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Kimoha offers world-class RFID solutions in Middle East for various verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Health care and Transport & Logistics. Kimoha has partnered with world's best manufacturers of hardware and technology solutions. Kimoha's main focus will be providing system integration services on diverse platforms and wide range of verticals. RFID solutions include Asset Tracking; Inventory Management; Document Tracking etc.,

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  • sizes 914mm / 900mm / 850mm/841mm/600mm/450mm/300mm
  • length 50 yards to 225 yards

Xel-lent engineering rolls are made from the best quality material of European origin, which is highly appreciated in the market for its consistency and brightness. Xel-lent engineering rolls are available in highly untapped (tightly wounded to the core ) in standard width and custom made length and core sizes. The sizes are available for all the wide format printers. The rolls are available in standard width of 914mm 900mm 850mm841mm600mm450mm300mm in a length of 50 yards to 225 yards. Advantages of Xel-lent brand: Super white and smoothness. Excellent toner adhesion. No wrinkle of paper. Available in 80 Gsm. Individual plastic bag to prevent moisture. Very high production capacity to meet huge demands.

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We are supplying wide range of Inkjet media products which includes :- Matt coated rolls Tracing film Rolls Drafting Filim for Inkjet Plotting Drafting film rolls for Laser Jet Copying Photo Glossy Rolls.

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XEL-LENT LASER LABELS We offer one of the largest selection of laser labelsstrong> under the brand XEL-LENT. Designed to use in a multitude of inkjet and laser printers, our labels are the perfect solution for high speed printing requirements in office environments. Our labels are produced using high-quality label stock and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The wide selection of Xel-lent labels is available for shipping labels, mailing labels, labels for your products, for filing or anything in between.

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  • sizes 210mm x 80mm x 1"

High Quality rolls for excellent print image for use on telex machines. Manufactured from high quality carbonized paper and as well carbonless paper. Available in different Colored Paper for easy & various distribution. Available from 1 Ply upto 5 Ply's. Can be personalized with your company's name and logo on the edge. Custom made sizes with printing facility.

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PRO DESIGN Color copying paper

  • Size 200 Gsm, 250 Gsm & 300 Gsm ( A4 & A3)

Pro Design® Color copying paper. is specifically for print professionals who need top-quality results. High white and super smooth, it is guaranteed to give consistent print quality on all color laser printers Available in 200 Gsm, 250 Gsm & 300 Gsm ( A4 & A3)

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inkjet products

When colors matter to the most, xel-lent media guarantees quality reproduction of your original images with the highest standards of quality. Photo Glossy sheets. Matt coated sheets. Cad Films. Tracing Films.

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security surveillance solution

Currently the surveillance system is a mandatory requirement for each and every business. We provide complete turnkey solution on CCTV-DVR for Warehouses, Logistic companies and SME's. We offer both Analog and IP Solutions. In the recent years we have implemented some of the major projects with IP cameraNVR and integrated with Access controls and Intrusion alarm system. Kimoha deals with following brands of camera and DVRNVR

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We Specialize in custom printed exhibition badges suitable for a multitude of printers. These badges can be designed for durability for multiple usage and aesthetics to suit the event. With our in- depth knowledge of printers and allied software support, we can act as a one stop solution for event management teams.

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Atm Rolls

ATM ROLLS Kimoha produces a complete line of high quality paper rolls for ATM applications. Our products are designed to deliver high performance and compatibility to all ATM printers like Wincor Nixdorf, DIEBOLD, NCR, IBM, and Many Others. Due to the nature of banking transactions, it is very important that ATM receipts be dependable. The paper should be of high-quality standard to handle the internal printer, receipts and transaction records to give you crisp clear print, completely smudge free. For a nice, crisp and legible text or image, Heavy thermal paper is more reliable and seems to be the preferred type of ATM paper in the industry, giving best results. MORE

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Parking Ticket Rolls

We can print Thermal papers on both sides in up to 8 colours and include perforations for tear off sections. Together with our special designed Slitting and Finishing machines, we offer a high quality product with a quick turn-round. Wide range of paper grades are available for parking ticket application.

