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Our Products

  1. Buckets, Mugs & Storage Bins 18 Products available
  2. Power Bank 4 Products available
  3. Card Holders 4 Products available
  4. Adaptors, Plugs And Sockets 5 Products available
  5. Wood Craft 6 Products available
  6. USB Floppy Drive 20 Products available
  7. Customized Key Chain 7 Products available
  8. Keychains & Bottle Openers 3 Products available
  9. Heat Presses 6 Products available
  10. Pens 7 Products available
  11. Others 114 Products available

Other Products / Services #1973442

Mirror Shiny Gold Swivel USB 35SG

  • Material Metal & Plastic
  • Metal Swivel Color Shiny Gold
  • Available Capacity 4, 8, 16 & 32GB.
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Mirror Shiny Silver Swivel USB 35SS

  • Material Metal & Plastic
  • Metal Swivel Color Shiny Silver
  • Available Capacity 4, 8, 16 & 32GB.
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Crystal Pens USB Flash With Touch Pad

  • Material Metal
  • Colors Black, White
  • Available Capacity 8 GB.
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Cotton Caps Back Side Velcro


5 Panel Brush Cotton Cap in two colors with top button and eyelet & rim with Velcro at the back.

Available Colors: White/Red, White/Yellow, White/Royal Blue, White/Navy Blue, White/Maroon, White/Green, White/Black

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Promotional Cotton Caps


Promotional Cotton Capsaren't not only for sports teams any more. People love to wear them as fashion statements or to show their love for a band, sports team, or favorite business or item. Here atMagic Tradingwe can help our consumers to design their ownmodified capsthat can be worn daily. In modern businesses, cotton capsare very sensible and add style to employee uniforms. The caps can be decorated withheat transfer, screen printingorembroidery.

Availability:black, red blue, green, sky blue, navy blue

Printing options:screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery

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Promotional T-shirts


Promotional T-Shirts are one of the most hot selling promotional product. If it is a public event or a company event or company uniform, promotional tshirts are given away after printing company's logo on it.

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Digital Table Clocks

  • Size 230x140x25 mm
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Gents Gold And Silver Watches WA-06

  • Material Metal
  • Color Gold and Silver
  • Size 40mm
  • For Gents
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Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser

  • Size 68x245mm (700 ML)
  • Printing Option Screen Printing
  • Available Colors Blue, Black Red and White.
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Aluminum Flashlight With Box


This is the High PowerPromotionalAluminumFlashlightwith an incredibly light weight and compact. This High Beam Flashlighthas indeed an amazing long lasting battery that stays with you for hours which is the most encouraging feature to buy this product. ThisAluminum Flashlightis used by the police, security guards and for a lot more other professional use. Its perfect to take even if youre on hiking, you can simply pop in your pocket or in your rucksack. The specialty of thisFlashlightis its unique designed glass that diffuses the light which makes a really bright flood and lights up an entire area instead of a single beam. ThisCustomized Flashlightcan also be printed with your logo on it that gives it a standard look. Your logo can be engraved on its front for a better visibility which is helpful in promoting a brand. ThisWholesale Quality Flashlightwith the instant on and off button comes in three extremely attractive colors.

Printing Option:Laser Engraving

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Digital Luggage Scale 018


CODE: 018

Avoid unnecessary excess luggage charges at check-in with our Mini Digital Luggage Scales. Easy to use and lightweight, it's the perfect size to take with you on your travels so you can check your luggage weight before the return journey as well.

Promotional Digital Luggage Scale

  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 10 x 2.5 cm
  • Measures up to 40 kg

Printing Options :

  • Screen Printing
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Dorniel Design Laptop Backpacks

  • Color Grey - Interior Color Black
  • Size 30 (w) x 40 (h) x 10 cm
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Event Wristbands M-44

  • Material T1-Polyester-Soft in Touch
  • Width 10 or 15 mm
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Instant Cooling Towels


Instant Cooling Towel

Features Made of high-tech, soft & chemical free fabric Get cool simply in 3 Steps: soak, wring out excess and wipe. Use wet to get instant cool; use dry to absorb sweat. Washable, cooling effect will not wash out or degrade over time.

Wash and Care instructions Machine wash only in cold water. Use only Non-chlorine bleach. Do not use fabric softners. Tumble dry low cycle. Do not iron. Dry fully before storing in package for re-use.

