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We offer the best product range of Head & Neck : HALO Brace, Lower Extremity :Turnbuckle Knee Orthosis, Lower Extremity :Spring Loaded Goniometer Knee Orthosis, Lower Extremity :Knee Cap Open Patella and Lower Extremity :Knee Support Hinged Neoprene.

Head & Neck : HALO Brace

MR-Safe Halo system.  Open Head Ring.  Comfortably padded vest.  Indications: Traumatic or chronic disorders requiring traction along the cervical spine. Medical Conditions requiring Cervical Spine Immobilization. Cervical spine trauma or surgery. Sizes:   X-Small, Small, Medium, Large & X-Large.

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Lower Extremity :Turnbuckle Knee Orthosis

It applies gentle, low-load force to knee contractures from 45° flexion to 10° hyperextension. Turnbuckle mechanism provides excellent control, allowing the therapist to adjust force in small increments.  Fits left or right knee. Indications:   Knee Contracture. Sizing:  Measure circumference around kneecap. Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

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Lower Extremity :Spring Loaded Goniometer Knee Orthosis

The Spring Loaded Goniometer Knee Orthosis is a dynamic splint that works to help increase Knee extension following surgery, CVA, injury or neurological complications and also helps ameliorate strong flexor tones. This splint allows for progressive extension in 10° increments. The spring goniometer mechanism allows one to set the degree of flexion and extension desired. When the patient flexes the knee to the maximum flexion, a spring load gently pushes the extremity to the pre-set degree of extension. It is excellent for the patient with strong flexor tone. It comes with soft, comfortable and washable terry cloth cover. Indications:   Knee surgery, CVA, Injury or Neurological complications of Knee. Measurement:  knee Circumference. l Size:   Pediatric, Small Adult, Regular Adult

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Lower Extremity :Knee Cap Open Patella

Made from high quality Nylon and spandex yarn which ensure four way compression. Seamless tubular tapered shaped offers sung and comfortable filling. Open Patella design relieves patellar pressure. Soft Nylon spandex combonation provides mild immobilization and warmth to the inflamed knee. Special weave of elastic threads running spirally in Nylon lock matrix ensures uniform compression even in uneven limb surface. Provides firm support and gentle compression over the knee cap. Indications:   Knee conditions requiring mild support & compression. Measurement:   Knee Circumference.l  Size:   Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

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Lower Extremity :Knee Support Hinged Neoprene

Rigid side splinting ensures full weight bearing. Bi-axial hinge construction mimics the natural knee joint to support the cruciate ligament at all flexion angles. Open patella design with patellar buttress relieves patellar pressure and positions it. Four way stretchable fabric gives a controlled and comfortable compression in various positions of the knee. Anti tourniquet effect, ensures no constriction to blood flow, on one hand and better grip of the product tot the body on the other. Anatomic construction ensures snug and a comfortable fit. Indications:   Knee conditions requiring mild support, compression &MedioLatearl Support. Measurement:   Knee Circumference.l  Size:   Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

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Lower Extremity :Knee Immobilizer

Anatomically contoured back splints ensure rigid immobilization.  Six straps of hook loop fasteners help in secured fitting & good immobilization. Strong aluminum lateral splints provide rigid lateral stabilization.  Patellar opening releases patellar pressure ensuring patient comfort.  Elasticized, removable patellar strap holds the patella in position and ensures secure immobilization of the knee joint. Indications:   Mild to severe knee injuries; Post-operative immobilization. Measurement:   Knee Circumference.l  Size:   Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

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Lower Extremity :Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

PP regid& Semi-rigid model gives support weak dorsi flexion during walking. Indications:   Flaccid drop foot due to Multiple Sclerosis CVA, MND and other neurological impairments.  Weak dorsi flexion. Measurement:   Knee Circumference. Size:   X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large.

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Lower Extremity JumpStart Kangaroo Ankle Foot Orthosis equipment

This off-the-shelf AFO from Cascade DAFO, with its proximal posterior upright on this ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) blocks PF. The anterior opening allows free DF. Posterior upright is meant to encourage lower leg to move away from it, into Dorsi Flexion. Indications:   For moderate pronation, supination, toe walking and knee hyperextension. Measurement:   Foot Size. Sizes:   Available in .25 in. (.64 cm) increments from 4.00 in. (10.2 cm) to 9.00 in. (22.9 cm), in two widths.

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Lower Extremity JumpStart Leap Frog Ankle Orthosis equipment

JumpStart Leap Frog uses a precision-molded double shell (one nested inside the other) for both wrap-around control and extra heel stabilization.   Open ankle trimline of this supramalleolarorthosis (SMO) allows free dorsiflexion (DF)-plantarflexion (PF) movement. Indications:   For moderate pronation or supination and associated gait instability. Measurement:   Foot Size. Sizes:   Available in .25 in. (.64 cm) increments from 4.00 in. (10.2 cm) to 9.00 in. (22.9 cm), in two widths.

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Lower Extremity Arch Support Orthosis equipment

Custom Made & Ready Made Arch Support are made of  Foam and semi-rigid plastic with optional foam arch fill.  Partial heel cup. Indications: For mild pronation with arch collapse and slight heel eversion. Measurement:   Shoe Size Size:   From 23 thru 48.

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Mobility Medical Equipment LLC Ankle Walker Low

Low Profile ,  eliminates height difference between walker and normal shoe without altering gait and reducing hip and knee pain.   Padded liner  is ventilated which promotes air circulation and aids in keeping the lower leg cool and comfortable.   Anatomically contoured “spatula” stirrups  immobilize the ankle comfortably.   Pressure moldable, shock absorbing insole  conforms to the foot for maximum comfort.  Indications: Post operative immobilization.  Strains and sprains of the lower leg, ankle or foot.  Off-loading wounds or ulcerations when used with Peg-Assist™ Insole. Measurement:   Shoe Size.|  Sizes:   Small Medium Large X-Large.

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Mobility Medical Equipment LLC Dennis Brown Splint

The Dennis Brown splint is prescribed for infants and toddlers with varying degrees of internal or external foot and lower leg aligment problems. Worn typically with the Club Curve or Club Staright Open Toed Boots, they are worn during the night to effect change on lower leg and foot alignment. Indications:   Mild to Severe Internal & External Rotation. Measurement:   Children Shoulder Width. Sizes:  2 & 3.

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Physiotherapy Color-Coded Therapy Putty

Silicone-based putty is ideal for any rehabilitation program and maintains its consistency. Guaranteed to maintain its consistency for one year. Latex free. Resistance consistent with industry standards Color-coding allows easy resistance identification Unscented, non-toxic.

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Physiotherapy Physio Gymnic Rolls

Brightly-colored, inflatable, heavy-duty vinyl rolls can support up to 600 lbs. Rolls aid in developing muscles, coordination and balance. The exercise roll is much easier to control than exercise balls during therapy – the rolling motion is limited to forward and backward rotation. Patient is securely nestled in the "saddle" portion, providing added stability.

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Pressure Siliconized Burn Garments

We can sew-in silicone sheeting to any part or whole of the garment.  This give added benefit for the treatment of Sceloid Scar  

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Medical Equipment Stabilis Walker with Electronic or Pneumatic Height Adjustment.

The cushions are easily removed andcan be changed. The handles have a comfortable round shapeand are forward facing providing a better and more ergonomic grip. The Stabilis Walker can be delivered with Pneumatic orelectronic height adjustment. A short model for children is also available. Maximum weight of user 150kg High enough for tall users Electric version built to support rising. Detachable battery for easier maintenance. Height adjustment from right and left side.

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