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CINEMA TICKETS Be it a movie show or a music night, entry passes for access is just part of the experience. We specialize on Cinema tickets manufacturing and we are one of the manufacturers of cinema tickets in Dubai, UAE. We have Cinema ticket manufacturing with precise perforations and other value added features to suit the need of the occasion. We will help you chose the right material based on your printers and if needed we can help you to install the whole access control system. We can provide added security features for the tickets like holograms, serial numbers & barcodes.

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ENTERTAINMENT TICKETS We, over the years have emerged as one of the leading Manufacturers of Entertainment tickets in Dubai, UAE . Our Entertainment ticket manufacturing processes are with precise perforations and other value added features to suit the need of the occasion. We will help you chose the right material based on your printers and if needed we can help you to install the whole access control system. We can provide added security features for the tickets like holograms, serial numbers & barcodes. We also provide cinema tickets and theme park tickets for other requirements.

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  • sizes 210/216 mm X 30 M X ½”

Reproduces graphics, text, drawings, and handwritten notes with great precision and remarkable accuracy, making the most out of your fax machines. Non-abrasive (no wear & tear of the thermal head or paper cutter). Anti-static - Thanks to its special coating. Dust-free.

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wrap around labels

WRAP AROUND LABELS Wrap around labels is the preferred labeling solution for beverages & packaged drinking water owing to lower costs and higher running speeds. We offer wrap around labels in a single layer and laminate forms to suit the various needs of the industry.

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Digital Labels

DIGITAL LABELSWe offer economical short runs of labels, variable data printing, 1D & 2D barcodes and a whole lot of new offerings, with quick delivery using our digital printing technology.

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  • series SEWOO LK-P20

LKP printers are compact yet powerful with a large battery and paper capacity. It offers the flexibility to adjust to a wide range of requirements not only in paper width (234 inches) but also the connectivity. it enables secure wireless communication and other multiple interfaces. Also it supports various OS drivers – Win CEMobile, Linux, Symbian, Blackberry etc. The LKP printers are sure to meet the various needs of your mobile workforce. Get the convenience and value of LKP series and enjoy the benefit and reliability!

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COMPUTER PINFEED LABELS Computer PinFeed Labels for Dot Matrix Printers are also manufactured in Kimoha for a variety of Standard Sizes.

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SCENTED LABELS We can supply Scented labels which are partially or complete coated with aroma for an enhanced customer experience.

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Laser Marking

Kimoha is the sole distributor for RMI Laser Marking Machines for GCC Countries. Oman. RMI Laser Marking Machines are designed and manufactured in state of art facility at RMI Laser's 90, 000 square foot headquarters based out of Lafayette, Colorado. Laser marking is a highly technical and unique discipline requiring experience, expertise and a dedicated focus. For over 15 years, RMI’s sole business and 100% allocation of resources has been dedicated to the design, production and support of the highest quality laser marking systems for precision direct part marking on metals and plastics. The end result is the best performing, most reliable, cost effective and highest quality systems on the market today. RMI ultra-compact laser markers are virtually maintenance free and require no consumables. They are designed to produce indelible non-contact markings of alpha-numeric, serial numbers, data codes, barcodes, logos or photo-quality graphics directly on the metals, plastics, ceramics and much more. Of course, no laser marking system is complete without the necessary accessories to adapt to the work environment in which it will be placed. RMI offers a variety of configurations along with completely custom solutions that are designed exclusively for the application of the customer.

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edible oil labels

EDIBLE OIL LABELS We, over the years have emerged as one of the leading suppliers of labels for edible oils in its markets. This highly price sensitive market also demands innovative ideas for the niche products in this segment. We have been able to create a balance between the cost sensitivity and innovative ideas to create a win-win situation for its customers.

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theme park tickets

THEME PARK TICKETS We are the manufacturers of theme park tickets in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in theme park tickets with precise perforations and other value added features to suit the need of the occasion. We will help you chose the right material based on your printers and if needed we can help you to install the whole access control system. We can provide added security features for the theme park tickets like holograms, serial numbers & barcodes.