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Promotional Cooler Bags

  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 20 x 18 x 13 cm •
  • Color Black
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Promotional Document Bags

  • Size 37x27 cm
  • Available Colors Blue, Green, Red, Grey, Black, White.
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Promotional Lighters


Promotional Lightersalways go best for marketing whether its cigarette or lighter which is being used all around the globe. Here we have a white coloredCustomized Lighterwhich is made of plastic. It can be printed on the front of the lighter. You can print any sort of design on thisWhite Lighteror you can also print your companys logo for a better branding. Lighters go great when its a matter of promotion. A product with an official logo gives product a quality look and everyone goes for the quality of the inside as well as the appearance with a cheaper price. TheseWhole Sale Lighterswould be great for advertising purposes. People will love to have such a decentWhite Color Lighterwith a professional companys logo engraved on it.

Lighter Printing Option:UV Printing

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Promotional Silicone Writsbands


Promotional Silicone Writsbandsis the encircled strip worn on the wrist. It can be worn to support a cause or philanthropic organizations. TheseSilicone Braceletscan also be worn on some sports events or concerts. You can find theseCustomized Wristbandsin different color combinations like white and black or red and white or in full colors. The size of this band is about 10*1.2cm that easily sets on the wrist plus its water resistant. ThesePromotional Swirl Silicone Wristbandscan be personalized with any sort of writing on it or the logo as per your requirement but as it is a great advertising tool so one should not let go a chance. Were mastered in printing logo and other fascinating designs that were offering you so that you can easily promote your brand and your name stay conspicuous in the eyes of people.

Item size:10x1.2 cm

Printing options:screen printing

Available Color:green, red, white, blue, black, light pink, dark pink, orange, yellow, maroon

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Reflective Safety Vest

feature :

Reflective Safety Vest:

  • ISO Certified
  • European Standard
  • 120 GSM Polyester

Printing option:Heat Transfer.

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RFID Protected BI-fold Coin Wallets

  • Folded size 110 (w) x 90 (h) mm
  • Open size: 215 (w) x 90 (h) mm
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Promotional Black A5 Size Notebooks With Pen And Mobile Holder

  • Cover Material PU Leather
  • Size A5 ( 140 x 210 x 20 mm )
  • Available Colors Black
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Dorniel Design Portfolio Folders

  • Size 230x300x20 mm
  • Portfolio Folders Organized your documents and accessories in one folder.
  • Colors Grey and Black.
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Powerbank Portfolio JU-FL-6500-16

  • Size 170 x 235 x 30 mm
  • Input 5V, 2A
  • Output 5V, 2A
  • Charging Time 3-4 hours
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Powerbank Tablet Portfolio

  • Size 225 x 18.5 x 30 mm
  • Features Notebook Size Portfolio Powerbank ( 4000 mAh ), Built in USB Flash Drive
  • Capacity 4, 8, 16 or 32 GB), Magnetic Clasp, Can charge iOS & Android, Elastic
  • Input 5v, 2A
  • Output 5v, 2A
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours
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Memo Book

Promotional Memo Book

  • PAD
  • Sticky Note
  • Leather Case

Printing Options :

  • Screen Printing
  • Emboss / Deboss
  • Laser Marking on Plate
  • Full Color Epoxy on Plate

Note:Also available with metal plate for full color with epoxy or laser markings.

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Sublimation Aluminum Sheets

  • Color Ultra bright gold and silver, Satin gold, silver and bronze, Grain gold and silver, Ultra bright wh
  • Size 30 x 60 cm
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Promotional Bottles Silver

  • Height 170 mm
  • Diameter 65 mm
  • Available Colors Silver
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Promotional String Bags

  • Color Black, Green, Blue, Red, White, Orange, Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink
  • Printing Options Sublimation Printing, Screen Printing.
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7 Colors Bluetooth Speakers

  • Size 95 x 95 x 122
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Bluetooth Speaker MS-02

  • Color White & Black
  • Size 75 x 60 mm
  • Material ABS Plastic
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Promotional Octo Cable

  • Charges iPhones, Samsung & 99% of all Micro USB mobile devices
  • Colors White and Black
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Promotional Earphones With Case

  • Color White
  • Cable Lenght 105 cm
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Promotional Power Bank Mobile Charger


Mobile phones a necessity throughout the sphere to stay in touch with family, business associates, and access to emails that means in this Era of social Networking nobody can take a moment off of it so thats for sure that you need a battery of large capacity so It doesnt die while youre dealing with someone special on it. Then ourpromotional power bankcan bring the power that you require with the capacity of 1600mAh. It is Ultra-light weight with 30*50mm light injection display. This promotionalpower bankis printable on its front. An attractive logo can be printed to light up in full color to let people know about your companys name. ThePocket Sized Battery power bankwith your logo on it is an intelligent act in my opinion for branding. You can find thispromotional power bankin different colors with an optional plastic packing.

