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LED Exit Sign Light

Exit signs are thesmart sustainable solutionfor photo luminescent Exit, Emergency Evacuation and Safety signage needs. In an emergency situation, life or death is often determined by the crucial decision of which direction to head for safety. This critical decision has to be made in a matter of seconds, and every inch of the path directly affects the final outcome. Exit Sign technology provides the longest most reliable, luminous and unambiguous exit path during a natural or man-made disaster resulting in fires.Exit signs glow in the dark and reduce panic by providing directional exit way finding, and points of reference instilling confidence, minimizing injuries and speeding up evacuations.

Exit signs are denoting the location of the closest emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency. Exit signs can save life.Exit signs are designed to be absolutely unmistakable and understandable to anyone. The biggest problem was that the exit sign was hardly distinguishable from an ordinary safety lighting fixture commonly installed above doors in the past. The problem was partially solved by using red-tinted globes instead. Exit signs were more visible due to large letters, even a 60-watt incandescent bulb shining through a plastic or glass cover could appear somewhat dim under certain conditions. Incandescent bulbs are still in use because they are cheap and common.LED exit signs provide the best balance of safety, low maintenance, and very low energy usage compared to other exit sign technologies.We have large collection of exit sign and emergency exit signs

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Led Pendant Light

A pendant light also called a drop or suspender which is a lone light fixture. Pendant lights hang from the ceilings or cord or chain/metal rod. Pendant light comes with a wide variety of sizes and its materials different from metal to glass or even concrete and plastic. Nowadays pendant models are energy-saving with low voltage. But some use halogen or fluorescent bulbs.Using pendant lighting offers many benefits when it comes to providing versatility. And pendant lighting is great for adding some pizzazz to a room that was otherwise, well, a bit boring. Pendant lighting used to only be considered for contemporary looks. However, with todays new designs and styles, pendant lighting can make it easier to add a little accent to any given room. Because it comes in so many different shapes, colors, and styles.

Depending on your home, pendant light's shape, design and style can be chosen. But pendant lights make more attractive focal points in any space. Pendant fixtures are used for general lighting, area lighting and task lighting. We use them in our entry halls, stairwells, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and family rooms even on our porches.The most common materials used for pendant lights are glass, metal, cloth and plastics. Light can be either directed up or downwards depending on the shape or the type of shade used on a pendant.Pendant lights come in many forms, and different decorative styles can achieve similar practical effects.

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Led Pixel Light

The pixellights are dedicated controller for 100 lights will drive two strings of Cosmic Color Bulbs, Cosmic Color Pixels or one of each. Since each bulb/pixel is one RGB light, that means each requires three channels to control it and create any color of the rainbow.LED pixel lighting affords the ultimate in control over your LED lighting.Itis used with digital controllers that allow the user to program and fully control individual LEDs or groups of LEDs, depending on the product.

An LED model contains several rows and columns of pixels. The entire LED matrix based on a 64 length list of pixel values. Vivid Pixel allows for advanced chasing and programmable scenes which Perfect for creating a stunning visual display. Pixel leds achieve advanced lighting scenes easily with its built-in IC and control gear and Suitable for architectural, stage, indoor & outdoor applications.Pixel is great for advertising signage, building decoration and much more. One of the most important features of pixel leds are brightness. These lights to be used as store signs and billboards outdoors of most stores, and in recent years they have also become commonly used in destination signs on public transport vehicles.

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Led Wall Light

LED Wall light is designed for lighting walkways, egress areas and designed to provide security lighting. Recognizing the importance in saving energy, these wall lights feature a number of energy-control options such as dimming, bi-level switching, integral motion sensor and LSI Controls wireless control and information systems.

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High Power Led

High-power LED as the light source with features of low power consumption, less heating, long life, fast response, good direction and so on. Housing is available for PC pipe, able to bear high temperature of 135 degrees, low temperature of -45 degrees.

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Led Bulb

LEDs are on the rise and that makes it a great time to upgrade. Still, you're going to want to be sure and choose the rightLED LAMPSfor your specific home and office lighting needs -- especially since these LEDs promise to last decades.

LED Bulbs Candle Lightscan be put wherever you want them without worrying about children or pets coming near them, or anything accidentally catching fire. They fit easily into any lamp or light fixture just like any other bulb giving you an instant candle effect with just the flick of a switch.They can easily create a relaxing atmosphere anywhere inside or outside your home, with no possible danger of accidents.LED Candlelighting can emulate candle light so well that it is impossible to notice unless you look at them closely, and will never need to be replaced.