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We provide Retail Label solutions like promotional labels, shelf edge labels and weighing scale labels for all supermarkets and other retail outlets. Combined with our know-how of printers & software, we can provide labels as well as complete solutions for the retail industry.

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Barcode Labels

BARCODE LABELS We can cater to your marking & labeling requirements with a full range of Barcode Labels, either as stock blank labels or in pre-printed form. We can offer these labels in variety of materials to suit printer options like thermal, thermal transfer or any other custom materials. Whether you are making pricing labels in a supermarket or shipping labels or asset labels or labels for any other industrial uses, we will help you get the right labels. We offer standard size labels off the shelf and custom sizes are available on demand.

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  • range 100 gsm , 120 gsm and 160 gsm

4cc is a special grade paper for high resolution color and BW copying and printing.4CC fulfill every task demanded by your business from lettered and reports to leaflets and presentations. 4cc is available in substance range from 100 gsm , 120 gsm and 160 gsm

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Security Labels

SECURITY LABELS HOLOGRAM We provide a variety of security label options to protect your brand in the market. Void Labels and destructive labels are available as anti-counterfeit options. For overt security and brand protection features, we design solutions using technologies like holography, screen printing, sequential & random codes. Covert security technologies like micro text, invisible-ink, color changing inks & hidden text are also available at Kimoha.

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  • Width 4.10"

If your criteria are speed (a blazing 16 inches per minute) and flawless quality, the high-performance 64-bit thermal transfer printer is the perfect partner. The 64-bit packs a punch: It is significantly faster than its competitors and is extremely economical and easy to use. Irrespective of whether you require barcodes, tags or production labels, at 300 dpi, the high resolution of the 64-bit guarantees unbeatable printed results, permanently. This is thanks to its high-performance processor. And if the high performance that comes as standard on the 64-bit isn't enough, the memory capacity can be upgraded from 8 to 20 MB. Standard Foil Saver - The 64-bit ensures intelligent foil utilization. From as little as 6 mm of print-free space, the foil saving mechanism significantly reduces material consumption and can make significant cuts in your costs.

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Q Management systems are widely used in the retails industry to manage and provide efficient customer service. We offer different kinds of thermal Q ticket rolls compatible for leading que management systems. Customized rolls are available with the possibility of branding.

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We produce labels with eye-catching graphics and effects to enhance the brand value of cosmetic products. We are equipped with techniques like foiling, lamination, rainbow & metallic effects and special shapes for enhancing product display. Along with visual enhancements, we also have the capability to add more dimensions to the label like aroma labels and screen printing for labels with raised surfaces.

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EMIGO POS ROLLS Our reputed EMIGO brand Point of Sale POS Rolls are produced from premium quality raw materials with latest state-of-the-art production techniques.These factors ensure longer life of paper and the printed images. We offer these rolls in both plain and printed forms, suitable for various commercial and industrial applications. Moreover, our products are joint-free for clear, fast and trouble-free printing and produces crisp and sharp images. Apart, from the standard sizes, we can supply these rolls in custom-made sizes. MORE

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Carry Handle

CARRY HANDLE Carry handle, coupled with shrink wraps offer a very cost effective way of bundling products for display and handling in retail. We offer custom printed carry handle with you brand & logo in different sizes to enhance your brand value.

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label applicator

Kimoha offers a complete line of label applicators and print & apply systems, from simple, economically priced to high speed servo driven label applicators. These labeling applicators are designed to make even the toughest labeling applications easy. Our labeling applicators offer easier set-up, troubleshooting, and changeover, faster line speeds, and more reliable operation.

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Security Stickers

SECURITY STICKERS Several security features are available. Baggage-Screening Aircraft-Door-Seals Spare-part Labels

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Kimoha offers a wide range of excellent gate automation from tri-pod turnstile, flap barrier gate, swing barrier gate, full-height turnstile, road blocker all kinds of auto gates etc electronic security solutions. Our turnstiles and gates are designed to enhance security and optimize manpower at customer entrance points. These systems will provide efficient and elegant control of individual access to the premises. They are straightforward to install, easy to understand and simple to maintain. We are one of the authorized partner for following brands

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Garment Tags

Garment Tags are an elegant solution for improving the aesthetics of display to the merchandise. We offer garment tags in various formats, for identification as well as for pricing and promotional details.

