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We offer a complete product range of Load Monitoring Spreader Beam, Ratchet Cargo Lashing Assembly, polyester flat webbing slings, SuperMax Round Sling and Safety Self Check Sling

Load Monitoring Spreader Beam

Worlds first load monitoring Spreader Beam, with an integrated loadcell (Active Link) giving you instant wireless data logging by measuring the load at either end of the spreader beam           Active link replaces the standard drop links in the modular spreader beams           The Active Link is available in a range of capacities up to 100t based on standard Modulift beam sizes from MOD 12 to MOD 70H    

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Ratchet Cargo Lashing Assembly

Large inventory of cargo lashing of various capacities and lengths Made with 100% polyester webbing MBL of ratchet lashings: 1 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton and 12 ton  

  • Webbing Width Minimum Breaking Strength End-Fitting Type Type
    1" (25mm) 1,000 Kgs Double J Hook Ratchet
    2" ( 50mm) 5,000 Kgs Double J Hook Ratchet
    3" (75mm) 10,000 Kgs Double J Hook Ratchet
    4" (100mm) 12,000 Kgs Flat Hook/ Double Ratchet/ J Hook Winch
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polyester flat webbing slings

Features   Largest manufacturer in the Middle East & North Africa with annual capacity of 1, 500 tones of soft slings Manufactured to EN 1492-1 & ASME B30.9 (Flat Slings) & EN 1492-2 Highly customizable depending on client requirements SWL from 500kg to 150 tons, EWL from 50cm to 100 mtrs ISO 9001 certified production process with stringent quality control procedures Large stock ready to be delivered within short delivery time

  • Color Code Width in Inches 1-PLY 2-PLY 1-PLY 2-PLY 1-PLY 2-PLY 1-PLY 2-PLY 1-PLY 2-PLY
    Violet 1 500 1000 400 800 1000 2000 700 1400 500 1000
    Green 2 1000 2000 800 1600 2000 4000 1400 2800 1000 2000
    Yellow 3 1500 3000 1200 2400 3000 6000 2100 4200 1500 3000
    Grey 4 2000 4000 1600 3200 4000 8000 2800 5600 2000 4000
    Red 5 2500 5000 2000 4000 5000 10000 3500 7000 2500 5000
    Brown 6 3000 6000 2400 4800 6000 12000 4200 8400 3000 6000
    Blue 8 4000 8000 3200 6400 8000 16000 5600 11200 4000 8000
    Orange 10 5000 10000 4000 8000 10000 20000 7000 14000 5000 10000
    Orange 12 6000 12000 4800 9600 12000 24000 8400 16800 6000 12000
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SuperMax Round Sling

SuperMax® Round Sling is made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP) yarn covered by durable nylon cover to make high performance lifting round slings. While designed SuperMax® Round Sling, our goal was lightest lifting gear with higher breaking strength of wire rope. DSR used our long experience of designed and manufacturing know-how's to make SuperMax® Round Sling with low elongation while it is stronger than wire rope with less than 10% weight of wire rope. Low elongation SuperMax® Round Sling makes lifting job much easier and safer. Low elongation enables very lash back. Also, SuperMax® Round Sling is very stable when used with hook, and you can avoid rotating problem of wire rope slings.  

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Safety Self Check Sling

Safety Self-Check sling with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene(UHMWPE) could check the life time of SuperMax Round Sling.   Melting Point : 150°C Temperature Range for USE : -40°C to 70°C Elongation at Break : 4 ~ 5% Specific Gravity : 0.97 (Float) Water Proportion : None (Wet strength equals Dry strength) Strongest fiber rope, maximum strength to weight ratio and strength comparable to steel wire rope

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Hyperlock Slings

Liftx hyperlock sling is the latest addition to the Liftx range of heavy lift solutions.     Features   Made in-house at our hamriyah free zone facility to a stringent quality plan Typical construction of 7x (6x36WS + IWRC) Manufactured in accordance with IMCA M 179 Rev.1 Flemish eye resign filled sleeve termination (ferfst) with 100% termination efficiency which results in high breaking Consistency in sling lengths Can be manufactured in long lengths and even in very short lengths thus having advantage over cable laid slings Improved load distribution due to FERFST method No tail end protrusion making it safer to use Ease of handling    

