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We offer a complete product range of Marine Cables, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Detection & Alarm System, Marine Doors, Windows, Hatches and Marine Rubber Fenders

Marine Cables

  • Rated Voltage : 250 kV
  • Test Voltage 1.5 kV
  • Temperature Range -40 C/ +90 C

Kingfisher Equipment Trading is your trusted energy provider who offers best quality shipboard and offshore cables that range in all sizes. The company continues to prove its excellence in marine electronic solutions by exceeding client’s expectations in meeting quality and on- time delivery standards. Kingfisher cables product range is in compliance with the national and international standards. Subsequently, our cables have type approval certificates from recognized international marine classification bodies that include TL, BV, LR, GL, DNV, ABS, RMRS, RINA and NK. Kingfisher has a universal presence in the energy and telecommunication arena for which our brand of cables had been installed on vessels locally and internationally. Cable Properties of our Shipboard cables Bending Radius  : 6 X Outer Diameter Halogen free properties : IEC 60754- 1 & 2 Low smoke emission : IEC 61034- 1 & 2 Flame Retardancy : IEC 60332-3 CAT.A Class : 2 or 5   Power & Lighting Cables HF m : Halogen Free HFA m EMC : Halogen Free Armored Cable HFA m : Halogen Free Armored Cable HFFR m : Halogen Free Fire Resistant HFFRA m : Halogen Free Fire Resistant Armored Cable   echnical Features of Power & Lighting Cables Rated Voltage : 0.6/1kV Test Voltage : 3.5kV Temperature Range : -40 C/ +90 C Application Used in ships and sea vehicles for power and lighting applications. Halogen-free, flame retardant and low smoke density type cables. Telecommunication & Control Cable HFAT m : Halogen Free Armored Telecommunication & Control Cable HFFRAT m : Halogen Free Fire Resistant Armored Telecommunication & Control Cable HFAT m (C) : Halogen Free Armored Collectively Screened Telecommunication & Control Cables HFAT m (I) : Halogen Free Armored Individually Screened Telecommunication & Control Cables HFAT m (I+C) : Halogen Free Armored Individually and Collectively Screened Telecommunication & Control Cables HFFRAT m (C) : Halogen Free Fire Resistant Armored Collectively Screened Telecommunication & Control Cable HFFRAT m (I) : Halogen Free Fire Resistant Armored Individually Screened Telecommunication & Control Cables HFFRAT m (I+C) : Halogen Free Fire Resistant Armored Individually & Collectively Screened Telecommunication & Control Cables Application Used in ships and sea vehicles for telecommunication and signal applications. Halogen-free, flame retardant and low smoke density type cables.

  • Cable Type

    IEC 60092-353 IEC 60092-350 IEC 60031-21 IEC 60092-376
    HF m x x    
    HFA m EMC x x    


    x x    
    HFFR m x x x  
    HFFRA m x x x  
    HFAT m   x   x
    HFFRAT m   x x x
    HFAT m (C)   x   x

    HFAT m (I)

      x   x
    HFAT m (I+C)   x   x
    HFFRAT m (C)   x x x
    HFFRAT m (I)   x x x
    HFFRAT m (I+C)   x x x
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Fire Suppression Systems

Kingfisher Equipment Trading is a leading provider of fire suppression systems for offshore and marine applications. We offer a capability that spans the complete design, installation, supply, testing, commissioning and service of fire suppression systems. Kingfisher has a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, superintendents and technicians. We strive to deliver quality work, resulting in complete customer satisfaction for every project we execute.   Kingfisher aims to develop and sustain a competitive edge for high performance fire suppression systems by providing cost- effective and reliable solutions. Our range of fire suppression systems hold approval certificates from various recognized classification bodies.      The chemical composition of Fm-200 (HFC 227ea) is known as Heptafluoropropane.  A compound consisting of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen.     Fm200 is identified as a fast, clean fire protection agent. It is a colorless, odorless gas that is stored in cylinders as a liquid and pressurized with nitrogen, it discharges through nozzles attached to a piping network which is activated by a control system that consists of automatic smoke detection, saving a huge storage space in the protected area. Historically, Fm-200 system was introduced as a Halon replacement in December 31, 1993. By then it quickly became accepted worldwide as the worlds leading clean gaseous fire extinguishing agent with a track record in protection of the world’s most critical and irreplaceable properties and assets.   Today, Fm-200 system is widely used in more than 70 countries across the world including nations where some strict standards for environmental protection apply.       Fm200 Extinguishing Effectiveness    Fm-200 systems can hit the extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, blocking ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before they cause major damage. That’s a very swift and effective fire protection system, which results to less downtime, less damage, less costs of repair, in addition to enhanced security and safety for people.        Environment Friendly   Fm-200 does not contain bromine or chlorine, therefore it has zero ozone depleting potential (ODP). With its zero ODP, it presents a long-term solution to fire protection requirements, in which the atmospheric lifetime of Fm200 is between 31 and 42 years.       Safety    Fm-200 has been proven to be less toxic than Halon 1301, which can be safely used when people are present. Fm-200 is a clean agent that does not leave any oily residues, particulates, water or corrosive material that could damage high-tech equipment. Also, it presents a healthy environment to occupants. In fact, after a discharge, Fm-200 can be removed by ventilation, which allows businesses to resume their operations immediately.        Storage   In comparison with Halon 1301, Fm-200 systems require little floor storage space, which presents one of the most important benefits of Fm-200 systems.  The Fm-200 agent is stored in cylinders as liquid, and once pressurization is achieved using nitrogen, it saves huge amounts of storage space. Fm-200 takes up to seven times less storage space that systems based on inert gases. This translated to more room for revenue generating cargo or passenger ships.       Benefits of KingFisher FM-200 System             Fast and effective against a wide range of class A, B and C fires           Light weighted, allowing more fuel efficiency solutions to shipboard fire protection           Environmentally clean agent           Zero-ozone depleting potential           Low global warming potential           Fast- Acting Extinguishment           Safe for Occupied Spaces           Required minimum storage space           Low-pressure system           No clean up required after discharge            Kingfisher Fm-200 Systems are approved for use in marine applications such as machinery spaces and flammable liquid storage areas by major regulatory agencies.       Applications    Kingfisher Fm-200 systems are perfectly suited to the protection of machinery spaces and cargo pump rooms in a wide range of vessel types:             Offshore oil & gas installations           Container ships           Workboats           Warships           Ferries           Passenger vessels           Chemical tankers           Cargo ships           Government coastguard and research vessels           Pleasure craft

