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  • abrasive blasting equipment

    Clemtec recognises the needs of the industry and their portable abrasive blast equipment offers all the features that the professional user requires. All machines are fitted with a well designed and proven single piece lt remote control deadman system and silencer giving reduced labour ...

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  • Aftercoolers

    We offer Aftercoolers. Compressed-air conditioning is indispensable for ensuring fault-free performance of blasting and paint spraying equipment as well as for compressed air tools. Conditioned compressed air contributes to improving the quality of blasted surfaces sincemost of the ...

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  • Airless Painting Machine

    We are offering airless painting machine. The handock airless range is easy to maintain and has proved highly popular with multi-unit and single-unit user alike. It is generally accepted that for re-ability, versatility and speed of operation airless spraying is the best method of applying ...

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  • Aluminum Oxide

    We offer aluminum oxide. Description aluminium oxide (brown) elk nk is an electro-fused aluminium oxide, with very hard and tough grains. Aluminium oxide (white) elk e is an electro-fused aluminium oxide, with very hard and tough grains. applications compressed ...

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  • Garnet

    We are offering garnet. Garnet is a natural mineral and not a by-product of a chemical proves. It is inert and non-toxic and virtually free of silica, thus excluding any danger whatsoever of silicosis hazard. Garnet has a very low dust emission. This makes it safe for the operator, does not ...

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  • Hoses and Couplings

    We offer Hoses and Couplings. Quality blast hose from the world’s leading manufacturer at very competitive prices. Hose with its antistatic outer case and lightweight but though internal knitted nylon ply gives the user the best combination of wear, cost and safety benefits. ...

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  • Internal Pipe Cleaning Equipment

    Internal pipe cleaning problems are quickly solved with wide range of pipe cleaning tools designed by clemtec. For pipes ranging from 12" to 63" (13 mm to 1600 mm). The cleaning action leaves the surface free from dust, abrasives and contaminants ready for the application of the ...

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  • Paint Helmets

    Minaa al arab is now able to supply the industry’s most comprehensive range of personal protection equipment. In any situation that operators have to work in, personal safety must be.of paramount importance, in order to maintain productivity and operator comfort.

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  • Pipe Coating Equipment

    We are offering pipe coating equipment. In operation a rotating head, powered by an airmotor throws paint by centrifugal force at an evenly metered flow against the surface. Pipecoater is manually pulled through the pipe at a pre-determined speed based on paint film thickness and type of ...

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  • Shot Blasting Machine Filter Bags

    We offer Shot Blasting Machine Filter Bags. Reverse pulse dust collectors use filter cartridges which are cleaned whilst the collector is in operation ensuring the efficiency of the collector is maintained. A short pulse of air causes the dust accumulated on the cartridges to fall into ...

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  • Superior Garnet Water Jet Cutting

    We are offering superior garnet water jet cutting. Superior garnet produce almandine variety garnet of indian origin, with its hard and tough sub angular grains provide the perfect balance between cutting speed and edge quality with reduced wear and tear to the equipment. superior ...

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