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We offer the best product range of non detectable underground warning tape, Warning Tape, Stretch Film, Paper Cores and Polythene Sheets.

non detectable underground warning tape

  • Size 4", 6", 10", 12" (inches)
  • Place of Origin United Arab Emirates
  • Brand Name Classic
  • Packaging Details Palletized and Stretch Wrapped
  • Thickness 70-150 microns

  • Property Value
    Tensile Strength (Longitudinal) 25 Nmm2
    Tensile Stregnth (Transverse) 23 Nmm2
    Tear Strength (Longitudinal) 120 Gram force
    Tear Strength (Transverse) 220 Grams force
    Dart Impact 200 Grams
    Elongation 400%




    Chemical Effect
    10% NaCl NO EFFECT
    5% Acetic Acid NO EFFECT
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Warning Tape

  • Brand Name Classic
  • Port Jebel Ali
  • Packaging Details Individual box packing with "Classic" brand printing 20 boxes per carton Carton size 41 x 41 41 CM
  • Place of Origin United Arab Emirates

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Stretch Film

  • Hardness Soft
  • Transparency Transparent
  • Type Stretch Film
  • Processing Type Casting
  • Supply Ability 20000 Carton/Cartons per Month
  • Place of Origin United Arab Emirates

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Paper Cores

Paper Cores are used for used for winding various kinds of plastic films, textiles and papers. Our paper cores are being used by several reputed paper, textile and tissue paper mills around the UAE and GCC as well. We manufacture  paper cores  in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses and inner diameters to suit its specific application. We also produce high strength cores for flexible packaging applications which require paper cores with high crush strength properties. We also offer attractive inner and outing printing for tape and film customers to emphasize on corporate branding.   Our paper cores and tubes feature: Dimensional stability for automated core handling equipment. Linearity across length for uniform winding tension and smooth unwinding. Low moisture for shrink free performance. Extra hard bottom layer to resist chuck pressure at high speed winding. Greater crush strength to withstand extreme radial tensions during high speed winding.

  • Product Wall Thickness Crush Strength 
    (N/100 mm)
    Crush Strength 
    (kgf/100 mm)
    Paper Mill Core 10 to 15 mm 1500 - 2000 150 - 200
    Printing, Tissue Core 12 to 15 mm 2500 - 3000 250 - 350
    Newsprint Core 14 to 15 mm 3500 - 4000 350 - 400
    Plastic Film Core 8 to 18 mm 2500 - 4000 250 - 400

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Polythene Sheets

Polythene sheets are commonly used as “vapor barriers” for soil reinforcement during building construction. They mainly come in 500 gauge and 1000 gauge thicknesses but can be custom produced to upto 1200 gauge. Our  polythene sheets  are made of a specially formulated blend of LDPE, LLDPE and other performance enhancing additives to meet the toughest requirements. They also feature superior water vapor transmission performance in order to block subsoil moisture from creeping into the concrete.

  • Product


    Roll Size

    Roll Weight

    Polythene Sheet

    500 Gauge
    (125 microns)

    4 x 25 meters

    13 kg

    Polythene Sheet

    1000 Gauge
    (250 microns)

    4 x 25 meters

    25 kg

    Polythene Sheet

    1200 Gauge
    (300 microns)

    4 x 25 meters

    30 kg

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Plastic Bags & Tubing

  • 10 - 120 cm 10 - 200 cm  
  • 20 – 300 microns 4 color logo printing

Our  plastic bags  cater to supermarkets, retail shops, cleaning companies and hotels. They can produced with or without a gusset and with several different kinds of handles. Tubing rolls are a convenient solution for storing dried fruits, nuts and bolts, circuit boards etc. Large-width tubing rolls can be used to pack bigger furniture items such as doors, sofas, electronic appliances etc.

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Hazard Warning Tapes

They are commonly used for restricting access to construction sites, crime scenes and hazardous areas. The tapes are UV, chemical and scratch resistant for advanced durability. We undertake bulk, export and custom orders at economy prices.

  • Product Width Length Packing
    3 INCH 100 – 500 METERS 20 rolls/box
    (box size = 0.069 m3)

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Detectable Underground Warning Tape

Our Detectable Underground Warning Tape is used for accurately locating and preventing damage to valuable underground utility installations. It has an aluminum backing to make underground assets easy to find using a non-ferrous locator. Properly installed, this tape helps avoid catastrophically inaccurate digging when locating utilities such as electrical lines, gas pipes and communication cables.   Why Choose Detectable Warning Tape From Maple Leaf? Endures temperatures form -50C to 120C Permanently imprinted with black ink Durable laminate construction Private labeling, UPC coding and other custom packaging requirements available   Standard Widths 2″, 3″, 6″, 12″   Standard Lengths 300 meters      

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Non Detectable Underground Cable Warning Tape

Non detectable warning tapes are used extensively for the identification and protection of buried cables and pipelines.  Maple Leaf, we manufacture underground warning tapes to exceed the highest industry standards in terms of quality, optics and performance. Our tape At s are made of premium grade polyethylene and are resistance to all subsoil chemicals, oils, acids and alkalis. These tapes are used for a variety of cables and pipelines which are distinguishable by their respective color codes.

    CAUTION: ELECTRICAL CABLE BELOW 150 – 300 100 – 150
    CAUTION: INSTRUMENT CABLE BELOW 150 – 300 100 – 150
    CAUTION: MAIN WATER LINE BELOW 150 – 300 100 – 150
    CAUTION: GAS PIPELINE BELOW 150 – 300 100 – 150
    CAUTION: FIBER OPTIC CABLE BELOW 150 – 300 100 – 150
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Stretch Films

Stretch film (wrap) is the ideal form of packaging for securing loose loads or bundling multiple items on a pallet or otherwise. Stretch wrap is popularly used for unitizing, bundling and palletizing of goods. Stretch wrap provides improved stability to  products  and packages and offers more efficient handling and storage of unit loads. Stretch wrap  commonly comes in two types: Manual/Hand wrap and Automatic/Machine Wrap. Manual wrap film is generally about 15%-30% thinner than automatic wrap film so that it can be easily applied by hand. Automatic/Machine wrap film is meant to be applied using automatic industrial stretch-wrappers for high volume packaging.

  • Product Roll Width Roll Length Film Thickness Net Roll Weight Packing
    Hand  Grade 500 mm 100 mtr (328 ft) 23 microns 1 kg
    (2.2 lbs)
    6 rolls/box
    Hand  Grade 500 mm 300 mtr (1000ft) 23 microns 3.2 kg
    (7 lbs)
    6 rolls/box
    Machine Grade Stretch 500 mm 1,200 mtr (3,900 ft)

    25 microns

    13 kg
    (35 lbs)
    80-85 Rolls / Pallet

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