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Steel Wire Rope

Liftek maintains a large stock of wire rope for various applications. Our high quality wire ropes are sourced from Europe, Korea, India and UAE. All ropes conform to the relevant International and Local norms and are supplied with Mill Test Certificates. Features   Over 2, 000 MT stock of superior brand wire ropes Brands include DSR, Brunton Wolf, Manho Upto 4½ inch Diameter in stock No minimum order quantity Tensile Grades: 1960 N/mm 2 , 2160 N/mm 2 , EIPS, EEIPS Manufacturing Standards:EN 12385, API 9A, ISO 10425 Certificates: Mill Test Certificate with 3rd party certifications like DNV, Lloyds, & ABS Applications: Oil & Gas, Drilling, Marine, Engineering, Cranes & Hoists etc  

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SuperMax Jacket Sling

SuperGuard   SuperGuard as method of perfect protection could be applied to SuperMax Rope as well as SuperMax Roundsling. SuperGuard will prevent SuperMax Rope as well as SuperMax Roundsling from abrasion and the life time of ropes and sling will be longer with perfection.   SuperGuard-SW2 SuperGuard-AW2 SuperGuard-SAW SuperGuard-SNW SuperGuard-NW2

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Modulift Modular Spreader Beam

Authorized Distributor & Stockist for Modulift Spreader Beams           Local stock up to 250 tons available           Provide the ideal solution for most lifting requirements           Versatile and Cost effective           Modulift offer a wide range of Modular Spreader Beam Components, offering a variety of different spans for all your lifting needs.           Easy to transport and store           Leightweight           Re-usable for multiple lifts           DNV-GL type approval up to 1000 ton capacity

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Spreader Frames and Lifting Frames

Recommended for loads with more than two lifting points           Ideal when headroom is limited           Modular Spreader Frame - the Struts from the Spreader Beam are combined with 4 Corner Units to complete the Frame. Spreader Frames are available from the CMOD 6 up to the CMOD 250. The systems will lift up to 300t           Low Height Lifting Frames - used where height is severely restricted and the crane hook attaches directly to a large lug on the top of the frame in the centre hence eliminating the need for top slings    

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dyneema ropes

Dyneema Rope is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibre braided rope utilizing DSR's proprietary rope design and manufacturing expertise. With highest tensile strength per weight, it is stronger than the steel wire rope of same diameter, and it weighs only 1/8 of the weight of the steel wire rope. Treated with DSR's unique coating process and special heat treatment process to enhance its anti-abrasion characteristics. Dyneema fiber is super strong yet lightweight and ensures that you have the most reliable, safe and durable rope solution. Ropes with Dyneema provide extraordinary performance in the most demanding conditions.     Properties   Melting Point: 150ºC Specific Gravity: 0.97 (Float) Elongation at break: 4-5% Water Absorption: None         UV resistance: Good Maximum strength to weight ratio and strength comparable to steel wire rope         Lowest elongation Longer life and easy handling Superior abrasion resistance Non-kinking, and non-rotational Easy to splice Applications   Mooring Lines Anchor Lines           Lifting Sling and Nets Towing Rope         Heaving Rope Tug Ropehandling

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Polypropylene Ropes

  • Elongation Moderate
  • Strength wet/dry 100%
  • Specific Gravity 0.91
  • Abrasion Resistance Good
  • Shock absorption Very good
  • Floats/sinks Floats

Features   Large inventory of PP ropes All ropes with 3rd party certificate, e.g. Germanischer Llyod Any length with spliced eyes             Characteristics   Higher breaking strength Abrasion resistance Excellent shock absorption Better grip Minimum elongation Durable and ultraviolet stabilized Excellent shape retention Fully balance and torque free