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Power Bank Plus Battery Charger


A slimBattery Chargerwith an eye-catching light weight and portable design. This battery is aPromotional Mobile Chargerwith the fastest charging speed having a power capacity of 4600mAh. ThisPortable Power Bankis newly introduced with the lithium polymer cell battery with 30*50mm light injection display. It has two ports each on the head, one to charge itself and other to charge the secondary device. ThisCustomized Power Bankhas high capacity power indicator with the switch feature to on and off. YourUltra Slim Power Bankis printable on its front that means you can print your companys logo to earn popularity as far as it goes. The logo lights up when on charge or recharging another device. You can find thisRechargerin two different colors that are white and black with the full colored logo on it. Your product comes in a plastic packing as an option but makes it look classy.

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Paper Shopping Bags A4 H

  • Size A4 Horizontal Shape 380 x 100 x 292 mm
  • Available Colors Black, White, Red, Blue, Silver, Maroon
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Non-woven Shopping Bags 1V To 4V


Magic Trading Non Woven Baghas always stand out from all competitions in the market; our non woven bag is made from polypropylene which feels and looks like a fabric cloth is soft, strong and light weight they also come in vibrant colors and are eco friendly. Most importantly they are 100% reusable, 100% recyclable and foldable giving you an easy carriage and so many options you desire for a shopping or carriage bags. Our bags are in two sizes 38cm x 30cm x 12cm is the standard size for the Vertical and 33cm x 43cm x 12cm for the Horizontal. Our custom non woven bag is designed to provide you with options for branding any type of logo in one spot color or two separate spot colors and also they serve as souvenirs for weddings, functions and, many more. Our Magic Trading Non Woven bags are becoming popular because they are uniquely different from the regular bags nice fabric texture attractive color, easy to carry and can be re used. It is among the Best advertising tool. It can be used for grocery shopping and other shopping purposes. Our Non Woven Bags are very affordable and customizing the bags with your designs and logos gives it a very stylish look for either corporate functions, celebrations or for daily usage.Available options:White- Red Stripes, White-Green Stripes, White-Blue Stripes, White-Black Stripes, Light Blue-Dark Blue, Yellow- Orange, Light Green- Dark Green, Pink- Dark Pink, Beige-Brown Combinations, Full Black, Full White, Full Magenta, Full Pink, Full Grey, Full Violet Color all in either Horizontal or Vertical.Printing options:One Spot Color Screen Printing or Two Separate Spot Color Screen Printing.

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Laminated Cotton Bags

  • Size 36 (h) x 44 (w) 12 (b)
  • Printing options Heat Transfer.
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Reusable Ready Made Badges INB-03

  • Size 7.6 x 2.6 cm
  • Available Colors Gold and Silver.
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Tie Clips 2017


Tie clipsare the best promotional item used worldwide because every business person wears it with tie and takes it wherever he/she goes. It has given a unique pinch clasp design to ensure a secure attachment to your tie. Thesepromotional tie clipscan be found in golden color which is made of a complete metal. Thesetie clipshave become prominent and worn by celebrities, executives, middle management and many others. Everybody knows that if you wore a business suit to work you wore a tie and if you wore a tie you wore atie clipthat means your product is going to be sold either way and that would be worth a shot if you took it vigilantly in the first place. Theselogo tie clipscan also be printed with your companys logo that surely can help you promote your name in the finest way and would let the people know about your brand.

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Lanyard With Reel Badge And Safety Lock

  • Material Polyester, Thick Ribbed.
  • Colors Black, Blue, Red, White
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Reel Badges Transparent 128

  • Transparent Reel Badges Promot your logo by full color printing with epoxy.
  • Available Colors Red, Orange, Blue
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Carabiner Reel Badges 127

  • Carabiner Reel Badges Promot your logo by full color printing with epoxy.
  • Available Colors Black, Blue, White, Red
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Fiber Laser Marking Machines

  • Wave Lenth 1064mm
  • Output Power 20w
  • Marking area 110mm * 110mm
  • Marking Depth < 0.2mm (depending on material)
  • Linear speed >7000mm/s
  • Min. line width 0.001mm
  • Min. character size 0.15mm
  • Cooling Air cooling
  • Location Red location
  • Power supply AC110V/AC220V / 10%50Hz
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Table Top Screen Printing Machines