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Fire Detection & Alarm System

Kingfisher Equipment Trading provides innovative control panels and detection devices that associate automatic and manual programming, system status monitoring, and other advances for detection. The fire detection & alarm system of Kingfisher is distinguished for its easy maintenance and durability.     The alarm and fire detection system consists of fire detectors, control panel, manual call point, repeater and alarm device. Upon the break of fire, fire alarms can be triggered by smoke detectors, heat detectors, or manually. Fire alarm system shall send relevant signals to alarm monitoring, alarm device and VDR with audible and visible alarm.   Kingfisher Equipment Trading presents fire alarm system in three main categories:   Conventional   Conventional systems are cost effective systems that are suitable for small areas. Conventional systems are set with a certain number of zones that are fixed to the control panel. Smoke detectors must function on a separate zone from pull stations. There could be many detectors in a single zone, and if one detector is faulty the crew are assigned with finding it.   Addressable   Addressable systems offer benefits in speed of detection, identification of the location of a fire and easy maintenance. It enables each initiating device to a distinctive address or zone identifier. If a detector is faulty, the crew can know exactly which device is faulty, and it can identify the exact location of the fire. The addressable devices all connect to a single loop that runs through the zones.   High Sensitivity Smoke detection Systems   High sensitivity smoke detection systems are designed to detect fire at a very early stage, even before smoke is visible to people. It is ideal for critical facilities such as data centers. These smoke detection systems function by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion by air sampling.  

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Marine Doors, Windows, Hatches

    Marine Doors, Windows, Hatches     Specializing in the supply of world-class marine doors, windows and hatches to your vessels. Kingfisher offers its clients custom designed, certified watertight and weather tight doors, windows and hatches, which are constructed from the finest materials to meet the quality expectations of the shipyard and ship owner. Our products can be customized as per customer drawing and can be issued lR, BV, ABS, Gl, DNV, NK certificates.

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Marine Rubber Fenders

Kingfisher provides a wide range of marine rubber fenders that are used by a large variety of clientele within several industries. Through the extensive experience of our manufacturing plant of over 50 years in the production and supply of Marine rubber and fenders, Kingfisher is capable of offering cost effective and efficient solutions to fit with any fendering problem.  We are dedicated to fulfill our clients' needs through high quality products, on time delivery, service and product know-how.  If you have any questions or requirments, just contact us for more information about our fenders and prices.

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deck machinery

Kingfisher is a leader in the design and supply of all types of Deck machinery for marine and offshore applications. Our expertise and resources are also applicable for custom designed deck machinery in order to meet the safe and stringent requirements on the specialized vessels.    Escort Winch 280 kW Combined Split drum-Anchor / 200m rope 120 mm Pull 80 ton Variable speed Rendering 120 ton Brake 260 ton (RPVCS) Romagnoli Power Variable Control System (NEW)Touch screen control -PLC  

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bow thrusters

A Bow thruster will enhance the maneuverability of a vessel in hostile weather conditions allowing superior control in environments such as docking stations and water locks. Bow thrusters require strong corrosion-resistant alloys, in addition to complex shaping requirements. As a result of continues research and development, Kingfisher will choose the bow thruster that best suits your requirements to improve the efficiency of your propulsion system. Our thrusters have a continous operation of 24 hour duty, S1. The products are manufactured according to RINA rules and are constantly tested both during the production time and in the final stage of acceptance test.   BTX 350CC Tunnel: 320 mm (30/P20) Electric Motor: 22 kW, 2 poles 220/380V BTX 450CC Tunnel: 320 mm (40/P20) Electric Motor: 30 kW, 2 poles 220/380V BTX 600CC Tunnel: 420 mm (55/P30) Electric Motor: 37 kW, 4 poles 220/380V  

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