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Pipe Lowering Belt

Features   Heavy duty polyester webbing for durability and strength Steel end irons for greater strength with less weight Plastic tag with clear protective cover to protect data End irons painted Belts used around the world, in all types of climates, in sizes up to 60" diameter pipe Lowering-in belt and head iron sold separately Capacity from 20 ton to 60 ton Made in the United Arab Emirates

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cable laid grommets

Features   Made in-house at our hamriyah free zone facility to a stringent quality plan Machine made to ensure tight effective working length tolerances Typical construction of 12x (6 x 36WS + IWRC), tensile strength 1, 960 N/mm2, EEIPS Visibly marked tuck & core butt positions Can be manufactured to small lengths hence catering to the requirements of many industries CGBL up to 4100 MT

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Part Braided Slings

Features   Made in-house at our hamriyah fee zone facility to a stringent quality plan liftx 9 part braided slings are manufactured in a 9 strands configuration Fabricated in 9x (6x36WS + IWRC), Tensile Strength 1, 960 N/mm2, EEIPS Slings upto 2050 MT CSBL Standards in place to ensure effective working length tolerance Manufacture to ASME B30.9, wire rope technical board, IMCA 179 standards Greater flexibility, reduced weight and non-twisting characteristics Increased number of ropes in the eye and leads to higher efficiency by parallel positions of unit ropes in the sling eye Terminated using flemish eye and steel ferrule Supplied with in-house test certificate, 3rd party certification from DNV-GL, ABS, BV, TUV etc available upon

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Load Monitoring Solutions

Liftek is the authorized distributor Authorized distributor for UAE.   Comprehensive range of load cell products and custom load cell design available.   Buy it or Rent it.                 Load Links   For all lifting applications, including Marine & offshore   Load links in capacities upto 500Te tensile loads. Lightweight high tensile aluminium design using aerospace grade material. Accuracy of Fully traceable calibration certificate to Namas. Safety Factor of 5:1 minimum. All units proof load tested to 150%. Wireless and cabled models available. Rated to IP66.

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running line tensiometer

For wire rope load (line) and line (pay out) in arduous marine and offshore environments with restrictive space.  

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Handheld Load Cell Telemetry Display

Which are matched to use with our load monitoring products.  

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load pins

An alternative to weighing on existing sheaves, and clevis based applications.  

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Load shackles

With capacity ratings upto 2000 Tonne.  

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Green Pin Shackles

Liftek is an authorized distributor and stockiest for Green Pin products manufactured by Van Beest, Holland.   Van Beest is a leading manufacturer and supplier for a complete program of high quality fittings for lifting chain and steel wire rope.   In the 1970's, the trade name Green Pin® was launched to emphasize product quality, recognition and demand worldwide. Green Pin® shackles are manufactured in Van Beest's production unit in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands. It is a genuine "Made in Holland" product.               Currently, not only shackles are sold under the name Green Pin®, but also other items, such as sockets, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, loadbinders, etc.           The Green Pin product line is used in many different lifting applications in various sectors like oil & gas, industry, mining, shipping and fishing.           Green Pin products comply with a wide range of internationally recognized standards and can be supplied with various certificates upon request.

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Steel Wire Rope Slings

Steel Wire Rope Slings   Features   One of the most comprehensive rigging facilities in the Middle East Fabrication of slings upto 4 inch (103mm) diameter with Steel (Flemish) and Aluminum sleeves Slings manufactured to EN 13414-1 Fittings from Crosby, GN Rope Fittings, Rope Block, Rocon, Wirop, ToyoLift, Green Pin.

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Nyrosten Wire Rope Lubricants

Authorized distributor for UAE Developed as a universal steel wire rope anti-corrosion protection agent Proven track records over decades of use in the entire spectrum of industry, especially marine and offshore system           Main Features:   Usage temperature range -40°C to + 80°C Optimal Adhesion Very good gliding characteristics, especially when running over rollers Excellent anti-corrosion protection Good characteristics for use in salt water Multiple variants available in 9 Kgs, 25 Kgs and 180 Kgs  

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Full Body Safety Harness

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