  • Value Quality at an entry level price
  • Long Lasting Steel pallets with rubber top interchangable with the V-2000**
  • Accurate Wrench free micro-registration
  • Precise Holds accurate multicolor printing registration
  • Innovative Floating head, 3 points bearing lock allows multiple heads down
  • Adjustable 6 ways head leveling adjustment
  • Pallets size 38 x 43 cm
  • Versatile Available up to 6 tables and 6 colors (6x6)
  • Weight 60 lbs ( 27 kg)
  • Ships UPS Can even ship UPS in multi boxes
  • Expandable From 1 table 1 color (1x1) to 4 tables, 6 colors (4x6)
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Roland Desktop Cutter GS-24



  • Innovative, digital servo motor offers exceptional precision
  • Unrivaled compatibilityaccepts media width from 2" to 27.5" (50 to 700mm)
  • Maximum cutting area of 22.9" (W) x 984" (L)
  • Flexes its muscles with 350g of downforce
  • Delivers a maximum cutting speed of 20 inches per second
  • Overlap Cutting (up to 10x) makes cutting and weeding easier than ever
  • Cut through even thick substrateslike magnetic materialswith incredible ease
  • Optical registration ensures precise accuracy in cutting pre-printed graphics
  • Easily set offset, speed, & downforce, and generate cut lines with included Roland CutStudio soware
  • Bling out automatic rhinestone arrangements in outline or fill patterns with the addition of R-Wear Studio

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Digital Flatbed Foil Printer

  • Model: DFP-AMD-8025
  • Product Name: Digital hot foil stamping printer
  • Packing / carton 1 set
  • Packing Dimension 56cm*34cm*34cm
  • G.W. / N.W. 27kg / 18kg

Usage & Features:

  1. Usage: graphic hardcover tender, personalized greeting card, name card, gift box logo, notebook cover, etc. hot stamping.
  2. Using high precision thermal Japan Rohm print head.
  3. No need for plate making, bymakingadesignoncomputer, youcanprintwhatyou wantlikeallkindsofwords, logo, pictures.etc.
  4. Printer head moves in left and right direction.
  5. Flatbed can't move, used for fixing printer
  6. Offline printing is capable
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Digital Pen Foil Printer

  • Model : DFP-AMD-55
  • Product Name: Digital hot foil stamping printer.
  • Packing / carton: 1 set
  • Packing Dimension: 29cm*29cm*28cm
  • G.W. / N.W.: 8kg / 7kg

Usage & Features:

  1. Usage: Ballpoints, pencils, medical tubes, and other cylinders
  2. Plateless digital Printing
  3. Better fastness & huge business value
  4. Using the best print head Japan Rohm ( high precision thermal print head, high quality assurance)
  5. Motherboard adopts new intelligence CPU frequency conversion control, heat dissipation is quick, prolong the service life of print head.
  6. Offline printing is capable.
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PVC Hard Cover Notebook With Pen


Notebookis truly a valuable item for every one of us as it is an easy access and secondly you dont have to spread papers all over the place while working. ThisPromotional Notebookworks very fine as you can easily take it anywhere you want and can right at the spot whatever is going inside your head. ThisNotebookis enclosed in a PVC hard cover that saves your book from getting torn or dirty. Thisnotebookalso comes with a pen that gives this whole product a very complete look. To give your image a promoting lift we got you ourprofessional printingalternative to make your companys logo on it to give it a perfect look. You can also print your name or companys logo right at the front of its cover in order to promote your brand in a better way and to let the people know about your name. ThisWholesale Notebooksare appropriate for everybody because of its reasonable cost and high durability.

Printing Option:screen printing and full color UV printing.

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Recycled Notepad With Pen


ThisPromotional Notepadeco-accommodating composition set is intended to engage your clients' style and in addition their enthusiasm for environmental preservation. ThisNotepadalso has a ballpoint pen with a reused paper barrel and a bamboo cut with an elastic pen loop to secure the pen to the notepad. This item works great as there are a lot of times when people have to write some notes. When sitting in on a staff conference, examining an undertaking report, or interviewing a new hire. Whatever the circumstance, people will need something to compose with, something to compose on, and something to note down important. Thisrecycled notepadcomes in different colors that are red, green, and blue and black so people would be having a choice taking any of them. ThisEco Friendly Notebookwith Penmakes an awesome giveaway for customers, colleagues, sellers, and any other person in your business circle. It likewise makes an awesome special giveaway for any business concerned with ensuring the earth. People would love to have such an environment friendly product.

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Recycled Notepads With Pen RNP-04

  • Cover Material Eco-Friendly
  • Size 14 x 9 cm
  • Available Colors Black, Blue, Red, Green
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