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Barcode Printers

A Barcode Printer is a device that is very similar to traditional printers, except rather than generating documents, it is used for printing of barcode labels and tags. It is specially designed to not only generate tens of thousands of labels and tags without error but also do it very quickly. Barcode printing uses different combinations of bars and spaces to encode data into barcodes that are printed on a label or a card. Barcodes can be one dimensional or two dimensional, and they can be read by special optical scanners or Barcode readers, desktop printers, and smart phones. We provide thermal transfer printers of all types from entry level printers to heavy duty industrial printers. Our printing solutions include desktop thermal barcode printers, industrial label printers and a full range of barcode labels and barcode ribbons.

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Laser scanners provide excellent scanning productivity and accuracy; this allows operators to achieve high productivity in high-throughput areas of business. Laser scanners are capable of decoding barcodes over wide ranges and can achieve 50% more range than digital imagers. Because laser scanning technology has been refined, scanners are less expensive than comparable digital imagers. In addition to 1D barcodes, digital imagers (also known as area imagers) can decode 2D barcodes. 2D barcodes can be encoded with significantly more information than 1D barcodes, making digital imagers beneficial to transportation, logistics, and tracking applications. Area imagers enable omni-directional reading of barcodes, eliminating the need to accommodate the scanning device. In addition to reading one and two-dimensional barcodes, high performance digital imagers can capture and transfer images, enabling signature capture and the scanning of documents. Area imagers have the capability of reading Direct Part Marking (DPM), a method of permanently marking a product. DPM is growing in popularity and allows a product to be tracked throughout its life.

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Lubricant Labels

Our lubricant label range extends from labels for small lube bottles to large drum labels. Labels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and wear and tear to which they are exposed.

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Carbonless Paper Rolls

Carbonless Paper Rolls in Black image which are a major part of our product range are produced with high quality raw materials from ​some of the world renowned ​paper ​mills. ​These rolls are suitable for all kinds of Dot Matrix Printers with ink Ribbons ​producing​ high quality and long-lasting crisp printed impression’​s​. ​ W​e supply these rolls in the standard 2 Ply and 3 Ply ​configurations.​ For special purposes we also​ can​ supply ​carbonless paper rolls in 4 Ply and 5 Ply​ configurations . ​T​he​ different ​ Ply’s​ ​ are available in ​various​ colors for easy identification and distribution of the layer’s ​. MORE

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steel tags

TAGS FOR STEEL REBAR INDUSTRY Industrial products like Steel bars and other metal products need tags with special requirements for its application. In order to withstand the high temperatures, open atmosphere and other harsh environmental impacts to which these tags are exposed, we maintain high quality standards in production to meet the stringent demands of these applications.

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Printed Self Adhesive Labels

Kimoha is the manufactures of EAS Consumables in UAE, Kimoha Entrepreneurs Ltd. Dubai, an ISO 9001 2008 certified company, is a pioneer in manufacturing and marketing plain and printed Self Adhesive Labels and Flexibles for packaging applications, Paper Products for retail and office use, complemented duly by providing Auto ID equipments and solutions for virtually all industries and commercial establishments and more importantly products for the Aviation Industries such as Baggage tags, Boarding passes etc.

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Shrink Sleeves

SHRINK SLEEVES Shrink Sleeves is one of the most coveted labeling technology with its capability to provide graphics over the complete surface of the container irrespective of the shape. Shrink sleeves for the diary, cosmetics and also promotional packing are designed and printed at Kimoha.

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  • series X1000VL

The new X-1000VL industrial barcode printer offers outstanding performance and value in an all-metal housing well-suited for harsh environments. A 32-bit RISC microprocessor provides print speeds up to 4ips, which is ideal for medium-volume printing requirements. The 4MB Flash memory and 8MB SDRAM ensures smooth operation and high reliability. The user-friendly print mechanism lets you easily adjust ribbon pressure and print quality by hand—no need for special tools. An external switch sets the printer for use with either inside or outside coated ribbons, and an adjustable ribbon guide stabilizes the ribbon during printing. The X-1000VL printer is flexible, easy-to-use, and offers value and high performance printing for industrial environments. MORE

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A portable data terminal, or shortly PDT, is an electronic device that is used to enter or retrieve data via wireless transmission (WLAN or WWAN). They can also serve as barcode readers, and they are used in large stores, warehouses, hospitals, or in the field, to access a database from a remote location.

