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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of MidLab Economy Furniture, MidLab Flexi Furniture, High Pressure Laminated LOCKERS, Nurse Station furniture and pharmacy furniture

MidLab Economy Furniture

MidLab Economy range is set on the floor and provides more storage area. It is advisable for hospitals as the floor covering can be selected against the base of unit, ensuring clinical hygiene. The significant cost saving over a steel frame structure makes this the ideal system for pharmacy labs, computer rooms and storage rooms.

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MidLab Flexi Furniture

MidLab Flexi range is supported by heavy duty cold rolled mild steel rigid frameworks. The frame is epoxy powder coated at 80-micrones at 200 OC. The base frame, fixed with an adjustable, non abrasive foot will provide perfect leveling even on uneven surfaces. All base cabinets can be removed and rearranged with ease. The floor can be easily cleaned as there is a 14cm clearance space between the floor and the framework. MidLab (ML-02) Flexi is most advisable for educational laboratories.

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High Pressure Laminated LOCKERS

Our Lockers are made of 100% original High Pressure Laminated (HPL) compact boards to secure your leisure life and offer. Strong and durable with many colour options the material features outstanding moisture resistance and hygiene benefits. Our 100% HPL compact board allows the lockers to be tailored to suit our customer requirements, It is seen as the best solution when the highest quality is required. Excellent resistance to impact and mechanical stress. High resistance to temperature. Resistance to bending and tearing. Anti-corrosion, Anti-fungal and totally hygienic. Easy to maintain and install. Wide range of colors. Extremely durable. Space saving. These lockers are suitable for Schools, Sports Centre’s, Gyms, Swimming Pools, Hotels that have an extensive range of style and specifications.  In addition, Middle East Furniture Factory can supply any of the bench seating required for Changing rooms, Cloak rooms etc.

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Nurse Station furniture

We offer the most comprehensive range and a wide selection of fitted Nurse Station furniture in the Middle East, Our Furniture is available in a variety of colors and style to suit the client’s needs and aims to offer the requirement to furnish every Hospital as much as possible with customer’s satisfaction.

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pharmacy furniture

Midlab manufactures an extensive rage of furniture for pharmacies, we can provide a complete solution fit-outs to either independent or In-house hospital pharmacy from reception counters, drug collection and drugs receiving counters. We provide Melamine laminated/ Epoxy powder coated mild steel pharmacy shelving & all made from high quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Student Desk

Students desk, size: 600x400x610/670/700/750mm (WxDxH) Students chair, size: 360x360x340/380/400/440mm (WxDxH)

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We offer the most comprehensive range and a wide selection of fitted Nursery and Kindergarten furniture in the Middle East, All our products are developed in close co-operation with educationalists and leading designers. Our product are carefully chosen for: Quality of material, Durability, Loving attention to detail. Superior design, Perfect function, Craftsmanship and finish.

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Laboratory Furniture

Middle East Furniture Factory provides a comprehensive range of laboratory design for Medical Sector, Our Healthcare range furniture is available in a variety of colors and finishes including easy clean to prevent bacterial growth formation, all made from high quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Teachers table with 1nos Lockable 2-Drawer unit & Epoxy powder coated metal frames.  Standard Size: 1200/1300/1400/1600x600/750x750mm(WxDxH)

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MidLab Heavy Furniture

MidLab Heavy range is supported on a heavy duty cantilevered ‘C’ frame fitted with intensive adjustable, non-abrasive feet. The cantilever frame connected with the front frame and cantilever bench frames provides sufficient strength to the workbench and wall benches fixed to the external wall. All base cabinets can be removed and rearranged with ease. Cleaning the floor is easy as there’s ample space between the floor and the cabinet. MidLab (ML-03) Heavy is most advisable for oil, gas and industrial laboratories.

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Toilet Cubicles

Our wide range of Toilet cubicles designed and manufactured to measure for easy installation and a perfect fit into any space. Our Toilet Cubicles are manufactured using high quality High Pressure Laminate material that is resistant to water, moisture, bacterial growth and fire. A modular system makes it easy to get the most out of the space in all types of setting, including industrial, educational and other environments. Standard Specifications: Panels and doors in 12/13mm thick moisture resistant, weather resistant and fire retardant, High Pressure Laminate with Decorative Melamine facing on both sides. The height of the cubicles will be 2000mm ±150mm including stainless steel legs of 100/150mm with solid cover sleeves and frame brackets. The panel to panel and panel to wall connections will be securely fixed by an Aluminum “U” channel or angle brackets. Door panel securely fixed with profiled Aluminum Head rail. Standard door opening / door size 700mm, for handicapped 900mm. Standard cubicle depth 1500mm. Other depths also available. Each door will be fixed with door lock complete with cover plate, integral red/white indicator and pin for emergency access. Door will be fitted with coat hook with integral rubber tipped doorstopper. All connecting screws/bolts in high corrosion resistant stainless steel material brush finish. The ironmongery’s are available in  Stainless Steel   / Aluminum / Nylon coated .  

