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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of condensate drains, Hyperchill Max water chillers, ALMiG Screw Compressors, Hyperchill Medical water chillers and blade series

condensate drains

The generation of compressed air is always connected with the formation of condensate. In most cases, this condensate contains oil, is contaminated with dirt particles and spreads out in the entire compressed-air system - a system problem which can result in damage and additional costs.

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Hyperchill Max water chillers

For the requests of high capacity industrial cooling, centralized production processes and industrial chilling, Parker has developed a new range of process water chillers with cooling capacities of up to 760 kW. The main features of all models of the Hyperchill MAX Process Water Chiller range are an extremely compact design, a microprocessor control for the management of all unit functions and semi-hermetic high efficiency screw compressors. The accurate design, the choice of high quality components and the testing procedures used in the manufacturing of these models give clear advantages to the end user. Easy installation, reliable operation and low energy consumption are the features that make them particularly suitable for large capacity industrial applications, which are more and more frequent in many plants.

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ALMiG Screw Compressors

The ALMiG COMBI Series is an intelligently designed rotary screw air compressor package. This package includes the rotary screw compressor, main drive motor, air and oil system, filters, oil cooler, cooling fan and controls for up to 190 PSI(g). All ALMiG's rotary screw compressors are designed to maintain full compressor output during continuous operation without affecting the compressor life.

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Hyperchill Medical water chillers

Parker Hyperchill Medical Chillers are designed specifically for the medical equipment user. The range covers cooling capacities form 2 to 360 kW. Each model is designed for safe and reliable operation, whatever the working condition. Hyperchill Medical Chillers combine advanced design solutions, such as energy saving scroll compressors and a sophisticated microprocessor in a complete turnkey process cooling solution to meet the specific needs of medical equipment users. These include Hyperchill's extreme flexibility toward the varied working conditions typically found in medical cooling applications.

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blade series

F.A.D. in accordance with ISO 1217, annex "C" | Sound pressure level according to ISO 2151, tolerance ± 3dB(A) | Working pressure: 108 psig for version 115 psig - 143 psig for version 150 psig - 168 psig for version 175 psig BLADE units can be mounted on 90 gallon air receiver tank. Dimension adders: 17" L, 4" W, 26" H. Weight: add 300 Ibs.

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screw compressors

And, our customers have come to rely on BOGE for uncompromising quality and intelligent engineering “Made in Germany”. More than 100, 000 compressed air users around the world know that such values pay off in the long run: because a reliable, efficient and durable supply of compressed air is paramount to the operation of their business.

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Hydrovane Rotary Vane Compressors

Hydrovane has manufactured over 775, 000 compressors to date and are the perfect business solution to meet your requirements for reliable, high quality compressed air or gas. Reliable Up to 100, 000+ operating hours due to its simple integral design Delivering quality pulse free air with automatic regulation Low speed, direct drive, minimal stresses and no roller bearings to replace. Versatile Quiet in operation and can be located at the point of use Air intake modulation produces only the air you require Complete packages or separate air ends Vertical and horizontal formats.

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Powerex Enclosed Oilless Scroll Compressors

Powerex's innovative enclosed scroll technology is completely oilless, extremely quiet, energy efficient, and easy to maintain. The sound enclosure cabinet decreases noise levels even further, allowing the compressor system to be installed right at the point of use. The small footprint also helps maximize available floor space. The rotary design has few moving parts making it reliable and easier to maintain. The self-lubricating tip seals, and absence of a gearbox means the pump is truly 100% oil free. Examples of applications include manufacturing, dental instrumentation, pharmaceutical production, placement into nitrogen generators and in laboratories.

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Champion Air Compressors

The RotorChamp® Series offers a high level of technology most of which use an integrated airend that offers the highest of airend efficiencies. Low dBA levels, high efficiency, and very small footprints all at a value that fits your budget. Champion offers these air compressors in 5-200 HP models.

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Hyperchill water chillers

Designed specifically for industry, Hyperchill Process Water Chillers are the new range of precision water chillers by Parker. The range covers cooling capacities form 2 to 360 kW. Each model is designed for safe and reliable operation, whatever the working condition. Industrial processes are diverse by nature, which is why the flexibility to satisfy all industrial applications is a main feature of Hyperchill Process Water Chillers. Thanks to sophisticated technical solutions and an extensive range of accessories, Hyperchill Process Water Chillers operate continuously and efficiently whatever the conditions. All models, as a standard, accept water inlet temperatures up to 86°F (30°C) and water outlet temperatures down to 0°F (0°C), with a delta t of up to 59°F (15°C); ambient temperatures up to -49°F (-45°C) are permitted.

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