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Led Dimming Driver

LED Dimmers come as a real life saver for those who want to adjust the brightness of their light in accordance with your homely convenience. Even when they are producing low lights, they will be sufficiently bright and clear. Stability of dimmers switch is very important for the performance of the lighting dimmers. Security is the other factor which provided by the dimmers switch. Good quality dimmers provide the protection systems such as overheating, over-voltage, over-current and other corresponding protection systems. Life of lighting dimmers switch has high compared to others. Most of the dimmers have very simple installation and the controlling systems. Mainly dimmers help to reduce the power which delivered to the tube lights.

Modern LED dimmers work an entirely different way. They use a transistor like device called a TRIAC to switch the electricity on and off very rapidly--120 times each second. Because they sort of 'chop up' the electrical power this wayLED dimmersare sometimes called 'chopper switches.' there are many other benefits to consider when choosing to install dimmable LED lighting. These benefits include longevity, convenience, comfort, efficiency, and safety. The dimmed LED lamp also operates cooler, which can save air conditioning costs. Dimming then further increases the operating life of the LED lamp.

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Led Panel Light

LED panel lights are good lighting choice for offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, home interior decoration, etc. They show a higher brightness than ordinary fluorescent lamps. That's why they're now commonly used for interior lighting purpose.LED panel lighting technology is also a green lighting technology.LED is a point-like light source. LED lighting designers can take good use of the combination of point, line, and plan to design panel lights with different shapes, and different lighting effect in accordance with customsers' request.LEDceiling lights are applied with high quality reflective panels and sealed design. High efficient photoconduct plate and good aluminum materials are also a big part of panel lights. Thus LED panels show a higher brightness.

We offer LEDceiling lightsuch as Panel light, Round LED Panel Light, Square LED Panel Light, Recessed Panel Light, Panel Round Light, Surface Panel light and many more items.

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Led High Bay Light

LED High bay Lights CREE original LED high luminous flux.Encergy saving obviously compared with the sodium light energy saving more than 60%.Excellent decorative effect appearance can choose a variety of clors simple installation easy to removal.Adapt to a wide are plenty of options for lighting in warehouses, but one style thats becoming increasingly popular is high bay LED (light-emitting diode) lighting.LED Bay Lightsarent just common in warehouses, but in any facility or venue containing high ceilings and requiring illumination of 15 or more feet. Aside from warehouses, sports arenas, gymnasiums, loading docks and other industrial facilities are other popular venues for this style of lighting

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A LED screensare video display which uses light-emitting diodes. An LED panel is a small display, or a component of a larger display like digital signagesor screens. They are typically used outdoors in store signs and billboards, and in recent years have also become commonly used in destination signs on public transport vehicles. LED panels are sometimes used as form of lighting, for the purpose of general illumination, task lighting, digital signages or even stage lighting rather than display.

Digital signage advertising is a recent technological development of which people can expect to see more and more.the benefits of digital signage are growing rapidly as more technology emerges. An investment in digital signage software is worthwhile for retailers looking to build customer engagement and elevate brand perception.

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Led Tube Light

Welcome to our LED Tube Lights. LED tube lights are an exciting, and rapidly evolving, replacement for traditional fluorescent tube lights. Because of the efficiency and very long life of LED lighting systems, they offer dramatically reduced operating costs over the lifetime of a bulb. In addition, they do not contain the harmful mercury and phosphorus found in fluorescent bulbs, making them even more eco-friendly

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Tridonic Drivers play key role in lighting industry for all LED lighting component.LED Corner have large collections of tridonic drivers product.Tridonic drivers helps to control the power to the lightings. Itis protected against overtemperature, short circuit, overload and no load. The life span is up to 100, 000 hours.Tridonic offers a 5-year guarantee on the electronic ballast. The cost of these systems can be lower, especially in larger scale applications. The high proportion of new products in our portfolio indicates a high level of innovation.

