Pure copper power cable Pure copper land cable with clamps Pure copper electrode holder cable

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Over Voltage & Brownout Protector

Product Advantages Complete protection against electrical disturbances as overvoltages, sags, surges, spikes and brownouts for 230Vac devices attached to public grids and electrical generators. When a disturbance is detected Overcontrol protects the connected equipment cutting to him the electrical supply. After a minimum warning time of 2 seconds or when the danger ceases Overcontrol reconnects the equipment. Protection voltage levels are adjustable by user by two regulators, one for highs and another for lows. Adjustable levels are for long duration disturbances (more than 0.02 seconds) bellows 300V. For more than 300V disturbances the protection is compulsory and immediate. Users can choice the best compromise between safety and comfort as conditions vary. Selectable low cut level is from 140 to 240. Selectable high cut level is 240 to 300. Physical cut electrical supply is made electronically with no mechanical contact so there is no sparks, no wear and high speed cut is achieved with no mechanical relays action. Generous sizing of parts. Powerful: the PCB is able to manage up to 40 RMS amperes (9KVA). When defense cut is made maximum protection is achieved by a complete, two poles, physical disconnection of neutral and live signals. Standard product only cut one pole, leaving another connected with the resulting risks. Overcontrol includes clever control algorithms managed by microprocessor and a high luminosity 3x7 led Display for showing status and input real voltage reading: useful for checking voltage drops due to high consumption in bad impedance systems or surges or brownouts. Designed and manufactured in Spain. Standard Equipment Power plug   Schuko   input  CEE 7/7 Quality Europe Schuko socket CEE 7/4 IP44 protected Bright 3x7 leds Display that can be seen in the darkness. High power, flexible, rubber input cable H07RN-E 3G2, 5mm 2  450/750V 2.1m x 3 x 2.5mm 2

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Plasma Range Welding Machine

  Product Advantages Robust, heavy duty service plasma cutter of all kind of metals. Sturdy, double metal structure for heavy duty use. Oversized parts: parallel bridges and relays, power capacitors and IGBTS switchers, advanced ferrite, center tap high power transformers, industrial and militar sized components and high amperage switches. Cast frame, full metal oversized fans. Microprocessed, professional controls for perfect and secure cut of all kind of metals, including non ferrous. Featuring secure metal detect pilots, continuous / casual 2T/4T controls and grid mode restart features for maximum performance and productivity. Includes ready to start to work, full equipment accesories with resonant, no hf friendly enviroment torches. Generator friendly: up to 17 up or down voltages perturbation withstands. 25 GE model is completely autonomous thanks to internal air compressor . Standard Equipment Pure copper power cable Pure copper land cable with clamps Trafimet torch Gas regulator Air filter

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TIG AC/DC 315 HF PULSED   Product Advantages Electronic Equipment for Inverter professional welding TIG AC/DC and MMa rod welding. Light & Powerful: only 71Kg 315A at 40% duty on 40ºC (EN60974-1) including trolley with gas tray. TIG ability for welding any material and any thickness, including aluminum and alloys. Maximum Quality: AC/DC capacity including pulsed arc, secure and superb dual reactor inverter technology. Wide setup fot 2T/4T, gas preflow and postflow, start and finish ramps, pulse frequency and balance, base currents. All by simple and intuituve menu. Improved professional arc starting by high voltage and high frequency. Big Dinse, half inch, 35-70 sockets. Fully programmable, featuring three modes of operation including 'only one button' easy configuration for direct use of machine for new users. In MMA rod welding mode the machine is ready for welding with most kinds of electrode, including basic, rutile, cellulosic and cast. Solid manufacture surpassing European regulations 2004/108/EC, 2002/95/EC and IEC60974. Standard Equipment Pure copper power cable. Pure copper land cable with clamps. Pure copper electrode holder cable. Ergonomic torch TIG SR18/M16 Pure copper, with: 4 differents nozzles (numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7) 3 electrode holders (1.0, 2.4 and 3.2 mm) 2 electrode caps (short and long)

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Welding Helmet

Product Advantages Suitable for grinding. Easy and quick detachable shade glass. Big filter's area. Affordable and secure.

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Centrifugal submersible sewage pump

Centrifugal submersible sewage pumps fitted with the MultiCut cutting system are used as stationary appliances for backpressure protection of detached houses. They are suitable for pumping domestic wastewater with the usual additions (as specified in German standard DIN 1986, Part 3).  For pumping from ducts which are connected to the public sewer system, explosion-proof submersible pumps of have to be used. On account of the upstream cutting system, the pressurised line as from DN 32 - as from DN 80 minimum without cutting system - may be routed parallel to the terrain.  Operating conditions up to a temperature of the material to be transported of 40° Celsius Submerged motor: Continuous operation (S1) Emerged motor: Intermittent operation (S3) (e.g. 35% = 3.5 min. operation, 6.5 min. break)

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Water Heat Pump

Products Air to water heat pumps (hot water application) Water to water heat pumps High temperature air-water heat pump (process application) Air-water Heat pumps for swimming pool heating Air-water Heat pumps for spa heating EVI low ambient air-water heat pumps Residential series and all in one air-water heat pumps EVI Low Ambient Air-Water Heat Pump Efficient in -25 0 C Area Our Heat pumps use Copeland compressors Efficient in -25 0 C Area EVI technology is the latest innovation for heat pump products It enable to heat pumps to work well even when the ambient temperature is as -25 0 C High Quality components we used : Copeland ZW series compressor with R417a environment refrigerant Emerson expansion valve Tube in tube heat exchanger and stainless steel heat exchanger Saginomiya 4-way valve. 15years life cycle (typical) Solid case and fastener design to prevent corrosion Convenient: Intelligent indoor control panel with simple key operation