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  • series OS214

The OS-214 plus is the newest generation of Argox's most successful printer model. Its attractive and stylish design is just one of several new features and advanced functions. The significantly larger onboard memory increases print capability for producing a wider range of label applications. A full-speed USB interface adds flexibility for use with any of today's notebook and other computers. Its space-saving design offers the same small footprint and light weight as previous models for easy and convenient placement.

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Pathfinder 6057 printer

  • series 6057
  • Temperature 41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)

By combining the processes of scanning, printing and applying into a unique one-piece handheld solution, the Monarch® Pathfinder 6057 printer helps you significantly reduce the labor hours spent on the most common marking applications. Markdownsmarkups Receiving, Store transfers, Replacement tags, Item marking, Remarking Most customers report cutting marking time by 33-50%! The one-piece Monarch Pathfinder 6057 printer is recognized for its unique ability to: • Increase productivity by automating manual information transfers and decreasing marking and remarking time • Improve accuracy by eliminating key entry errors • Save money through enhanced productivity in four key functions: scan, data lookup, print and apply • Increase sales by helping you accomplish your marking tasks quickly so merchandise is ready to move!

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beverage labels

DAIRY & BEVERAGE LABELS We manufacture Dairy & Beverage Labels which demand high level of performance to withstand cold storage temperatures, condensation while filling and still stick to the product.

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DATALOGIC QW2100 linear imager

  • series QW2100

The QuickScan™ reader series is Datalogic ADC's value line of general purpose handheld data collection products. The QuickScan Lite QW2100 linear imager is an entry level product created specifically for reading long and truncated bar codes which is common in some areas of the world. It is perfect for use in retail, light manufacturing, documentbill processing and bankingfinance environments. The QW2100 imager is small, lightweight and its ergonomic design is comfortable to use during daily operations. It offers snappy reading performance on most 1D bar codes and features a wide scanning angle with an extended scanning line which is perfect for capturing longer and wider bar codes typically found on utility bills and used by manufacturers of electronic parts... The QW2100 imager is available with two interface options: USB or Keyboard Wedge RS-232 and includes various packaging options so that it can be ordered as a scanner only or as a kit equipped with a scanner, cable and stand to facilitate hands-free reading options.

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LS2208 handheld barcode scanner

  • series LS2208
  • Temperature 32° to 122° F/0° to 50° C

The affordable Symbol LS2208 handheld barcode scanner provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. The wide working range — from near-contact to 17 inches — makes this device ideal for retail, hospital, education or government settings. Multiple on-board interfaces ensure integration with a variety of host systems. Features Scanner Type : Bi-directional Scan Element Frequency : 50Hz Scan Rate : 100 scans per second typical Interfaces Supported : USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 468x9x Operating Temp : 32° to 122° F0° to 50° C Storage Temp : -40° to 158° F-40° to 70° C Humidity : 5% to 95% relative humidity, noncondensing Drop Specifications : Unit Functions normally after repeated 5 ft.1.5 m drops to concrete Electrostatic Discharge : Conforms to 15kV air discharge and 8 kV of contact discharge

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card printers


Zebra’s ZXP Series 3 direct-tocard printer provides an array of features, outstanding print quality, and a low cost of ownership. The ZXP Series 3 offers a wide range of high capacity ribbon options, along with the capability to select the card thickness that is right for the application. And, when paired with Zebra’s eco-friendly media, the ZXP Series 3 is the most cost-effective printing solution in its class. The ZXP Series 3 offers vivid, highquality full color and monochrome printing on single- or dual-sided cards. Operating the ZXP Series 3 is simplified with an intuitive design, color touch points, and quick-replace higher capacity LoadN-Go™ smart ribbons, which are now eco-friendly using less plastic and more biodegradable material.

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