LED lightings can be damage by the high voltages coming with the changes of temperature. Tridonic drivers are the self contained power supply which matches to the characteristics of lightings.Tridonic drivers are manufactured to operate all types of LED devices or arrays. LED drivers that use high-voltage AC power are called Off-Line drivers, or AC LED drivers. Operating on a low-voltage DC power supply enables lightings to easily adapted to different power supplies, and allows longer stand-by power, and thereby increases safety. Trionic drivers enable dimming and color-changing or sequencing of lightings. Tridonic dimming drivers can dim lightings by reducing the forward current, pulse width modulation via digital control. Low voltage DC powered drivers can be easily dimmed in different ways. The simplest dimming solution for these is using a potentiometer.

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Decorative Light

Using decorative lighting is another way of enhancing the beauty and character of the house. Earlier on lighting was done from the functional point of view. Today homeowners want their lighting fixtures both interior and exterior to make a statement. More so the interior lighting. They select interior lighting fixtures to match the rest of the Decor. Decorating homes with elegant and tasteful light fixtures is a must these days. Decoration home room decore lighting fixtures come in different shapes, sizes, finishes and materials.While artfully implemented decorative lights can certainly increase perceived social status in a house setting, it can also give the impression of reliability and professionalism in an office setting.

Decorative lighting is like jewellery for the home and buildings in Dubai. There are some examples of decorative lighting which include Sconces, Pendant lights, Chandeliers etc. We can introduce new style or character into our home with an all-around set of decorative lights. It helps our room to get shine and to provide a beautiful atmosphere. The arrangement of these lights also plays an important role to get our home and room sparkle and shine. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, styles, finishes and prices. In Dubai pendants can come in huge variety of size, the shape also materials from metal, glass even concrete. Huge, singlependant lightscan create an impression as well as decoration on your home. Sconces can be placed on both the interior and exterior walls of buildings. Sconces use the wall for support and always provide light upwards. Chandeliers can increase the style of any room.It can illuminate any space. Chandeliers can be placed in dining room tables, kitchen islands and pool tables or anywhere else according to users interest.

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Inground Light

The inground light adopt high power LED as light source, there are many advantages when compare to the normal inground light, such as low energy-saving, differentled color light, senvironment protection, high brightness, anti-shork, anti-vibration, purity color and long lifespan, about 50, 000hours.

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Led Down Light

LED Downlights seem to be latest trends in the world. LED downlightsare extremely energy efficient.COBLEDdownlights &SMD LEDdownlightsuse about 85% less energy than incandescent downlights and about 50% less energy than compact fluorescent downlights.The term downlight came by the light fixture installedin the hole of the ceilings. These downlights also known as recessed lights.

The surface mounted Downlights produce radiant light at an incredibly low price rate. The easy to install Downlights are characterized by their sleek design and are powerfully built to illuminate a host of environments. Fire rated downlights have the advantage of preventing a fire from spreading between floors if a hole is cut into the ceiling. Round shapedownlights come in different typesin different price range. Halogen bulbs are most commenly used in down lights. As the light is generated electronicaly, there is no heat is produced indown lights. Another advantage of down lights are they are mercury free. Flat sheet of plaster board reduces the amount of time that a ceiling can withstand fire and also reduces the spread of fire.It is safer than traditional lighting solutions, LED downlights produce far less heat than traditional lighting methods, doing far less damage to the fixture itself.Downlights are perfect for work lighting especially in places where a lot of nice and bright light is required. WE have large collection of new products likepixel LED, pendant lightsetc in our Dubai, UAE showroom with reasonable prices.

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Led Module

LED modules are increasingly utilized in retail, hospitality and other professional settings due to the benefits they offer, such as reliability, modularity, economical operation, and more recentlycolorand quality of light. In a purposebuilt LED luminaire, a fixtures thermal design is specified to supportcontinuousoperation without heat damage

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Led Power

LED Corner low output voltage AC/DC enclosed type power supplies for LED display applications are ideally suited for LED signage and LED lights. Our selection features high efficiency and conformal coated circuit boards for protection from dust and humidity. These constant voltage LED Power Supplies will power your LED channel letters, LED displays, LED signage & LED strips. Our LED Power Supplies offer a tremendous amount of solutions for the increasing demand of LED displays and moving message signs.

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Led Spotlight

LED Spot lights are a visual highlight as well as being kind to the environment.LED spot lights consumes only 3 or 4.5W and therefore led spot lights saves a lot of electricity. LED Spotlights allow you to direct light where you want it and have great control over your lighting.It isused in kitchen, showcases, and many other areas asLED spot lights provide us much more energy savings and more enegy efficient.