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The award winning MK has been specifically designed for use in either outdoors or indoors and in areas heavily exposed to dust and splashing water. In the garden, workshop, industry, or on farms, there are situations where a supply of electricity, although potentially dangerous, is essential. Scientifically sealed toIP56 and tested by MK well in excess of British Standards, it will protect you and your electrical supply in the unfriendliest of environments. Masterseal sockets are unique in that they can seal around virtually any standard 13 amp plug, allowing safe connection for any appliance. Feature Benefits: •  Waterproof Protection from strong jets of water from any direction, and protection from dust, sawdust and small particles •  Robust construction It will not discolour, crack or fade in UV light (unlike many other plastics) •  Temperature tolerant Will maintain operation in extremes of heat and cold •  Impaction protection The Masterseal range is made with polycarbonate, one of the toughest thermoplastics available today – so tough and durable that it’s used in motorcycle helmets and car bumpers The GEWISS electric socket are made of polycarbonate - a material that guarantees excellent rigidity, robustness and duration over time, making this product non-deformable and ensuring high performance levels. The holes on the frames guarantee notable installation flexibility, making it possible to fix them directly onto surfaces where the use of a box is not practicable, for example panels, profiles, etc.

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SPECFICATION: Shower outlet- Brass/PP or PPO Stand pipe- Stainless steel (AISI 304)or brass Rubber cups- EPDM Dust caps- POM Bowl Stainless steel- (AISI 304) Maximum working pressure-10bar

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Fume Cupboard

EDU Chemcap fume cabinet (ductless, re-circulatory filtration) is ideal for use in Education. Providing staff and students with a flexible system that allows excellent all vision and ensures safety is maintained. The use of Chemcap™ carbon filtration (type MP) makes it ideal for a mixed use laboratory and removes a very wide variety of fumes and vapors. Cabinets have trapezium shaped front access and double hinged front doors which open fully to allow access to the cabinet interior for loading, setting up experiments and for cleaning. The PVC base tray offers excellent chemical resistance and contains spillages. Two services ports with covers are provided in the rear panel. Cabinet can be placed onto an existing work surface or supplied with its own mobile bench (optional cupboard doors and services kit). The mobile bench enables the cabinet to be fully mobile, large castors (lockable) facilitate easy movement of the cabinet from room to room over rough floors and door sills. The secure docking hub is an optional extra which is a wall mounted lockable cabinet providing security and protection for utility connections. Features: • Quiet operation >50dBA. • Vaneometer airflow indicator. • All round visibility of cabinet interior. Specification notes: Air Changes within the Enclosure: 7.3 air changes per minute. Internal Volume of Enclosure: 0.59 cubic metres. Power Consumption: 96 watts. Average Face Velocity >0.3ms-1. Included filtration: Supplied with pre-filter and Chemcap™ carbon filters (type MP). Construction and Materials The mild steel fan housing is epoxy coated, acid resistant paint, colour - white. Transparent panels, including hinged doors, are manufactured from clear cast acrylic which is non-flammable and easy to clean (8mm thick). Aluminium uprights are anodized for corrosion resistance. The base tray is manufactured from PVC, colour - black

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ductless fume hoods

Mobile Ductless Fume Cupboards protect both the user and the environment from the harmful and toxic gases or vapors, which are confined in the enclosure, then are cleansed while entering the activated carbon filter, and cannot discharge to the environment.

