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  • Antor Engines

    Antor Engines are manufactured by ANADOLU Motors, one of the biggest groups in Turkey. The company’s main activities are production and worldwide marketing of ANTOR® brand single cylinder diesel engines.

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  • Aversa pumps

    Aversa is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of pumps. Aversa provides both standard and custom made pumps, the quality of which has been frequently recognized at national and international fairs. Their variety of products are used in the industrial, agriculture and energy fields. The ...

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  • Caffini agricultural machinery

    The company was founded in 1942 when Cipriano Caffini started a first activity connected with the sale of agricultural machinery. But it was in 1968 that the company started its progression towards the manufacture of diaphragm pumps. Right from the first years the company won a ...

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  • Drakos Polemis pumps

    Over the last 55 years DRAKOS POLEMIS is identified with the production and the supply of high quality pumps that cover a wide range of applications. Today DP pumps has a prominent position in industry, shipping, building construction, agriculture and large scale construction projects. DP ...

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  • Electric Motors

    Electro Adda has been producing solely electric motors for every kind of industrial sector and special demanding applications for over 65 years. In the field of electric motors Electro Adda means “made in Italy”. It has recently given impetus to new development programmed to win the newest and ...

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  • Hydropompe submersible pumps

    Hydropompe Srl knows it: for this reason, for almost forty years, it is engaged in the conception, design and implementation of tools for water drainage, especially submersible pumps, to both domestic and industrial use. Our pumps offer the best in water management. Born in the 70s in ...

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  • Maxxforce diesel engines

    Maxxforce diesel engines are the driving force in some of the best vehicles and equipment around the world. Designed, engineered and built without compromise, Maxxforce engines provide the performance, durability and efficiency proven for over a century. Vehicular Engines Powering light ...

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  • mouli

    Mouli Technologies is a private limited company established in one of the fastest growing industrial cities of South India – Coimbatore. Mouli Technologies primarily focuses on production and marketing of submersible motors to enable movement and improvement of water. Mouli technologies has three ...

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  • Packaged RO Unit

    MTK is the manufacturer & distributer of RO Unit – Reverse Osmosis Systems & Components for Sea & Brackish water, used both in commercial & residential sector. Suitable for continuous and heavy duty operations. Our Products have earned an industry-wide reputation for their high quality and ...

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  • Varisco

    The company began life in 1932 as an individual enterprise, and pump production commenced in 1948. Today the name Varisco is known around the world for high quality pump design and construction. The success obtained in a highly competitive market is the result of their teamwork, creating ...

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  • VM Motori Diesel Engine

    VM Motori SpA is an Italian Diesel Engine manufacturing company which is wholly owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles through its subsidiary Fiat Group Automobiles. VM headquarters and main production facilities are located in Cento, in Emilia-Romagna Italy, Engines ...

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