Nowadays spot lights are commonly used in Dubai, Uae and all around the world, because of its differential uses. Compared to conventional lights and halogen, spot lights angles and luminous attracts us to have them. We can light up a different or specific area. Spot lights get the right color intensity of light for our spaces, from what beam angle we prefer.

Spot lights brightness is measured in useful luminous, which is slightly different to the brightness calculated for conventional bulbs. The number of useful luminous is defined as the light that falls in 90-degree cone.

Spot lights are commonly recommended in the kitchen, showcases as the good light level. LED focus more light in 90-degree cone than a filament bulb. It helps us see things easily as it can a beam of light on a particular object or surface. Its cost is very low compared to other bulbs. It gives us economic savings.

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Led Rgb Controller

LED RGB Controller with and without remote controls; touch wheel controllers, audio controllers and button select remote controllers.The Digital-type strips work in a different way. However, using these controllers you can control each LED individually

Led controllers are widely used in both indoor and outdoordecorative lightingsof commercial, industrial and residential spaces. Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed. The systems are maximized the energy savings from the lighting system, satisfy building codes or comply with green building and energy conservation programes in Dubai. Wireless lighting control systems provide additional benefits including reduced installation costs and increased flexibility .

Controllers have utilized in Dubai to power a light-emitting diode. The controllers supply current to light at the required brightness and additionally prevent the damage.The great advantage of our controllers is the ability to use different types of settings. All of them are made from the highest quality materials, which guarantee reliable operation from several to several years. There are many kinds of controllers, some of them are RGB Light Controller, RGBW or colour adjustable. In Dubai, most of the companies uses smartphone compactable controllers such as Wireless controllers, Bluetooth enabled controller connected to home and business network for complete control of LED. The wireless wallLED dimmers, which can be placed anywhere that we can reduce the overuse of wires which is widely using in Dubai. A wide range of kinds of AC to DC control converters to control your 5VDC, 12VDC, and 24VDC LED lighting items. A little increment in application voltage increases the current. A circuit is composed according to low and heavy power indicator.

We can use controllers to create different effects on lightings. High-quality controllers are cheaply available in our outlets in Dubai.

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Led Light Sensor

A sensor is an electronic equipment which helps to detect events or changes in an environment and send the information to other electronic device which is connected with this sensor.Most of the sensors are sensitive to motion, pictures, magnetic field, gravity, humidity etc. Light sensors help you everyday by detecting and reacting to diffrent levels of light in appliances, switches and machines. Light sensors vary from those that respond to changes, collect current or hold voltage depending on light levels.Light sensors often detect light that's not visible to the human eye, like x-rays, infrared and ultraviolet light.

LED is also used in light sensors.Due to the high efficiency of LED sensor systems, they are highly sought-after for multiple applications. LED sensors are becoming an ideal option for a light source as it is cost-effective to manufacture and apply, and it can also provide a digital measurement of a light source without the need to waste energy on amplifying the system.

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Deck and Step lighting makes a backyard more appealing while improving outdoor safety. Related to landscape lighting, deck lighting also highlights attractive architectural aspects of a home and easily blends with established decor thanks to the range of looks available. There are many LED deck lighting options as well, so having to change out bulbs in hard-to-reach places isn't really an issue.

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Led Flood Light

LED floodlights can be defined as high-intensity, broad beamed artificial lights often used to illuminate outdoor areas. Usually, they are used in playing fields while a sports event is being held during low light conditions. They can also be used during an outdoor function that requires a lot of lighting.The white light beam which is created by LED flood lights is highly similar to daylight. This makes it easier for seeing and retrieving items. When they are used within stadiums, it makes spectators feel as it is day.LED flood lights are highly strong, durable and long lasting. This enables users to save a substantial amount of time, money and energy. These bulbs are encased within tough, unbreakable coverings. Therefore, they are unbreakable. They are considered one of the most secure lighting options by safety experts. One of the major reasons is the lack of heat emanation which minimises the risk of electric and fire accidents. These lights are environmentally friendly in a number of ways.they consume much less energy, therefore the amount of fossil fuels burned up are reduced leading to lower carbon footprint. LED flood lightsdo not get hot and generate heat as in the case of other light sources. In addition, LEDs do notproduce UV (ultra violet) or IR (infra red) radiation.