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laboratory water fittings

BROEN UniFlex PREMIUM fittings for water are designed for laboratory use. The operation and the configuration of the fittings are highly adapted to the requirements of a modern laboratory. The fittings are surface treated with BROEN POLYCOAT powder coating, which is highly resistant to most chemicals, UV fading and heat (for more information please refer to “BROEN POLYCOAT” brochure.) Specifications: Handle: Plastic Media indication: according to EN13792 Headwork: Diaphragm type Opening/closing function: 1 1/2 x 360° Temperature range: 0-90°C Max. working pressure: 10 bar / 147 psi Test pressure: 1 x working pressure Tof Laboratory fittings for water are manufactured conformity with international regulations. Tof Laboratory fittings are made in brass (P-Cu Zn 40 Pb 2 UNI 5705-65) and have an epoxid-covering in ash-grey according to RAL 7001. On demand, it could have an inside chemical –nickel treatment, granting an higher corrosion resistance and avoiding any contamination of fluid. Specifications: Temperature range: -30°C to +150°C Chemical resistance: very rare alterations. Test pressure: 1 x working pressure Pea-souper test: no alterations Kesternich test: no alterations

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Safety Storage Cabinet

Safety storage cabinet Model No. DSSC2268 External dimension : 1190mmWx600mmDx1945mmH. Internal Dimension    : 1024mmWx430mmDx1850mmH. Storage capacity      : 150L. Weight   : 300Kg approx. SAFETY STORAGE CABINET (Type- AC 1200 CM) Technical Schedule SAFETY CUPBOARD FOR STORAGE OF LIQUID AND SOLID INFLAMMABLES WITH “TEST FIRE” IN ACCORDANCE WITH DIN EN 14470-1 NORMS WITH PROTECTION AGAINST COLD AND HOT FUMES. ‘TYPE 90’ -90 MINUTES FIRE RESISTANT’. TÜV CERTIFICATE No. Z1 07 07 31739 016 Completely produced in pickled and electrogalvanized steel 10/10 mm painted with epoxide acid-proof dusts electrostatically applied through thermic tunnel at 200°C.  New building method with double cases, completely isolated by a special fire insulation. New internal fireproof insulation made up of porous insulating matter with high fire resistance completely ecological. Trimming inflatable (DIN 4102) in case of fire, isolating the inside of the cabinet from the outside. Extra trimming inflatable with protection against ‘Cold and Hot fumes’. Ventilation system equipped with 2 safety valves for air-recycle that automatically close at 70 ± 10° C in accordance with the Norm EN 14470-1. Self-closing door. 3 shelves made of painted acid-proof 10/10 mm thickness steel with extractable hooks providing easy handling of the goods stored; tray shaped shelves to collect any liquid spills or breakages. Bottom basin made of painted acid-proof 10/10 mm thickness steel. Safety catch ‘Ignis-lock’ that keep the doors closed in case of fire. Earthing system for each unit. Fitted with 6 adjustable legs. New base for easier transportation with removable cover. Insurance for any possible injury to the user. “No smoking” and “Fire” warning stickers on the doors (European Norms DIN 4844 and ISO 3864). Use hand book. External dimension : mm 1180 x 650 x 1985 h. Internal Dimension : mm 1015 x 445 x 1685 h. Weight : Kg 490 Inside volume : l. 761 Top dimensions depth : mm 740

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Broen Uniflexfittings for burning gases can be used for natural gas (G), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as well as low pressure bottle gases such as: - propane - butane - methane - acetylene - hydrogen These gases are typically commercially manufactured and sold to be used in applications within: - laboratory and instrumentation - chemical and petrochemical industry - semiconductor industry - welding, etc. Specfications: Handle: Plastic with media indication according to EN13792 Hose nozzle: Metal, fixed Headwork: Ceramic, press/turn Opening/closing function: 90° Max. working pressure: 7 bar / 102 psi Allowable test pressure after installation: 10 bar without function of the valve Materials With Media Contact: • Metals: Brass, NBR (rubber hose) • Sealing: Nitrile (NBR) • Lubricant: Mineral oil based Tof Laboratory fittings for gas are manufactured conformity with international regulations. Tof Laboratory fittings are made in brass (P-Cu Zn 40 Pb 2 UNI 5705-65) and have an epoxid-covering in ash-grey according to RAL 7001. On demand, it could have an inside chemical –nickel treatment, granting an higher corrosion resistance and avoiding any contamination of fluid. Specifications: Temperature range: -30°C to +150°C Chemical resisitance: very rare alterations. Test pressure: 1 x working pressure Pea-souper test: no alterations Kesternich test: no alterations

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laboratory stools

Lab stools provide a comfortable solution for your seating requirement with adjustable height options and with or without Back support Height adjustable lab stool made of varies size of heavy duty epoxy coated mild steel pipes fixed with end caps, 350mmØ Revolving top made of 30mm thick veneer finished plywood with lacquer finish. Height adjustable between 520 to 670mm.

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