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  • birch cliff

    Shall consist of miscellaneous, unalloyed copper scrap having a nominal 96% copper content (miniĀ­mum 94%) as determined by electrolytic assay. Should be free of the following: Excessively leaded, tinned, soldered copper scrap; brasses and bronzes; excessive oil content, iron and non-metallics; ...

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  • Birch Copper Scrap

    No. 2 COPPER WIRE Shall consist of miscellaneous, unalloyed copper wire having a nominal 96% copper content (minimum 94%) as determined by electrolytic assay.

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  • Candy

    Shall consist of clean, unalloyed, uncoated copper clippings, punchings, bus bars, commutators segments, and wire not less than 116 of an inch thick, free of burnt wire which is brittle; but may include clean copper tubing. Hydraulically briquetted copper subject to agreement.

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  • Copper Ingots

    Copper Ingots PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Copper based Alloys and Ingots conforming to buyer's required specifications

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  • ebony

    Shall consist o red brass scrap, valves, machinery bearings and other machinery parts, including miscellaneous castings made of copper, tin, zinc, andor lead. Shall be free of semi-red brass castings (78% to 81% copper); rail road car boxes and other similar high-lead alloys; cocks and faucets; ...

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  • Honey

    Shall consist of mixed yellow brass solids, including brass castings, rolled brass, rod brass, tubing and miscellaneous yellow brasses, including plated brass.

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  • taint tabor

    Clean mixed old alloy sheet aluminum Shall consist of clean old alloy aluminum sheet of two or more alloys, free of foil, Venetian blinds, castings, hair wire, screen wire, food or beverage containers, radiators shells, airplane sheet, bottle caps, plastic, dirt, and other non-metallic items.Oil ...

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