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Led Light Box

Thin LEDlight boxes give duratrans & backlit signagea high definition appearance usingbright LED lights. LEDlight boxes sets new standard of quality within the industry. With thin LEDs lightweight, durable design it can be placed almost anywhere from the wall to hanging from a fixture. Day or night, capture shoppers attention by bringing your brand images to life with Thin LED Panel light boxes.

Light boxes are used for the purpose of advertisement. Simply put, light boxes offer a vibrant and clear way of advertising your business visuals.The efficiency of light boxes improved with the advanced technology of LED lights. Light boxes can be in different types of frameless boxes, magic mirror boxes etc. Lights boxes are designed to produce images with the help of lighting from all the angels. Lightsmounted on the panel sheet. Light boxes are used in outdoor advertisements, hospitals. We have the lighting acrylic display boxes in different sizes. The panel can be illuminated by florescent lighting or LED lighting strips. The lighting given in the boxes turn the photos into a marvellous and attractive

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Led Track Light

The track lights are popular options among most people because of various benefits they offer. For instance, the lights offer lower operational expenses and minimal generation of UV. Track lights are also trendy and appealing, and these are used for general lighting purposes. By using this type of lights, you can help reduce carbon consumption, which also means you can comply easily with local authorities and organizations.

There are different types of track lightings according to its performance, economical and for apparent realtors. Track lightings may be commercial track Lights or industrial track Lights. Our track lightings uses the finest quality raw materials and pioneering engineering concepts as par the international standards.

Track lights have taken a huge step in the development of light designs for decoration and other purposes. It is not only designed for space suffeciancy, conventions and decorations, but also for less energy use. It's cost effieciencies does not compremise its light quality and it can be used longer than other types so the need of light replacements can be significantly reduce. Track lights have other benefits like lower carbon consumption and absence of UV rays which can help preserve the environment. Track lightings are now affordable due to assistance provided by the government to encorage companies to make energy efficients products.Track lighting is also highly customizable. You can change the size and number of fixtures to suit your needs.

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Led Strip Light

LED strip lights are turning into a more popular lighting option for different organizations and home also. It is growing to be more functional and innovative way of indoor design in the home. Strip Lights are also well-known as LED Tape or Ribbon which help the customers to add great lighting in their workplace and home.

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Led Garden Light

Garden lightings, also known as landscape lighting, refers to the use outdoor illumination of public landscapes and private gardens.The garden lights aremainly used for the purposes of accessibility, nighttime aesthetics and Increases the safety and security of your home. Night-time visitors can walk safely to your front door. Outdoor entertaining is much safer when guests can see the terrain. Automatically having lights with timers, photocells and remote controls ensure you will never come home to a dark and foreboding house.LED lights are touted as big thing in energy efficient garden lighting.LED lights make them particularly suitable for outdoor use specially in garden.

There are wide range of garden lightings which used for safety and security reasons so that all can see clearly outside even when it is dark. If you are focusing on large flower or area in your garden its better to use a number of smaller garden lights rather than large one. Our showrooms at UAE have a wide range of garden lights and other products likepixel led, LED dimmerscollections which are more flexible so that they can easily shift from one position to other. Moreover, there are a collection of garden lights which suitable for your garden.

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Led Aluminium Profile

Aluminium profiles can easily be fixed on the ceiling, floors, corners inside or outside of the building.The recessed type of LED strip with aluminium profiles can also suitable for lighting selected elements of furniture, such as shelves, drawers or cupboards.Aluminium profiles can be cut to size to fit with the length your stairs, mirror or simply a wall.LED profiles are loose aluminum moldings in which you can mount LED stripes.

Aluminium profiles can be used to create lines of lights. Aluminium profiles like Aluminium Extrusions, Aluminium Channels, LED Profiles, Extrusions, Channels etc are the protective tools for strip lights by acting as a heat sink and keeping them cool. Aluminium profiles are the professional tools which are used for installing linear lightings.With the aluminum LED profiles, you get countless possible applications. They are perfect for indirect illumination, which creates an exclusive atmosphere in the illuminated room.These aluminium profiles available in two types- one is recessed and other is surface mounted. Aluminium profiles in Dubai, UAE, available in attractive finishes like milky white or frosted, and functionally beneficial for any given application. Our all aluminium profiles can be cut and prepare according to the lighting strips.

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