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  • traffic barriers

    traffic barriers

    Traffic Barriers We offer superior quality traffic barriers suitable to control traffic on sites of construction, road repairing, digging drains etc. Our traffic barriers serve the sole purpose of controlling traffic from going into areas which are prohibited for traffic flow. We are among the ...

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  • Stainless Steel Mesh

    Stainless Steel Mesh

    Stainless Steel Mesh The variety of creative solutions with metallic fabrics – in exterior, interior and object design – is unlimited. The manifold aesthetics and the strong functionality determine the wide range of applications of the material: Facades appear as shimmering mantles for ...

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  • Sliding Security Doors

    Sliding Security Doors

    Sliding security doors this door provides security for persons and goods in areas like mass marketing, industrial storage and parking lots.

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  • Robust Rolling Doors

    Robust Rolling Doors

    Robust Rolling Doors. We offer superior quality robust rolling doors which are ideal for very high and wide door openings. Our robust doors are strong and they are used in various residential as well as commercial spaces. These doors are automatic and they require lesser maintenance. WE are among ...

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  • Personnel Doors

    Personnel Doors

    Personnel doors we offer a wide range of personnel doors which are suitable for different kinds of clients. We provide a complete range of single or double door sets which are specifically designed to satisfy the varied requirements of general purpose- be it for internal or external applications.

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  • metal cladding

    metal cladding

    Metal Cladding The claddings are manufactured in Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Composite Panels, also available in different metal and finishes. Some of the common applications are Circular Columns, Building Façades, Wall Paneling Concepts, Soffits and Beams, Exhibitions and Display Stands, ...

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  • insulated doors

    insulated doors

    Insulated Doors We manufacture doors with high insulation to make your home or office more comfortable. We offer a full range of insulated doors to our clients, which include 30 & 60 min up to 2 hours fire rated.

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  • Galazed Doors

    Galazed Doors

    Galazed doors we are among the topmost glazed door manufacturers in dubai. Our superior quality glazed doors serve different purposes in various residential and commercial spaces. We manufacture, design and supply the complete range of glass screens made of steel and stainless steel. These are ...

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  • Clean Room Doors

    Clean Room Doors

    Clean Room Doors Flush door sets has no visible construction lines and therefore allow a totally clean surface which reduces particle contamination for clean room environments to suit Hospital, Laboratory, and other clean environment locations.

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  • access panel

    access panel

    Access Panel We offer strong and durable access panels, which are suitable for different kinds of purposes. Our access doors and frames are available in both custom and standard sizes. These doors and frames are built in either hollow metal or plate door styles, with hollow metal or angle frames to ...

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