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Lighting Tower

Lighting Tower   Arbor lighting towers are used in various applications such as Construction, Emergency Services, Mining, Military Bases,  Motion Picture Production, Concerts and many more. Manufactured in Europe, Arbor Lighting Towers deliver quality illumination even in harsh environments. Product Advantages:- Manual winch with auto-breaking system Mast rotatable by hand at 340° Electrical spiral cable 4 floodlights of 1000W Metal halide each Hand Adjustable floodlights Individual On/Off lamp switches Alarms to protect the engine from overheating,  Low oil level. Low Fuel level and preheating. Lockable doors for easy access at generator Central lifting point Lifting pockets placed on base Linz Alternator type Synchronous Single movement and safe vertical lift mast

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submersible sump pump

Simer   The Simer pump is a robust submersible utility pump for draining cellars, flat roofs, tennis courts or swimming pools. It can also be used to remove wastewater from building works such as core-hole drilling and concrete cutting. The Simer pump removes unwanted water quickly and efficiently, leaving a residual water level of just 2 mm, while starting to pump at a water level of just 5 mm!  The removable strainer, with a mesh size of 2 mm, reliably protects the hydraulic system from coarse solids. The variable hose connector allows connections to be made quickly and easily.  Connecting the pump permanently to the building’s drainage system or using it to protect against back-flow is not permitted, however. Please refer to our UK3 to U6K range of pumps for these types of application.

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Storage Tank

Storage Tanks   Twin and single coil double enameled Storage Tank Hybrid Solar/Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Storage Construction :  High quality S275JR welded steel construction in compliance with DIN 4753  Corrosion Protection :  Double coat enamel layer in compliance with DIN 4753 Magnesium sacrificial anode provides additional corrosion protection  Heat exchanger : Twin tube double wound heat exchangers of steel tubing  Insulation :  500 - 600 litres 50 mm PUR CFC free hard foam 800 -€“ 1000 litres, 90 mm PUR CFC free soft foam shell  Auxiliary electric heating : Flange heating capability on all tanks, an adapter flange is required at the base above 800 litres Temperature control :  1 thermometer incl. immersion sleeve art. no.: T 80/100 (500 - 600 litres) HYDRAULIC TESTS CRITERIA: Test pressure for the tank is 13 bar All tanks are 100% hydraulically tested The tank is inspected for leaks, physical defects and signs of any permanent deformation while at full test pressure During hydraulic testing the welding is tested using the latest pneumatic optical test method Full test pressure is maintained for 4 minutes after the tank reaches 13 bar

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Solar Water Heater

The New Generation Energen-Elite Closed Circuit Thermo-Siphon Systems  Energen Elite is among some of the most refined solar water heating system available today. Sold in several leading European markets. Energen is proud to bring this world-class International product to its most privileged Indian clientele for the very first time. Energen Elite is exclusively designed to meet the 21st century bathing needs of the luxury home.  SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE EVERY TIME Energen Elite maximises your bathing pleasure by delivering the high volumes of hot water demanded by some of he latest hi-tech bathroom fittings. It comes with an all new German flat sheet absorber collector featuring a high quality solar selective coating that absorbs and captures more solar energy than conventional collectors which makes for much faster water heating; even in diffuse or overcast conditions. The most advanced opaque prismatic solar glass delivers better performance even in cloudy weather. The latest European laser welding techniques give superior heat transfer. DURABILITY ASSURED Energen Elite’s unique double coat glass enamelled tank protects it from the corrosive effects of hard water to withstand India’s harshest water conditions. The closed circuit system helps protect the system from scaling and blocking of the collectors which is the most common cause of system failure. A premium magnesium sacrificial anode internally protects the tank from corrosion ensuring a longer service life for the entire system. HIGHEST AESTHETIC CONSIDERATIONS Energen Elite’s screw-less collector is fitted with stylish translucent glass to give a discrete and modern European look. The internal expansion tank and compact piping minimise the impact on the architectural design of your home. Easy mounting for sloped roofs makes it suitable for every style of architecture. The attractive low profile slimline design ensures a pleasant and positive visual impact CONVENIENT INSTALLATION Energen Elite’s robust tank ends are designed for easy handling and safe installation. Energens’ colour coding system for hot and cold water makes for easy identification. 10 YEARS GUARANTEE Energen Elite comes with the comfort and peace of mind of a full 10-year manufacturers warranty SAFEST SYSTEM Energen Elite comes with high quality safety valves at inlets and outlets to ensure safe and reliable operation Its robust stand design can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km/h. HYGIENIC DESIGN Energen Elite’s unique glass-enamelled tank keeps your water cleaner by preventing corrosion and the build-up of bacteria. Stainless steel interconnects ensure the clean transfer of water. INTERNATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS Energen Elite is the only product manufactured in India to have the prestigious Solar Keymark, globally the highest standard of quality certification in the solar industry. Energen uses only the highest quality components in all of our systems in compliance with several international quality and safety standards.

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Dominator submersible pump

DOMINATOR   DOMINATOR 5” submersible pumps are ready to use and install in traditional wells, water deposits, collection tanks, fresh water courses, lakes etc. Automatic version equipped with float switch.

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